The Bad Book

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The Bad BookNelson laid in bed still thinking about the events of the day. His eyes were adjusting to the darkness. Thoughts of Suzie Layne’s sexy rear end ran through his head. His cock was hard and he pulled off his underwear. He stroked himself remembering how he had followed her down the hallway at school watching her sexy butt gracefully shake from side to side in tight jeans. He wanted her. He decided to ask her out even if she would likely reject him.He heard his doorknob turn. He let go of his cock and covered back up. The door opened. He could see his mom’s silhouette moving toward him. As she neared he could see her hairy black triangle and her creamy white bare breasts. She was naked! He was shocked. He noticed her big dark areolas and erect nipples. How her tits jiggled. What was she doing? She knelt down next to his bed and slid her hand under the covers. She saw his eyes open and put her finger up to her mouth to shush him. Even though they were in the house alone, not a word was spoken. Nelson just laid there. Her hand slid toward his cock and when she held it he began to throb. Her gentle touch felt so good. No one had ever touched him like that. She slowly stroked him. She pulled back the covers exposing his big cock. Just as she had predicted his cock was huge. She had noticed the bulge that grew in his pants as he completed puberty. He was still a virgin and she was determined to change that. Nelson watched as she moved her face down to it and she opened wide taking a healthy amount of his cock into her mouth. He couldn’t believe what was happening. After a few minutes of sucking she had him leaking a lot of pre-cum. Her face was covered with goo. She raised back up and stood up. He watched as she climbed over him straddling him. She wiped away his pre-cum and reached down to guide him up to her pussy. With her other hand she spread her big pussy lips open. Nelson could smell her strong womanly scent mixed in with her perfume. He was stunned as she slid her pussy down onto him. It felt warm and wet. She was very tight not having been fucked in so long. Janet had become so horny after her divorce. Nelson had no idea she was watching him develop into a man. He had no idea just how desperate she became. Her tits swung over his face as she settled down onto him. He was now feeling pussy for the very first time and he couldn’t believe how good her pussy felt. Then she started to gyrate and buck. The moves she made were so naughty and sexy. He never knew she could be so sexy and dirty. Janet, like all women, had a very slutty side to her in private. Nelson was her target. He watched her beautiful pussy pumping his cock and he could not hold back. He gasped. His mom cried out in passion as her pussy began to squirt. He started to come and her pussy exploded sending a huge stream of pussy juice all over the bed splashing everywhere. She was screaming as her pussy contracted. Nelson’s face was soaked. He was both shocked and amazed güvenilir bahis by his mom’s pussy. The room smelled of sex now. Janet kept going riding her young man. She settled into a steady rhythm rocking him. He couldn’t believe how tender her cunt was. She whispered, “You like that?” He didn’t know how to respond but he nodded his head. She smiled. She rode him for a half an hour until he came a second time. Janet was shocked he could come a second time so quickly. Without another word she raised up and off of him. She turned and left him there in stunned silence. His cock felt numb.The next morning Nelson felt very strange. He felt half ashamed and half proud that he fucked a woman. He was conflicted. He knew what they did was very wrong. He needed time to sort things out. His young inexperienced mind could not comprehend what had just happened the night before. Janet could tell he wasn’t himself. She avoided talking as much as possible. They went through their morning routine avoiding each other.Janet felt a sense of shame as well. She saw the look on his face and knew she had traumatized the boy. She felt bad over it. All day she kept thinking about him. Both guilty and horny again. His cock had felt so good inside her. He had touched her pussy deeper than any man had ever been inside her. His thick girth stretched her pussy lips wider than ever before. She was also conflicted. When Nelson came home he began to snoop around in Janet’s bedroom. He became curious over the course of the day. Was there more to her than he knew? He went through every drawer in her room. He paid close attention to her negligee’ drawer. He looked through all her see through items and imagined her wearing them. He turned to her walk in closet. He dug around and found a shoe box. When he opened it he found a dildo. Digging further he found some polaroids. The images blew him away. It was her in various nude poses. Very graphic and his cock became rock hard. She was smoking hot. He wondered what his step dad was thinking divorcing such a hot woman. Suddenly Nelson felt lust for his mom. The guilt had mysteriously gone away. He looked through all the pictures and then put the box back. She would be home from work soon and he did not want to get caught. That night Nelson laid in bed stroking himself thinking about his mom this time. Those nude pictures were just too much. Then his door opened and his mom came in wanting more. This time Nelson didn’t bother to cover up. As she neared he said, “Mom?””Yes honey.” She moved over him and slid down onto him. “It’s okay. Relax.”She began to move her body. Nelson moaned. “You like it?””Yes.””Good. I like it too. Your cock is amazing.” His eyes watched her hot body gyrating and pumping his cock. They went slow at first. This time Nelson had a bit more stamina. But when Janet went faster he had to come. She gushed and they both came at the same time. “You like my pussy?””Yes.” She was still pumping him. “Don’t be afraid türkçe bahis to touch my body.” His hands began to fondle her tits. “That’s it. MMMMMMM it feels so good.” He was enjoying her. She seemed so easy now. Again she rode him until he came again and she left. The next morning they were more cordial. They would go about their day and Nelson thought about her all day. When he arrived home he began to look at her pictures again. He took them out to her bed and began stroking himself. But he thought what if she comes to me again tonight? He stopped short of shooting come. He was going to wait for her. He put the box back in her closet. He looked at her bed. He knew he hid Penthouse magazines between his mattresses. He slid his hand in between her mattresses. He felt a book. He pulled it out from her mattress. It was a somewhat thin paperback. On the cover was a drawing of a woman wearing a see through negligee’ sitting on her bed. The drawing showed her breasts graphically with erect nipples. A young boy wearing underwear was climbing into her bed as she smiled. The title read, ‘A Mother’s Lust’. He opened the book and began to read a few pages. It was setting the table for her to seduce the boy. He flipped ahead and found where she had visited the boy at night in his room playing with his undeveloped penis. She started having him sleep with her and she would cuddle with him and play with him. Eventually they began to fuck. Now Nelson knew where his mom got her inspiration from. But it was much more than that. He had yet to find out just how full of lust his mom had become.That night Nelson waited for his mom to come into his room. But she never showed. She had laid down and fell asleep quickly from exhaustion. Nelson got up and went to her. When he heard her snoring he realized she must have been very tired. He was disappointed but understood. He jacked himself off and went to bed. The next day was Friday. Janet wondered what her son had planned that evening. She knew he liked to go out with his friends. She made plans to go for drinks with her friend Jill. They met at their favorite bar and drank until eight. Janet had left money for Nelson to order a pizza or get food at a drive through. Janet and her friend left the bar at eight and they went their separate ways. Janet drove home. Janet was surprised to see Nelson sitting in the great room watching television. “I figured you would be out with your friends.””I couldn’t get a ride.””Awe that’s a shame.” Janet poured a drink. Nelson sat admiring her sexy figure still in her work clothes. She looked both professional and sexy in her skirt. Her shapely legs looked so smooth and sexy in black nylons. She pulled her blouse out from her skirt. She took a sip of her drink and looked up at Nelson. “Want one?””One what?””A drink?””Uh, okay.””I bet you drink with your friends huh?””Well yea.””Thank you for being honest. All k**s experiment with alcohol. I just hope you keep it real.””We try güvenilir bahis siteleri to.”Janet fixed him a nice stiff drink. She handed it to him. “Why don’t you come back with me?”Nelson felt excited. He figured she must want to fuck. He sat on her bed as she unbuttoned her blouse. “Did you miss me last night?””Yes.””I was pretty tired.” She took off her blouse and stood there in her bra. “Unhook me please.” She turned around and he undid the clasp watching her let her tits hang out. The light was on and they looked so sexy in the light. The way they hung was perfect. Her nipples pointed upward. He took another drink and so did she. She put the glass on the night stand. He watched as she unzipped the skirt. It fell to the floor exposing her garter belt and sheer black panties that exposed her hairy bush.Janet was a hot woman at thirty two. She had Nelson while she was still in high school. Her parents were very supportive. Life was hard for her as most men did not want a woman with a young son. She stood five feet five, one hundred twenty five pounds. She was very shapely. She had jet black hair and a jet black fluffy bush. Jack watched her as she came close to him. She pushed herself into his face. Her scent and perfume reminded Nelson of them fucking. “Want some?””Yes.” Nelson took in her sweet scent and he put his hands on her butt cheeks. He slid one hand up her inner thigh and began rubbing her crotch. “MMMMMMM.”Nelson began peeling her panties down. Her beautiful bush came into view. He began fondling her breasts and he pushed his tongue into her pussy. She was soaking wet. She tasted tangy. “Why don’t you get undressed?” He let go and she moved to the side. He stood up and began undressing while Janet turned back her king sized bed. She moved into the center of it still wearing her stockings and garter. Nelson’s heart pounded know he was about to get such a fine sexy woman. She spread wide. He was incredibly excited. When he pulled off his underwear his big cock sprung up. He climbed in between her spread open legs starring at her beautiful pussy. Her pussy lips were stuck together. He pushed his tongue into them parting them. His hands slid under her thighs as he began to devour her cunt. He didn’t really know what he was doing. He just wanted to taste her. He accidentally ran his tongue over her clit. “Oh that’s it! Right there!” He discovered her sweet spot. “Flick and suck it!” He did as she ordered. Janet screamed and began to squirt. Nelson moved up and slid inside her. He began to thrust into her. She watched his big cock as it slid in. “Oh God! Fuck me!” Jack moved in and out slowly sinking deeper and deeper. He raised up on his arms and thrust deep making her shriek. Her pussy gushed and he began to come. “Oh God mom!” She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him close. “Oh baby it feels so good!” He collapsed onto her as he gasped for air. Goose bumps covered his body. He could feel his mom’s pussy convulsing around his cock. “MMMMMM that was amazing!”They fucked for over two hours that night. Nelson slept with her. The next morning she treated him to wake up sex riding him right when she woke him up. Everything had changed. They would never be the same.