The dream

24 Aralık 2020 0 Yazar: admin


The dreamIt’s a chilly rainy night, you’re lying in bed softly sleeping and you begin to dream….In your dream you’re lying in bed sleeping, your window opens and I slip in through it wearing all black.I creap silently to you and put my hand over your mouth and tie your hands to the bed post with my other hand.You wake up and start struggling, “be quiet and you won’t get hurt, you might even enjoy it” I tell you. You see the glint of a knife lying on the table and decide it’s best to cooperate. ” I’m going to move my hand now, so be a good girl and relax and do as I say” you nod your head in agreement. Your body is trembling as I take the knife and cut the straps on the nighty you’re wearing, laughing as I watch the fear in your eyes and your body shaking canlı bahis şirketleri uncontrollably.” I knew you were a little slut, not wearing any underwear, you wanted this to happen didn’t you slut” I say.You look defiantly at me and whisper ” fucking bastard”” Now what did I tell you, I’m going to silence you”I take off my clothes and you see my hard cock spring from my pants, I crawl up beside you and grab your hair and force my cock into your mouth, ” suck it good bitch” I tell you. To your surprise and horror you open your mouth more eagerly that you wanted to and wrap your lips around my hard shaft and beging sucking, you think to yourself ” what the hell?! Why is my pussy getting wet?!” As I throat fuck you good. Then I reach down and finger your canlı kaçak iddaa clit as you suck, your hips buck up to meet my touch.I pull out and put my finger to your mouth and you eagerly suck it in. Then I fondle your big soft tits and suck your hard nipples, nibbling on them each as you begin to moan.I work my way down your body kissing and sucking till I find your cunt and suck it into my mouth, your body shivers as you feel your orgasm building closer, you Begin to moan louder and louder as I tongue fuck you and suck your clit, I can feel your body tension increase and I stop. ” You fucking sonofabitch” you scream at me, them I stuff my underwear in your mouth and your screams are muffled, I pick up the knife and your eyes get big as you realize canlı kaçak bahis the seriousness of the situation. ” Your going to be good now aren’t you little girl?” I say, you nod your head in agreement once more.Then I spread your legs and slowly move my cock into position to enter you, slowly but forcefully I enter you, your body involentarily rises to meet my thrust.You wimper more and more, I reach up and take the gag out of your mouth and you say ” fuck me you fucking bastard! Fuck me hard!”So I give you what you want and pound your tight little cunt harder and harder, you feel as if I’m going to pound you through the floor. Your orgasms hit hard and you squirt all over us both, and I cum beep inside you.I pull out and got to your bathroom to clean up, when I come out I’m dressed and I bend down and kiss you deeply, then I until you and slip out the window.When you wake up in the morning you think to yourself ” wow what a dream” then you notice the red marks on your wrists….17 minutes ago