Submissive’s diary Ep. 3: Mistress Kate pt. 1

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Submissive’s diary Ep. 3: Mistress Kate pt. 1Submissive’s diary episode 3: Mistress KatePart 1Let’s make another jump. My first night with Ashley was almost three months ago when this happened and so far it had been really fun to live with her. She proved herself to be an extremely smart young girl and a great aid at home. Not to mention a very passionate lover. One night Ashley and me were lying on the sofa watching TV when Mike came in, mischievously smirking, like always when he was up to no good. I sent Ashley up to her room and once she was upstairs I asked”What’s gotten you so excited?” He sat down next to me”I’ve got a surprise for you.” His hand ran up and down my leg while he said that.”Last time I heard that, you got me a girl. Who is it this time?” I pushed his hand aside and sat up. He was still smirking and looked at me”Why don’t you go into the kitchen and find out?” I looked back in disbelief”I don’t need a boytoy. Send him home.””Yeah, like i’m gonna let another guy touch you. Just come with me.” He grabbed my hand, pulled me up and we walked towards the kitchen. He opened the door and I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was Kate! Standing right in front of me, but she was supposed to be in India on a busyness trip. What the hell was she doing here?”Melli!” I had no chance to finish my thought. Kate came running towards me and jump-hugged me. “It’s been so long! How have you been?” I hugged her back. Who cared why she was here? What really mattered was I got to see my best friend again after almost 4 months!”Thanks to you, great!” She loosened the hug and looked at me”So you kept Ashley, I assume? Where is she?” I was about to call her down when Mike canlı bahis siteleri interfered.”Ladies, as much as I’d like to listen to the two of you going on about… well, stuff, but we do have an evening schedule. So let’s move it along, shall we?” They both shared a look, then they picked my by the hands and we went outside through the backdoor. It was a cold evening, but by November standard still pretty warm. There wasn’t a single cloud and the full moon illuminated the scene before me in a creepy light. The floor was covered in small candles, describing a way to our cherry tree. From there it went to our garden table, and further to the garage door. As we slowly walked the path together, I saw chains hanging from the tree’s trunk with some handcuffs at the end and large nails holding the chains. Their plan dawned on me and I started to struggle, attempting to escape their grasp. But even if I managed to escape Kate, Mike was still capable of simply throwing me over his shoulder and carrying me there.”Please Mike, don’t. What about the neighbors?” He had his sadistic grin on his face when he answered”The fence blocks their sight and you can’t see the spot from the street. All you have to do is be quiet.” He pressed me against the tree and forced my arms up. Kate swiftly snapped the cuffs around my wrists and tied a blindfold around my eyes. It was dark, cold and still humid from the rain earlier. I wore nothing but my nightgown, so the temperature was really getting to me. I started to shutter and for the next five minutes, the two left me to my misery, only whispering to each other ever now and again. The suspense alone was driving me insane. Those perabet five minutes felt like eternity, especially after they stopped making noise. It felt like I had been thrown into a cold, dark pit and was left alone to die there. I bit my lip not to shriek when I suddenly felt a hand running up my left leg. The next one moved up the other leg, both resting on my knees. My legs were pushed open and I felt straps being attached to my ankles and knees. My feet were pulled behind the tree and tied together, then hung on what felt like a hook to leave me hanging on my wrists alone. I grinned my teeth, trying to fight through the pain. The hands were back, this time running down my arms. I wiggled around as best as I could, but they found their way to my armpits, pinching me sharply. Moving further down, my nightgown was grabbed and suddenly pulled down. It tore and slid down to my knees. I heard a pair of scissors, then I felt the cold metal on my neck, slowly moving down. Along my collarbone, between my breasts, around my bellybutton and finally reaching my waist. With a few swift cuts I was then relived of my panties and what was left of my nightgown. Now, I was hanging from the tree bare naked, feeling the bark scratching my back and the cold air on my skin. Again, total silence. For at least ten minutes they let me hang there, not knowing what would happen next. Worry and fear began to creep up on me as I wondered what they had planned for me as well as what had gotten into Kate! I knew she always enjoyed listening to my stories about Mike and my exploits, but I didn’t expect this. “Test number one: Willpower.” Mike had snuck up to me and was whispering perabet giriş in my ear.”Kate will try to make you come five times in the next twentyfive minutes. If she succeeds, you loose a point. Loose more than five over the course of tonight, and you receive your worst punishment yet. Keep five or more, and a special reward awaits you. Keep all ten and see what happens. Loose all ten and…” He didn’t need to finish that sentence. Already all kinds of horrifying scenarios crossed my mind. I knew he was serious, testing my abilities had been a recurring theme over the last Weeks and his punishments for failing were always extremely harsh. Keeping five points was my goal. I could never withstand all their tortures, especially with my strength fading over time, so ten was out of the question. But failing here… I had been through too much to show such weakness. Not to mention what he would do to me then.I felt Kate’s hand on my thighs and her kisses on my stomach. Both were clearly headed for my pussy and they reached their destination before long. Softly nibbling on my lips her fingers slid into me. First one, then another and finally both. She moved slowly back and forth, gently spreading them to make way for the third finger. She was skilled enough to have me come in less than five minutes. Her fingers massaged me with just the right amount of pressure and I had to bite my tongue in order not to moan and scream. I pulled myself up, but there was no escaping her. Steadily increasing her speed she got me ready to burst any second. I fought the feeling as hard as possible, but once she started to suck on my clit it was all over. The first orgasm fought it’s way out of me. I rocked around in the bindings, helplessly fighting what had already happened.”Four minutes, eight seconds.” I heard Mike whispering, “Impressive start for Kate, bad omen for you.”He was right. At this rate I wouldn’t last long.