The Girlfriend Experience

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The Girlfriend ExperienceThis was it, I was at her door and she had the house to herself. The depressing feeling of rejection I suffered from after asking her out last week had rapidly disappeared this morning when she had asked me to come over tonight. I had spent all day thinking about it as well and had managed to accomplish nothing in the way of school work. I spent most of my lunch time watching Katie bounce her phone off her beautiful pillow of breasts that plateaued with the way she was slouching in her chair. The crispness of the black school jumper made the outline of her mature figure all the more prominent in contrast to the cream wall. I could not take my eyes off her. I couldn’t focus on anything. I spent the day with a semi-erection.I spent half an hour cycling to get here, trying to maintain a delicate balance between time and not sweating too much. I had definitely lost that battle, my anticipation made me hurry and only contributed to the sweating. Fortunately the wind had helped and cooled me off so that I wasn’t wet by the time I arrived.She finally opened the door. My heart was pounding. She had clearly recently showered dried her hair quickly, she had that air of freshness about her. The hoody she wore didn’t do justice to her body, her boobs had looked a lot bigger this afternoon than in what she was clearly wearing in comfort now. Her deep brown hair was straight over her shoulders and her jeans were just tight enough to display her fantastically shaped ass and firm thighs.‘Ry!’ She shouted and pounced on me with an enveloping hug. She smelled wonderful. Like crisp lavender, that was warm and comforting. I felt her chest press against me and my cock twinged in excitement. She released me and we were both beaming.‘So where’s this confis**ted porn?’ I asked, rather nonchalantly.Katie smirked at me with a twinkle in her eye and told me that the DVD she had taken from her brother was in her room. The thought of her watching porn had also seriously detracted from my productivity today after she mentioned it when she caught me staring at her. The minx, she knew exactly what she was doing.She took me by the hand and led me inside. She shut the door and with a flourish, whisked me up the stairs and into her room.I didn’t get a chance to look at her room because she was on me again. This time she held me and only leaned out to press her lips against mine. The delicacy with which she held herself whilst simultaneously being so lustful was intoxicating and my cock was soon bahis şirketleri straining against my jeans. The press of her breasts and the firmness of her ass in my hands was fantastic. I pressed my groin into hers and she made a small grind back into me with an inaudible gasp as she released me from the kiss.I slowly guided her backwards towards her bed and she fell back onto it. Katie pulled off her hoody to reveal her naked torso. It was flawless. Her body was firm and tight and her perfectly oversized boobs were still formidable as they softly jiggled, culminating in tender round, dark nipples and a hard point.The delicate impression of her ribs guided my eye down to her belly-button and I swooped down to kiss it. Her flesh in my mouth was soft and supple. My cock throbbed and my hands glided up her body, round the sides of her breasts. I cupped them with my fingers across the top of her boobs and my thumb at the bottom of her nipple slowly caressing the points. She let out a hint of a groan that I could only catch by the reverberation through her body as my tongue made its way up the length of her torso and my hands softly squeezed. My groin came down to grind into hers and my head came up as our eyes locked. A single bead of spittle graced her open lips and she pulled my t-shirt off, over my head.Katie’s eyes were slightly gazed as she whispered, ‘Be gentle.’I traced a kiss on her lips before sliding back down her body and pulled her jeans off as gently as smoothly as I could. She wasn’t wearing any underwear.Her finely crafted legs were imitated by the neatness of her landing strip, trimmed to perfection above her shining lips. I tore off my own jeans and shorts and my cock leapt wildly to attention, the head pulsing with anticipation, a vein throbbing in wait.I dived back down and held her waist as I sucked her clit. Katie gasped and squeezed my head between her legs in reflex. I loved the feel of her wrapped around me and shifted my hands to grasp her thighs and nuzzled deeper into her. My tongue skipped up and down her slick skin and she squeezed and thrust, squirming under my head. She gave a sharp thrust up with a short moan and pulled my head up to hers to press our lips together once more.Katie pushed me over to lie beside her and climbed on top of me. Her sultry shape and lustful look made my senses tense and forced more blood into my cock, crushed between her and my own desire. Her tender grasp on my erection made it throb in her hand as she gently leaned youwin to one side, brushed her lips with my head and delicately slid back down as her mouth widened and her eyes tightened.She tested the water by grinding against me ever so slowly, her eyes shut, her lip bitten. My eyes were locked onto the place where I couldn’t tell where I ended and she began. The grace of her movements enveloped around my cock shot pleasure from the head to my hands which were now firmly clamped around her thighs.She paused for a moment, raking her hands from my chest to my stomach before raising herself onto her knees, sliding my cock to the limit of inside her. What was visible of my erection was tantalisingly dripping with her juices. My gaze was drawn back up to her breasts as she lowered herself down with care. Their fullness was emphasised by the ripple through them as Katie bounced again, this time with delicate speed.She made no noise but her mouth was open and wide with a pleasurable smile, her eyes still closed as she continued to bounce with delicately on my throbbing cock. The intensity of the tightness was greatest in the head and it pulsed at each brush with the walls inside her. My toes curled and her breasts bounced playfully. She pulled her hands up and ran them up over her body and through her boobs, pressing them up before continuing under her hair and to the top of her head. The rhythm she kept was entrancing and I lost myself to the beauty of her frame and the pleasure that ran through my body, the silence broken only by the rocking of the bed.Katie’s nipples made my mouth water as they moved around under the sway of her motion. I held her still so that I could sit up and meet them with my teeth, carefully nibbling on her hard nipple. She groaned and pushed down on me and held me by the shoulders. I kissed the other nipple before laying her down on her back.She lay looking up at me expectantly and I was all too eager to oblige. I raised her legs to my shoulders and she gave a satisfying ‘Mmmm’ before closing her eyes again.Remembering her request, I started gently, thrusting slowly in and out as deeply as I could. Her breasts shook at the peak of my action and her lips parted, letting slip a low moan of pleasure in approval. I resisted the urge to unleash my lust for as long as I could, delivering a long, deep thrusting to a recurring shake of her breasts and drawing out sharp moans.The way Katie’s boobs bounced and rolled as they shook under my pressure, youwin giriş the excitement of her tantalising audio, the firmness off her thighs and the tightness of her insides was hypnotising our bodies moved together.I could not restrain myself any longer, the desire to ravish her and see her boobs race wildly over her took over. I lengthened my thrust and drove harder. Her moans became shorter and sharper. Her body shook in response. I increased the pace and shortened my thrusts and her boobs began to roam further. I gripped her legs hard and drove into her as fast as I could, my cock throbbed harder and slid with tight precision in her wetness, her boobs ran wild over her chest and she cried out in excitement before opening her eyes and letting a series of groans pass her open mouth.This was the picture of perfection to me as her breasts shook up and down and her face was contorted with pleasure. She grabbed her boobs and held them tight as her eyes tightened and her mouth widened. They protruded through her fingers as Katie’s moans became less distinguished and transformed into a protracted groan. I kept driving and she shrieked and moaned in her orgasm, gripping my cock. The sight of Katie’s ecstasy and her up thrust breasts was what I had been fantasising about for weeks and the bed croaked its applause as she came down with a grin. I had to join her gratification.I darted to my knees, poised over her fantastic boobs and she instinctively pushed them together, presenting the most luscious scene of mountainous flesh as my cock throbbed and pulsed at the sight. I thrashed away along my shaft with bestial aggression before I felt the surge through my entire groin, the excitement at the thought of covering those boobs with cum was mouth-watering.I knew I was about to blow so concentrated the rapidity of my motion on the rim of my head and with a breath-taking groan, burst up her outthrust boobs and laced straight up her neck and under her chin with my first shot. My second shot was under no control and the cum splattered across her left breast with satisfying intensity just as I regained awareness to press my head deep into her right nipple and unleashed a spread of cum on to the erect tip and it rolled down her breast.Satisfied with the coverage, I quickly shoved my cock into her mouth to unload the last of my load into her soft, warm mouth. She took it easily as I swelled and relaxed for the last time. Exhausted I sat back into her lap and watched as she swallowed my cum before admiring my masterpiece that surmounted her boobs. She gave a small gasp and said ‘wow’ before smoothing her hands over her chest, spreading the cum to give a glistening shine, looking up at me with that sultry expression.I had to have her again.