Swing Dancing

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Swing DancingFor a class assignment I had to go to a dance class or club and do some dancing and then write a paper about it. I had taken this dance class thinking it would be an easy A and a lot of fun as I have always liked dancing and was good at it. But I thought this assignment would totally suck donkey balls but I had to do it. I had seen where there was big band dance every weekend with a live band playing music from the 40’s. I thought what the hell and dressed up in some 40’s type attire and went. Upon arrival it was just as I had thought it would be. A bunch of really old people all swaying around. So I sat my ass down to watch. The music was good and they had a bar so I started drinking. As the night wore on and the more the women drank the more interesting in was becoming. This red head wearing a hop skirt and hair style that looked right out of the movie “Pearl Harbor” came up to me and wanted to dance. She was probably hot back the 40’s but now she was in her 70’s. I got up and went to dance. We had a lot of fun and now all the ladies wanted to dance with as their husbands and boyfriends were running out of energy. The redhead, her name was canlı bahis siteleri Katie, kept me busy. Finally we were sitting at the table with her husband and she told him that she and I were going outside to see their new car. As we walked out she grabbed my hand and led me about twenty yards into the woods. She started to kiss me and feel me up. I was not sure what was happening or what to do so I kissed her back. Then she knelt down and pulled my cock out and engulfed it into her mouth. And Katie knew how to suck a cock, like a porn star. After a couple of minutes I was afraid of busting a nut in her mouth and decided that I wanted to fuck her as I had always wondered about fucking an old person. I pulled her off my cock and pushed her back against a log and then lifted her skirt and went underneath pulling her panties down, then buried my face in her red haired snatch. I was totally surprised to find her cooch smelled better than my girlfriends, and Katie was dripping wet. I figured she would be all dried up and musty smelling. Katie orgasimed almost immediately and after she was done I came up and buried my cock in her cunt. Again bahis firmaları I surprised to find it tight and wet. I started to bang away good and hard. Katie was really enjoying this as she was begging me to go harder and faster. Within a minute she orgasimed again and I thought she was going to snap my cock off as her pussy had clamped down so tight around it. I made a few more thrust after that and then let my balls drain deep inside her. She wanted to kiss me some more and would not let my cock out of her cunt so I started to fuck her some more till we both came again. Then we cleaned up as best we could and went back inside where she followed me around like a puppy. I stayed dancing till they closed down at midnight. Katie and I switched numbers and I thought that would be the end of it. Katie started to call me a lot. It would seem that her husband had lost interest in sex and she had tried it with a couple of other guys her age but could not get satisfied, then I came along and I guess fucked her senseless now she wants my young cock all the time. I did go over to her house and fuck her a couple of times, as she was a good poke. What bahis firmaları happened next caught me completely off guard. The third trip to Katie’s house for a poke she had a friend there. They were sitting in the living room when I arrived. I was not sure what to do or how to act but I did remember dancing with this woman. She was nice looking with silver hair and nice body. We talked for a few minutes then Katie said we should get started and that the silver haired woman, named Joyce, would join us if that was okay with me. Both women started to undress before I could answer. Both women had nice bodies, a little sagging but overall not bad. They were both all over me like they had not had cock in years. I decided to rough fuck these two and went after it. After about an hour I had brought both women to an orgasim and cum in both pussies. We were all out of breath and laying there. I had to leave as I had a date with my girlfriend. After that word got around to several over women in that group and I soon had plenty of pussy whenever I wanted. Katie and Joyce and seven other women that I was soon banging on a regular basis. I did not have to even try that hard, just having a hard cock seemed to do it for these women. And they were open for anything, group, anal, they would swallow or even let me squirt it in their face. Easy, horny, and eager to please and I did not have worry about knocking any of them up!