The back story of Kim from the bar.

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The back story of Kim from the bar.Well, Here’s a new one for you. I met Kim right during the middle of my run as a bartender. I was in full stride by that time, fucking everything I could anytime I could.To be honest I don’t really remember much about Kim herself, other then that she was a College student, and lived on campus. She showed up at the bar one night with some friends and I managed to convince her to call me. She actually did! Anyway, As I was in my prime, I was already fucking 3 or 4 other girls at the time. The Waitress April was about a month in, Laura the Milf was on call about anytime I wanted, and Heather, another college student was also in the picture. The fact that I actually found the time to fuck Kim was impressive in itself! Anyway. Kim was a short little thing, less then 5 feet and had a nice set of tits plus a belly button ring. When she called me I was a bit shocked, as I hadn’t really seen her except the one night she was at the bar. I remember going out with her to another bar (yay, Just what a bartender wants on his nights off…) But I managed to get her worked up enough to come home afterwards. I don’t really remember what we talked about, but I remember that It was only 11pm or so when we got to the apartment and my Roommate was still up. I used that as an excuse to get her into the bedroom so we could “hang out” aka Fuck.What I do remember was her being a hard nut to crack in the sack. We talked, I’d kiss her, and she’d move around, I’d start playing with her great D cup tits, and she’d roll over, but as the hours ticked by, I finally started to peel off her cloths. What I found was a creamy white smooth skinned 4 foot something with a Massive set of tits. and a shaved bush!Now you’ve got to remember this was 1994. Not to many chicks shaved their pussy’s back then, and although I convinced a few to do it, this was still a treat. I wanted to play with those tits so I started off with those tits, Sucking, jiggling and fondling them for the whole night. They were a thing of beauty that the videos do no justice to. Perfect nipples, and firm as manisa escort a set of implants. Man I go worked up on those things. finally I moved down to that shaved pussy and ate her out till she came. I remember my chin was a sloppy mess with all her lube. There was no doubt she was ready now.I started off slow and normal, and she was talkative in bed right until my dick hit her crotch. Then it was total silence. No moans, no talk, no nothing. The thing I remember most about Kim was that she was. Kind of weird, but it sure beat the complaints I was used to with Sarah.I fucked her for a while that night , and spent a LOT of time grabbing those perfect titties of her too! When it was time to cum, I pulled out, jerked my body up and came right on her tits. My load was a lot smaller then It cold have been, but still it was the perfect end to the night.Now again it got weird. Its 2am, and instead of sleeping over, she asks to go home. Fuck…So I drag my ass to the car and drive her back to campus. My plan had been to fuck her again in the AM and get in that ass of hers, but… So here I am home again at just shy of 4am wondering if blowing a load on her tits cost me a virgin ass fucking. Weird.Now, for a quick side story before we get to the good part with Kim.I pass back out for another 5 hours or so and am woken up by the phone. It was April the waitress I was banging and she wanted to come over before work. If you’ve read my other stories, you know I got into the whole sloppy seconds thing. Basically I was always trying to fuck two or more girls in 1 day. Well needless to say, April came over before work, and we proceeded to get it on. I put her in the 69 position, and the whole time she’s sucking my cock, I’m thinking of Kim’s dried up Pussy juice that must still be all over it. She’s just sucking away, as happy as can be. I couldn’t help myself, I blew a load right in her mouth. I usually didn’t cum that quick after getting it less then 12 hours ago, but 5 minutes in, and pow, I’m done! So back to the story, and the good part.5 Days had passed, and I was off manisa escort bayan so I decided to call her. She picked right up we made plans for that night. I remember we went to see Naked Gun 3. I also remember that we were back in my bedroom by 11pm, and I was fucking her by 11:30!It was time to plow that ass. I started it out like the other night, eating her out till she came, and then moving her about fucking her this way and that way. After about 20 minutes, I started to feel the urge to cum, so I stopped long enough to recover. I turned her over, and put her in the doggy style position. I had found it to be the easiest position for first time ass fucking. I’d put their head very close to the wall (or later my head board) That way they were pretty locked into position. If they had to much room, sometimes as you try and enter they move up and forward making it hard to get in.I had her in a good spot, and started to fuck her pussy again. I have to say, I don’t think I ever even said anything to her about anal, I didn’t ask if she’d done it, I didn’t say I was going to try it, I said nothing. She was so quiet during sex, It just felt right to go ahead and try. I pulled out of her vagina, and Luckily as I’m 6’3 and she was like 4’10 My cock was already pointed right at her Ass. I grabbed my shaft with one hand at the base, and the top of her ass with the other and started right in. I had it at least an inch in when she finally spoke. She said something to the effect of ” Wrong hole” As I pushed harder, burying my cock in her ass and asked if it was ok. As she began to speak, I began to fuck her ass slowly. She whimpered a bit, and said that it hurt. I asked again if it was ok, and although I could tell she wasn’t into it, She said nothing. I kept on fucking.I went slow for the first 2 minutes or so, but as her complaints died down, my desire to jack hammer went up. The thought of cumming in her Ass was such a turn on. I fucked her harder and harder until the feeling inside my balls couldn’t take it anymore. Pow! I jammed my cock in as deep as it would escort manisa go and blew my load in her. Her tight ass fit like a condom, and I could feel the jizz pump out of my dick and into her ass. I stayed in her ass until my dick started to soften, slowly pumping back and forth until I could stay in no more.Then it was over. I pulled out and she flopped over onto the bed, with my laying beside her. She had that stunned look on her face, and I could tell at that moment that it was her first time. I asked her how she felt, and she just said “sore”She spent the night, and in the morning asked me If I wanted to hang out again that night.Friends, I sure did! I fucked her at least 20 times in the next month and a half, and most of those nights right in her ass to. I played sloppy seconds with her April, Heather, and Laura a bunch too, fucking one that day, and another that night. I swear I think these girls could qualify as lesbians from all the pussy juice they licked off my cock! One week, Kim had a bit of Laura and a whole lot of Heather as She seemed to always show up on the days I was going to hang out with Kim later on. Most of the time I was getting my pussy at lunch from either the waitresses I worked with, or Laura the Milf. There was a booty caller almost everyday at lunch.That always left Kim who was an after dinner kind of fuck getting stuck with seconds! She must have wondered why always loved to start things off with a little head.We hung out for close to two months before I ended it. She had a fine body, and a fine ass, but she was fucking strange. You could never tell what she was thinking. I was having sex with 3 or maybe even 4 other girls at this time in my life, and she was the only one that required a “date” just to bang. So I had to cut her loose I fucked Her and April in the ass on the same day during the last week we were together. I hung out with April before her shift started and worked her up to fucking her in the ass before she went on to work at 4pm. By 11pm I had Kim sprawled out on the bed doing the same. She must have wondered why it took me close to an hour to cum, but I was on a roll that week. I fucked every day, and slept very little. Girls were my d**g of choice, and I was addicted!So that’s the story of Kim. I have just a few videos of her, including our first night and her first anal. Enjoy!