Surprise Affair

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Surprise AffairSRosemary Jones arrived home from her work as a legal executive, swinging her Golf Gti onto the expansive drive of the big house she shared with Mark, her high flying lawyer husband of seven years. As her car’s wheels crunched to a halt on the loose paving bricks, she saw her nephew Nathan step out from the side of the house, in his college uniform, a rucksack on his back. She was surprised and in a way pleased because this handsome eighteen year old had always intrigued her, her older sister’s only son. An adopted son. She got out of the car and smoothed down her pencil skirt as she stood smiling at Nathan. “Hello Nathan, wow you look so smart in your college uniform, what’s up? Why are you here?”“Hello Auntie Rose, mum’s had to go into hospital and dad’s away on a long business trip, mum didn’t even have time to ask you but she says will it be alright for me to stay a few days until she gets out of hospital?”Rose covered her mouth as she gasped with surprise.“Why yes of course come on in, tell me what’s happened and we will go and visit your mum now”Rosemary hurried her nephew into the house, asked him which hospital her sister was in then set off with Nathan to visit the hospital. To Rosemary and Nathan’s relief it turned out to be nothing serious but the hospital wanted to keep her sister Jennifer in overnight for observation. Rosemary brushed aside her sister’s apologies for dumping Nathan on her at such short notice.“Sis it’s fine I’ll feed him up and look after him for you ok?” Her sister smiled her gratitude and was hugged and kissed by Rosemary and Nathan as they left. They set off to go back to Rosemary’s house. Rosemary explained that Mark was away so maybe they could go get a burger or a Kentucky fried chicken as she wasn’t planning on cooking. Nathan eagerly agreed. They decided on McDonalds and to eat in. Nathan followed his aunt Rose into the restaurant she was only slightly shorter than Nathan and slimmer than her sister, his mum. But nevertheless she had broad hips and a slim waist and her behind moved alluringly Nathan noticed. Rosemary was now 34 and despite seven years of happy marriage had still not fallen pregnant with the c***d she so eagerly wanted. Nathan found himself admiring her behind again, clad in the tight high waisted pencil skirt as she walked up to the counter. Nathan found himself taking a deep breath as his aunt turned to ask him what he wanted, he looked at her as she turned, her firm large round breasts pulling against the fitted material of her blouse. He felt a flush of excitement as he could see her nipples firmly protruding through her blouse. They collected the order and went to sit, the only place available was a corner banquette, a tight squeeze, not quite sitting side by side but at a ninety degree angle. Nathan felt his aunt’s knee brush against his as he sat down. He was trying not to stare too hard at her cleavage when he saw that she glanced, just a fleeting glance at the crotch of his grey school trousers. Nathan swallowed then aware of the arousal between his legs, looked down to see his fly bulging with his erection. Rose watching her young nephew smiled at him, and said,“Okay Nathan Lets just enjoy the food, is it enough for you? Then it will be time to go I don’t want to be in trouble with my sister for keeping you out late!”Nathan liked riding back with his Aunt Rose in her hot VW hatchback. At the house she told him to have a shower and maybe they could watch some television before his bedtime. Rosemary heard Nathan splashing about in the main bathroom and went to have a shower in the en-suite in her and Mark’s room. Rosemary broke open a new pack of razors and carefully shaved between her legs, taking extra care to remove every trace of pubic hair. This would annoy Mark she thought, but he wasn’t here to be annoyed, she just felt the need to be smooth. After drying off she put on pink silky lounge shorts with a top, and put on her satiny dressing gown. Rosemary left the bedroom and just down the corridor noticed that the spare room, Nathan’s bedroom door was open, she paused to look in. Nathan stood with his back to her, naked, his towel around his neck, standing amidst a crumpled pile bahis firmaları of his clothes on the floor. Rosemary paused admiring his firm young muscled body, narrow hips, small solid looking ass cheeks and muscular thighs. Over the last year or so Whenever Jennifer visited with her husband and Nathan, Rosemary had noticed the rush of growth the boy had undergone, the broadening of his shoulders his extra height, his c***d squeaky voice turning into a soft deep tenor, She thought to herself this boy is going to break some girls’ hearts. “Nathan” she said light heartedly “I hope you’re not planning on leaving your clothes discarded on the floor like that!” Nathan swung around in surprise, his hands darting down to cover his naked crotch and he felt his face heat up as he blushed and stammered, “Oh Aunty Rose I’m so sorry yes of course I will pick it all up now, I..I..I’m, so sorry”Rose stepped into the room, avoiding tripping on his discard shoes and approached him, putting her hand on his shoulder smiling at him. His eyes wide with surprise as she put her other hand on his other shoulder drew him gently towards her. She drew him close feeling his tense arms across his body guarding his crotch then bent slightly to kiss his forehead.“Hmmm, Nathan you have grown into such a handsome young man I bet the girls at college will be climbing over one another to get to you!” Nathan trembled, not knowing what to say, then he felt his aunt’s hands grab his wrists and pulling them away from his front, he felt his now erect penis spring out and rub against the soft satiny feel of her lounge shorts as she pulled his hands up over her shoulders. Nathan trembled aware that his penis was starting to dribble precum profusely onto her clothes and felt like he was going to ejaculate any time soon. Now Nathan’s arms were around her neck she slipped her arms around his waist and moved them down to grasp his small firm buttocks. She kissed him. Nathan was totally stunned at what was happening, and was shocked to feel hisaunt’s tongue thrusting into his mouth. His first ‘French’ kiss. She caressed and kneaded his firm young bottom for several moments then she slipped her left hand around from his ass, over his hip and he shuddered with excitement as he felt her fingers wrap around his rock hard penis. She squeezed gently pulling his foreskin back and forth a few times. It was too much, Nathan gasped as his orgasm gripped his body, his muscles spasm holding his body rigid, arching his back as semen gushed from his penis onto her shorts. “Oh my god Aunty I am so sorry I didn’t mean to…” his voice trailed away in embarrassment feeling that he was a failure at his first attempt at sex, even though he had not initiated it. Rosemary held his softening cock as she felt the semen soaking into the flimsy material of her shorts and onto her thigh. She gave his penis a gentle squeeze then wiped her hand on her shorts. She smiled at him again,“Wow now that’s a lot of cum young man” she laughed as she stepped back from him and slipped out of her damp lounge shorts, she slipped off her dressing gown and top and stood smiling at him as he stared at her in amazement. She looked down at his penis and spoke as if to it,“Now you’re a tired little boy we’ll have to try to revive you” Rosemary gently guided Nathan onto the bed and kneeling with him in front of her gently held and caressed his semi erect penis. Then leant forward and kissed him passionately. Rosemary caressed the front of his firm young body admiring the gentle fluff of hair growth on his body. Her hand reached his penis again and curling her fingers gently around its shaft she felt it swell and harden rapidly. Rosemary gently pushed Nathan onto his back on the bed. she moved down over his body and sucked his penis, feeling it tighten with an even harder erection. She sucked it lovingly, feeling so turned on, feeling her vagina soaking wet with excitement. She sucked again on Nathan’s penis, it was not as big as her husband Mark’s penis but somehow she felt aroused to a level of excitement she had not felt for many years. Nathan whimpered almost helplessly, his fingers had moved down to curl through her hair still tied up in bun from kaçak iddaa her shower. He knew he was going to cum again very soon. It didn’t take long for Nathan to orgasm again, ejaculating into her mouth, shocked by what was happening and how surreal it all felt. Rosemary lifted her head from sucking his penis, semen dribbling from her lips and down her chin, she smiled at him then started to suck him again, and kept sucking and caressing his balls until she felt his penis harden in her mouth again. She lifted her head slipping her lips off his newly erect cock and moved up to kiss him again then rolled onto her back, pulling him on top of her, opening her legs for him to lie between then whispered hoarsely,“Nathan make love to me, make love to your Aunty Rose.” She hoped that she had disguised her desperation, she needed his young penis in her and she had almost lost all reason in the desperation to feel him inside her. She had never ever felt so much in need of sex, in need of a man and a penis, well a boy, it was an obsession that had to be satisfied at any cost. Nathan could hardly believe what was happening, he rolled on top of her as she slipped a leg under him he looked down to see her left hand enveloping his penis, somehow surprised to see her wide goldwedding ring and the large diamond of her engagement ring. She guided his penis between her labia and with a small movement of her hips encouraged him to thrust into her. Nathan was now trembling with excitement fear and a whole range of emotions he could not describe. Rosemary’s hand guided the head of his cock past her labia and into her vagina. Nathan could feel the warm wetness of her vagina walls as they enveloped his penis. It was like no feeling he had ever experienced, his mind raced with a storm of emotions. He could not believe this was actually happening, but then he moved his head between her large breasts, they were real enough, he felt her grasp his ass cheeks and pull him deeper inside her. Nathan started to thrust like he had seen on the porn videos. With Rosemary’s eager encouragement with her thrusting and gyrating pelvis he felt very big and manly as he pushed back against her still amazed at the warm wet, enveloping feeling of her vagina. They lay together with Nathan thrusting as Rosemary writhed and gyrated her hips under him. Somehow Nathan felt more confident, he knew he was going to cum again, soon but at least now he felt it was not going to happen too soon. After a while Rosemary cried out ramming her pelvis up against him, orgasming as he started to ejaculate too. Too soon he thought, oh fuck too soon…Nathan lay gasping on top of Rosemary his penis although softening again was still deep inside her soaking wet vagina, she lay back sighing as she dragged her fingernails though his hair. After several minutes his penis had softened almost completely she gently pushed him off her off her, his penis slipped easily and wetly from her vagina. She smiled at him, whispering,“Nathan now you are a man, you did that so well and I know you want to do it again, don’t you?”“Yes, yes Aunty Rose, yes it was wonderful, I can’t believe what’s happened…” His voice trailed off into silence. Rosemary lifted his hand and placed it on her breast, placing his palm over her erect nipple, then with her other hand reached down and placed her hand under his limp penis caressing and massaging it gently waiting for its arousal to return.It was much later that night before Nathan was going to be able to sleep as Rosemary introduced him to the doggy position, this time it took him longer to come, but come he did looking down in amazement at her sexy shapely behind as he knelt behind her. Then after a longer break when he was erect again, she climbed astride him riding him from on top. This was a long slow session. she orgasmed twice or more and he came again. They fell asleep in each other’s arms. Rosemary could feel the boy’s semen dribbling from between her legs but sleep overcame her. Finally rolling apart in their slumber for a peaceful night, both of them exhausted by the emotional and physical exertion of their passion. In the morning Rosemary woke up with a hollow feeling in the pit of her stomach, what kaçak bahis had she done? How had it happened? Her mind was racing with disjointed thoughts. Then she rolled over as saw the teen boy’s firm round muscled ass as he slept, his arms akimbo and there between them was a large wet patch on the bed where she had leaked some of his semen. So it really happened she thought. She noticed how wet she still felt between her legs. She was quite business like in organising Nathan to get up, have a shower have some breakfast and get off to college. She drove him to school dropped him off and arranged to communicate with him to help get his mum home from the hospital. Nothing was said about the night’s activity, she didn’t kiss him goodbye outside the school, which he was relieved about. She never ever spoke to him about that night and he was too scared to ever mention it. It was as if it never happened, it was all just like a dream, such a wonderful way for a teen boy to lose his virginity. That evening she got home from work early. Mark had called her and told her he would be home about 7.30pm. She had time to strip the spare room bedclothes, which now had dried semen stains on them, wash and dry them remaking the bed before Mark got home. She double checked that Nathan had left nothing behind and she tidied up the room taking care that everything was returned to normal. Mark arrived home, told her about what he said was a successful business meeting, She told him about her sister’s plight and how Nathan had spent the night and she had taken him to school that morning. They ate a light dinner sharing a bottle of expensive wine. In bed later Rosemary initiated sex with a tired Mark, but he was never one to say no to sex with his beautiful wife and was even slightly surprised at how much wetter she seemed to be as her slid into her. It took him a while to cum as he felt Rosemary orgasm at least twice, this made him feel good, then he groaned with pleasure as he ejaculated into her, not knowing that his sperm would be mingling with those of another man.One early morning about three weeks later Rosemary woke up to Mark’s warm but demanding caresses. He was caressing her breasts and he had put a hand between her legs, She sighed happily as she reached down to feel his huge erection. He liked sex, he liked it hard and liked it often and she had to admit to herself in all her experience she had never had a man who was so passionate, expert at sex and who was so well endowed. He would often joke that the more frequently they had sex, the more likely they were to have that longed for baby. She eased his long foreskin back over the head of his penis feeling with her finger tip the slippery pre-cum. She lay back as he entered her, she felt that frisson of excitement as his big member stretched her labia wide and stretched the walls of her vagina while he slowly pushed his nine inches into her. She felt filled with him, totally filled, she felt as if their two bodies were one as he started to thrust slowly. He grasped her breasts tightly and grunted like a wild a****l as he thrust against her his face contorted with passion his huge organ thrusting deep into her vagina and pushing beyond her cervix. She screamed as she orgasmed her hand grasping his scrotum as she felt his testicles tighten against his body as he ejaculated deep inside her. He shuddered and pushed with each surge of his orgasm, then slowed down, eventually lying still on top pf her.They lay panting gently until after a few minutes he rolled off her, his now softening penis slipping out of her wet semen filled vagina. Rosemary slipped out of the bed and went into the bathroom. Her period was already a week late, but she hadn’t said anything to Mark, yet. She reached into the bathroom cabinet and pulled out the pregnancy testing kit she had recently bought. She sat on the toilet, and urinated onto the test strip, five seconds of pee the instructions said, then wait a few minutesfor the result. She busied herself by having a shower then after towelling off she looked at the test strip indicator, her heart raced with excitement, dropping her towel on the floor, totally naked ran back into the bedroom, waving the test strip at a surprised Mark. “Mark, it’s positive, it’s positive, my pregnancy test is positive we’re going to have a baby!” She flung her arms around her husband’s neck, sobbing with joy that she was pregnant.