The big female anal sex addict.

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I’m addicted to anal sex. There, I said it. Who am I? Sharon Baxter, formerly of Texas and currently of Massachusetts. I’m a big gal from Amarillo, who just moved to Boston. Back at Amarillo, I was a community college professor. These days, I’m somewhat retired. I own a nice house in the big city and I am now dedicated to fun. By fun, I mean picking up sexy studs and occasionally gals for fun. I’m a big woman who is happy and comfortable with herself. Hell, I’ll break a female commandment and tell you my weight. I weigh two hundred and fifty pounds. I am also sexually adventurous and not ashamed of it at all. Hell, I’m proud.

I stand six feet tall, with blonde hair and pale blue eyes. I’m part Irish and part Mexican. My skin is light bronze. I’m pretty in the face, with a thick body. My breasts are large and firm. My hips are wide and my butt is big. I’ve got the biggest ass you’ve ever seen on a white chick. A plump bubble butt. That butt loves to have fun. It attracted the attention of a tall, good-looking black stud named Trevor a few nights ago. Trevor was this sexy stud I saw dancing at a club. He looked so damn hot. Even though he was there with his girlfriend, some skinny black chick, I put the moves on him. He responded. We got to talking. He was a student at the Boston Institute of Technology. I’d never heard about the school and asked him about it.

I loved listening to Trevor as he talked. He was a sophomore at Boston Tech. bedava bahis Apparently, the establishment was a small, four-year private technical college with only about five thousand students. They recently built themselves an Athletic Department. According to Trevor, the Boston Institute of Technology Department of Athletics sponsored Men’s Intercollegiate Baseball, Basketball, Badminton, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Cross Country, Football, Swimming, Lacrosse, Ice Hockey, Wrestling, Water Polo, Rugby and Volleyball. They also offered Women’s Varsity Basketball, Softball, Field Hockey, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Rugby, Equestrian, Swimming, Soccer, Cross Country, Wrestling, Tennis, Golf, Badminton and Lacrosse. As a former college instructor, I was impressed. The school offered twenty two varsity sports.

I wasn’t surprised when Trevor told me that he was a running back on the Football team. I’ve always had a thing for these gridiron studs. Yeah, I was feeling him and he was feeling me. What should we do about that? His girlfriend got disgusted with my flirting and left. He ignored her. I told him to meet me near the ladies room. His girlfriend got ticked off but I didn’t care. It’s not my fault if she’s an ugly bitch. Good riddance! Trevor and I started dancing. He had his hands all over my plump ass. I love black men. They love a big butt. That’s cool with me because nature blessed me in that area. I’m a big-booty white chick bedava bonus and I am proud!

Yeah, Trevor and I went into the ladies room. I locked the door and we had our fun. We kissed, and I felt up that sexy body of his. He was seriously hard. I got on my knees and unzipped his pants. Out came his twelve-inch black cock. Uncut. I couldn’t believe the size of him. Damn, he was fine. Trevor grinned and told me that he was a Haitian stud. Apparently, all Haitian studs were well-endowed. I grinned. Damn, the dude’s got sexual powers. And I wanted to experience them. So I sucked on his cock like there was no tomorrow. He thrust his cock down my throat. I love sucking on his gigantic prick. It was so wonderfully long and thick. When he came, I drank his cum. I loved sucking the cum out of his cock. Trevor sighed in pleasure. I licked him clean. Then, I looked up at him. What should we do next?

Trevor told me he wanted to tap my fat ass. I grinned. I love getting fucked that way. Just thinking about it usually gets my pussy wet. I got down on my hands and knees and spread my plump butt cheeks wide open. Trevor thankfully had some lube handy. He smeared some on his cock and applied it on my ass as well. Without further ado, he pressed his cock against my backdoor and pushed. I winced as his cock slid into my asshole. I’ve been fucked in the ass before. And I’m proud to say that I am one of those women who love it. I deneme bonusu love getting fucked in the ass. It feels really good. However, when Trevor thrust his twelve inches into my tight asshole, I screamed. I am not going to lie. It really hurt. Even with the lube. His cock felt huge inside my asshole. I mean more than huge. I mean, it filled up my asshole completely. It reached bottom and had no place to go. I couldn’t scream. I couldn’t gasp. I could only open my mouth, yet no sounds came out. Except maybe a tiny whimper. Trevor grabbed my hips and slammed his cock into me. He rammed it home. Deep down where the sun didn’t shine. Into the forbidden depths of my asshole. And I was loving it. Hell, I loved getting fucked in the ass by his gigantic black cock so much that if loving it was wrong I didn’t want to be right. I wanted him to tear my asshole apart with his super-sized black dick. And he did. He slammed me so hard that for several lust-filled, confused moments, I forgot which way was up. It was that good. He continued to fuck me until he finally came, sending his hot cum deep inside my asshole. I screamed so loud that I’m pretty sure the entire club heard me, even over the loud music. Who gives a fuck, though?

Man, that was the bomb! Slowly, Trevor squeezed his cock out of my asshole. I winced again. Damn, that was fun! He looked at me, smiling. I smiled too. This had to be the butt fuck of the century! Trevor helped me up. We readjusted our clothes. We left the bathroom together. Some females were waiting and looked mad. We ignored them. Trevor and I smirked. Who gives a fuck about them? We had our fun. That’s all that matters. I waved Trevor goodbye, then went back into the dancing crowd.