The first adventure of Masha, Silenos and MrCockTa

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The first adventure of Masha, Silenos and MrCockTaMasha feeds MrCockTail, the masturbating a****l. Used condoms are his favorite food. In the past, when MrCockTail was young, he could put his nose into everything. He worked much for Catholik church, the Russian and the American secret service. He is old today and gets backache always from masturbating and his nose is often blocked. In addition, he sees no longer so well where he puts his nose. Now he spends his days in Sileno’s workshop. Masha has got to know him there. She likes MrCockTail and brings him all used condoms she carefully collects. Today she gives him an old ,used Dig which she has found on the way. Today, After her work as Mistress Multy Masha would like to go to workshop of Silenos. She still collects some dainties on the way for MrCockTail. She wants to surprise him with particularly tasty condoms today. She always finds the best ones in the church. These are MrCockTail’s favorite condoms. They taste on the outside of the fannies in which they were used and inside of sperm. It is not quite easy to collect them. One must take care that one doesn’t slip or steps on tails and balls which lie around everywhere. And then you must pay attention to the dangerous ibis which wants to take the spoils away always . . .When Masha wanted to collect quite many delicious fanny -condoms in another church, the sexton has recently caught her. It is strictly forbidden collect the condoms. Used condoms must be given to the sexton. He cleans them and sends them to Africa. Only if the sexton works even just in another fanny, they are left . . . Well, the ibis has betrayed Masha with the sexton. The sexton has lain in wait for her and tied her up. He has sucked her twat for one half hour, then he puts his finger into her ass hole and left her under a church pew. The condoms he has taken away . . .After she had escaped, she wanted to ran to the workshop of Silenos. But she had no more used condoms for giving to MrCockTail. Since she is always naked, the sexton could take them away from her easily. she had hardly leaved the church, when she met young MrSpock which was on the way to the church. He wanted to pray to Onan. Onan was the first person in the holy Bible, who let drip his sperm on the ground . . . . MrSpock is an exceptionally experienced Masturbator: he is able at the sight of a rusty bicycle see a naked woman! He sees only naked women everywhere . . . MrSpock is masturbating-adviser of many priests and bishops. He has advised even the pope, once his tail had dried up . . . MrSpock passed by to Masha without seeing her. He couldn’t see her because was actually naked and didn’t look like a rusty bicycle . . .Masha want to give a collection of used condoms, like box of chocolate candies, to MrCockTail at Christmas. Some of these lovely fanny-candy-condoms she would like to fill herself! But where should she get the fannies with all the wonderful flavors? She wanted to do the beginning herself! She ate cinnamon karaman escort and paid a visit to MsNewTail after the walk on the toilet…. MsNewTail, a friendly librarian, had got a new tail with a couple of completely new african balls short time ago. Together with the cinnamon in your fanny the sperm of the librarian would become a delicate taste. MrCockTail was a gourmet . . . . Masha met MsNewTail in castle Fontainebleau. The librarian was very happy because she was already randy on Mashsa for a longer time and had dreamed of fucking her into the fanny. Masha gave MsNewTail a fresh condom and knelt down for a doggy. The librarian put her tail slowly in Masha’s fanny and bumped her fast and intensily. She splashed already after two minutes. Masha found this very a pity . But the filling had got wonderfully. Now Masha sucked the tail of MsNewTail out of joy and gratitude. The juice of MsNewTail had a wonderfully mild flavor and would harmonize with the cinnamon very well The next condom Masha would like fill herself!! For this reason she borrowed the tail from Silenos. He liked to do this for Masha. Silenos hadn’t masturbated for two days, an exeptionally long time. Sufficient much sperm therefore was in the tank. Masha and the tail of Silenos harmonized very well. Masha had at first some problems with the foreskin. The last tails which she had lent had none. But she learned fast to handle that. The great question was now: which flavor should she use? Masha had an idea there: She asked Silenos to eat ginger and to go on the toilet. She then wanted to visit his fanny with a fresh condom! Of course one had to send MrCockTail out oft the room. It should be a surprise for him…. After eating ginger and going to toilet, Silenos knet down for a doggy. Mashsa found it very funny as Silenos knelt there and she looked at his naked fanny without balls. She had to laugh loudly. Then she reached for “her” tail and polished it light-handedly stiffly! She knelt nimbly behind Silenos to glide into his oiled asshole. It already smelled strongly of ginger. Masha rubbed the tail in Silenos fanny for a long time and delightfully. It prickled always more strongly and more intensely. She felt exactly how the juice came in the tail. She splashed three firm pushes. Masha had a good feeling: this would become a good filling!! Before she gave Silenos the tail back, Masha polished the tail till he was so big like her herself. She then hugged and kissed him to say goodbye. With joy and excitement the tail had to splash again. Before Masha filled another condom, she wanted to take revenge on the bad ibis which has betrayed her to the sexton. She decided to kill him! … For this she obtained a stable armor for herself. She found a Hanisch and a helmet, which in the past has belonged to Vauban, the famous fortress architect of King Ludwig XIV. In this armor she lay in wait for the ibis . . .She didn’t need to wait for a long time. The ibis came with a used condom in the beak to bring escort karaman it to the sexton. At this moment Masha jumped out from her hiding-place and overwhelmed the ibis. After she had pulled the feathers out and the ibis was naked, she took off her armor and kicked him with the feet long enough until he was dead. The sexton could grill the ibis now! Mashas thirst for revenge was satisfied and her twat and tits swelled up with excitement. She took the used condom and ran light-footedly to Sileno’s workshop . . . Masha found Silenos at the work on the Hercules figure. MrCockTail was at him. Like always she welcomed Silenos by caressing his tail with the foot. After Silenos had enjoyed the welcoming, told him Masha about her victory over the ibis. She then told to him her new plan:One question tormented Masha all the time: How could she take revenge on the sexton? He had sucked her twat against her will and put the finger into her fannyhole! Against her will!!!! He should suffer terribly !!!! Masha had an idea: She wanted to make the Chilli condom for MsCockTail in his fanny. The sexton should get a fuck with Chilli in the asshole: a marvelous idea:-). At the execution should help her friend Priapos . . . Priapos and Silenos were old friend. They have operated a little sanctuary together, a shrine for men and tails and such things. One could pray for little money there, drink wine and masturbate. One gave the sperm to the women in the neighborhood . . .Now Priapos always was standing in a church nearby and sold tails ejaculating there and used condoms. Every morning the archangel came and wanted to chase him away. He yelled at Priapos and said he would be a beggar and hawker! But Priapos only said, his Sanctuary would have been at this place for a long time earlier than the church . . . Priapos was pleased about Masha’s visit and he liked the idea of Masha’s revenge very much. A assfuck for a just thing was absolut in his meaning! He recommended Habanero-Chilli and wanted to provide a big phallos of stone . . . But how could one lure the sexton ?Masha, Priapos and Silenos discussed how to catch the sexton. Silenos said, he could put a trace with old condoms which leads to Priapos. The smell of an old sperm would attract the sexton for certain. If the sexton then is at Priapos, one could overwhelm him easily. They did it that way. And actual: The sexton discovered the condoms and followed the trace . . . When he had arrived at Priapos, Masha and Silenos jumped on him They sticked him ten used condoms with an ancient sperm into the mouth. The sexton immediately got u*********s there . . . When he woke up again, he remarked something slowly penetrating into his asshole. He felt a burning pain! The burning got more and more intense. It got unbearable! 🙂 : Masha, Priapos and Silenos have a fresh condom which has filled Silenos with sperm stripped over a stone phallos of Priapos. Masha has then thickly put cream on the condom with Habanero Chilli. Then karaman escort bayan they have put the sexton on it with the asshole! They have carefully paid attention that the phallos also penetrates into the fanny . masha watched everything with joyful excitement. She was so excited that she wanted to torment the sexton still more deeply: She took a burning candle from the altar and let hot wax drip on the sexton. The sexton whimpered. . . . The archangel suddenly appeared there. When he recognized what happened here, his countenance shone with rapture! He rushed off to fetch around more candles . . .After a long hour they took the sexton of the phallus. He was incapable move. Masha pulled the condom out of his fiery red fanny. It smelled enchantingly of chilli cold sweat and sperm . . . and of the fanny of the sexton! MrCockTail would enjoy it! After they had brought the sexton out of the church, Masha threw him on the street. She left to the a****ls to cool the quiet braising asshole. By seeing Masha the horse got immediately a stiff tail and splashed half a liter of sperm. Masha knows the little horse already for a long time. In the past, it has watched her doing her gymastics always. It liked to see Masha from behind. Always when it saw her delicate asshole or her open labia, it got a strong erection and immediately splashed at least half a liter of sperm … In a good atmosphere the three friends, Masha, Silenos and Priapos, together left the place. The sexton would never send recycled condoms to Africa!!Since the ibis and the sexton were eliminated, Masha had filled a whole box with used condoms very fast out of all churches of the town now. Also Silenos has helped her filling condoms.That was easy for him: He visited MsLily and observed her while masturbating . By looking on naked or masturbating MsLily he always can splash sperm very good and with a good feeling. At this way they have got a collection of the most exquisite flavors! Masha decided to give MrCockTail the box as fast as possible because the sperm was still freshly and the flavors could now develop. So Masha and Silenos decided to celebrate a small event in the workshop for MrCockTail’s birthday. This was possible at short notice, for MrCockTail was a masturbating a****l, more exactly: a Masturfant. Masturfants have birthday every day. These are the most frequent a****ls at all. They live for example in nearly every man and women. They only seldom emerge and become an individual like MrCockTail…MrCocktail was so pleased about the small birthday party that he got very big. He can change his size strongly. When he saw the box with the many used condoms, he got apart from himself with joy! His nose swelled up like at the time when he still worked for the Roman Catholic church, the Russian and the American secret service. He rushed at the many danties and consumed her with great pleasure! He saved the Chilli condom until the end. Masha had climbed his back and did him the crawl strongly . . . Silenos watched MrCocktails activities in his banquet exactly. Then he watched Masha full of admiration and thought it over: Why is Masha actually always naked? Yes, why is Masha always naked? naked ??? . . . Is this the beginning of new adventure?