sweet pain

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sweet painI arrived at your place at 8pm , just as you had asked. I knew not to be late; you was very strict about such things. I knew that if I were late, you would be angry with me. I straightened my dress, a simple pink dress that fit tightly over my tits and hips and stopped somewhere around my mid-thigh. I also wore the pink high-heel shoes that you told me to wear. Underneath the dress was my white satin bra and white satin knickers you had sent me especially for tonight. You always sent me new lingerie before every new encounter.I knocked at the door and heard you walk towards the door to open it. I walked in, and you caressed my shoulders and neck, pulling me close to you to breathe in my perfume. You handed me a glass of wine and led me by the hand into the lounge.Sit down there’, you said, pointing to the sofa. Obediently, I sat where I was told and took a sip of the wine. With a gesture of your hand, you indicated to me to open my legs so that you could see the white of my knickers. You stood there for a minute or two, just looking. You didn’t talk. You never spoke to me on our first meetings when you were home., unless it was to tell me what you wanted.It’s time for your bath,’you said, holding out your hand to me.I took your hand and stood up, letting you lead me to the bathroom. The bath had already been filled with warm water and bubble bath. I stood in front of you, as I knew I should. Gently, you lifted my dress up and over my head. Slowly you turned me around and, unclipped my bra. It fell off my shoulders and onto the floor. Then very slowly, you pulled down my knickers, tapping my legs for me to step out of them. You turned me around to face you and gently but firmly gathered my long, hair and twisted it into a tight knot, fastening it with a clip on the top of my head. As I stood there, naked and vulnerable, you kissed me sweetly along my neck.Now get in the bath’, you ordered. I did as I was told. I knew from experience not to ignore you or take to long over commands.You took the sponge and soaked it in the soapy water. Then slowly, squeezed the water out along the line of my spine. I shuddered and let out a gasp. Silence! you shouted, and took your hand away. ‘If you make a sound, I’ll stop, be warned you dont want to sit here all night do you? remember last time? I did remember, being so horny and needing you until I ached but you denied me all night and just teased until I could take no more and cried.I’m sorry’, I whispered. You continued to wash me. Slowly. Gently. Tenderly. You moved the sponge across my shoulder blades, lifting my arms up and washing my tits and stomach. The sponge moved slowly, and lightly over my tits, teasing my nipples and making them hard. You saw the reaction the soapy sponge had on them, so carried on in small, circular movements. My breathing became harder and harder. ‘No noise, remember you reminded me Now stand up’, you said, I did as I was told, the water and foam running down my body as I did. You pushed my legs apart with your hand and began to gently wash between them. Your hand moved slowly on my swollen clit, back and forth in a rhythmic movement. My legs became weak from pleasure. Then your hand started to move further back with each stroke, moving from my pussy to my ass and back again. I could feel myself open for you and a groan escaped me. Before I realised that I had made a sound you dropped the sponge into the bath, stood up and walked out of the bathroom without a word. Not again I thought, Why did I make bahis firmaları a sound.I knew, from experience, that I was not to move. You would only return if I stood still and waited patiently. I was not allowed to move an inch or I would blow it.I stood there shivering, from cold and from anticipation, The minutes slowly ticked by and I could feel the water going cold around my feet, but I dared not move. You would be furious with me if I moved so I didnt. I had learnt, since we had these meetings when you were home for a couple of days how to wait very quietly and very very still, I wasnt even allowed to blink.Eventually, I heard your footsteps in the hallway as you approached. You came in and stood close to me, stroking my wet hair. You poor thing, you said holding up a large fluffy towel I stepped out of the bath onto the mat and you wrapped me up gently in the towel and held me close. Then you knelt down in front of me and began to sensually dry my feet and then my calves and began to massage the muscles in my thighs. I parted my legs a little, letting your hand move up. With the same slow movement, you worked your way up the inside just brushing your hand on my moistening pussy. Your hands quickly moved to the other thigh you were just brushing my pussy each time with just enough pressure to feel and want it. Oh, how I wished you would move the towel away and use your fingers to rub my clit.Turn round you ordered, and I did quicklyYou took the towel and worked your way down my back, slipping your hand between my ass cheeks and pushing hard against my asshole. I immediately spread my legs wider and you rewarded me by pressing down harder on my hole. I could feel myself getting wetter, my pussy juices starting to drip as you massaged my ass. You let the towel drop to the floor as you grabbed a handful of my hair. and pulled me towards you, bringing my face up next to yours and kissed the side of my neck. Soon the kisses got harder until you were biting the muscles in my neck. I felt the first drops of pussy juice drip onto the bathroom floor.You worked down my spine with your hands onto my two ass cheeks, you lingered there for a while before spreading them open. Bend over for me you shouted. Holding on to the edge of the bath for support, I bent over. Spreading my arse cheeks even wider, you slipped your tongue between them, licking and probing my asshole. The warm, wetness of your tongue pushing against my hole, forcing it open, made me hungry for your hard cock. I felt myself relax and open for you as you pushed your tongue in deeper. Your hand moved round to the front and your forefinger slipped into the space between my pussy lips until it reached my clit. Starting in small, circular movements, you rubbed it until it swelled even more and the juices started to run down your fingers. Harder and harder you rubbed, widening the movement to let your fingers slip from my clit into my pussy. Back and forth, harder and harder. My breathing became heavier and heavier but I knew I must not moan, or cry out. Otherwise you would stop. My back arched, pushing my ass high into the air and opening me up even more for you, my ass and pussy just begging to be poked. I opened my mouth in a silent cry of pleasure as you deep tongued my ass and finger-fucked me.The moment the orgasm took hold of me, you pulled yourself away. No! you said ˜I didnt give you permission to cum. You will learn!!!Once again, you walked away from me, leaving me standing there, shuddering and crying.This tipobet güvenilir mi time, you didnt leave me standing there long. you came back in and, without a word, took me by the hand and led me to another room. Even tho you never said it I knew I was going to be punished.The first time I entered the room, I was surprised. It was a very large room with high ceilings, In the middle was a gigantic bed, with white satin sheets, built on a high base. I would find out why later. You pointed to the bed so I knew you wanted me to lie down across it. You walked round the other side, took my wrists and dragged me fully across the bed until my head tilted back off the edge. Taking my face in your hand, you forced my mouth open. With your other hand, you undid your pants and pulled them down, releasing your hard cock. The height of the bed let you push your cock deep into my throat. you pushed in deeper and deeper, and I had to swallow your cock, sucking and tonguing it as you thrust it in and out. You fucked my mouth harder and harder, pushing it all the way down to the base and pulling it out again. Then you would plunge it back down deep into my throat again. I almost gagged on it, it went in so deep. Then you just stopped. Sitting down on the bed, you took me into your arms and whispered, Dont forget the rulesYou carried me off the bed to one side of the room where there were two white leather ankle cuffs secured to floor about three feet from each other. You pointed for me to position myself. As I placed one foot near a cuff ,you fastened it around my ankle. You did the same with the other foot .I now stood with my legs apart and fastened to the floor. Above me, hooked to the ceiling through a pulley, was a long chain with two white leather wrist cuffs attached to it. You pulled the chain down in front of me and I held out my arms You fastened the cuffs around my wrists tight enough so that I couldnt wriggle out of them, but not so tight as to hurt me.Finally, you took out a white satin blindfold and covered my eyes with it. I stood there for a moment, vulnerable.. I heard you take the other end of the chain and pull. My arms were lifted above my head as you pulled the chain through the pulley.I listened as you went to a chest of drawers that was nearby, and take something out. When you came back you stood so close I could feel your breath on my face. Then you slipped your fingers between my legs, pushing them deep inside and your thumb on my clit, rubbing in the small circular movements I loved so much. Instantly, I was wet again and knew my juices would be drenching your hand. Then you took one finger out and put it into my arse. It slipped in easily, lubed with my own pussy-juice. you kept on finger-fucking me with one finger in each hole and your thumb on my clit. I was dripping onto the floor by now and bit my lower lip from the pleasure, trying hard not to cry out.You took your fingers out of me and I felt him hook something around my hips and adjust something else onto my clit. It felt like a kind of moulded thong. You moved around behind me and spread my ass open, and I felt the warm softness of your tongue in my ass I relaxed and opened up for you, enjoying the sensation. Then suddenly, I felt something hard and cold enter my ass hole. I gasped from the sensation. You chose to ignore the noise I made and pushed the object in further. Then you walked away.There I stood, bound and, feeling vulnerable and excited at the same time. I heard you bahis siteleri sit in the large,armchair I knew was in front of me. You just watched me, tied there and at your mercy. The minutes passed slowly and with each second that passed, my excitement grew. I wanted you to fuck me so much. But you continued to sit and watch.Just as I began to wonder what you was going to do to me next ,I felt an intense vibration on my clit. The thong that I had on was a butterfly vibrator and you was controlling it by remote. The pleasure was unbelievable. I couldnt help myself anymore and let out a groan of pleasure. As soon as I did, I felt more vibrations in my ass. You had put a vibrating butt-plug in there.I wanted to sink to my knees from the amazing sensations running through my body. My legs could no longer hold me up but the chain and wrist cuffs wouldnt let me move. There was nothing I could do. I couldnt even squirm with the pleasure. It was the most exciting torture I had ever felt. My juices ran down the inside of my legs.Oh please I begged. Please fuck me. I was almost sobbing from wanting to be fucked.You got up, and got behind me and pressed your rock-hard cock up against my ass. Is this what you want you whispered. Oh yes. Please. Please fuck me, ill be good, Are you sure, you whispered ˜Yes, yes, yes. Please. I was almost pleadingI felt you reach down and with one hard tug, you pulled out the butt-plug. I gasped as it came out. Then, spreading my cheeks open, you pushed the head of your cock into my ass. Instantly,my muscles clamped down hard onto the tip of your cock, as I moanedYou waited for the muscles to relax then pulled me towards you, forcing me to arch my back, making me strain against the chains. Covering my mouth with your other hand, you began to slowly push the full length of your cock into me.until your balls slapped up against my pussy. I cried out from the pleasure. Your cock deep inside me and the constant vibrations of the butterfly vibrator brought me to a level of pleasure I never knew existed. Your cock continued to move in and out of me, Long, deep strokes in a constant rhythm, Harder and harder, deeper and deeper, you fucked me. I could feel my muscles starting to contract quicker and quicker. I bit my lip trying to hold off my orgasm. Oh yes, oh god, oh yes I said my voice was muffled by your hand over my mouth.Do you want to cum now you whispered in my ear, Oh yes, please. Please let me cum I begged.Your other hand moved up my body, and onto my tits You held my erect nipple, squeezing it hard between thumb and finger. A mixture of pleasure and pain shot through my body, down to my pussy, like a lightning bolt. You squeezed it even harder and as I screamed with the sweet pain, feeling my orgasm explode in my pussy and wash over my body.You pounded your cock into my ass, your body slamming hard against my buttocks. The contractions of my orgasm made me squeeze down hard onto your cock. You grabbed my hair, and pulled my head right back and pushed your tongue into my mouth, kissing me hard as you shot your hot cum deep inside me.I hung there on the chains, legs weak and body trembling. You stayed inside me whilst you, kissed the side of my face and neck softly. When you had gone soft, you pulled your cock out and I felt some of your cum dribble out of me. You knelt down in front of me and unbuckled the cuffs around my ankles. Then you stood up and, holding me around the waist with one arm, undid the buckles of the wrist cuffs. Legs weak and body strained, I fell into your arms. You picked me up and carried me to the bed, and covered me with a soft blanket. You stroked my hair and face, lying down next to me.We lay there together, you holding me close. Looking forward to the next time you were home.!!!!