Taking Care of My Four Grannies

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Taking Care of My Four GranniesI am healthy 60 year old who has discovered the wonderful world of grannies. That’s right! if a women is not over 67 I will just not get involved with them. My grannies (I have four of them) keep me busy from Friday to Tuesday when I have to take a few days off to rest. There is nothing hotter than a hot granny. I can spot one a mile away, the tight jeans, short mini-skirts, fine make up and perfectly coiffured hair and push up bras are a dead giveaway. There is nothing hotter than a granny on the prowl.A few months ago I joined a singles group for people over 60. The majority of the women are 67 to 75. That’s where I found Alice, Jane, Joan and Kathy. That’s right, I have four lovely Grannies that I am currently servicing and boy do they appreciate a good fuck. I am told I am a hopeless romantic I know what a women needs both before and after sex, gentle kisses, slow disrobing and strong “after care” after sex. After I have satisfied one of my grannies I hold her, gently stroking her hair and fondling her entire body, sometimes the “aftercare” is better that the actual sex. I have also been told over the years that I am an expert cunalinquist by most of the women I have slept with.But it is the side benefits other than the sex you get from screwing Grannies that I had no idea about. The gifts of silk shirts, dress slacks, Gucci shoes. The exclusive use of my Granny Joan’s second car, a brand new Ford Mustang tops the list. This along with my “escorting” my Grannies on trips to Vegas, Cruises, and the three trips to Hawaii are just made for a single divorced guy in his early sixty’s. Let’s look at one of my typical days with one of my Grannies, Joan. I slide into my Ford Mustang convertible at about noon to pick her up and take her to lunch at a fancy illegal bahis siteleri outdoor restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Then it is off to some local art galleries. We stop at some men’s shops where she buys me a $100.00 custom western style leather belt, because my other belt looks like something and “old man would wear”. Then it’s off to her 3000 square foot five bedroom luxury home. She has asked me to move in on several occasions but why should I limit myself to one granny when I can fuck four different women every week!!!Well the afternoon started when we got back to her place to sit by the pool and have a drink. Alice is a petite the 5’ 2” Brunette and I have never seen a more beautiful mature women with her slim 105 pound body, small perky tits and an ass like a sixteen year old cheerleader. Plus no one liked to take it in the ass more than Alice and this afternoon would be no different. She slipped out of her clothes and jumped naked into the pool. A tube of astro-glide, some condoms and warm wet towels were on the patio table so I knew Alice wanted it from behind this afternoon. Alice was simply the best anal whore I ever met. With her slim dancers body she could get on top of you, squat over your cock, guide it into her ass and just ride it up and down. Some very skilled women can do this with their pussy, but Alice could ride your cock with her asshole, what an experience!! After our skinny dipping in her pool we sat on the couch and I began my usual light foreplay. I ruffled her hair, stroked her short thin legs working my way up to her inner thigh and love nest. Then my mouth reached her lips and I kissed her deeply as I began to gently rub her clitoris with my right hand. Alice spread her legs wide indicating to me it was time to start having serious perabet giriş sex. I immediately went down on my knees in front of her and spread her legs. I ran my tongue from her ankle to her upper thigh, kissing and licking her softly along the way. I reached her pussy and spread her legs even further as my tongue found her labial lips and budding clitoris. Alice moaned softly, calling my name and saying “suck it, please suck it now” and with that my tongue made its way to her clitoris where all at once I began softly licking and sucking her clit while my tongue worked on her labial lips. Alice like most women who get this treatment went wild and writhed in ecstasy as her hips began thrusting forward to meet my mouth and tongue. Knowing that she was a granny I took out the Astro Glide and lubed her dry pussy before I inserted my finger into her now well-oiled cunt. I knew I had reawakened the whore that had been hidden behind the façade of this petite classy rich suburban women. She knew she was going to be fucked and fucked in her forbidden hole and she would love it. As I worked on her pussy Alice’s body spasmed as her first orgasm of the day hit her like a thunderclap. Her hips gyrated upward to meet me as I sucked her clitoris into my mouth flicking my tongue rapidly over her sensitive nub. She screamed as I continued to eat her pussy until her second orgasm hit. Then Alice lay back on the couch exhausted, we rested, finished our drinks and moved onto the special room we had for sex. I laid her back on the bed and decided a little more foreplay was in order. I kissed her passionately concentrating on her lips, neck and tiny breasts; I blew softly in her ear as I pleased my little granny. My hand wandered down to her pussy where some lube and dripped into her ass perabet güvenilir mi giving me a convenient excuse to begin fingering her rosebud. Alice moaned in pleasure as my finger entered her ass, first to the knuckle and then all the way in. As I gently manipulated her ass I added a second finger which brought out a low moan. Then to my surprise she got up on all fours on the bed her ass hanging over the edge as she said “you took care of my pussy, now it’s time to fuck my sweet ass”. With that I got some more lube and stood by the edge of the bed and aimed my cock right to the center of her ass rubbing the head of my cock against her rosebud. I pushed and in it went; I gave her about two inches so she could get used to it. Then I grabbed her hips and held her firmly in place and plunged my seven inches of man meat into her tight little hole. Alice moaned loudly in pleasure as I held her in place so she could get used to a man deep inside her rectum. Then it happened, Alice began rocking back and forth pleasuring my cock then she had me get on my back as she got on top of me and guided my rock hard cock into her awaiting rectum. I just stood there in amazement watching her ass move up and down my shaft; her hole surrounding my cock as she took it up her ass. Alice moaned softly the whole time as she rode me for about five minutes. I was ready to shoot my load deep inside her but she stopped, pulled my cock out of her ass, took off my condom and grabbed a warm towel. Alice cleaned my cock and said “I want to drink some cum tonight” and with that she threw me back on the bed and began sucking my dick as best she could. I then said “say AHHH and open your mouth wide”; I stroked my cock over her awaiting mouth and shot my huge load down her throat as she gulped ounces of cum. Then I slapped her face with my dick and said “had enough” she fell back exhausted on the bed. I guess I had worn my Granny out, but we still had the rest of the evening. And I had to rest for the weekend I had to service Jane, Joan and Kathy. Their stories are to follow.