Sulphurette, Part I

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Sulphurette, Part IThe mist swirled in and out of the bright cones created by the street lamps.  The man’s footsteps echoed against the concrete and glass walls of the surrounding buildings as he hurried along in the chill night.  Just ahead of him, at the point where the mist and shadows merged just outside the light of a streetlamp, the vapor and darkness merged, swirled, and coalesced into a human shape.The figure was short, not quite five and a half feet tall, and wrapped in a long coat which hid it almost completely.  Dark bobbed hair fell just past the ears from under a brimmed hat which cast shadow over the face.  After a shudder and rolling its shoulders, it stepped forward into the light.The man stopped short in the pool of light two street lamps away.  At that distance, all he could see was a silhouette of hat and coat.  It was late, and he was on his guard.  The figure didn’t look physically intimidating, but a gun levels the playing field pretty effectively, and he couldn’t see what he was dealing with.  With a slight quaver, he asked: “Can I help you?”The other figure didn’t answer.Instead, it slowly reached up, pinched the hat at its peak, lifted it off its head, and let it drop on to the sidewalk.  Smooth black hair, parted perfectly in the center to a crisp white line, flowed around the person’s head in two curtains which glistened in the light.  The two small horns curled up from just in front of the temples.  As the head tilted back, a woman’s face came into view.  Her skin was a light chai color, with delicate features which hinted at an Indian or south Asian heritage without being clearly anything in particular.  Large dark eyes were fixed on the man, while her small mouth curved up at the corners.Confused, the man just watched.The woman’s tiny hands reached up to the top button of her overcoat, and twisted it open.  Then, slowly, as though putting on a show, she continued to unbutton the coat from top to bottom while leaving it cinched at the waist.  Finally, she loosened the belt, and shrugged her shoulders to let it, too, drop to the sidewalk.She was naked except for blazing red lingerie, smokey black stockings, and gleaming, high-heeled pumps.  She was slender with small, high breasts, and gently rounded hips. The dark areolae peeked out just above the shelf of the brassiere, while the thin straps of the panties stretched up and over the barely-visible rounded crests of her hip bones.  Her skin was smooth and tan, even in the glare of the streetlamp.  The stockings stopped in a band of lace just a few inches below the smooth curve her panties made disappearing between her legs.  As the coat crumpled into a heap, glossy leathern wings stretched up from where they had been pinioned by the coat and lifted gently back into the shadows behind her.The man’s most primal urges surged through his brain.  This apparition seemed to have walked out of his most erotic dreams, and his most horrifying nightmares.  She matched his innermost image of the perfect woman: from the cut of her hair, to the exact shade of her skin, and even the precise blend of curves and toned muscles he found most irresistible.  But the huge leathern wings and wicked horns made it clear that this was no *human* woman.  Adrenaline and testosterone coursed through his beleaguered güvenilir bahis brain fighting for control as he stood there, knees quivering, while a hard lump formed in his pants.***Sulphurette Brimstone was feeling peckish, and that was enough to make her interested in the human approaching her from away down the street.  Even as he passed from light to dark under the row of street lamps, her eyes were quite capable of seeing in what humans considered deep darkness.  He wasn’t exceptional, with his height a few inches shy of six feet, and a build too stocky to be considered athletic, but he did have a long, vigorous stride: which was promising for her purposes.She relaxed and let the sensual traces of his subconscious tickle her mind.  A wash of erotic images flitted past her inner sight, as she deftly noticed the patterns of what most titillated this man. Creamy, chai-colored skin; small, high breasts; dark, bobbed hair; subtly Asian features…  The details of Sulphurette’s appearance morphed rapidly under her long coat and hat as a definite pattern started to emerge from the man’s most ardent fantasies.  She lightly brushed her clit through the fabric of her panties in anticipation.Succubi can’t change into any shape, but they certainly can adapt themselves to whatever their victims would be most attracted to: within limits.  They could never be mistaken for humans: the horns and wings always remained sure signs of their demonic nature.  Not that it mattered.  Most men were so dominated by their primitive desires that even those obvious signs of danger weren’t enough to scare they away in time.  And Sulphurette was uncommonly good at exciting those desires to their very peak.***The freakish woman started to walk towards the man, allowing her hips to swing slowly side to side. She disappeared out of the cone of light created by her streetlamp, heading in his direction.  With her figure out of sight, his hormones started to tip towards flight when she suddenly materialized in the pool of light cast by the streetlamp just above him.  Up close, she was even more alluring. Her face was heart-shaped, with huge eyes, rounded cheeks, and a small, pointed chin.  A wicked grin was barely noticeable on her lips.  The dimples where her nipples where hidden were obvious, and straining at the thin lace.  He noticed a dry, floral scent on the air as she drew closer.The man’s breath caught as she reached up a hand to touch his cheek.  Her other hand had reached down and was tracing the shape of the pronounced bulge in his pants. He gasped ever so slightly as her fingers found the tip and teased the ridge around the head.He didn’t dare touch her, and he didn’t dare run.She advanced a step, pressing herself into him, and forcing him backward out of the circle of light into a darkened doorway.  Her hands never left his body as they touched his chest and kneaded his pants. His heart was racing as his back touched against the locked door behind him in the darkest part of the shadow.***Sulphurette reached down to unbuckle the man’s belt with one hand while keeping up a steady pressure with the other.  She could hear his breath already starting to come in gasps with just the preliminaries, and she was excited by the smell of his arousal.  With his belt unclasped, the button and türkçe bahis zipper soon followed to reveal the briefs underneath.  She reached inside and pulled out his cock and balls.  It was already hard and pulsating, not especially long, but satisfyingly stocky. She wrapped her hand around the shaft and, gripping hard, slid the skin up and down along its length.  She smiled as he moaned slightly, and thrust his hips forward into her hand.Sliding down so she was level with her prize, she slide her tongue along the underside of the shaft, the two forks of her tongue each sliding along both sides.  The first taste was salty with sweat, but nothing worse. As he two parts of her tongue reached the head, they curled around under the ridge, eliciting another shuddering, inhaled gasp from above her.  Grasping the shaft firmly in one hand, she moved forward and took it halfway into her mouth: right up to her fist. Squeezing and rolling her tongue all the way around the head brought a guttural groan from the man above.She loved the feeling of power it gave her to have his most tender parts at her mercy. Even more so that her skills made him unable to even imagine having it any other way.  She slid her mouth up and down his cock, keeping a light pressure with her lips and tongue, and a firm pressure with her other hand.  He became less controlled with his moans as she teased and stroked him.  The grin which couldn’t quite fit on her mouth lit up her eyes instead as he let himself drift further under her sway.***The man was lost in ecstasy as his cock throbbed and buzzed under the strange woman’s continued attentions.  He’s had blowjobs in the past, but nothing like this.  The obvious relish this incredible person had for it was intoxicating, as was her mastery of technique.  The exquisite balance of teasing to the head, stroking to the shaft, and small pauses to hold him off showed a skill he’d never imagined experiencing.  She brought him right to the edge over and over, and then shifted her pattern just enough that he never quite was able to cum.  It was tantalizing, and immensely pleasurable.All at once, it stopped.He opened his eyes to see her nearly face-to-face with him again, barely visible the glow from street.  She was wearing a huge grin, and a delicately forked tongue slid over her lips.  Looking down in the dim light, his eyes took in the small bulges of her breasts in their shimmering satin casing, and the long smooth expanse of her stomach as it tapered to a smooth curve of bare skin between her legs.  A gleaming puddle of satin on the doorstep showed that her panties had been discarded while he was blissfully occupied.Her hand was still locked around his cock as she winked and extended one leg up in an impossible-seeming split to rest on the doorframe.  Her wings tucked behind her, supporting her against the far side of the doorway.  Pulling gently, she guided his cock toward her pussy.  She slid the head along the smooth, slick inside of her lips, teasing her clit with the tip of him.  He could feel her shudder slightly as a brief grin crossed over her face, and she guided him inside her.***Sulphurette’s clit was long, pronounced, and hard with excitement.  After covering him thoroughly with her own natural lube, she used the head of his cock to pleasure güvenilir bahis siteleri herself until the buzzing excitement had spread all around her opening, and she couldn’t resist the urge to grip down on something.  Sliding him downwards, she flexed her wings and rolled her hips forward to push herself onto him.She sighed, as she relished that first moment of penetration.  Deliciously firm, but with a slight yield as she gripped inside.  The hand which had been holding his cock now moved up to slide along her clit as he began to slowly thrust deeper inside her of his own accord.  He wasn’t long enough to really stretch her depths, but he was more than thick enough to set her insides glowing with a warm pressure as his pace quickened.  Without thinking, her flickering fingers kept pace as he thrust faster: seeming to approach his own climax as his groans shifted to grunts, and his long, slow thrusts become more urgent.Sulphurette’s hand blurred as she could feel her own orgasm fast approaching.  Reaching out with her other hand, she dug her fingers into his lower back, pulling him deep inside her, and holding him fast.  Another second, and her buzzing clit set fire to her entire pelvis as wave after wave of delightful spasms rolled through her.***The man was lost in the mounting tide of urgent need.  He could feel the growing electric excitement in the head of his penis, and the swelling in his balls as he got closer and closer.  From the moment he’d first penetrated her, she had maintained a grip on his cock that he could scarcely believe.  Smooth, slick, warm, and as strong as a fist.  Her constant low whimpers of pleasure shot through him and aroused him all the more.  Soon, he could feel that he would cum inside her.Then, a small prick of pain, and he was yanked forward and pinned against her while she closed her eyes, and her mouth sagged open.  Shudder after shudder ran through her small body as he could feel the waves of pulsing grip on his cock tighten and relax.  Soon, she opened her eyes as a beatific smile crossed her face.  After a moment or two, she slid off him, and dropped her foot down to the doorstep.  With a mischievous grin, she dropped down again, and grabbed his dripping cock in her hand.  This time, she was almost violent as she took him into her mouth again.  Hands on his hips, she guided him into a quick rhythm which quickly made up for the brief pause.He was close.  The muscles in his legs involuntarily stiffened as she continued to slide her mouth aggressively up and down his cock.  Then, release.  Like throwing the switch of some huge circuit, the buzzing tension in the head of his penis spilled over and expanded across his entire body.  She grabbed his hips and pulled him forward until she had almost his entire cock in her mouth.  It was glorious.Until… it wasn’t.  He couldn’t stop cumming.  As he tried to pull back, he could feel her nails dig into his butt through his pants, and her teeth pinch tight around his cock.  The waves of pleasure keep coursing through him, as jet after jet of fluid coursed through his cock and into her mouth.  Trembling lead to shaking, and finally his vision rapidly closed from a tunnel to a pin prick, and then he passed out.***Sulphurette let the limp form slump down inside the doorway as she slid her panties back on.  The peckishness was past, and the warm glow in her pussy combined with the tingling of her clit to bring a satisfied smirk to her lips. She turned her back on the limp figure and walked out to fetch her coat and hat.