“The Dream Reaper”

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“The Dream Reaper”Chapter 1I awoke feeling the sperm running down my thigh. It had happened again, a wet dream that I’dbeen having three times a night. It always started the same way, I would be in a bar getting adrink, and once I sat down in an alcove that was situated at the back of the bar, someone wouldget under the table and start to give me the best damn blowjob ever. However, I couldn’t see whoit was, and when they’d taken me to the very edge, I would cum for real, and wake up. I cleanedup the mess, and then lay there wondering why I should be having such vivid and incredible wetdreams. It wasn’t because I didn’t get laid. On the contrary, I had my fair share of sex. Inaddition, I was twenty-one and had never experienced a wet dream in my life.Then I noticed something on the floor of my bedroom, a small brooch. I got out of bed andpicked it up and upon examination; I discovered engraved writing on the back, too small to readwith the naked eye. I searched through my desk until I found my magnifying glass. Lookingcloser under the lamp, the inscription read, To Abby, for passing the D R exam. I didn’t knowanyone by that name. I also knew that the brooch hadn’t been there when I’d gone to sleep.The more I thought about it, the more I realized I had had an intruder, but upon checking thehouse, I’d found all the doors and windows locked from the inside. At that point, I figured that itmust have been snagged onto my clothing, and I’d not noticed. I decided to hide it away, and hadthe perfect place for it. A week later, I was still having these wet dreams when it suddenlychanged. I was still in the bar, but a voice could be heard in my head, saying, where is mybrooch. I awoke with the dream still fresh in my memory, wondering why I should dream aboutthe brooch. Then I had a wild idea, what if someone was visiting me during my sleep, someonewho had lost a brooch.I laughed at myself, but couldn’t shake the idea, so I decided to humor me. I set the camcorder torecord my movements during sleep, and the next night when I was ready for bed, I started thecamcorder off and went to sleep. I awoke with my own cum running down my thigh, and thenremembered the camcorder.To be honest I didn’t think I would find anything, but what I did find was mind blowing. First ofall the tape had only been going for half an hour, so I rewound it, and then placed it into thevideo player. At first, it was what I expected to find, me asleep, with an occasional turn forexcitement. Then suddenly a light appeared above my head in the film, I watched very intently,and witnessed a vision of beauty appearing from the light. She was a young woman, of smallstature floating above my bed, and then I saw the covers start to move on their own, revealingmy naked body beneath. She then proceeded to hover above my cock, taking in the entire lengthdown her throat, and giving me a blowjob. I looked down and found that I had a real boner rightnow.This was incredible, she continued until I came and then placed everything back as it was, andvanished. I rewound the tape going over it again and again, not believing what my eyes wereseeing. I just had to talk with this little beauty, but how, the only time she appeared was when Islept. Then I looked at the computer, and started to get an idea.If you’ve ever owned a computer, you will know that they are incredibly versatile, able to do anumber of every day things. The obvious things being typing out letters, playing games, usingthe Internet and so on but you can also set your computer up to do a number of things aroundyour home. For instance, if you had the right equipment you could actually save money on yourelectricity bills, simply by setting up sensors around your home that the computer could identifywith. Then when it detected you in one room, it would automatically turn out the lights inanother.Therefore, what I did first was get the right equipment for the job in hand, and started to set it allup. Once I had set things up, I sat in front of the camcorder and recorded a message just for mylittle visitor. Then re-recording it onto my computer, I set the camcorder as before to watch whathappened. I had set the camcorder to start as soon as my computer activated.That night I waited until I was really tired, and then after making last minute checks I got intobed. When I awoke twenty minutes later, the lights were all on, as well as my computer andcamcorder. Quickly getting out of bed I rewound the tape and started to play it through, it beganas before with nothing happening, and then the light appeared above my head again. Sheappeared, floating above my bed, then the lights came on and at the same time my voice could beheard coming from the computer.”Please don’t be afraid, I will not harm you, but I now know of your existence.”I watched her face on the tape, at first she had been startled, and was about to flee, but she thenheard my voice, which seemed to calm her a little.”I have found your brooch, and it is safe with me, I would like to meet with you,” I heard myselfsaying.She listened intently and then spotting the camcorder, she floated over to it.”I can only meet you in my dreams, for it is forbidden by my kind to make contact with thedream receiver,” she said, in a soft voice.I looked at her face, she was beautiful, her hair was white and flowing, her eyes a gorgeous blue,her skin perfect, and a body that you would die for. The only defect, if you could call it that, washer height, for she only stood four foot from the ground. However, four foot of perfection wasstill, four foot of perfection.”I will come to you once you fall asleep again,” she said, floating back up and disappearing.I quickly turned everything off, and then climbed back into bed, before long I was asleep again. Isuddenly heard a voice and turned around, and there she was a vision of loveliness.”Hi, is Abby your name?” I said, looking into those gorgeous eyes.”Yes, and you are Paul. I have made you my soul mate,” she replied.”Are you real?” I asked.She laughed at that, her laugh being infectious, for I laughed back.”Yes, I’m real, I just exist in another reality,” she replied.Up until now, our surroundings were dark within the dream, with nothing to see, but she wavedher hand and changed that, for we were suddenly walking in a meadow.”How do you do the things you do?” I said, sounding like a song I’d once heard.”All the things you see are illusionary, even I am a projection of my real self,” she replied.”But you do exist, in the flesh as it were?” I said, reaching out to touch her, and feeling her solidarm.”Yes, only my projection is controlling everything around you, for I too am asleep at thismoment, and if I woke up in reality, this would all vanish,” she said, explaining it all veryclearly.”I see. What did you mean when you said that I was your soul mate?””When we have learned to manipulate our dreams we can choose a soul mate as a kind ofreward, this reward is nearly always of a sexual nature, as we think about sex every bit as muchas you,” she explained.”But if you’re just a projection, then how could you have left your brooch in my reality?” Iasked, thinking this will stump her.”We found out a long time ago that when we enter your reality, whatever we bring with usbecomes a part of that reality, but only while it is fresh in our minds,” she replied.”So what you’re telling me is that as soon as you blank that memory out, the brooch woulddisappear?””Exactly,” she said, taking my hand.We walked for a while taking in the beauty that she had created, and then I spoke again.”May I kiss you?””Yes, you may.”I drew her into my arms and kissed her softly on the lips, having to crouch a little. Her return kisswas more passionate, making me hard once again; I placed my hands onto her butt, squeezingslightly. She reached down taking hold of my cock, which made me realize I was now naked.She really did control everything in this reality. With her hand moving along my cock, she toosuddenly appeared naked. Her body was a work of art, but I couldn’t help thinking how muchwas projection and how much was reality, was this how she looked, or how she would like tolook?We found ourselves on the floor, our kiss becoming more heated, and then I felt the wall of herpussy, she was wet. I pushed my way in, and she gasped as my cock entered the tightest pussyI’d ever felt, and then I started to work it faster. My cock was feeling great as I felt every inchsinking into her love canal, her cries of pleasure turning me on even more. Her breasts wereheaving, as her breathing seemed to get more pronounced. Then I felt myself coming; it wasrunning down my thigh, once more, and I suddenly realized I’d awoken.Sitting up, I cleaned myself, and returned to sleep. She was still there waiting for my arrival, andwe were both dressed again.”That was incredible!” I said, taking her hand.”I waited, for I knew that you would return, but I am about to wake up myself, as soon as thathappens you will return to your own thoughts, and I will see you again tomorrow,” she said.We walked for a while longer hand in hand, not saying anything, and then I was back, sitting upin bed, and looking forward to the next night.Chapter 2My first meeting with Abby was an unbelievable experience. Tonight I had gone to bed early,knowing that I hadn’t slept well in the past few days, mainly through waking up every half-hourwith cum juice running down my thigh. Not that I was complaining you understand I just knewthat if I had an uninterrupted sleep I would probably sleep for eight to ten hours.Pretty soon, I was asleep, and looking forward to finding out what was in store tonight. SuddenlyI heard Abby’s voice, and I was in the meadow once more. Turning around, I found her runningtowards me with her hair flaring back, being caught in the wind. Her breasts were moving in adelightful manner, making me feel horny already.”Hello Paul,” she said, as she approached me, “are you alright?”I had to admire her imagination, for she wore a delightful little dress, which hugged all the rightplaces.”Yes, I’m fine, and you?””Oh, I feel great, full of life and raring to go, does that sound silly?” she said.”No, not at all, life is too short as it is, so you should enjoy it while you can,” I replied,philosophically.She smiled, and then grabbed my hand, and we ran down the meadow.”I want to show you where I live,” she said.We stopped in a glade, which was very peaceful, and then she waved her hand, more for theatricsrather than a need. As she did so, the surroundings changed. We were suddenly standing in asmall village, which had a water-well in the centre, and was currently very active.”These are my people, they are all dreaming at the moment, so you will find they can all talk toyou,” said Abby.I had to wonder why they should be dreaming of working in their own village, and I was about tosay the same when Abby told me.”If you’re wondering why they’re dreaming of their own village, when they could be exploringother places, it’s because they are content with their lives, and do not feel they need to wanderfar,” she said.I looked closely at my surroundings, I’d expected to find them technologically advanced but Icouldn’t even see streetlights.”Do you not have electricity here?” I asked.”There is no need, we have the ability to keep it light in the village at all times,” she replied,dismissively.”How…?” I enquired.”There is always someone asleep in the village, and they dream its light, even for those that areawake,” she said.”Doesn’t that become confusing, I mean how do you know who is asleep, and who is awake?””It used to be confusing, but now we dream of clothes we don’t possess, so when you seesomeone wearing that type of clothing, you know they’re dreaming,” she replied.Simple yet efficient, I thought, following Abby into a building, I soon realized that dreaming wasa way of life for these people.”This is my home!”I looked around; it was a nice tidy place, large enough for one, and cozy, with a fireplace in thecentre. There were no doors however, just large alcoves, one being the kitchen and another beingthe bedroom. That’s where I spotted Abby taking her clothes off, I stood watching, and enjoyingthe show. She was lifting the dress up and over her head, revealing a most perfect figure, a tinywaist with slender arms and a bust that defied her proportions, big and rounded with largenipples.My cock stood to attention the moment I saw them, she smiled as she walked over to embraceme. Standing on tiptoe, she kissed me; I placed my hands onto her slender waist, as our lips met.She then led me to the bed, but before we got on, she asked me a question.”Have you got any sexual fantasies?”I didn’t have to think very long about this one, for I’d only ever had one true fantasy.”“I always wanted to have sex with two women at once, like every other hot blooded male on myplanet,” I replied, with a laugh.She smiled and raised her hand; and suddenly a double of her-self stood next to me. When yourlucks in, it’s in, I thought. They were identical in every way; my cock was so solid I could havesmashed bricks with it. I undressed in such haste, that I tore the shirt I was wearing, that’s when Irealized just how complex these dreams really were.She could have made my imaginary clothes just disappear, but it felt more natural this way. Weall got onto the bed, with me in the middle, and then their hands started to touch me all over. Oneof them immediately started to suck my hardened cock, while the other kissed me. I was inheaven, the feel of their bodies along with the smell and taste of their every being, couldn’t havebeen more real.I couldn’t help thinking that this was not going to last long, because normally whenever Iejaculated in my dreams, I would cum in reality and wake up. However, I seemed to be lasting alot longer than normal, and started to wonder why?I could feel every touch of her tongue, both in my mouth and around my cock, and I was alsofeeling the excitement associated with such erotic stimuli. However, I wasn’t coming, in fact, Ifucked them both, twice, making them cum and still I hadn’t cum myself. Now I would be thefirst to admit that I am no stud, so I knew there was something wrong.”Why haven’t I cum yet Abby?” I suddenly asked.”I have allowed you to enjoy all the pleasures associated with sex, but stopped you from coming,so that you can enjoy it for longer,” she told me.I thought about that for all of one second, and then commenced in fucking them both for whatseemed like hours. I’d always wanted to last a long time, but found that I nearly always got tooexcited too quickly. When we’d made love a number of times, I asked her if it was possible forme to travel here physically.”Only the Dream Reaper could answer that question,” she said.”The Dream Reaper… Who is that?” I asked.”He is the all knowing all powerful Head of my people,” she replied, in a very serious voice.”Can I see him?”The next thing I know, we’re suddenly both dressed and standing in front of another building.Abby knocked, and upon hearing a voice say enter, she opened the door and led the way. Thishouse was very different to Abby’s it was darker for a start with candles being the only lightsource, hundreds of them. We walked into what looked like a large hallway with pillars standingon both sides, running from one end to the other. There seated at the end was a small man, nobigger than Abby. He beckoned us forward, asking how he could be of service. Abby explainedwho I was, and then told him that I had a question.”You may ask your question Paul,” he said.”First, thank you for seeing me,” I said, feeling that I was in an important persons presence, “Iwould like to know, if it is possible for me to reach your plain of existence, in my true form, asopposed to my dream one?””It is, but for you to enter our realm, you would have to undergo the dream quest,” he said.I turned to Abby with a look of an enquirer; she pulled me to one side.”The dream quest, is a test of character, in order to ascertain whether or not the person goingthrough it, is worthy of being accepted,” she explained.”What does it involve exactly?” I said.The Dream Reaper answered that question, when he stood up and came over to join us.”There are three forms of Dream Questing, the first is that of bravery the second that ofintelligence and a third which you may choose, but they must all relate in someway to yourreasons for wanting this,” he said.I thanked the Dream Reaper, and informed him that I would make my decision shortly, bothAbby and I then returned to her abode in an instant to discuss this further.”If you would have me Abby, I would like to try this,” I said, holding her hands.”I would like you to be here for real, but there is a penalty for failing the quest,” she replied.”And that is?”“I would never be able to contact you again, for the Dream Reaper would deem you unworthy,”she said, holding me.This was something I hadn’t counted on, and something I couldn’t bear. I had feelings for thiswoman, which I’d never felt for any other. We held each other for a long time after that, makinglove a number of times. Then when she became aware that I was going to awaken naturally, sheallowed me to cum. I awoke with my own cum juices running once more down my thigh, and satup. I had a lot to think about, and knew that I would be seeing her again.Chapter 3I was on the verge of committing myself to the Dream Quest, a sort of right of ascension. Abbeyhad shown me her world, and I had shown her my desire to stay, but in order to do that I had topass The Dream Quest. There was one snag however, if I failed the Quest, I would never seeAbby again.Abby came to me in my dream again that night, and looked as lovely as ever.”Have you made up your mind?” she asked.”I’ve decided to go for it, but I need to know if I can have a quest on sex?” I replied.”Yes you can, but be aware, the Dream Reaper will test you to the limit, only ending the questwhen he is totally convinced that you are worthy,” she said, with concern in her voice.I’d made up my mind; I wanted this with every fiber of my being, because for the first time inmy life I’d found someone that I cared about. Abby waved her hand, and the meadow wasreplaced with the village, an impressive sight the more I saw it. We were soon in the presence ofthe Dream Reaper, who asked if I had come to a decision.”I have,” I said, thinking of the best way to put this, “I would like the quest to be one of a sexualnature.”My thinking for this had been simple, the Dream Reaper had told me, the reason I wanted thequest would somehow be involved in the quest and as Abby was the main reason, I felt sure thatshe would be involved in the sex part.”What are your reasons for wanting this Quest?” He asked.“I wish to spend the rest of my life with Abby, she is all I care about,” I replied.”The QUEST begins!” he said.Suddenly I found myself in Abby’s house, and then horror, I caught a glimpse of myself in themirror. He’d changed me into a woman. I looked more closely; I was wearing a short dress, andhad long dark hair, with a large bust. I placed my hand onto my left breast this was unbelievableit felt every bit as good as the real thing. Then I looked down pulling my dress up a little; I waswearing panties that felt very comfortable, I rubbed my finger over the area that most intriguedme. Then realized what it must be like for women everywhere, I felt a tingling in my crotch,followed by a longing to rub the clitoris.Then I came to my senses and realized that I was now in the Quest, and wondering what my taskwould be. As if in way of an answer, a man appeared before me, and I realized in an instant whatI would have to do.He never spoke; he just stood there looking me up and down. I wanted to ask where Abby was,but then I had a thought, I wondered if this man was indeed Abby. If it was, then I could do this Ijust had to get the idea of making love to another man out of my mind. Don’t get me wrong, Ihave nothing against homosexuality, I just had no desires in that direction.The man in front of me started to move towards me, I braced myself thinking, this is Abby, thewoman you love. He started by kissing me on the cheek, and then working down to my neck,still not saying a word. Then his hands reached behind me unhooking my dress, and letting it fallto the floor. I was now almost naked, and thought that if I am to prove myself I’d better start toenjoy this. I tried to imagine what it must be like for a woman to undress a man, but of course, Icouldn’t even begin to understand. Then I had an idea, why don’t I imagine it was a woman, atleast that way I could act out what I would do in real life.Taking the plunge I placed my hands on either side of his face and gently pulled him towardsme, we kissed for the first time. It wasn’t as bad as my imagination was portraying, and slowlybut surely I got into the mood. He put a hand down my panties, making me jump back slightly.Then his finger touched my clit, and I suddenly found myself wanting him to rub me there a bitmore. Then his finger entered me, I wanted to push forward, but allowed him to take control. Hisfinger was doing all right up until now. He kissed me again, and then his hands were around theback of my panties and pulling them down. He had to crouch in order to get them right off,which meant his head was now level with my pussy. He applied pressure to my inner thighsopening my legs, and then he started to lick the area known as the vulva.I was getting to learn how a woman must feel when these things are done to her, it was a nicefeeling but it lacked something. Then he started to lick the clitoris vigorously, and a verypleasant feeling shot through my body. I placed both hands on the back of his head, pulling himgently into my mound. He started to dart in and out of my pussy, making me want to feel more,and then he stood up and undressed. ‘This was it,’ I thought, ‘if I can pass this, I will have passedthe Quest.’ His muscular body didn’t do anything for me in fact it was making me wonder if Icould go through with this. Then he removed his trousers revealing a large cock that was fullyerect, strangely I could imagine what a woman must be thinking when she sees a sight like this.He then pulled me gently onto the bed, and laying me down he climbed on top pushing his cockup to the entrance.I knew at that moment that I was going to let him do this, and still believed that this was indeedAbby. Then his cock started to enter me; my thoughts getting me worked up for nothing, becauseit felt quite pleasant. Once he’d gently entered my pussy, his pace started to pick up. The juiceswere suddenly flowing. It was a delightful experience as he picked up speed, going faster andfaster. I suddenly found myself opening my legs wider, wanting him to go as far as possible, andthen it started I was having an orgasm. Wow! So this is what an orgasm feels like, its no wondera woman hates it when a man comes without satisfying her needs. I felt like thrusting upwards, aneed for more building inside my vagina.He plunged his cock in again and again, my orgasms were coming more frequently and then Ifelt him coming, another experience that I’d often wondered about. I could feel some of itrunning down my ass cheeks, but he hadn’t stopped fucking me, so that sensation was thefurthest from my mind. Then he turned me around, and entered me from the back, as this was myfavorite position in my natural form, I was more than curious as to how this might feel. I didn’thave to wait for long, his cock was soon making the juices flow once more only this time I couldthrust back getting the maximum penetration.By now, I think I had successfully let myself go, for the orgasms were even more intense, and histreatment of my new pussy was gorgeous. Then it all came to an end, with me suddenly beingdressed and standing in front of The Dream Reaper.”You have braved that, which you most dread, and past the Quest,” he said, smiling at me.Abby was behind me, and jumped into the air shouting, “yes,” as I turned to see her. All thatremained now was for me to enter this realm in my physical form, but there was something I hadto know.”Was the partner you, disguised as a man Abby?””I cannot say, it’s against the rules,” she replied, with a mischievous smile on her face.I’d passed, so I didn’t care but I would forever remember that experience. Shortly after that,Abby was explaining how I would be getting into her plain of existence. It meant sleep walkinginto the light that I had witnessed, the day before I’d met Abby. She would put the rightsuggestions into my mind, and I would follow her commands. I told her to let me have the nextday back there, for there were some things I needed to do.Pretty soon, I’d informed all the people that mattered, that I was going on a long trip, and thatthey shouldn’t worry. Then stopping the mundane things like subscriptions to various magazines,and the utility charges, I packed a few personal belongings in my rucksack and placed it on myback. Soon after all that I was starting to get tired again so I retired to my bed for the last time. Itall must have worked, for when I awoke I was standing next to Abby, who turned out to look justlike her dream self. We kissed, and then holding hands she told me that there was so much to seeand do…I couldn’t wait.Chapter 4I was flying, the air felt fresh and the view was spectacular, I wanted to stay up here forever. Thefeeling of freedom was incredible. Then Abby came into my dream, telling me to come back. Iawoke to find Abby lying next to me, as she too started to awaken, and kiss me, as I held hertight. This was my second day in her realm, and I was so happy to be able to wake up next tosuch a gorgeous woman.”You are getting very good at this,” said Abby.”It’s incredible, I feel like I’m there, but I know I’m asleep. I know your people take this forgranted, but for me it’s like being hooked up to some sort of AR machine,” I said, feeling quiteexhilarated.”AR…machine? What’s that?””Oh, artificial reality, it makes you believe you’re somewhere you’re not, a bit like our dreams,”I replied.”You need to practice some more, so close your eyes and breathe deeply, but slowly,” she said.I breathed deeply, and before long I was back in my dream state, and there waiting for me wasAbby. She was giving me pointers on how to achieve the things I’ve seen her do, like stoppingsomeone from ejaculating, which always woke you up for real. She also told me that it waspossible to cum without waking up, but that it was extremely hard.”Why is that so hard to do?” I asked.”Because the emotion is so intense, you tend to feel it running down your leg. In your mind itfeels like you’ve done something naughty, triggering a wake up signal,” she replied.”So what are you going to show me now?” I enquired.”I think I’ll let you entertain me for a change and see what you come up with,” she said, wearinga smile.The next thing she knew was that there were three naked Paul’s, all standing around her, witherect cocks. I’d wanted to try this the first day, but I also wanted to make sure I could do it right.There were suddenly three pairs of hands reaching for her body, all of one mind, to undress thisgorgeous woman, and take her. We removed her dress, and then her panties and started to kissher entire body. Our hands were trying to cover all of her erogenous zones, and finding her to bevery responsive.She was kissing us all in turn, holding two cocks at a time. Then she got to her knees and startedto suck their cocks, I went behind wanting to fuck her while at the same time I could watch hergiving head. Her pussy was wet as I placed my hand between her legs, and then I got intoposition, and entered her. She moaned with her mouth full, and I knew this was turning her on, asI delved deeper into her pussy. Her cries of pleasure were the driving force for my thrusting topick up the pace, I wanted to cum before the others, because I wanted to try and stay in thedream without waking up.My thrusts began to get more urgent, as she shouted out that she was coming, and when I couldfeel myself about to explode, I kept thinking about keeping within the dream. My cock started tojerk, and I could feel my seed about to enter her pussy. When it came I imagined it was easy tostay, and would not stir from my sleep. I exploded taking my cock out to see if I could do it, Ipulled on it making another stream of my seed hit her back, and then another, still I hadn’twoken up. I looked down to find my alter egos were also coming, their seed covering her face.She took one in her mouth as he shot his load, while the other was sloppy and came all over herhair. My cock jerked wildly, and my next jet of cum spewed out of the end, and then suddenly Iwas awake and feeling extremely damp. However, I’d lasted quite a while before waking up,which meant I was getting better…I turned to see Abby starting to wake.”That was very nice,” she said, sitting up, “I was surprised you’d mastered that one so well.”Just then, there was a knock on the front door, which Abby answered. It turned out to be aneighbor, bringing an invite for a dream party, which was being held later that night.”What’s a dream party?” I asked.”You can only go in your dream, and not in your physical form,” replied Abbey.That sounded like fun, so we spent the rest of the day practicing, and then got ready for bed.”Do we have to dress in this dream party?” I said.”Yes, you have to behave like this is real, but you will know that it isn’t, I think they’re invitingus to welcome you into our community,” she replied.Soon we were asleep and finding ourselves outside the house, we’d been invited too. We enteredto find the party in full swing, with people dancing and drinking, and generally having a goodtime. It was completely normal; in that nobody was doing anything outrageous, people weredressed respectfully, and looked exactly as they would if you met them while awake. Then thehost of this little shindig approached us.”Hello Abby, this must be Paul?” she said, offering her hand.After the introductions, we were told to mingle and enjoy ourselves. I couldn’t help feelinguncomfortable, as all the people there were total strangers to me. Then I recognized a face, it wasThe Dream Reaper, and he came over to say hello.”Are you settling in all right young man?” he asked.”Yes, I just don’t know anybody here, except for you and Abby,” I replied.”Well, let me give you a tip, this is how they all believe you would act in reality, but if you wantto liven up the party, they will all join in,” he said, pointing around the room.”So, I could in theory turn this into an orgy, and they would all be happy with that?” I said,hoping that the answer was yes.”Yes, but let me tell you a bit about these people, they’re sex mad, and I mean that literally, whatever you do here tonight governs how they perceive you in the future,” he replied.Armed with that information, I thanked The Dream Reaper and went over to join Abby, who wasnow talking to several of her closest friends. Two of them were just as lovely as Abby, which Icouldn’t help noticing.”Paul, this is Contessa, Gabe, and floay,” said Abby, pointing to one after the other.I decided to waste no time in my experimentation, and looked straight at Contessa’s breasts.”You have a very nice pair of breasts,” I said, wondering what kind of reaction I would get.She suddenly removed her clothing in an instant, revealing a full-bodied and gorgeous pair ofbreasts.”Thank you,” she said, holding her bust up for all to see.They really didn’t have any hang-ups here about the human body in fact it was turning out to bethe opposite. If anything, they would flaunt their bodies at a drop of a hat. I then decided to makeeveryone else naked, which I might add livened up the party no end. The house was now full izmir escortlar ofnaked young men and women, all of which were still dancing drinking and mingling as ifnothing had happened. I bent down to whisper in Abby’s ear; she looked up saying yes please. Ithen placed my hands onto Contessa’s breasts, feeling how nice they were to touch.She then kissed me, making me want to kiss back, and soon we were in a passionate embrace,and falling to the floor. A crowd gathered around to watch, while some of the others started topair up and copy us. Then I felt a mouth around my cock, looking down I saw it was Abby, whohad no intention of being left out. I was at that moment, sucking an erect nipple, which Contessaloved. With both of us on our sides and Abby sucking my cock, I got Contessa to move up, sothat I could put my tongue into her pussy. Then suddenly someone decided to join in, and startedto lick Abby’s pussy.It was as if we were making a train, all joining up on the floor licking and sucking each other’sgenitals. Before long, there were thirty or more people all writhing on the floor. This went on forsome time, until I decided, I wanted to cum and when I did, they all did, it sounded like multipleorgasms were being echoed throughout the house. Of course, I woke up on the bed, quicklycleaned myself up and then got back as soon as I had gone to sleep. They applauded my sexualshowstopper, all of them wanted to talk to me at once, and that’s how the night wore on. By thetime we left I’d made a lot of friends, and been accepted into their community with open arms.”Did you enjoy that?” asked Abby.”I did, that sort of thing just couldn’t happen in my world, I would have gotten arrested,” I said,laughing.We got back home in an instant and woke up. Sitting on the bed, we talked about our plans andwhat we were going to do tomorrow. Having been asleep most of the night, Abby taught me afew more tricks.Chapter 5Abby woke me up with her mouth around my cock in the real world, which was making meextremely hard. I pulled the covers back that she’d slipped down to watch her perform, her littlehead bobbing up and down. I loved this way of being awoken, and lay there moaning withpleasure, her mouth engulfing my member with ease. Then her hand started to fondle my balls,making me jerk, a feeling of contentment passing over me as my seed blasted out the end of mycock. She sucked me dry, before coming back up the covers to give me a hug.”Morning,” she said.”Good morning lover,” I replied, “what’s on the agenda today?””The Dream Reaper, wants to see everyone, apparently there’s some danger on the way,” shesaid, suddenly getting serious.After getting something to eat, we ventured out to find the village buzzing with activity. Wearrived at the Dream Reapers home to find a large crowd gathering around the front door.Then…the Reaper himself appeared putting his hands up to stop the commotion that was goingon.”Our neighbors have challenged us to a contest, if we win, we get their lands and govern theirpeople, if we lose they get the same, so I have called you here to vote,” he said.The crowd was once again talking amongst themselves, when the Reaper interrupted them oncemore.”I feel the best way to do this, would be for all of you to vote on a piece of paper, and then handthem over to me, I will then tally the yes votes with the no votes and give you the resulttomorrow,” he said, going back into his house.I turned to Abby.”What’s this contest about?” I asked.”It’s a sex contest, we choose three representatives from our village, and they do the same, thenwe have to come up with the best sex dream we can,” Abby replied.”Can anyone enter?””No, we have to hold our own competition to pick the best three, it’s really a lot of fun,” shesaid, happy to be involved.”I thought you said…there was danger!” I replied.”Well there is, we’re in danger of losing, and being governed by someone we don’t like,” saidAbby.We walked home talking about the dream contest, which both of us intended to enter. In thisworld the dream was almost a real event, in that you could participate just as you would in thereal world, only here you could dream up just about any scenario.Once we got home, we set about making our vote, which Abby returned and then we decided tosit and think of how best to impress the judges for our own little contest. Soon, we both had ideasand were looking forward to implementing them.The next day we found the vote had gone in favor of our participation in this little endeavor.Then we were informed how the contest would be run here in our own village, starting from thatday, you could visit whomever you liked in your dream. The Dream Reaper would monitor thesedreams, and then he would decide who gave the best performance, and the ten best wouldeventually be whittled down to just three. The three of course would then go on to challenge theneighboring village, but that would probably not be for a week or two.That night was going to be special for everyone. Abby and I had to discuss whether or not to dosomething together, or go our separate ways. In the end, we decided to do our own thing, givingboth of us a better chance of thinking up something good.I already knew where I was going as I started to fall asleep, I had been shown how to get back tomy own world, and I intended to visit a certain Miss Taylor who was my old next-door neighbor.I had to check first that she was asleep and as luck would have it, she was. Then I had to place asuggestion into her mind that all was well, and she would be having a very nice sleep. Once thiswas done, I entered her dream. I found it involved sex, which was a surprise to me, because MissTaylor always came across as someone that was prim and proper, and not in the least bit active inthe sex department.She had a lovely bust, one that I’d always admired from afar, and her figure belied her age, infact, she looked like she was in her thirties as opposed to her forties. So there I was watching herdominate this weasel of a Guy, thinking how could such a lovely creature, want to dream up sucha stupid looking male specimen.I made him disappear, and then I put her at ease by telling her the doctor would see her next.Suddenly she was fully dressed and entering the doctor’s office, believing that she had nowentered another dream. I sat behind the desk as she entered.”Hello, Miss Taylor, please lie on the couch, and I will join you shortly,” I said, loving everymoment of this.She took her jacket off and placed it over the chair, revealing a white blouse and a skirt, and thenshe lay on the couch as ordered. I walked over, and for a while played it seriously.”Now, I’m going to check you over for any lumps, so please don’t move,” I said, going into myact.I slowly started to unfasten her blouse buttons, allowing each side to slip down revealing herlarge breasts as they heaved under her bra. I then told her to undo her bra, which she did, andthen I removed it, placing it on the chair with her jacket. Her breasts were as magnificent as Ithought they would be, full and rounded with cute nipples. I placed my hands onto her breasts,pressing gently, and moving around to cover them both, and her nipples became erect. That toldme she was enjoying this dream. I then unzipped her skirt, and pulled it off. To my surprise, shewasn’t wearing any panties, but then I knew you could subconsciously participate in your dreamsif the thought was strong enough. Her neatly shaved pubic hairs were a delight to behold, as Iopened her legs to insert a dildo that I imagined into my hand.She of course could not see this, and would assume it was a medical instrument. I pushed it ineliciting a delighted moan from her lips. Then rhythmically started to fuck her with it, she in turnstarted to writhe on the couch, her juices flowing freely as I stimulated her clitoris with my otherhand. Once she had cum, I made the dildo disappear, and then told her to place her legs in thestirrup’s that had just appeared. She didn’t bat an eyelid, but just raised her legs placing themwide open on each stirrup, her pussy opened slightly as I got down and started to lick her clitoris.Again, she started to moan, her sweet nectar running onto my tongue, I licked and sucked herclitoris vigorously, making her cum once again. Then I told her to get ready for a new medicalprocedure, by bending over the couch. She did this without question; I placed my hands on eitherside of her inner thigh, gently forcing her legs apart. Then dropped my trousers, and directed mynow hardened cock into her pussy, she squealed as my cock drove in.I informed her, this would show how well her juices were performing, which she accepted byopening her legs a little wider. My cock plunged ever on, making her cry out in ecstasy, hermoans of pleasure the driving force that was all I needed. By the time she’d climaxed again, Iturned her around to place one leg up onto the couch, and then bending slightly I re-entered herpussy. Holding her breasts, I carried on with my onslaught, the feelings were unbelievably realfor me, and as I’d experienced what she was going through, real for her too. This position was anice one. I could not only watch my own cock but I could also fondle her breasts at the sametime, making it all a real turn on. Then the moment I had been looking forward too started toarrive, I was about to cum, but I’d practiced this part endlessly and hoped that I had it down bynow. It exploded, and I took it out, coming over her pussy and thighs, and then again shooting upover her stomach.Still I hadn’t woken, another jet shot out making me moan, but I never lost concentration, evenmanaging to cum a forth time. She reached down rubbing the cream into her body and thentasting it, I came again, thinking no that’s overkill. I was still there; I’d mastered one of thehardest things to accomplish in the Dream State. Looking at her cum covered body, I decided tocontinue, telling her that she should clean my cock up in case of infection. She got down to herknees, and started to give me a blowjob. I enabled her to take it all, just by imagining she could,my entire cock was going down her throat, her moaning again starting to turn me on. She wasstarting to slurp her tongue around my cock, which gave me an idea. I imagined her tongue wastwice its length. Suddenly her tongue was wrapping itself around my cock, and giving mesensations I’d never felt before.It didn’t take long before I started to feel myself coming once more. I quickly got her tongueback to how it should be, and then started to cum. My first stream filled up her mouth, and sheswallowed it all, and then my second and third spurts landed on her face. She licked it up as bestshe could, and then stood up, saying your cock is now clean of any infection. I fucked her oncemore, wanting to leave her coming when she awoke, and then left.I awoke on my own bed; with cum running down my thigh, well I thought, at least I can go aslong as I want now, without having it spoilt by ejaculating. I turned my head to find Abby wasstill in her dream, so I decided to leave her alone. I cleaned myself up, and then decided to have asleep. I wondered how I had done in the Dream Reaper’s eyes, and then got a little tired andthought that will have to wait until tomorrow.Chapter 6I’d just finished telling Paul about the rules of the contest, and we decided to go our own ways.The idea being, that one of us would stand a better chance if we weren’t being judged together.The next village had given us a challenge, one that would mean losing the right to governourselves if we lost, but the reverse if we won. We first had to select three representatives, whichwould go on to challenge theirs. So in order to choose fairly, we were to hold our own contest, inan effort to pick the three worthiest contestants. Tonight was to be the start of that contest, so welay in bed getting mentally prepared for what we had to do.My people have always had the ability to enter another’s dream and even interact within thedream. The Dream Reaper would be monitoring all the dreams that night and would choose thebest ten the next day.I fell asleep knowing what I intended to do, I had visited Paul’s world on a number of occasions,and found many good candidates for being my soul mate. However, I had settled on Paul and didnot regret it, but as I said there were others, I could have chosen. I went to one of them, firstchecking to make sure he was asleep, when I found he was, I placed a hypnotic suggestion intohis mind, which made him believe that he was safe and sound, and that no one would bother him.I entered his dream.He was dreaming of something called money I quickly realized it was to do with greed. Then Imade him aware of my presence; I wore a really short skirt that was just below the line of mybottom. I didn’t have any panties on, so when I bent over to pick a flower, he got an eyeful. Mytop was as tight as I could get it with a cleavage that was clearly visible. I walked past him,noting that he hadn’t taken his eyes off me the whole time. Being small, but well put together, Ielicited certain reactions from the people I did this too. They would usually try to talk to me, orthey would just ogle, this one ogled.I decided to change the scene, wanting more scope for my imagination, so in the blink of an eye,we were in a library. He was looking for the books on a certain shelf, while I climbed a ladderthat was next to him, reaching for a higher shelf, but not in the least bit interested in books. I stillwore the same clothes, and caught him looking up; I heard his book fall to the floor. I squealedsoftly, getting a response from him.”Are you alright?” he said.”I’ve climbed up here, but am afraid of coming down,” I lied.”Here, let me help,” he said, reaching for my butt.I backed down slowly, knowing full well that he could see my pussy, and then I felt his warmhands gently touch the cheeks on either side. It was, the slowest descent in history, as his handspushed my skirt up slightly. By the time my ass was near his face, he was mesmerized. Then Ifelt his tongue on my pussy; I grabbed the ladder, allowing him to pleasure me.He started unzipping the skirt and allowing it to fall to the floor, and then using both hands hegently pulled my pussy lips apart, and started to lick and suck in earnest. My grip on the ladderwas very tight, as he found my clitoris with his tongue, pushing it back and forth, sendingdelightful little shivers through my body. Then he inserted a finger at the same time, making mesqueal once more, only this time with pleasure. I started to cum, concentrating on not waking upand spoiling the event. With my orgasm producing the love juices that were now, being lappedup by my dream partner.He stopped there, helping me all the way down, and then started to kiss me, while placing hishand up my top. I couldn’t wait I allowed the top to disappear, revealing a large bust, which hestarted to fondle, whilst still kissing me as he unzipped his trousers. I put my hands down to helphim off with his pants, and then got down onto my knees to take his cock into my mouth. Hemoaned out loud, which told me that he was enjoying this, I was taking it all down my throat,which in real life I couldn’t do. I think I was a little too good, for he started to cum, making meswallow before I was ready, but I managed to take it all.Then he picked me up, and asked me to stand on the first rung of the ladder, which I did. He thenguided his cock into my wet pussy, and started to pound away, I was thrusting my butt out,feeling every single inch that passed my lips. He had a nice size cock, with a big bell end, thatyou could really feel whenever he came out. He really started to go fast at that point, making meonce again grip the ladder really tightly. My orgasms were coming back to back by now, and Ithought this man had some staying power. In fact, by the time he did cum, I’d lost count of howmany times I had. I could feel his juices running out of me as he pulled his cock out, and thoughthe came a little too much. Then I remembered that some people could affect their own dreams, ifthey truly believed they were capable of something in real life.I got off the ladder, my hands tingling from the grip I’d maintained through out. I turned around,and jumped onto him, placing my hands around his neck and guiding his cock back in. I thengave him the strength to hold me in this position, leaving him feeling like he was doing all thework. His cock remained hard, as he picked me up and put me down, sliding his cock in and outwith each movement. I kissed him, forcing my tongue into his mouth, he reciprocated and ourtongues intertwined. His treatment of my pussy never slowed down, as this extremely niceposition was being held. I even managed to go up and down myself, getting the fullestpenetration possible. I was coming all too soon, but knew that his imagination would carry methrough to several more orgasms, before this encounter was over. I was right he made me cumnumerous times before coming himself. When I felt him coming, I got off and placed it insidemy mouth, wanting him to enjoy his last ejaculation before he woke up. Once again his cum wason the large side, as he filled my mouth, and then took it out to cum on my face. I then decided towake up, knowing that as soon as my influence was gone he would wake up with wet sheets.I woke up on my own bed, my pussy still feeling damp to the touch and looked over to see Paulwas still asleep, and decided not to bother him, just in case he was still in his dream. I started toclose my eyes wondering how the Dream Reaper rated my dream.Chapter 7We all stood outside the Dream Reapers home, talking about the contest. Abby was telling me allabout her dream. I was just about to tell her mine, when the Reaper appeared at his front door.”I have now picked the top ten dreamers, for last night’s little contest,” he said, pinning theresults to his door.We all crowded around, looking for our names on the sheet of paper, wondering if we’d made itinto the top ten.We heard someone calling out the ten winners, and both Abby and I had made it through to thesecond round.”The ten finalists have the rest of the day in which to dream, I will choose the best three in themorning,” said the Dream Reaper, before going back into his home.Being quite pleased with ourselves, we walked home discussing our plans for the nights littleadventure. Once again, we decided to go our own ways, and spent the rest of the day talking andthinking about what we would do. Once we started to feel tired, we retired to bed, wishing eachother good luck.I’d decided on whom to visit long before I fell asleep, there was a certain young Lady who liveda block or two away from my old apartment. She was in her final year at college, and used totease all the Guys that I knew. Of course, first I had to check if she was sleeping, and once Ifound she was, I entered her dream. I found my self in a classroom, and she was sitting near thefront, with her long legs and short skirt clearly visible.’Why, should she be dreaming of this scene?’ I thought, as I watched her positioning her legs insuch a way, that the teacher should be getting quite a view. Then looking into her eyes, I realizedshe had a crush on him, this gave me an idea. I was suddenly the teacher. Being able to controlany part of the dream, this was easy. I also created the sound of the school bell, which signaledthe end of the lesson.Her dream included her schoolmates, so I had to clear the room somehow, and although I couldjust imagine them away, it felt more realistic this way. As they all started to get their thingstogether, I asked that Mary stay behind. Once everyone else had left, I asked her to tell me whereshe bought her skirt.”Oh, do you like it?” she said, pulling the hem up slightly to make me feel the material.I touched the cloth, and then placed it down, deliberately touching her thigh very gently.”Yes, it’s a nice skirt,” I said, playing into her dream, “but I like your panties much more.”She lifted her skirt again, showing me her white panties.”Would you like to touch them?” she said, clearly loving this attention.I reached down, rubbing my hand over them, just above her womanhood; she sighed, pushing herhips forward slightly. Then she ran her hand over the front of my trousers, pretending to feel thematerial as her fingers brushed my now hardened cock.”Your trousers are nice as well,” she said, keeping her hand there, longer than she need too.By now, these games were getting me hot, so I decided to take it to the next stage.”Sit on my desk, I want to check your panties out,” I said, cutting to the chase.This seemed to fit in her dream, for she jumped up onto the desk smiling. I opened her legsslightly, and then I pulled her skirt up revealing her panties once more. I could just see a wetpatch, which told me she was enjoying this dream. I placed a hand on the hem of the material,running my fingers along until I touched her pussy with the back of my hand. Her legs seemed toopen a little further and as yet, I hadn’t felt any pubic hairs. I decided to go for gold and in oneswift movement, I removed them. She sat there with her legs opened, and revealing a shavedpussy. I touched her inner lips with one finger, eliciting a gasp from her mouth, and then Ipushed a finger into her sweet pussy, making her put her arms back on the desk and thrusting herhips forward.”Take your top off,” I said, going deeper with my finger.She sat up. Unfastening the buttons on her blouse, she then discarded it. Her bra barely holdingthe breasts that heaved below, she then unclipped it from the front, making each side suddenlyspring open, freeing her bust. She had gorgeous breasts, which jiggled about as she got her handsback behind her. I then leaned forward, and started to lick her pussy.Her legs were now as wide as she could get them, and her hips were moving up and downslightly in an effort to meet my tongue. The sight of this little minx, sitting totally naked on thedesk, was enough to make any man hard, but my boner was begging to be released. I stood up,and started to undo my trousers, she watched as they fell to the floor, revealing my large cock. Ihad forgone the inclusion of underwear, as my cock was bursting to get into her tight little pussy.Holding her legs, and pulling her to the edge of the desk, I placed my cock at the entrance to mygoal. She felt the hardness touch the outer wall and licked her lips in anticipation of my entry. Ipushed; feeling the give as my cock started to slide in, her back arched as my cock travelled allthe way. Then I started to rock back and forth slowly, making her start to moan out loud.”Oh, fuck me hard, please,” she begged.I started to go faster, my cock going as far as it could in this position.”Ah…yes…faster?” she muttered.I pulled her legs up a bit more, and thrust in and out as fast as I could her screams of more, fillingthe room. I could feel her juices, as if this was really happening, the belief of the eventsometimes feeling more intense than the real thing.”I’m coming, oh…yes…don’t stop,” she shouted.I had no intention of doing so, as her climax reached its peek. I then reached for her left breast,and started to pinch her nipple, her first orgasm making her nipples erect. Then grabbing herhands I pulled her off the desk, and turned her around, she knew exactly what I wanted. Afterspreading her legs, she leaned over the desk.”Fuck me again,” she said, with urgency in her voice.I re-entered her pussy, and started to pound away yet again, her breasts drooping slightly as theyrocked back and forth. This had always been my favorite position, mainly because you could getmore penetration, but partly because you could see the nice rounded ass in front of you. I openedher cheeks with both hands, in an effort to get that little bit deeper, and her screams of pleasurestarted up again.”Oh, yes, you’re so big,” she said, gripping the other side of the desk.I looked down to watch, as my cock kept disappearing into her pussy, the feel of her tight cuntwhenever I entered getting me worked up. Then I could feel the imminent sign of ejaculation, asmy cock started to throb. Having practiced at not waking, whenever I came, I was ready as thefirst stream of cum shot out the end. She must have felt it, for she turned around, getting down onher knees to take the second load in her mouth. It hit the back of her throat as she engulfed mylength, then a third load came making me almost lose concentration. My seed started to seep outthe corners of her mouth, as she tried to swallow as much as she could. I stopped coming afterthe forth time, not wanting to spoil it, cum was running down her chin, as she continued to suckmy cock dry.I picked her up running fingers over her chin, in order to clean her up a bit. She suddenlygrabbed hold of my hand and sucked my fingers dry. I decided to leave the dream at that point,knowing that she would wake up, just as I would with a damp patch between our legs.I cleaned myself up, and then decided to just sleep, as Abby was still in her dream-link, I onceagain wondered how the Dream Reaper rated my dream.Chapter 8I was very excited, when I learnt that both Paul and I had gotten through to the top ten finalists.We were trying to get three people from our own village to go on, to challenge our neighboringvillage, for the right to govern them both. As this involved dream linking with unsuspectingpeople, the Dream Reaper, who then had the task of picking the best, had monitored us. Hewould also be choosing the three finalists, from tonight’s fun and games.Paul had given me a couple of ideas, one of which I thought sounded like fun, so after talkingabout it, for the best part of the day, we retired to bed. Once asleep, I returned to Paul’s homeworld, and located someone who I would like to interact with. I found someone very easily, andentered his dream. He was dreaming of winning a race, so I changed it into a gym scene, Paulhad told me it would be a good place to go. Having never heard of a gym, I first had to make thesubject, think of one, and then we were in. He found himself lifting weights with me watching. Iwas wearing my usual short skirt, really short, and a tight top, urging him to lift more. I wasn’twearing any panties, so when I stood slightly behind his head, he could see everything. I told himhe was very strong, as he stared upward not paying attention to the weights in the slightest.Then I strolled over to where there were two rings attached to two ropes, being small built Icouldn’t quite reach them.”Can you help me reach these rings?” I said, pointing up.He placed the weights back down, and after standing up he came over, he grabbed my waist frombehind and lifted me up. I gripped the rings, my butt hanging at just his head height, I thenplanted a suggestion into his mind; he placed both hands between my thighs from around thefront and opened my legs. He then started to lick and suck my pussy, making me grip the ringsharder. My legs were over his shoulders at this point, so he wouldn’t have needed to exert mucheffort in the real world for this, as they were taking most of my weight. He licked furiously, as Icontinued to hold onto the rings, my juices starting to flow onto his tongue. He kept pushing myclitoris in, swiping it with the tip of his tongue. This was driving me crazy; I could feel myclimax already starting to build. Then I spotted a piece of equipment that looked ideal for sex, itlooked like a ladder, but a very wide one, and it was sticking out from the wall.Changing the scene, I stood with my legs open gripping hold of these bars, but bending downslightly. He got the message and guided his cock to the entrance, I started to be pushed forwardand then he was in me, making me gasp at the suddenness of it. Then slowly at first, he started toslide it in and out, picking up speed. Before long, his body was pushing me forward with eachnew thrust. My first orgasm started to build and he was going at it like an a****l, which mademe wonder if he got any, in the real world.When I started to cum, he seemed to go faster, as if he was about to let go and sure enough hecame. He pumped it into me, but continued to thrust his cock in and out. I came again feeling thejuices running down my leg.Then he stopped, and picked me up across his arms, and carried me to another piece ofequipment. This time it was a large flat sheet which was held up with springs, I read the wordson the side, ‘trampoline.’ He placed me on top, and then climbed on himself, after which, he layon top and re-entered me. At first, I couldn’t see the attraction for this piece of equipment, untilhe started to speed up. Suddenly he got into a rhythm that had me bouncing down, while hestayed up, leaving his cock to greet my pussy whenever I came back up again. His arms weredoing most of the work, making the trampoline move up and down. As the motion got quicker Ireally started to like the sensations it was giving me, and already I felt like I was going to cumagain. Only this time he beat me to it, coming inside me, I felt the first burst, as he was on thedownward thrust at the time. Then I started to climax, my juices intermingling with his, makingme feel very wet.He pulled out after that, rolling off as the springing motion starting to subside, I turned over andstarted to suck his cock. He was soon hard again, though in real life I doubted he could havedone it so quickly. I’d learnt while dream linking that some people believed they couldaccomplish things, which in the real world they could not. This tended to transfer itself into theDream State, which worked out pretty well most of the time.I then climbed on top of him, placing his cock at the entrance, I sat down, and then copied whathe had done, only instead of arms I used knees, I started to bounce him up and down. I had to sitforward a little to achieve the same results, but it worked perfectly. He loved this position, as hiscock started to punish my pussy once again. Then I had an idea, I imagined the rings over myhead, but within arms reach, and then gripping hold of them, I pulled myself up a little, workingthe trampoline with my feet, or rather the insides of my feet. The penetration felt a lot better, ashe continued to bounce up and down, my juices were really flowing again, reminding me tothank Paul for his idea of a gym.This time we came together, and I quickly left soon after, knowing that his sheets would besoaked when he awoke in the real world. I awoke in my own land, with Paul fast asleep next tome, thinking ‘I can’t wait to hear the results tomorrow.’Chapter 9We heard someone shouting outside, that the Dream Reaper had posted the results on his frontdoor. Abby and I couldn’t wait to see if either one of us had been chosen as we walked to theReaper’s home. By the time we got there, a large crowd had gathered, and then someone startedto read the results out loud.”The winners are, Jade, Conrad and Paul,” he said.”Yes, you did it Paul,” shouted Abby clearly excited for me.”But you didn’t,” I said, feeling bad for her.”That’s all right, I’m probably not the right candidate anyway,” she replied, smiling.”That’s not true,” said a voice from behind us.We turned to find the Dream Reaper; he’d sneaked out the back, knowing that there was alwayssome disgruntled person, who didn’t agree with the result.”You would, in point of fact have been my fourth choice, but as I could only pick three, I had togo with who I felt was the best,” he explained.Abby kissed his cheek, thanking him for being so sweet.”What’s going to happen now?” I asked.”Now we wait for our rivals result, and then the real contest will begin,” he replied, winking atAbbey.We spent most of that day celebrating the result with the other izmir escort bayan finalists, so by the time we gothome we were both tired. Abby suggested that I practice dream linking some more, as the resultof the other village would be here tomorrow.When I did fall asleep I headed back to my own world, for knowing how the people behavedmade it feel more comfortable somehow. Once there I decided to look for a perfect stranger, notknowing what to expect would make it that little bit more interesting. I first tried several homeswhere I used to live, but finding no one of note, I decided to try the local college for girls. Therewas an abundant amount of nice looking women here, so I chose one and entered her dream.She was dreaming about her dog Sheba, while studying a book, probably revision, which told meshe had some anxieties about her exams. I decided to turn this to her favor by changing the sceneand making her feel more at ease. We were now in the Deans office; I was the dean, while shesat on the opposite side of the table.She accepted this part of her dream without question, and asked why I wished to see her.”I want to congratulate you on passing all your exams, and before you leave this college, I wouldlike to give you something special,” I said, making it up as I went along.I’d imagined her in a short skirt and cotton socks, with a tight top that showed her cleavage, Ithen asked her to join me round my side of the desk, so that I might measure her, for the degreegiving ceremony coming up shortly. I explained that she would be receiving a gown that had tobe just right, she accepted this without question yet again, and then stood next to me. A tapemeasure appeared in my hand, so I bent down holding the end near her feet then slowly came up,running my hand along her leg. When I reached the top of her thigh, I looked up to find she hadher eyes closed. I then lightly brushed her mound through her panties. She let out a sigh, andthen I asked her to remove her panties, because they were getting in the way. She removed themwithout question, and then stood back up; I put the tape right up to her sweet pussy. She gaspedas my fingers touched her womanhood, giving the fact away that she was starting to get veryaroused by all this.I then unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, and continued as if nothing had happened upto her breasts.”Do you wear a padded bra?” I asked, knowing full well that she didn’t.”No, sir I don’t,” she replied.”Oh, come now my dear, you can be honest with me,” I said.”I don’t sir honest, look I’ll show you,” she replied, taking her top off.She wore no bra, as her breasts bobbed about, from the sudden lack of tightness around them. Iplaced the tape over her nipples, taking in her now complete nudity, and then asked her to sit onmy desk. She did this, and I stood between her legs opening them wider. I suddenly decidedenough was enough, and knelt down between her legs and started to lick her open pussy lips.She moaned softly, placing her hands behind her and leaning back, I decided to make my tonguelonger, and started to pleasure her with it. She started to cry out, that she’d never felt anything sowonderful. My tongue was going deeper with each thrust, so I decided to make it a little thickertoo.”Please, I,” she paused, “please, I’m going to cum,” she finished, pushing her hips forward.I plunged in harder and faster with my tongue, her writhing about just turning me on even more.”Oh…God…I’m coming, yes…yes…Yes, don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she screamed.I could taste her cum juice, as it ran onto my tongue, her frenzied movements making me awarethat she was having the best orgasm of her life, even if she was asleep. Once I was sure she’dfinished her first orgasm, I made my tongue normal once more, and then stood up and removedmy trousers. When she reopened her eyes after coming down from her last experience, she sawmy hardened cock, mere inches away from her pussy.”Fuck me please, fuck me hard,” she urged, getting to the edge of the desk.I placed my cock at the entrance and then pushed forward she gasped at the size of the cock nowentering her already moist pussy, and that was a real turn on for me.”Fucking hell, you’re so big, my God…fuck me faster…faster,” she pleaded.I started to go as fast as possible, her juices positively pouring out of her pussy, as the onslaughtcontinued. She had her hands behind her on the desk, so with a bit of leverage she pushed herhips up to meet my thrusts. Her screams of sheer delight filling the room, I started to feel the firstsigns of ejaculation, as she once again shouted that she was going to cum. Then we both came,mine mixing with her own. I couldn’t believe how large my first burst was. I threw my headback, with sheer pleasure, and then once again, as I continued to pound her climaxing pussy. Shepushed her hips up to meet me one more time, and then collapsed onto the desk, a look ofeuphoria passing over her face.I pulled my cock out slowly, making her squeal as the end popped out, her nipples looked rockhard as she lay totally exhausted on the desk. I bent down pushing her erect clitoris with mytongue, making her squeal once again, her legs closing in a sign that she couldn’t take anymore. Istopped there, knowing that she had thoroughly enjoyed that dream, and also knowing that shewould wake feeling great.Next thing I know is I’m waking up myself, my sheets soaked with my own cum juices, butthinking it was worth it. I looked over to find Abby fast asleep, so I decided to join her, by goingto sleep myself.Chapter 10I leaned over to kiss Abby on the cheek, as she started to wake up, her eyes opened and shestarted to smile.”Morning,” she said, sitting up.”Good morning, did you sleep well?” I asked, cuddling up to her cute little body.”Yes, very well,” she replied, holding me tighter.We started to talk, about the upcoming contest, and I wondered how it would all end, and thenwe heard the village bell being sounded. I’d been told that the bell was only heard when, eitherthere was an emergency, or we had visitors from outside the village. As we were expecting thethree other contestants, from our neighboring village, we rightly assumed that they had arrived.For when we’d gotten dressed, and left the house, we found them being greeted by the wholevillage.I couldn’t help admire their sportsmanship, as they greeted these people, for anyone of themmight be responsible for changing how our village was governed. Only one person could win thiscontest, with no such thing as second or third. Pretty soon, they had been greeted by just abouteveryone, and then they introduced them selves.”My name is Candra, these are my companions Flic and Rone,” said a very pretty woman,pointing to her fellow contestants.At that point, The Dream Reaper appeared on the scene, and the crowd of people made a gap inorder that he might get through.”I would like to declare this contest officially started, all the dreams from the finalists will bemonitored, and fed back to who-ever wishes to watch,” he said, surprising me.”He can project his thoughts into other people’s minds?” I said, not quite believing it.”Yes, he is one of the best Dream Reapers alive today, that is why the contest is being held in ourvillage, because nobody disputes it,” answered Abby.”How long do we have to accomplish our dream links?” I asked.”As long as it takes, there are no set rules to when you do it, except that you are expected toachieve your dream link within a week,” she said, “but a week is plenty of time,” she added.We spent the day talking and getting to know our rivals, although by the end of the day weconsidered them friends. When we did all go our separate ways, I decided I would allow theDream Reaper to show me the first effort before I dreamt mine. By the time we got to bed, wewere very tired so went straight to sleep.I started to have a dream of my own, and then it was suddenly changed, I was witnessing the firstdream link.Flic’s Dream Link…Flic was on his way to his dream link; he too had discovered the pleasures of my world for thescene was easily recognizable. His dream started in a boarding school for young Ladies, as helooked for just the right person to dream link with. Pretty soon he’d found what he was lookingfor, a young woman who turned out to be the principal of this boarding school. He entered herdream, to find she was dreaming of lying in the sun on her stomach, trying to tan her body. Flicdidn’t waste any time; he changed the scene, he was standing in the hall of the boarding schoolcompletely naked. She was locking up for the night, when she heard him crying. She was nowdressed in a see through, and very short nightgown, with frilly knickers and no bra. She askedhim what he was doing there, to which he replied, that he was lost, she seemed to accept thisexplanation, for she put her arms around him to comfort him.She took him to her bedroom, where upon he commented on how attractive she was. Sheblushed, laying him down, and then noticed that his cock had grown, her nipples became erect asshe watched his cock grow further. His imagination was making it grow to twelve inches inlength before it stopped. She reached out with one hand grasping hold of this monster, and thenplaced the other between her legs. Pulling her frilly knickers to one side, she inserted a fingerinto her pussy, while the other hand started to slide up and down his shaft. You could see shedidn’t believe what she was holding, but started to moan with pleasure. Flic had now stopped hislittle lost boy routine, and reached out his hand to take over from her own. His fingers probingher womanhood, while watching her handle his cock. She hadn’t taken her eyes off of hisenormous member when she bent down to lick his bell end. His hand no longer touching herpussy, he reached for her breasts through the nightgown. She slipped it over her head, her breastsbobbing up and down slightly, as she returned to licking this dream come true.She tried to take it down her throat, but it was too large, so she contented herself with just half ofit. He watched her mouth as it slid down his shaft, and then slid back just to repeat the procedureall over again. His hands were now massaging her breasts, tweaking her nipples between twofingers, and getting a reaction from her full mouth. Holding his cum back, he continued to enjoythis assault on his cock, his expressions of joy clearly indicating how much he was enjoying thisencounter.Suddenly he decided to cum, as his large cock started to jerk in her mouth. She knew what wascoming, for she used her hand to pump him dry, as the first gush of salty cream emptied into hermouth. It ran out the sides, as she continued to pump and suck, trying as hard as she could toswallow it all. He came again, his face showing the pleasure he was receiving, and as he camefor the last time in her mouth, she was allowing it to run onto her tongue, the initial burst slowingdown to a trickle.She continued to clean him up, determined to keep him hard, and then standing she removed herfrilly knickers, and climbed onto the bed, straddling his cock. Reaching around with one hand,she guided it into her very wet pussy, and feeling the end in just the right place she started to sitdown. His cock bending slightly, until it only had one choice but to enter. She gasped as itstarted to go in working it slowly at first for fear that he might hurt her. Then when she wascomfortable, she began to work it in a little faster, until she was sure it was completely in.Her breasts jumped up and down, as her buttocks started to slap his upper thigh, making himmoan. His cock was now going all the way, as she placed her hands onto his chest for betterbalance. He started to fondle her breasts again, getting turned on by the movements they wereperforming before his eyes. Then she started to scream, her orgasms making her go faster, as thejuices from her pussy started to run down to his scrotum.He too started to cum; their cries of pleasure echoing throughout the room, as both of them camein unison. She started to slow down, clearly exhausted from the effort she had exerted and hiscock still buried in her cum drenched pussy.He stopped there, his dream coming to an end, and then I woke up, and found Abby had alsoawoken, I turned to ask her for an opinion.”That was pretty good, don’t you think?” I said.”Not bad, but you can beat him,” she replied, nudging my arm.I smiled, thinking about how much fun this dream linking really was, and then lying back down,we returned to sleep.Chapter 11Abby and I were discussing Flic’s dream, as were most of the village. It had been quite good.Jade was there – she had enjoyed it too, and said that she would be dream linking tonight herself,so we knew who would be next.”Do you know where you’re going yet, Jade?” asked Abby.”I do, but I’m not going to tell, I want it to be a surprise,” she replied.We talked for sometime and then the Dream Reaper interrupted us; he wanted to see meprivately. I excused myself, and then followed him to his home, when we got there; I wassurprised to find he already had some guests.”So this is Paul?” said the oldest looking one, amongst the three that stood when we entered.”Hello, yes that’s me, and you are?” I said, holding my hand out.”My associates and I are from the council of elders, we have legitimate reasons for enquiring, asto your right to be involved in this contest,” he said, solemnly.I didn’t know what to say, I hadn’t thought my presence was a difficulty, or even heard anybodysaying there were any objections.”Because I wasn’t born here you mean?” I guessed.”That would be one of our concerns.”Just then, the Dream Reaper interrupted.”If I may, you all know that anyone of our people have a right to pick a soul mate of theirchoosing, and in accordance with that right, I allowed Paul here to cross over, once he hadundergone a dream quest,” he said, authoritatively.”His right to be here is not in question, just his right to participate in this contest,” was the reply.”Let us be clear about all this, we feel Paul might not be up to dream linking, in the best possibletradition, and that, he unintentionally could be a disadvantage to the people of this village,” saidthe only woman there.”If that is your main concern, then I think I have a solution,” replied the Reaper.He went on to say that if Paul could prove himself a worthy dream linker, would they be satisfiedwith allowing him to continue. They all agreed, and then the Dream Reaper turned to me, askingif I wouldn’t mind being tested.”I don’t mind, if that what it takes,” I said, feeling confident.The Dream Reaper asked me to lie down which I did, and then with just a couple of words fromhim I was asleep. He later told me that all he had to do to make me sleep was place a suggestionin my mind that I felt very tired.I decided my dream link should feel erotic, because I needed to impress these people, first ofcourse I needed to find someone who was also asleep. I had also decided that my world would bethe best place to go, simply because I needed to show I wasn’t restricted to their world.I found what I was looking for pretty quickly; I’d gone to a college dorm, knowing that therewould be someone asleep. I knew that some of these girls studied all night, especially if theywere not due for any lectures the next day. Sure enough, I found one, she was a delightfullooking young woman, eighteen maybe nineteen years of age.I entered her dream, to find she was dreaming of being a doctor, I liked this sort of scenario; infact I’d recently had a dream link along the same lines. Only, in that dream I had pretended to bethe doctor. I watched for a while as she proceeded to go from one bed to another, miraculouslycuring her patients. She obviously felt that she could make a difference in the real world, and thatwas being played out in her dream.I changed the scene slightly, as she suddenly became my student; I was asking her somequestions on the human body.”I am going to ask you several questions, by demonstrating on our own bodies,” I said, startingto unbutton her long white gown.I removed her uniform, revealing just bra and panties, and then asking her to remove her bra Istood and watched. She unclipped it from behind allowing it fall to the floor, her breasts standingerect and firm.”Now, what part of the breast is this?” I said, reaching out to touch the under side of her leftbreast.Her nipples became erect as my hand lifted the weight of her tit; her lips opened slightly as asigh could be heard escaping them.”That is where the Areola is located,” she said, as I let it go.”What about this?” I said, gently rubbing her nipple.”A nipple,” she said, looking down and pushing her breast forward slightly.I then put my hand down her panties, making her jump a little.”What area is this?” I said.”Labium-Majora otherwise known as the Vulva,” she said, pushing her hips onto my hand.Then I removed my trousers, with my cock standing proud and erect, I took her hand placing iton the end of my dick.”What part of a man’s penis is this?” I asked, starting to rock back and forth in her hand.”A large bell end,” she said, not using the technical term, but staring down, fascinated at mycock rubbing her hand.She suddenly got down on her knees and engulfed my cock, slurping the end around her tonguebefore letting it go down her throat. I watched as my cock disappeared, and then slowlyreappeared, the feelings making me as hard as I was going to get. She then started to rub it withher hand at the same time, in affect jerking me off at the same time as giving me a blowjob.Her breasts swinging slightly as she started to speed up, I bent over in order to cup her breastswith my hands. Her moans of enjoyment making me want to cum, but I held the feelings off,wanting to demonstrate that I could control these emotions. Grabbing hold of her arms gently, Ipulled her to her feet, and then proceeded to remove her panties. Once this was done I turned heraround bending her over the couch, and then with one hand holding my cock I guided it to theentrance of her pussy.She must have been enjoying this dream, for she was very wet, as my cock was sliding in withease. She gripped the opposite side of the couch moaning with the pleasure she was receiving, asI began to thrust my hips faster. Her moans became cries of joy, as this onslaught continued. Iwanted to cum at this stage, knowing that I was able to avoid waking up, and hoping that I wouldprove to the elders I was more than worthy of being part of my villagers contest.I started to cum; the first load being spent deep inside her pussy, and then pulling my cock out Icame over her buttocks and then her back. She turned around taking the next load in her mouth, Ithink at that stage I started to show off, for I came three more times, before thinking that maybeI’d better stop. Her face was covered in my salty cream, as she ran her fingers over her tongue,collecting it all up.The Dream Reaper must have thought I’d done enough, for the next thing I knew I was wakingup. I looked around the room, and found they were all waking up, which confirmed to me thatthey had witnessed everything.”Well Paul, I think I speak for everyone here when I say, you have proved yourself worthy ofdream linking,” said the oldest one there.Looking at the others and seeing their affirmative nods of approval, I thanked them for allowingme the opportunity to demonstrate, and then begging their leave I returned to Abby.I told Abby what had happened, and how I’d had to prove myself, and then we joined the othersfor drinks, looking forward to Jade’s dream link.Chapter 12Jade had informed us that she was going to dream link next, so as we lay in bed preparing tosleep, we knew who we would be watching.I suddenly became aware of Jade heading towards her dream link the Dream Reaper was makingthis possible, by transmitting her dream through all those that wished to see it. She soon foundthe person she was looking for, and thankfully, he was asleep, so after entering his dream shefound he was dreaming of eating chocolate.She changed the scene, making herself appear clothed in a short dress, that when looked at in acertain light could be seen through. Her long legs looked very sexy as a light breeze caught thehem of her dress, pushing it up slightly. He held a camera, telling her to pose for him, and shegave him a seductive look. Then she started to get into various positions, each one moresuggestive than the last. Her breasts heaved beneath the thin material that the dress was made of.He moved over to her side, placing his hands onto her hair, and then flicked it back in an effort tomake it look wilder. He then unbuttoned the first of three buttons that were on the front of herdress. Her cleavage became more apparent, as she once again held several positions. Thenunfastening the remaining buttons, Jade pulled her dress up and over her head, revealing a bustthat was both large and rounded.The camera started to click away, a bulge appearing inside his trousers, as he attempted to gether from all angles. She teased him by pulling her panties down slightly, just above her pubichairline. His camera now working overtime to get as many photos as possible, and then theaction really started as Jade pulled her panties off. She then sat down and opened her legs, beforeinserting a finger slowly into her pussy.He was kneeling, getting a close up of her cunt, as his camera continued to snap away. His cockwas throbbing as she moved her finger in and around her pussy, tempting him to get a littlecloser. She placed a hand onto her breast pulling it up in order to lick her nipple, but not quitebeing able too.He got closer, not believing what he was seeing, and then she reached out rubbing his erect cockthrough his trousers. He closed his eyes, moaning with the pleasure her hand was giving hishardened cock. Then looking down he witnessed her unzipping his trousers and pulling out hiserect penis, he clicked away on his camera, getting close ups of her handling his cock. Placinghis camera onto the floor, he stood up and started to remove his clothes, first his shirt and thenhis trousers, followed closely by his underwear.He stood in front of Jade, his cock throbbing for her attention, which he soon received as sheplaced her mouth over the end of his large dick. Her hand came up to cradle his scrotum, whichmade him jump slightly, as her tongue started to lick his bell end. His face giving away what hewas feeling as she started to go further. He looked down to see his entire cock vanish inside hermouth, and then feeling the back of her throat.She began to work it faster, gently squeezing his balls at the same time and then feeling hisimminent cum starting to make his cock jerk. She sucked it hard, as his cum spurted into hermouth with such a force, that some it shot back off her tongue and onto his cock. He came againa second later, moaning out loud with the sheer bliss he was feeling.Jade cleaned him up swallowing all his seed, and then making sure he stayed hard, she suckedhis member a little longer. Once she was sure he would remain hard, she stood up and turnedaround, and then bent over. He positioned his cock at her entrance and then pushed it in. Hersqueal of pleasure made him smile as he started to pump her pussy with deep strokes.He held both sides of her butt, using it as leverage, as he pummeled her dripping wet cunt, goingfaster and faster. With her cries of joy encouraging him on, he soon felt he was about to cumanother load. When he did she could feel it running out and down her leg, and then he cameagain, and carried on. She too started to cum, her knees feeling weak as the climax began, but hisfirm grip on her buttocks prevented her from falling.Once he’d finished coming, she turned around pulling him down to the floor, and then once onhis back she squatted over his still hard cock, and guided it back to the gates of heaven. His cockentered easily as her moist pussy lips started to part, and then she started to ride him, her kneestaking most of the strain as her buttocks rose and then fell, taking all of his cock into her pussy.She placed her hands onto his chest for balance, and then went to work, going just as fast as hehad done, in order that she would feel every last inch of his magnificent cock. He had his eyesclosed as she did all the work, the feel of her pussy surrounding his cock a delight to experience.You could tell he wasn’t going to last long, for he suddenly grabbed her ass, in an effort to helpher lift off his cock just that little bit more. Then she started to moan out louder clearlyexperiencing a climax, as he too started to cum yet again.They both came together, his sperm shooting into her pussy and mixing with her own juices andthen she started to slow down, liking how it felt to feel his length deep inside her. Once theystopped, the dream came to an end, and both Abby and I woke up.”I think that was better than Flic’s,” commented Abby, as we both became fully awake.”I personally didn’t think there was anything in it, but I did enjoy it,” I replied.We talked a while longer, wondering how the rest of the village would judge it, and then wewent back to sleep, knowing that someone else would be entertaining us tomorrow.Chapter 13There we were, standing in the small market, with everyone eager to see my dream link. Forsome reason, they all thought that I was the favorite to win this little contest, although it probablywasn’t little to them.”I want to see the others first, because I want to know what I’m up against!” I said.Some of them agreed with my tactics, while others thought I was scared, but Abby didn’t mindwhat I did, which was all that mattered.We talked a lot about Jade’s Dream link with nearly everybody agreeing it was the best one sofar. Then Rone told us all that he intended to go next at any rate, so we all asked what he plannedto do.I couldn’t help smile at the thought of all this, for not so long ago I would have been bored todeath back on my own world, playing some computer game, or watching the TV. Now I was acentral figure involved in a competition to keep the right to govern a village or two.It was getting late when Abby suggested that we return home, or we’d miss Rone’s dream link.Therefore, we got back pretty quickly and then got ready for bed. I kissed Abby on the cheeksaying good dreaming, and then we went to sleep.Rone’s dream started soon afterward, with him entering a house and going up the stairs, turningleft on the landing he went into the bedroom, there in front of him was a sweet looking youngLady. He entered her dream to find she was dreaming of baking a cake, and she was back atschool. She was only wearing an apron, which seemed very odd, for everyone else was wearingtheir school uniforms. Rone must have liked this scenario, for he didn’t change the scene, anddecided to become the teacher.He came up behind her, seeing her exposed butt at the back, with the apron tied in a nice bowaround her waist.”What are you baking my dear?” he said, throwing himself into the part.”A Carrot cake, Sir,” she replied.He put his arms around her pressing his hardened cock into her butt, and although he was fullydressed she must have felt how big he was, for she pushed back, as he grabbed her hands thatheld the cream cone. Then he demonstrated how to squeeze the cream out, pressing her handsrather than the cone. He sneaked a peek down the front of her apron, as her breasts were pushingit out in front. His height giving him a good vantage point with which to do so, her breasts werenice and rounded, with a good cleavage, and looking down further he could just see thebeginnings of pubic hair. His cock straining in his trousers as this hold continued, and then hedeliberately squeezed some cream onto her legs.”I’m sorry my dear, let me clean that off for you,” he said, bending down in front of her.He touched her leg gently, sending a quiver of anticipation up through her body, and then wipingthe cream off softly from her lower inner thigh; he sneaked a peek at her pussy. Her nicelytrimmed hair glistened with a hint of moisture, making him want to touch her womanhood, buthe stopped himself, clearly not wanting to rush this link.He stood up wiping his hands on a cloth, and then felt a splash of cream down his trousers.”Oh, I’m sorry sir, let me take that off,” she said, bending down in front of him.She softly put her hand onto his hard cock steadying herself, as she removed the cream with herother hand. His cock twitched as she applied a little more pressure, the throbbing of his bell endan almost unbearable moment, as he desperately wanted to take her there and then.She stood up having removed the cream, pushing his cock down a little before letting go. Hecontinued to watch her, and then suggested that if she came to his office, they could discuss herculinary skills further. Picking up the cream, Rone led the way to his office and closed the dooronce inside.He stared at her ass cheeks as she passed by him, and stopped near his desk. He crossed over tojoin her, the cream cone still in his hands, and then he turned her gently around.”Here my dear, you won’t need your apron on in here,” he said, starting to untie the bow.Her apron was then removed, leaving her totally naked, but she must have accepted this part ofher dream, for she never batted an eyelid. Then Rone held the cream cone over her breasts,squeezing a little onto one of her nipples. He then bent forward and licked it off, with her nipplestanding to attention as the tip of his tongue made contact.Doing the same to her other nipple, he then sat her down on an arm-less chair, and opened herlegs. Her cute pussy opening its entrance just a little, and then he squeezed some cream onto thehood of her clitoris, and proceeded to lick that off. Her clit was peeking out as his tongue went towork, she moaned quietly as his tongue continued to lick her clitoris, long after the cream hadgone.He then stood up directly in front of her; unfastening his trousers, and letting them fall to thefloor. Before he could take his underwear off, she grabbed the cream and pulled down his briefs,all in one swift movement. His cock was now exposed, as she squeezed some cream onto the tip.She leaned forward taking his cock into her mouth, his reaction clearly one of bliss, as hertongue rounded his bell end. Then she let it go further in, engulfing his large cock down herthroat, and making him murmur cries of joy as she began to speed up. She then placed a handaround its base, jerking his cock in unison with her mouth.He couldn’t take much of this treatment, for suddenly she was taking his own cream into herthroat, with just a little escaping the corner of her mouth. He started to moan with pleasure as thesecond and third load of cum spewed out of the end, making her swallow faster in order that shedidn’t miss a drop.He then stopped her there, and picked her up off the chair, only to place her onto her back on thefloor gently. Taking all his clothes off, he then placed her legs up and over her shoulders beforebending over to insert his cock into her pussy. The penetration was immediate, as his cock wentas far as humanly possible, she cried out how good that felt, and then he started, slowly at first,to thrust his cock in and out.Her continued cries of pleasure, almost drowning out the moans of joy he was feeling. He startedto speed his thrusts up, with the entire length being seen to disappear then reappear. Her juicesmaking it easier as the onslaught continued, until she screamed that she was coming. He felt hiscock about to explode, but wanted her to come to a climax first, so he held it back just longenough, as her orgasm poured onto his cock. He could hold it no longer; his cum bursting out theend with his second izmir bayan escort following close behind. She started to calm down once he slowed the pace,and then he straightened her up slowly. She got to her feet, and turned around begging him tofuck her again. He took her over to the back of the chair, and then re-entered from behind easilyas her pussy was still soaked.His cock still hard as he once again plunged into her budding flower, his hips going faster in thisposition, as he made her cum once more. Then the dream was over, and Abby and I were onceagain sitting up in bed talking about his performance.”They seem to be getting better all the time,” Abby commented.”I must admit, that one was quite erotic, the use of the cream, a particularly nice touch, it makesyou wonder what’s next, doesn’t it?” I replied, smiling.”Yes, it does,” she agreed.We then went back to sleep, looking forward to the next one.Chapter 14Abby and I were the first to congratulate Rone the next morning on a dream link that we bothenjoyed. As we talked, more and more people came over to express their congratulations on adream that they thoroughly enjoyed. This all just seemed to pile the pressure on, as each newcontestant seemed to beat the last. Again I was asked several times if I was going to be next, butI said no.Then Conrad admitted that he was going next, taking the pressure off me slightly. When asked ifhe knew where he was going, he informed us all he would be visiting a police officer in herhome. That sounded like fun, and I found myself looking forward to watching this one.I was a fairly newcomer to all this, coming from another world that these people seemed to beable to come and go from at will.We had been invited to join The Dream Reaper today for lunch, so when that time was upon us,we made our excuses, and left the party of people that were still talking about last nights dreamlink. Pretty soon we were in the Reapers home sitting down to a very nice spread, whichconsisted of a fish that I didn’t recognize but which tasted delicious, and vegetables that thewhite sauce gave a nice taste to. Then after lunch he opened a bottle of wine, which went down atreat.”Do you have any plans for where you’re going in your dream link?” he asked, more out ofcuriosity than a need to know.”I have some idea, I also intend to be different to all the others but I would rather not say, or I’llspoil the surprise,” I replied.They agreed, and then wondered how Conrad’s dream would turnout; I confessed at that pointthat I was looking forward to finding out. We spent a pleasant day around the Dream Reapershome, talking mainly about the contest, but also the world I was now living in. By the time weleft it was getting late, so we wasted no time in getting home and going to bed.Then the dream link started; with Conrad entering a nice looking house, which had a policeofficer’s hat lying on a phone table in the hallway. He proceeded up the stairs and located thewoman in question, and then entered her dream.She was dreaming of sex. She had a man handcuffed to a bed, and was teasing his cock with hertongue. Conrad must have decided to change the scene, for the next thing we knew he was apolice instructor, demonstrating how to use the handcuffs. She was the only other one there,wearing a short skirt that was riding well up her thigh, and a blouse that was threatening to burstopen revealing her breasts.“Now, I would like to show you the correct way of placing these cuffs onto your perpetrator,” hesaid, getting her to stand up and turn around.He then took hold of one arm, bringing it round the back, and after placing one cuff over herwrist; he reached for her other arm, while still holding the first. Bringing her other arm around,he then finished the procedure by cuffing it. She now stood there with both hands securelyfastened behind her.He turned her around to face him, noticing her breasts heaving with excitement as he asked if shewas comfortable.”Yes Sir, but what if the perpetrator is naughty and tries to use his or her legs?” she asked.”Then we place ankle cuffs on, which would totally immobilize them,” he replied, getting theankle cuffs out of a box.She sat down, almost eager to try them out, he smiled bending down in front of her. He thengrabbed her ankles gently and placed the cuffs around them both, before snapping them shut. Shewas now completely at his mercy, as he started to remove his clothing. He watched as herbreathing became heavier, which in turn made her ample bust stretch her already strugglingblouse to breaking point.Once naked, his cock stood at an impressive ten inches long, making her lick her lips, and thenbending down once more he started to undo her blouse buttons. The blouse came undone easily,showing a small bra that was nowhere near big enough for what it held. The clasp was located atthe front, so with finger and thumb he pressed the stud, releasing her breasts. They fairly sprangout at him, as they became free from their restraint.He cupped one making her moan, and then placed his tongue over an already erect nipple andstarted to lick and suck the end. While he was doing this, his hands had found the zip at the sideof her skirt, and were pulling it down. Her moans of pleasure, making me wonder how she wouldreact if he were actually fucking her. Having pulled the zip down, he then pulled her skirt off asfar as it would go, and found he only had her panties to remove.She felt both his hands, running over her pussy, as he reached down to push them down. Oncethey were with the skirt, he started to play with her pussy, first running a finger over her vulva,and then stroking the hood of her clitoris, forcing her clit to make an appearance. Then bendingdown he licked the clitoris vigorously, enticing a squeal from her mouth. Her hips buckedforward, wanting his tongue to enter her vagina, as he also started to squeeze her breasts at thesame time.Then he helped her to stand, making a ceiling harness appear behind her. Bending down heunlocked the cuffs around her ankles, and then removed the skirt and panties. Then he turned heraround, making her aware of the harness; he then fitted the seat of the harness around her buttcheeks, and clipped the leg straps on. Next he had to put the rest of the harness around hershoulders so that it would support her weight. Once all of this was done he removed the cuff’sholding her wrists, which enabled her to hold onto the shoulder straps.He then hoisted her up into the air at just the right height, locking the contraption in that position.He could now swing her about, and she was powerless to stop him, not that she would, for shewas enjoying every last moment of this. He gripped her butt, and then pulled her towards hiswaiting cock. Once he had it in position he entered her now moist cunt. He plunged it in, makingher cry out with joy, and then instead of moving his hips; he swung her back and forth impalingher on his cock, whenever she came back. Her cries of pleasure at this point were so loud nothingelse could be heard. The sight of her pussy engulfing his cock was a big turn on, as this assaultcontinued.Then he stopped, and spun her around and down, her mouth immediately and hungrily closingover his huge cock. He once again began to swing her back and forth, with his cock travellingdeeply inside her throat. He knew it wouldn’t be long now before he came, and as she reacheddown with one hand starting to jerk his cock off. He suddenly started to cum, she pulled it outallowing it to hit her face and tongue, and then put it back in to swallow whatever else was left.By the time she’d finished he was still rock-hard, so he turned her back around and began to fuckher again. This time making sure she came to a climax before stopping, his timing just a little off,as she climaxed a couple of minutes before him. He pumped his load deep inside her pussy, andthen started to slow down.The dream link then came to an end, and we both woke up once more.”We have got to try that ceiling harness out!” said an excited Abby.”I agree, that looked like fun,” I replied, smiling.We talked a lot about that one, clearly thinking that that would be hard to beat, and then wefinally went back to sleep, looking forward to the next one.Chapter 15The villagers were very excited as we walked over to join them; they’d all been extremelyimpressed with Conrad’s dream link. We tended to agree, for it had been very erotic, and alsoquite original.This time, before anyone asked who was next, Candra said she would be, they asked herquestions, wanting the details but Candra was keeping a tight lip about it all, not wanting to spoilthe fun.Then someone realized that I would have to follow her, and couldn’t put it off anymore. Theonly thing I gave away, was that mine would be different to all those I had seen so far, that ofcourse got them all speculating about what I was going to do.I listened to their conversations, and thinking what I would have missed if Abby hadn’t chosenme, as her soul mate.The large group of people started to break up shortly after that, all looking forward to tonight’sshow. Abby had told me she had a secret and that she would reveal it that day. Therefore, whenthe crowd had all but disbursed, I followed her to where she said I would find something ofinterest. She led me to a large metal plague, which was inscribed with the names of literallyhundreds of people.”What is this?” I asked, looking closer.”It commemorates all the people that have lived in this village,” she replied.”This is the secret!” I said, expecting something more.”No silly, that’s the secret,” she replied, pointing to the inscription near the bottom of the plague.I bent down to look at where she was pointing, and there as clear as daylight were my motherand fathers names, and along side was my name at the age of two.”How can this be?” I said, more to myself than to Abby.”I don’t know, a friend pointed it out to me yesterday, so I thought I’d better tell you,” saidAbby.I’d never mentioned my parents before, because they’d died in a car accident a few years ago,and I didn’t like dredging up the past. However, this totally threw me; I had no idea they’d beenhere, ‘but in what capacity,’ I thought as we walked away. I decided to get this contest out of theway before looking into this further.The day seemed to drag, but eventually we went to bed, and were soon watching Candra’s dreamlink. She had decided to go to my world as well, which didn’t surprise me. She was wearing theskimpiest outfit yet, her skirt was just below her buttock line, the way Abby likes to appear, andher tight top was so thin, you could clearly see her nipples poking through.She entered a college for young men, looking through it for someone special, and then she foundhim. Upon entering his dream, she found he was dreaming of his father beating him with a belt.She quickly changed that scene, replacing it with a lecture hall, with him being the only pupiland her being the tutor. He clearly felt more comfortable with this dream for he visibly started torelax as his eyes stared at Candra’s gorgeous body.Candra deliberately dropped some papers on the floor, and then bent down to retrieve them. Herskirt not able to conceal her panties, as she gave him a view he would not soon forget. Thelecture was to be about the reproductive organs, of both the male and female bodies, a simplebiological lesson. Candra had decided to take the first part seriously, knowing how arousing thiswould be to those observing it.She asked the young man if he would volunteer to help her with her demonstration, to which hejumped at the chance, clearly getting involved in this dream. When he was standing next to her,she started to undo his trousers and pulled them down. Then she pulled his underwear downrevealing a semi hard cock, dangling between his legs. Candra then grasped hold of his cock,bending down in front of him.”Now, the male penis is easily enlarged when a person of the opposite sex, handles it in thisway,” she said, jerking him off slowly, and watching his cock grow in her hands.He looked down watching his cock being handled, overjoyed to be part of this demonstration.”Then if we take it into the mouth, he will become very excited,” she said, putting her mouthover his cock.He moaned as he felt her mouth surrounding his penis, and then pulled back slightly as his shafthit the back of her throat. Her nipples were fully erect, making him stare down at her breasts. Shestarted to jerk him off, making him feel like coming all too soon, her lips still covering his bellend. Then he came, his cock momentarily coming out of her mouth, and losing some of hiscream onto her cheek. She quickly got it back into her mouth and swallowed the rest of his cum.”That shows what can happen when you get really excited,” she said, standing back up.Then she sat on the desk, asking him to point out the woman’s vagina; he stood between her legshis cock getting hard again, and gently parted them. Then slowly pulling down her panties, herevealed her pussy. She then asked him to show how he would make a woman climax. He startedby rubbing her vulva, and then stroking the hood of her clitoris, and when she leaned back hepushed a finger deep into her pussy, making her moan with excitement.After finger fucking her for a few minutes, he then bent down and started to lick her clit, usingboth hands to pull her pussy lips apart, he then inserted his tongue as deep as it would go,making her thrust up her hips to meet it. By now his cock was rock solid, so she climbed off thetable, and then turned around and leaned over. He didn’t need to be told what to do next, for shecould suddenly feel his cock entering her pussy. She reached over to the other side of the desk, inorder to hold herself steady.His back and forth motion getting quicker and quicker, as she started to scream out with thepleasure he was giving her. Her juices making the inside of her legs extremely wet, as hecontinued. Then before he could cum, she let it out and turned around, quickly taking her top offand bending down. She placed his throbbing cock between her breasts, and started to tit fuckhim. Her own juices made it slip easily between her breasts as she held them together. Then hecame, the sperm hitting the underside of her chin, and falling back onto the top of her bust, withthe second load finding its way into her mouth. His third was only a trickle, as she relaxed herbreasts, and sucked him dry.Then the dream was over, and once again we were waking up.”I thought it was good, but not as good as Conrad’s,” said Abby.”Yes, I agree,” I said, thinking that all I had to do now was give a reasonable dream link, and wecould win.I was about to give them something they hadn’t as yet seen, because I’d practiced this secret ofmine, after every dream link that week, and I was sure I’d gotten it down to an art. I had eveninformed the Dream Reaper that my dreams were not to be taken as the real event, as I wastrying to perfect something special. He had told me that my dream linking would not be seenuntil I had informed him it was going to happen. We fell asleep soon after that, with me lookingforward to the day ahead.Chapter 16The whole village was by now confident that we would win this contest, for as they greeted uson the morning after Candra’s dream link, they shouted out my name, placing a huge weight onmy shoulders. I couldn’t fail them, if I did I wouldn’t be able to face them again, Abby tried tolift my spirits by nudging me, and saying ‘go get um tiger.’ I smiled knowing she meant well, butI couldn’t get the responsibility of this contest out of my mind. That was the price I paid forwanting to go last, and now I wasn’t so sure it was such a good move. I was asked what mysurprise would be, but I wouldn’t give anything away, telling them that they’d have to wait andsee.Mine would be the last dream link, so I had to make it a good one. I’d been practicing somethingthat nobody as yet had tried, and hoped that it would impress them all. Not even Abby knew mysecret, for I wanted to surprise her as well.The day went by all too quickly, and before I knew it I was ready for bed, and hearing Abby say‘good luck.’Once asleep I proceeded to find the right two houses, once there I entered one house to find theyoung Lady I was looking for. I entered her dream, to find her dreaming of lazing in the sun,with a cool drink in her hand. Then I tried my surprise, knowing that the whole village waswatching me. I fixed her dream in a sort of pause mode or holding pattern, and then proceedednext door, once there I found the second young Lady and entered her dream, she was dreamingabout horseback riding.I merged the two dreams together, still in control of the dreamer next door, and then changed thescene. I was now a salesperson, while they were both my next clients. The game began. Theywere both dressed in short skirts and tight tank tops, with figures that suited them both; I startedmy sales rep bit.”These are our best sellers,” I said, taking out a pair of crotch-less knickers.They reached out to touch them, both of them accepting this dream without any qualms.”Um, very nice, can we try them on?” they said together.”Yes, please let me help,” I replied.I then got down on my knees, and slipped my fingers beneath the panties one of them waswearing and deliberately brushed her pussy with my fingers, and then pulled them down. Shesighed deeply. She stood there looking down, her eyes watching every move I made, and thenstepped out of her own panties, and revealed a nicely shaved pussy. I then slipped one then twofeet through the crotch-less ones, and pulled them up, with her pussy clearly visible.”Why crotch-less,” she said, innocently.”It’s so that your partner can do this,” I said, rubbing a finger around her vulva.She pushed her hips forward slightly, wanting me to go further, but I wanted to play first.”Can I try them on?” the other one said.”Of course you can madam,” I said, trying my hardest not to spoil the fun.She started to remove her panties, while the one wearing the crotch-less pair removed hers. Atthat moment I had both their panties off, and then being handed the crotch-less pair I slippedthem on the other girl. Pulling them up I ran my fingers all the way up her legs and thigh, makingsure I brushed past her pussy. She had a lovely trimmed triangle of pubic hair, with nonecovering her pussy lips. She grabbed my hand, placing it over her womanhood.”Do the men, rub it here?” she asked, running my fingers through her pussy lips.”No it’s more like this,” I said, inserting a finger deep into the moist hole.She gasped, saying she would have a pair, and then I stopped and stood up.”This next item is a negligee and is guaranteed to get your man hard, and excited,” I said, pullingone out of my bag.I had thought this one up from an old memory, of seeing something similar in a dress window,but there, it was on a dummy. I held this skimpy looking and see through negligee up, and thenasked if they would like to try one on. They both nodded, and started to undress. I producedanother negligee from my bag. By the time I turned back they were both naked, and reaching fora negligee. I couldn’t help but stare, as they both placed them over their heads, their breasts werestanding tall, full and erect.Just looking at them both was enough to give you a boner, but standing there and seeing thesetwo gorgeous women, wearing negligees that only just reached their pussies, and werecompletely see through, would make a lesser man lose his load.”Do they suit us?” one of them said, giving a twirl, which made it possible to see her butt.”Yes, they do, you look very sexy,” I replied, my cock twitching as I looked on.”Is there anything else in that bag?” one of them asked.”Nothing you would be interested with,” I said, “just some men’s underwear.””Oh, let’s see,” she replied.I took them out, the shortest briefs I could imagine.”I could try them on, if you like?” I said.They both said yes, together.I took my trousers down, and then before removing my own underwear I imagined my cock wastwo inches longer than it was. I pulled them down, revealing a huge cock, and then when I wasabout to put the brief’s on, one of them snatched it out of my hands.”I’ll do it,” she said, bending down in front of me.I put my feet through the openings, and she brought them up slowly, by the time she reached mycock it was rock solid, and standing proud. She gently pushed it back, holding it as she pulled thebrief’s over. They of course couldn’t cover it all, as I stood there with two sets of eyes glued tomy cock.”They don’t seem to fit,” the other one said, joining her friend who was now kneeling.They both then started to remove them, once my cock was free, I felt a mouth covering the end,looking down I watched as they passed it to one another, my dick pulsing, as they attempted totake it down their throats. Their breasts, clearly visible through the negligees they still wore. Thehardness of my cock was such, that I could feel every bit of their mouths and tongues, as theypassed over my shaft.Then I could feel the signs that I was about to cum; I’d practiced this quite a lot, for in thebeginning I used to wake up in the real world, once I ejaculated in the Dream State. I allowed myseed to burst forth, going down the throat it was now in, and making her gag, she brought it out,as I came again on the face of the other one. Then she put it in her mouth, and again I camehitting the roof of her mouth, she swallowed my load while pumping it with her hands. Then shebrought it out, with both of them catching the last explosive burst on their tongues as they puttheir heads together holding it in front of them.They carried on sucking and licking me clean, and then stood up; one of them removed hernegligee, and started to kiss me passionately. The other one still held my cock, but turnedaround, and then bending forward she guided it to her pussy, I pushed forward, not able to see,but quite able to feel. Her sudden gasp was all I needed to know it was in, and then I started tothrust forward, my cock burying itself deep within her wet pussy.The kiss was getting hotter as our tongues darted in and out of each other’s mouths; I started tomassage her breasts at the same time, her erect nipples feeling hard to the touch. Then whileleaving one hand on her breast, and still kissing her, I placed the free hand between her legs,inserting a finger or two inside her pussy.My thrusts had stopped now, for she was doing all the work, rocking back and forth, and makingsure my entire length was going in. I could feel it hitting the inner wall of her pussy, as hermoans became louder, knowing that she was close. I then started to push myself, and got faster,her screams clearly indicating I was doing the right thing.Suddenly they changed places, and I was now fucking the one I’d been kissing, her moist pussyan easy hole to enter. I placed my hand down to finger fuck the one I had just serviced, to findher juices were still flowing strongly, and being able to put several fingers in.Their moans of pleasure at this point were really starting to turn me on, as I could feel themoment was nearly upon us once again. When I did cum, I let them have both barrels if youknow what I mean, my cum shot out deep inside her cunt. She pulled it out, and then turnedaround with her mouth wide open, the second load hitting both her tongue and cheek as shegrabbed hold of it. They both then started to clean themselves and me up, making sure that not asingle drop escaped.I was then suddenly awake in the real world, and sat up in bed, and could hear shouts andapplause from around the village. Abby sat up next to me, smiling and putting her arm aroundme.”That was without doubt the best dream link I’ve ever witnessed,” she said, holding me tighter.”Do you think so?” I said.”Oh yes, if we don’t win this contest after that, then it’s rigged!” she replied, feeling veryconfident.I was delighted that she rated it so highly, and lay back down.”How did you know, that you could control two dreamers?” asked Abby.”Well, the thought occurred to me, that if the Dream Reaper could send a dream link to all thosevillagers, then surely it should be possible to dream link with two people, at the same time,” Ireplied, feeling tired.We both went back to sleep shortly after that, looking forward to tomorrow.Chapter 17We turned the corner to the sound of cheers; all the villagers were in the square awaiting ourarrival. They were positive that we’d won this contest, but as yet, the results hadn’t been givenout. Therefore, we stood with them, waiting for the Dream Reaper to make an appearance. Wedidn’t have to wait long, for two minutes after our arrival; he showed up, stepping up onto apodium that’d been erected.”First of all, congratulations to all those that took part in this contest, your dream links were ofthe highest quality,” he said, to another cheer by the crowd.”Secondly, we have the results,” he said, being interrupted by the loud audience.Then an old man, who I was informed was the Dream Reaper from the other village, took to thepodium.”I am pleased to be amongst such fine people as your selves, and having witnessed the dreamlinks performed in this very village, am proud to announce, this village as the victor,” he said,the last word was almost drowned out by the applause and cheering that was going on.We started to congratulate ourselves, with Abby and I hugging one another, and people slappingme on the back, and shaking my hands. Then we could see our own Dream Reaper trying to calmthe crowd, with something else to say.”It seems the other village had an ulterior motive for challenging us, Gerard here,” he said,pointing to the other Dream Reaper, “wants to retire, and felt that whoever proved them selvesworthy, could be his successor.”All eyes were suddenly on me, as the square went completely quiet, and then someone shouted,‘go get um tiger,’ the crowd suddenly started to talk amongst themselves again. I turned to Abby,knowing that she shouted those words, to get me out of that embarrassing situation.”Thanks Abby,” I said, “but why do they assume it will be me?” I asked.”Well, for a start, you have done something they can’t do, so it naturally follows that you mustbe the logical choice,” she replied.”But what if they’d won the contest?” I asked, feeling I had a valid point.”I can answer that one,” we heard a voice say, behind us.We turned to find the Dream Reaper, and Gerard, who had both given up trying to talk the crowddown.”If our village had lost, Gerard here would have kept his position as Dream Reaper for anotheryear, at which time we could then challenge them again,” he explained.”Am I your choice, for being the new Dream Reaper?” I asked Gerard, bluntly.”Yes, you are, young man, I haven’t seen talent like yours, since my young apprentice here tookover this village,” he replied, pointing to our Reaper.I had a lot to think about, when the crowd had started to go their separate ways, but I also had alot of questions for the Dream Reaper. Therefore, I excused myself from Abby and told her Iwanted to see him alone. She said she’d see me back at home, and then walked off. I walked tothe Reapers home, trying to formulate all the questions I had, but reaching it before I could thinkthem through.He opened the door, saying he’d expected me, and then asked what was on my mind.”Did you know my mother and father?” I asked, being the first thing that came to mind.”Your Grand father was born here, and later his wife gave birth to your father, so yes, I did knowyour father,” he replied.I was stunned, I had no idea and they’d never so much as mentioned it, although I was onlyf******n when they died.”Why did my father leave here?” I asked next.”Like you he found someone in another alternate reality, your old home, that he fell in love with,your mother, but unlike you she didn’t want to leave her home, so your father left his and joinedher,” he replied.”It wasn’t an accident that Abby found me, was it?” I said, suspecting some conspiracy.”Actually no, I had told her that you and several others had a great deal of potential, but she hadto choose herself, and she chose you,” he replied, making me feel happier.”So what happens now, do I learn from you before going off to this other village, or does Gerardteach me what I need to know?” I asked, not sure where I was headed.”I will gladly teach you what you need to know,” he said.At that point I accepted his offer, and returned home, Abby was waiting. She asked me what hadbeen said, to which I told her, leaving out the fact that she had been guided to me. I told her ourReaper was going to teach me the ways of The Dream Reapers, and that we shouldn’t be leavingthis village just yet.We joined a few friends after that for a few drinks, and then returned home to sleep, I wasfeeling quite randy as I started to nod off, so I decided to visit someone I knew. Once I fell asleepI found my way to my old street; and then looked in on the house of my old next-door neighbor.However, she wasn’t home, which meant she was either on holiday somewhere, or she wasspending the night with her family.I had to look in several houses before finding the perfect dream link, she had the cutest littlenose, and lovely pouting lips. I entered her dream, to find she was dreaming of swimming, atfirst I just watched, and eventually she got out of the pool. She was a tall, slim built youngwoman, with a nice bust. Not too big or small, and with long shapely legs, her hair was blonde,and the costume she wore was a one piece.I decided to change the scene, to that of a clothes shop, only for a change I made myself thecustomer, and she was the proprietor.Walking up to her counter, I asked if she could show me some swimming trunks, to which shesaid yes, and asked me to follow her. We walked over to a stand, where there were a dozendifferent looking swimming trunks.”What size sir?” she asked, fully involved in this dream.”I don’t know,” I answered, which wasn’t a lie, “but I don’t think any of them would fit me.””Why not sir?” she replied.Well, I have a very large cock, that they wouldn’t cover,” I said.She suddenly became intrigued, grabbing a pair, and then asking me to follow her once more.She took me over to the changing rooms, and asked me to remove my trousers, which I did. Thenonce again I imagined my cock was bigger than it really was, and removed my underwear.”Oh my, you are big aren’t you?” she said, bending down to place my feet inside the newswimming briefs.When she brought them up my legs, my cock brushed against her shoulder, making it that littlebit harder. She tried to place my cock in the shorts, but they were too small, with my cocksticking out the top.”Well, I wonder if they would fit, if you weren’t hard?” she said, taking the shorts back off, andthen starting to jerk my cock with both hands.I looked down, watching her slide my cock gently but firmly between her hands, and then foradded excitement she started to lick the end as well. My cock throbbed as this treatmentcontinued, her tongue darting out to brush my bell end. She never sucked, but the feel of hertongue working on the end of my cock, while her hands skillfully passed over the length, wasreally turning me on.Then she started to go faster, my cock feeling like it was about to explode, until Wham, it hit theend, the first stream hitting her tongue as she continued to jerk it dry, and then the second beingdirected to the changing room door, as she quickened her pace. As I came the third time it justdribbled out the end, with her tongue lapping it up. I then allowed my cock to deflate, wanting toreward her for her efforts, and she pulled the shorts back up. This time they fit, and I told her Iwould take them.The dream was then over, with me waking up, I had cum running down my thigh again, I smiled,and thought, that young woman deserves another visit, and then went back to sleep.***All Suggestions And Criticism Please Send To My Email: To Your Happy Ending!SexySherri1996