The boss

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The bossMichelle had just left college and had been lucky to be working in a typing pool for a large insurance company, it was her first day and was real nervous as she entered the building she looked around it was huge and very busy, she felt real small, she spotted a security reception and went over to the desk “excuse me it’s my first day and need to go to section 331 and report to a miss Ellison”, the young lad on reception smiled as he directed her to the lift and told her where to go.As Michelle arrived on the 20th floor there stood a well dressed women speaking to a man in a suit “excuse me could you tell me where I could find miss Ellison” the lady smiled saying “you found her” Michelle explained who she was and took her to her desk, introducing her to some of the girls, Michelle sat down and sorted her desk out and started to work.They had been working for about 2 hr’s when it was a brake, the girl next to Michelle said “come on I’ll introduce you to the team it ok they don’t bite virgins” and laughed Michelle blushed like mad and followed Jean to the coffee room, as they entered the room, Jean shouted “quiet this is Michelle started to day” and started to point out who was who “that’s Cara she likes to tease newbie’s but don’t take a blind bit of notice of her” laughing “that’s Paula she the party girl, you need to know who is single or married she would know possibly because she slept with then” as the girls roared with laughter, Paula shouted out “that not true makes me sound a slut I can’t help if they all think I’m beautiful not like you mingers” as another roar of laughter filled the room, we all chatted and then went back to work.I was feeling a lot more relaxed, as I got a phone call from Miss Ellison asking me to go to her office, I knocked on the door and went in, I noticed a man sat in the corner of the office “ah Michelle come in” miss Ellison said “this is Mr Carter head of marketing, he has been looking through your c.v. and noticed you spoke a few languages and would like to know if you would like to go and work in his section because one of his assistance had just left on maternity leave”. I was speechless as he started to speak in Italian, I stuttered and answered back little did he know it was a language that turned me on like hell, he then changed to German than French before speaking English.He said “excellent tomorrow morning I will see you on the 25th floor come to my office and I will show you what your duties, do you own a smart suit elegant not slutty” I shook my head, “well here the company credit card go to this shop and buy what you need” I left stunned and returned to my desk, Jean asked what that was all about I explained what happened, Jean laughed and said “make sure u wear tin knickers as he likes sex”, I said “well he won’t get me I’m still a virgin and not into being screwed until I am ready” and carried on working.That afternoon after work I went as directed to the shop an got all I needed came home and had a early night, that Italian voice went through my head making me so horny as I slipped my hand down my panties to feel my soaking wet pussy, it was something about the language that did it as I arched my back letting out a huge scream as a orgasm ripped through my body. The following morning I made sure I was all nice and smart and took extra couple of pairs of panties in case I got a guy speaking real sexy Italian as I wouldn’t be able to stop getting very wet.I arrived and went to Mr Carters office going in he smiled and shook my hand asking me to sit down, then said “right let’s take you to your office and get you sorted, as he went out the door I noticed he had a real nice arse I would love to bite, we arrived at this little office and he showed me what to do, he smelt fucking gorgeous as I felt my nipple go rock hard, I had a thing about guys who smelt nice but also had to be good looking, rather fit, not to many muscles rugged looks and tattoo’s, as I sat down, doing paper work the phone rang and it was Mr Carter asking if I wanted to go to lunch as a welcome to the firm, I excepted and carried on.Lunch time arrived and off we set he took me to a small restaurant and had a nice time, he then suggested as his clients were not in today how about a relaxing afternoon, I said I had to be back at a certain time as my parents were coming for dinner he promised and off we went he had to pop in home for a few things and asked me in, his house was massive in its own grounds he explained it was the family home handed down to him after his parents died, we sat drinking coffee and I was feeling really relaxed around him, he then said “Call me Alex as we are not at work but when we are it Mr Carter” I said “sure” he then asked about me and off I went like kaçak iddaa a hare with a rocket up its bum, he laughed saying “slow down this isn’t a interview I was very impressed in you languages and that’s why you was ideal for the job, do you have a partner” I shook my head saying “not been out of college to long and broke up with a guy who only wanted one thing” “So what do you want from your work” “satisfaction and be a P.A to a Managing director of a big company” Alex smiled saying “well your partly there already” laughing “I won’t be a moment I’m going to change into something more comfortable” as he went I took off my jacket and loosened my top button, Alex re-appeared a few moments later in a nice top and trousers I noticed OMG he had tattoo’s and muscles, I commented on his tattoo’s he said thanks I’m addicted to them lifting his top I gasped at how fit he looked, I felt a damp patch in my panties he was getting me horny if he started to speak Italian I would be totally at his mercy, all I needed to know if he was seeing anyone. I asked is there a Mrs Carter or girlfriend “no never had time to get involved as always been a workaholic, his mobile went and he excused why he took the call, he started to chat in Italian, I had to get away from this as I was getting very horny wasn’t able to stop it, I asked were the bathroom was as he explained and carried on, it was too late I was dripping wet I got into the bathroom and pulled my panties down rubbing my pussy trying to be quiet and get the pleasure from what I was doing, I stripped naked and lay on the bathroom floor rubbing my pussy slowly getting more aroused. I was oblivious to everything as my fingers slipped into what was now a soaking wet pussy I started to groan and moan, all of a sudden a knock on the bathroom it was Alex “are you ok Michelle” and before I could answer I cum so hard I screamed Alex burst in to see me laying stark naked on his bathroom floor, I tried to cover up but totally useless, all I could see was this huge lump develop in his trousers, I confessed that when he spoke Italian I got very horny it was something about the language that did it.Alex smiled and held out his hand to pull me up I apologised as Alex led me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed before stripping totally naked I was right he was everything I liked about a man I stared at his cock as it stood proud not all hairy and muscles and tattoo’s he kissed me softly on the lips running his hand over my breasts, they went stiff “I’m still a virgin Alex” “relax Michelle I will be gentle and if you say stop I will” little did he know that was not gonna happen, as he started to whisper Italian to me kissing my body slowly getting in between my legs, carrying on kissing me all over.I gasped as me lightly kissed my pussy running his tongue along the split dipping his tongue slightly in I was so horny now “fuck me Alex fuck me drive your cock deep in my virginal pussy take my one thing I have left” as she felt his cock nudge her lips slightly open and slip in my soaking wet hole, he stopped asking if she wanted it all, she nodded as he carried on, it hurt a bit but was wonderful as she grabbed his bum with both hands pulling him deep in, I felt my pussy muscles grip his cock locking him in I groaned as he carried on talking Italian, at this stage Michelle was so horny if he had insisted on a gang bang she would of agreed.As Alex moved slowly Michelle moaned begging for more this was no action of a virgin but she was now being fucked by her boss and his cock was splitting her in two and she didn’t give a fiddlers fart if he blew his load, as she groaned out a orgasm followed by another and another, Alex’s cock was now sliding in and out freely as Michelle’s juices where running wild, Alex sucked on Michelle’s nipples she cried with pleasure never feeling anything like it before. Alex said he was Cumming and started to drive harder as Michelle moaned and begged for him to cum “Cum in me babe fill my pussy full of that thick cream Fuck me harder” as she started to moan “YES YES YES OMG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS” as she shook as Alex blew what was a huge load into her pussy , Michelle couldn’t stop shaking with pleasure as a huge gush of fluid sprung from her pussy soaking Alex and the bed, before she collapsed lifeless, Alex rolled off his limp cock slipped out and cum seeped from Michelle’s pussy.T hey didn’t move for a while when Alex woke to see Michelle laying there, he looked up and down her body looked like silk, her pussy so smooth he had to feel it again, he looked at her as she opened her eye’s “hi are you ok” Michelle smiled and nodded her head “thank you that was unreal” Michelle said Alex smiled “I wanted to since the first day we met” after bahis siteleri a long lingering kiss they got up showered and Alex dropped Michelle home. The following day at work it went back to Mr Carter until the late afternoon when Michelle was feeling rather naughty, she knocked on Mr Carter’s door and walked in and gave him his paperwork bending over giving him full view of her tit’s that showed no bra, then whispered I have no panties on and my pussy is so wet.Michelle went over locked the office door and stuck the phone on divert before walking round bending over in front of Alex lifting her skirt to reveal a beautiful wet pussy, Alex got up unzipping his trousers and pulling out his cock and pushing it deep in Michelle grabbing her hips he fucked her hard as all the papers that was on his desk flew all on the floor, he pulled out turning Michelle around and pushed her back onto the table ripping her blouse open before ramming his cock in deep sucking on her nipples, Michelle stripped Alex of his shirt digging her nails into his back as he pounded his rod until both cum together this time Michelle held back on the scream just.After Alex pulled out Michelle got of the desk and pushed Alex into his chair and she dropped onto her knees sucking his cock clean, before she tided up and unlocked the office door and re diverted the phone, going back to her office and carried on as though nothing had happened except her pussy was puffed with the bashing she had just got. About a hour later Michelle had to go and get papers signed by Alex, as she knocked on the door and walked in he was on the phone talking to a client, in Italian Michelle closed the door turning the key before walking to the desk kneeling down she crawled underneath and in between Alex legs undoing his zip pulling out his limp cock and started to suck it, I could hear Alex voice quiver as it went hard, Alex tried to stop her but this wasn’t gonna happen.Michelle started to wank Alex sucking his huge cock deep, she had never deep throated him and always wanted to try as she slowly sucked inch by inch, she started to gag a bit but then it slipped deep down, Alex groaned and then apologised to the person on the phone as Michelle could feel Alex cock thicken, all of a sudden a huge load of cum poured out of his cock, Alex dropped the phone as his cock slipped from her mouth, she crawled from under the desk standing up and walking out the office. Michelle sat at her desk still tasting the cum when Alex came into her office, your very naughty doing that and smiled, the situation was broken by Michelle’s phone ringing as she spoke Alex stood there watching her, he walked around looking and went behind her Michelle was very weary of this and kept her eye on him, before she knew it he had his hands down her top rolling her nipples in-between his finger and thumb’s hard as a rock Michelle was powerless besides Italian making her horny her nipples did the same as she whimpered softly making her cum, Alex then left the office as Michelle was left all flustered.She got off the phone and tried to concentrate but was unable to she got up locked her door sat back in her chair and pushed her hand down her panties slipping her finger onto her swollen clit rubbing it softly this wasn’t doing the job at all she thought if this don’t work I’m gonna have to fuck Alex, Michelle searched her desk finding a long rounded item she didn’t have a clue what it was for but knew what it, was going to be used for as she pulled her panties off spreading her legs slipping it deep in moving it in and out she was close to Cumming as her body tightened a orgasm ripped through her body like a bolt of lightning, making her squirt like a fountain soaking everything in its way, after she sorted herself out she tried to get back to work and finally finished her day.That evening Michelle went shopping getting some very sexy lingerie to seduce Alex completely, with all that had happened over the last few weeks, she had discovered her sexual side very quick searching the internet on how to please a man beyond his wildest dreams, that night when she got back from shopping she decided to try on her stuff also she had bought a real special present for her own enjoyment, as she stripped looking at her naked body in the mirror she started to touch herself making her body tingle, she was disturbed by her phone ringing it was Alex asking how she was “what do you think I’m doing” Alex replied “no idea” “I’m naked and wanting your body” Alex knew just what to say as he started to talk Italian that was it Michelle was at his mercy as she felt her pussy getting wet “play with your cock babe” Michelle begged as he described what he was doing.Michelle went and laid on the bed rubbing güvenilir bahis her swollen clit softly moaning she decided that she would go and get her little pleasure, as she got off the bed and go to her bag pulling out a huge vibrator, going back to the bed she switched it on a low buzzing sound started as Alex asked what that noise was, “my new little toy” as she slowly pushed the huge vibrator deep into her soaking wet pussy, she groaned as the feeling pleasured her body coating the latex shaft with her juices, Alex moaned saying he was Cumming as he sighed, Michelle was in a world of her own driving the huge, pink latex toy, in and out deep, Alex still speaking Italian, Michelle cried out as she shook viontley with multiple orgasms. Laying on her back she said goodnight saying Alex would be in for a real treat tomorrow at work giggling as she put the phone down, Michelle went to sleep with a huge smile on her face, the following morning Michelle used her vibrator again to get herself in the mood for what was going to be a day when, Michelle blew Alex’s head clean off his shoulders, she put on her new underwear a lovely see through silk bra that showed her nice dark pink nipples a thong that covered her pussy lips stockings and suspenders, she already felt horny as she looked in the full length mirror she got to work and sat working away, Alex hadn’t turned up for work yet but she knew he would be in soon.Just before lunch Alex arrived as being at a meeting all morning went on longer than expected, he asked Michelle to go get lunch so he could catch up on paperwork, as Michelle arrived back in the office and sat eating lunch with Alex. Michelle removed her jacket as Alex noticed the her new blouse, that was slightly see through, he commented on how sexy she looked as he moved a bit closer rubbing her leg, she felt her nipples stiffen as he kissed her neck Michelle pulled away saying “no you are going to have to wait” Alex looked shocked as he started to talk Italian “nope that not gonna work you are going to have to sit and watch” as Michelle got up walking over to the desk and putting his phone on divert and locking the office door.Walking back she started to undo her top slowly revealing her see through bra and her very hard nipples, Alex started to unzip his trousers “No stop that” Michelle sharply said as he stopped mesmerised by her actions. She undone her bra as it dropped to the floor walking up to him, Alex reached out Michelle slapped his hand “no touching only looking until I tell you so” Alex nodded like a well behaved school boy, Michelle turned around unzipping her skirt pulling it down to reveal her thong that disappeared down the middle of her smooth bun, bending down until all he could see was her thong that was covering her pussy lips.Michelle stood up again turning around all she could see was a huge bulge in Alex trousers “undo my suspender belt and pull my thong off but no touching my pussy, Alex begged “please baby make love to me” “no do as your told” as Alex did as he was told. Michelle so wanted to be taken but was enjoying the control she had over him, Michelle was now naked and very horny walking over to the desk and sitting on the desk legs opened, Michelle demanded Alex come over and lick her pussy so she can have the pleasure, as he walked over with a huge hard on unable to touch it, kneeling down he could smell the sweet sexy scent as he started to lick lightly her slightly open lips showing her sweet pink meat of her pussy.All of a sudden Michelle arched her back Cumming, “fuck me now Alex Fuck me with that huge cock” as Alex got off his knees pulling out what looked like a flag pole and slammed it deep into Michelle’s pussy “Ahhhhhhhh fuck me baby fuck my smooth Pussy” as Alex ripped off his clothes he slammed his rod deep in again and again as Michelle moaned she didn’t give a toss who heard her but it was very unlikely anyone did as Alex pulled out “Now bitch your gonna pay for teasing me” as he pulled her up bending her over and slamming his cock deep in her pussy like a piston grabbing her hips she pushed up, her tits moved with the extreme force of Alex’s thrust.Again he pulled out his huge purple headed one eye snake shone with Michelle’s pussy juices as he parted her arse cheeks slipping it up her ring, Michelle screeched with pleasure slamming in and out Alex pulled Michelle’s nipples as he groaned saying he was Cumming “ I want it in my Pussy” Michelle demanded as he pulled out Michelle bent over the desk Alex slammed his cock deep and shot his hot load “OMG yes, yes Oh fucking yes” as Michelle screamed out a earth shattering orgasm, Alex slumped on the floor totally exhausted.Michelle got up looking at Alex on the floor, getting dressed and helped Alex up he said “that was amazing” Michelle smiled as she watched Alex dressed before going back to work, after Michelle went back to the typing pool Alex and Michelle carried on seeing each other having the most amazing sex.