Tabby Cat: Feline Rising

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Tabby Cat: Feline RisingOK. So, this is my first story on any site, and I’m finally pleased enough with it to post. Hopefully people will enjoy it and if so I will definitely be writing more. Leave me comments or PM me about it if you want, I would love the feedback. I plan on making this a series, with all of the characters making more appearances and being fleshed out more. I also would like to write the story of my character leading up to this point. Her Origin story so to speak. Obviously the main character is transgendered as you will find out soon enough, but I think it helps to know that going in. Hope you all enjoy. World. Meet Tabitha.My dark purple nails created a stark contrast against the white screen of my phone as I scrolled through the text. “Hey bitch, dnt think I can make it out there 2 nite. Me n Kyle are still in bed, srry. rain check.” “Ugh, fuck you Jenny,” I mumbled under my breath, watching steam flow out of my mouth into the freezing air. “Guess I can’t blame you though.” And who could? My best friend, Jennifer, was a gorgeous blonde with an absolutely perfect body. Every guy I had ever met wanted desperately to fuck her. If I had her looks, I would probably be shacked up, getting railed on by a hunky bartender, or whatever Kyle was, I could never remember. Jenny actually had a boyfriend, who lived out of town. He new she cheated on him, but honestly didn’t care as long as she slept with him when he was in town.I was plenty used to Jenny bailing on our plans, but I was particularly pissed this time because she was supposed to bring Kyle. I had seen pictures of him, and he was incredibly hot. Not to mention the fact that he had a huge cock and Jenny repeatedly told me that he was interested in a threesome, and thought I was cute. I had spent half the week getting all pretty for tonight, hoping that Kyle would take one look at me and his cock would go hard as a steel pipe. My naturally dark brown hair was cut in a cute, asymmetrical bob, with a flash of red on the tips. I was as pale as a ghost, so I never really bothered with fake tanning, which I thought worked in my favor. My milky skin caused my hair, and my freshly painted purple nails to pop rather nicely. My icy blue eyes were surrounded my almost too much black eyeliner, and definitely too much black eye shadow. My lipstick, too, was purple, nearly black, and I had a stud in my nose along with a ring in my nostril and a stud through my tongue. I had chosen a ridiculously short ruffled black skirt, and no stockings or tights, whatsoever. Which in this cold was a nightmare, but damned if I wasn’t going to show off my smooth-as-glass legs, which were bare all the way down to my hot pink, 6 inch, platform stilettoes. My one clever decision was the long sleeves on my top. The pink material was, however, a bit thin, and lacy. I had wanted to show off my nice flat tummy, but was now regretting all of it. I pulled my coat tight around me as I stood shivering, my shiny purple lips trembling, thinking about what to do next. I was at this bar every weekend. I knew everyone and it was pretty unlikely that I would get laid with this crowd. I figured I could take a quick ride over to another club I knew of. It wasn’t as quiet and friendly, but I knew there would be plenty of straight guys there, which was what I was looking for. I needed to be manhandled, not caressed. Just as I was about to turn and start walking toward my car, two guys walked past me headed for the door of the bar. I hadn’t seen them before and while they both took a good long look, one of them smiled and said to me, “It’s a bit cold for that skirt, honey.” I just giggled as they walked into the bar. My luck had changed, perhaps one of these guys would take an interest in me. I thought for a moment, I couldn’t let all this work go to waste. I needed a fuck, so I took a deep breath and strutted through the door, my slim body instantly starting to thaw as the warmth enveloped me. I walked over to the bar and sat down, my thighs exposed nearly to my hip as my skirt rode up a bit. The bartender, a beautiful lesbian named Brittany, walked over and propped herself up on the bar with her elbows. “Hi Tabby Cat, where’s your other half?””Jennifer is at her place, wrapped around that new guy of hers, Kyle. They were supposed to come out tonight, but you know how that goes.””Yeah, she used to pull that shit on me all the time when we were in high school. Anyway, drink?””I’ll take a beer. Hey, any info on those two gorgeous specimens that just walked in? I think I may have caught their eyes outside, and I’ve got a hankering for cock, like you wouldn’t believe.””Yeah, actually.” Brittany began, “They’re friends of Simon. Frat brothers from school or whatever. But, what I think you’ll really like; They are straight.”I took a long sip of my beer and smiled at her, taking off my coat. “Well, what do you think. How did I do?” I stood and gave a little twirl, displaying my outfit. “Mmmm, you are one sexy little bitch,” Brittany said, and laughed slightly. “But seriously, how did you not die wearing that skirt?”I laughed and sat back down, “I know right, definitely should’ve worn some tights or something. But my stupid ass just had to show off.” As Brittany and I shared another laugh, the other bartender, Richie, came over to us. He leaned in and told me, “Hey Tabs, the gentlemen in the corner booth would like you to know that your drinks are taken care of for the rest of the night. Enjoy,” he smiled at me and walked away. Brit looked over at the two guys, noticing they were looking at me, and grabbed my arm, “You better enjoy. I haven’t gotten any in way too long. If nothing else do it for me. So I can feel like my life has some meaning.” güvenilir bahis Brit giggled and went to make me a drink, which I didn’t ask for. When she returned I realized it was a very expensive cocktail, using a bunch of top shelf liquor. She slid it across the bar to me and winked, “Now, go over there and get that little booty worked on. I’ll text you tomorrow, so have a good story to tell me.””Thanks Brit.” I picked up my drink and, slinging my jacket over one shoulder, walked confidently over to the table where the two guys were seated. “Mind if I sit,” I asked with a big smile spread across my dark lips. One of them patted the seat next to him, “Not at all.” He was perfect. Easily 6’4″ and very muscular, he had black hair, olive skin, and from his accent I guessed he was European, maybe Spanish. The other was a bit shorter, perhaps 5’10”, but still very fit. He was white with reddish brown hair. They were both dressed in expensive suits, and smelled of nice cologne and cigarettes. I was instantly intoxicated by the scent and felt the area between my thighs start to heat.”So, what are your names?” I asked, doing my best to come off cute and innocent. The dark skinned guy next to me took my hand and told me his name was Arturo, the other one introduced himself as Calvin, which was when I heard his amazing southern accent. They were indeed Simon’s old fraternity brothers, and apparently Simon had told them about me, giving them an eagerness to make my acquaintance. Simon was a great guy, and for this I definitely owed him one. The three of us immediately started chattering about this and that, they told me stories about going to college with Simon, and all the crazy shit they used to get up to. All the while I kept moving closer to Arturo until, before too long I was sitting in his lap, drinking Brit’s hilariously expensive cocktails and laughing my ass off. I noticed Calvin was a bit of a drinker, he had finished off at least six beers in around two hours, while Arturo had been nursing the same glass of scotch for about an hour. In all the excitement it hadn’t dawned on me, but when I took a moment to assess the situation, I realized that Arturo was rock hard. I could feel what seemed to be a very nice sized cock stabbing me in the right cheek and I nearly burst out laughing. Instead of laughing, though, I leaned over and whispered in his ear, “You wanna go for a walk?”He simply nodded his head and the three of us got up and walked to the door. As I passed the bar I leaned over and said to Brit, “Be back in a bit.” She grinned and blew me a kiss. I walked for a few minutes, with Arturo’s arm wrapped tightly around me, his hand on the small of my back. We passed by a 24 hour Laundromat and I pulled them inside. It was deserted, as I knew it would be at nearly 2 in the morning. Arturo immediately pinned me against a wall and started kissing me, while Calvin lit up a cigarette, looking more or less disinterested. Arturo had one hand wrapped around the back of my neck and the other squeezing my ass very tightly. I pulled away from the kiss and dropped to my knees in the middle of the floor, quickly unbuttoning his pants and pulling out his cock. A thick, cut 7 inches it popped easily into my mouth and I began swirling my pierced tongue around the tip, teasing it as I looked up at him. Arturo took my head and gently guided me back and forth on his shaft, moaning quietly as it pulsated in my mouth. I was salivating heavily as he eased his cock deeper into my mouth, a little bit at a time pushing it into my throat.While I certainly love the taste of cum, the last thing I wanted was for this guy to pop in my mouth before he got a chance to pump my ass, at least for a minute or two. I pulled his cock from my mouth and kept firmly stroking it with my hand. I stood up and turned around, popping my butt toward him a little. Without skipping a beat, he jerked my skirt up, and yanked my panties down around my ankles, causing me to stand with my legs spread apart, awkwardly teetering on my stilettoes. Before I could adequately catch my breath, his cock was in me. He eased inside and for a few moments just held the tip at the entrance to my hole. Once he got comfortable though he began pumping his thick, throbbing cock deeper into my tight, juicy bottom. Then, without any warning, I looked up from the floor, and found Calvin’s cockhead staring me right in the face. Of course I knew what was up so I wasted no time, I opened my mouth wide and before I could even start sucking, Calvin rammed every inch of his cock down my throat. The fucking I was receiving from Arturo was not necessarily rough, more firm and steady. Calvin, however, seemed as if he meant to make me cry the way he was furiously ramming his member down the back of my throat. I was gagging hard by now, finding it hard to breath, but he didn’t seem to mind, just kept on fucking my mouth like it was a soaking wet pussy, his balls slapping my face so hard and fast, I thought it must have hurt him for sure. It was slightly rough treatment, but to tell the truth, I was extremely turned on by it. My small cock didn’t always get hard during sex, but at that moment I was stiff as a board and leaking precum on the floor while these two men railed on me from both ends. After what seemed like hours, I came out of my haze and felt Calvin yank my hair as his cock jumped in my throat. It kept pulsing as he pulled it back, shooting hot thick ropes of semen down my throat and in my mouth. It was quite a load and quickly filled my mouth, a good deal of it spilling out onto my chin and oozing down my neck. After the last drops of spunk had been drained from Calvin’s balls he withdrew and zipped up, then canlı bahis lit another cigarette. As he walked away I felt Arturo drive his cock all the way into my ass and hold it there a few seconds. He then, quickly pulled out and in one quick motion slipped the condom off his dick and rested his shaft firmly between my ass cheeks. He gripped both cheeks tightly and I felt an eruption of steamy cum shoot out onto my lower back. He grabbed his shaft and continued pumping his juice out onto my ass, until soon enough the small of my back and my butt were covered in his goo. I was still catching my breath from the throat fucking I had received so wasn’t able to say much. Arturo bent down and whispered in my ear, “I’ll call you sometime,” and with that he and Calvin walked out, got into a cab and drove off. I felt my backside and, finding it plenty sticky, decided to just deal with it. So I pulled up my panties, fixed my skirt and pulled my top down. Had I looked in a mirror I would have found that the gobs of thick, black makeup surrounding my eyes had been smeared quite awfully by the tears solicited from Calvin’s harsh face fucking. I took a minute to collect myself and walked back to the bar. As I entered I saw that the place had emptied out and only Brit and Richie remained, along with a few of Richie’s friends. Brit took one look at me and ran over, “Honey are you ok? You look like shit.”A bit hoarsely I replied, “Gee Thanks Brit. No, really though I’m fine.” I smiled a very content smile, “I’ve certainly got some good details to share. But I think it should probably wait until I’ve had some sleep.” Brit noticed the quantity of cum on my face, neck and clothes. Giggling she replied, “No doubt. Well, my little Tabby Cat, Let’s get you home, are you parked nearby?””Just around the corner,” I said. I led Brittany to my car and she drove me home. I lay down in the backseat and we didn’t really talk. I was nearly asleep by the time we arrived. She got me out of the car and inside, then quickly found our guest bedroom and went to sleep. I changed out of my clothes and into a pair of clean panties and a tank top, and as soon as my head hit the pillow I was asleep.I woke up and, looking at my phone found it was around 8 in the morning. I never slept for very long anyway, so getting up at 8 after being out all night was a regular occurrence for me. My roommate on the other hand was absolutely never out of bed until noon at the earliest, especially after the sexual marathon she had been participating in with Kyle. I figured Brit would probably be asleep as well so I just sat in my bed for a few minutes before I realized that I was absolutely starving. Obviously the previous night had taken a lot out of me. I got up and didn’t bother putting any clothes on; both Jennifer and Brittany had seen me naked hundreds of times so what was the point? I walked down the hallway and into the kitchen, regretting my decision to not at least put socks on when my bare feet touched the cold tile floor. I opened the door of the refrigerator and bent down to look inside. Of course Jenny hadn’t been shopping so there was nothing but some milk and orange juice and a few other odd things that would certainly not make for a good breakfast. “Well, at least we have plenty of beer.” As I was about to stand up and walk away I heard a voice behind me, “Well now. There’s a beautiful view to start the day.”Startled by hearing a man’s voice I spun around, very surprised indeed to see Kyle standing in the entrance to the kitchen. “Ummmm, Hi you must be Kyle. Uhh, I’m Tabitha, or Tabby, or Tabs, or whatever. You….You must have thought I was Jenny.””No. I could pick her ass out of a lineup. Figured it had to be you. Why are you so nervous?””Oh, uhh, no reason. Just didn’t think anyone else was here is all.””Well, I didn’t mean to scare ya. But by the look of things you’re not all that scared. That looks like something else to me.””W…What do you mean?” I asked, only just then realizing that I hadn’t looked him in the eyes once. My gaze had started at his chest. He was muscular but not a body builder, just the right amount of tone. He had a six pack that nearly had me hypnotized, but what really got me was the fact that he was wearing only a pair of gray boxer briefs. They were fairly tight and it was easy enough to make out the outline of his cock. It was thick and even in its flaccid state I could see it was quite large. Kyle nodded and looked down, motioning with his eyes at my own crotch. I looked down and gasped in embarrassment. My yellow boyshorts looked like they were strained to the point of bursting. My cock wasn’t very big, and never got much use save for my own masturbation, which I indulged in almost daily. Right now though it was as hard as a rock and forming an extremely noticeable bulge in my panties. I tried covering myself but realized there was no point. My face was red but I let my hands fall to my sides. I started to walk out of the room without saying anything but as I passed by him, Kyle grabbed me around the waist, his touch making me melt as I looked into his eyes. “Hey don’t worry,” he said in a soft, comforting tone, “It happens to the best of us.””I should go,” I said, feeling a little less uncomfortable but still embarrassed. “You sure?” Kyle asked, his hand still on my waist. “I think I might have a solution for that.”Bewildered, I looked at him and asked, “W…what do you mean?” He only smiled and took my hand leading me into the living room. He sat on the sofa and pulled me onto his lap. Straddling him I could feel his dick jump a little. Feeling that pulse against my bottom drove me wild and I immediately dove in güvenilir bahis and kissed him. He grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me closer to him, my small but perky tits pressed against his muscular chest. My nipples stiffened instantly as I opened my lips slipping my tongue into his mouth. I moaned heavily as he pushed my tongue back into my mouth and invaded with his own. I started grinding my ass against his cock as I sucked on his tongue, feeling his shaft swelling up, nestling comfortably between my cheeks. I pulled away from the kiss and slid down between his legs, quickly tugging his shorts down and off. I kissed the tip and began to flick my tongue over the head, as was my usual technique, but it seemed as if Kyle was not interested in my teasing. He grabbed me by the hair and just pulled my mouth down onto his cock, stuffing about half of it in. I had sucked two cocks already in the last 8 hours but this one was something else. Fully erect, Kyle’s member was easily 10 inches if not more, and I wasn’t sure if I could get it all down. But fuck me if I wasn’t going to try, and Kyle seemed to have the same idea. He started thrusting his cock up into my mouth, getting me warmed up to its length and girth. After a minute or so I took over, gripping the base of his shaft firmly in my hand, barely able to get my fingers all the way around. I was slurping it greedily taking it a little deeper with every few pumps. I had gotten nearly 8 inches of it down when I started to gag, my stomach heaving a little. I pulled back for a second taking a deep breath, looking up at Kyle with a devious look in my eyes, then I opened wide and stuffed his huge pipe back down my throat, fighting the gag reflex as I went all the way down on it. His balls were pressed against my chin and his trimmed pubic hair tickled my nose. He gave a few pumps before he pulled my head off his cock. I gasped for air as he quickly yanked me up off the floor. He threw me down on the sofa and ripped my panties off, balled them up and stuffed them into my mouth. I looked confused but wasn’t complaining. He apparently didn’t want me making too much noise. Probably a good idea, I’m a screamer. Kyle knew exactly what he was doing and what he wanted, he threw one of my ankles up over his shoulder and placed his soaking wet cock at the entrance of my asshole. Luckily I had been fairly well stretched out by Arturo earlier or I would probably not be able to just take his cock in me like this. He seemed not to give it much thought, just slipped his cock inside and, finding me sufficiently loose, just started pumping away. I was moaning and whimpering quite a bit as he slammed his pole deep into my ass. The panties in my mouth keeping me from squealing too loudly. His cock was so big and thick it was reaching places inside me that I hadn’t gotten to before. If I had a G-spot I think that would have been it. I was going crazy, my whole body shaking and my little cock bouncing all over the place as Kyle pounded away. As he continued fucking me Kyle gripped my foot and took one of my toes into his mouth. This was a new level of pleasure. I was sweating and shivering at the same time as he sucked my toes with his dick buried deep inside me. I’m very thin and as I looked down I was pretty sure I could see his cock bulging through my tummy. At that point I was screaming at the top of my lungs, muffled slightly, but certainly not entirely, by my panties. Kyle was mostly silent, only breathing heavily and grunting softly on occasion. He picked up speed, reaching down to give one of my tits a squeeze, then pinching my swollen nipple. I was being stimulated on pretty much every one of my biggest hotspots. I looked up to watch Kyle sucking on my toes and as I thought about what that tongue, which was swirling energetically around each of my toes, would feel like on my cock I could take no more. My hips bucking hard, my little cock twitching, I spurted a healthy load all over my tummy. I usually don’t cum all that much but that time I shot a few nice thick ropes halfway up my abdomen. I was fully spent at this point but Kyle didn’t miss a beat, just kept on fucking me. I could see now what had kept Jenny from getting anything done lately. I wouldn’t want that cock anywhere else but inside me either. After another minute or two, however Kyle popped my toes out of his mouth, and after a few more deep hard thrusts he pulled his cock from my ass. He placed it right next to my now soft clit, dwarfing it, and held it steady as it erupted. I had never seen so much jizz come out of one cock before. What was more amazing was the fact that I knew he had been fucking Jenn that night. Blast after blast of hot white spunk arced over my body. The first spurt hit me square in the face. I was shocked but loving it at the same time. It seemed like it would never stop, but after he had shot several times more cum than I had unloaded it stopped. My face, neck, tits and tummy were covered in his semen, and once he was done just climbed off me smiling. He said only, “Nice,” as he surveyed his work and then walked off. I was completely dumbfounded by what had just happened. Not only had my best friends new boy toy just fucked the living daylights out of me on our couch, but he had covered me in more cum than I thought possible for a human being. My head was swimming and my body was tingling and aching. I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk so I just lay there for a few minutes, taking the panties out of my mouth of course. I then got up, already feeling that I had a good day or two of soreness to look forward to, but I couldn’t have cared any less. I hurried to the guest room and went inside, sitting on the bed next to where Brittany was sleeping. I gave her a gentle nudge and she stirred, not fully awakening until I gave her a good firm shake. “What the fuck Tabs?” She said as she looked up at me through half lidded eyes. “Oh my god, Brit! You will never fucking believe what just happened!”