Stud Poker

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She sits across the table from him. The smoke is thick in the room, those surrounding the table are hovered close, watching, waiting, fascinated by the drama of the moment. His expression hasn’t changed in the last 20 minutes. She notes his arrogance. His eyes reveal that he is sure of his victory. Behind his expression there is the underlying, smoldering lust that has led them here, at this table, cards dealt and wagers made. She wonders, as she always does, how she gets herself into these situations.

It didn’t start like this. She didn’t even want to go to this party but her girlfriends whining and begging and calling in favors of past deeds brought her out on this snowy night to the party of a friend. The “cutey” from her girlfriends work would be here and she needed a wingman, or more appropriately a wingwoman, to accompany her in her mission to bed the boy. So she said she would go to the party where she knew no-one, to mingle and try not to be bored while her girlfriend hunted the unsuspecting prey. The fact that the average age in the house was 15 years her junior didn’t help.

Not that she hasn’t had her share of young pups. Cougars were so popular these days and she does now and again enjoy the “deer in the headlight” look that young males have when an older, more sexually experienced woman takes charge. Young, dumb and full’o’cum guys are fun for awhile, but she would rapidly get annoyed with rocking someone else’s world without so much as a tremor in hers. So unfair that men peak at 20 without any knowledge and women at 35 with all the knowledge. So unfair.

Within a few minutes of arriving at the party, she knew it would be a long night. The boys and girls were well into the dance of anticipation – “Will she suck my dick?……. Will he commit and put a ring on my finger”? So she got herself a drink and settled on a chair in the corner to watch the show. Listening to the conversations around her, mostly fluff with a little drama of heartache here and there, she tried her best to keep from becoming nauseous when, one after another, the boys and girls fumble through the 21st century mating rituals. She tried not to laugh as she watched her girlfriend from across the room, ridiculously flirt with the “cutey” who just stood there grinning from ear to ear, eyes moving up and down her front with obvious need. Yup, gonna be a long night.

Just at the stroke of midnight she wandered back to the kitchen for another drink and found that some of the boys had started a game of poker at the kitchen table. Smoking cigarettes and dripping testosterone, they yelled profanities at one another while ogling every female form that entered the room as if that were part of the rules of the card canlı bahis şirketleri game. She, of course was no exception. When she opened the fridge for another beer, she could feel all eyes on her ass, so for fun, decided that she needed to get one of the brands on the lowest shelf.

That brought a murmur of approval from behind. When she turned around her eyes locked with a young stud at the end of the table. A player. Oh, how she loved to play a player. So she stood there, eyes never leaving his. His expression of confidence, so unusual for one so young, stirred within her that first jolt of excitement. Hmmm, evening may just get interesting after all.

“Hey baby, wanna join in the game”? he drawled taking a swig of beer, gaze traveling her body then returning to meet her eyes, twinkling with challenge. Another stir within her, ……….ahhh the game. She glanced down at the pile of money in the centre of the table and sighed loudly.

“I see that you’re playing for money and I only bet sex or chocolate” she explained, keeping her inner smile to herself, eying the Stud briefly again. “Since I don’t see any chocolate on the table gentlemen and I doubt you would be interested in a game of Sex Poker, I guess I better head back to the living-room”. She took two steps toward the door and counted silently to herself. One, Two, and the commotion started. Hoots and hollers, laughs and jeers. She watched the Stud rise from the table and move in her path. She slowly met his eyes, trying to hide her own twinkle. Stopping in front of him, close, he just stared for a moment, then recovered quickly, grin turning to a leer.

“Honey, you can’t drop a bomb like that then walk out the door” he said in a low voice. “Better put your challenge where your mouth is”.

More hoots and hollers from round the table. She smiled and without a word took the empty chair opposite his and picked up the deck of cards.

The guys all stared at her. She waited for the Stud to return to his seat then began to shuffle. She looked around at the others, dismissing them instantly. They were insignificant of course, only the Stud was worthy. Better make quick victims of these ones, she thought. Aloud she said “Five card stud, nothing wild, no draw. You get what you’re dealt. Two down, three up.”

They all nodded. She concentrated on shuffling. “And the bet is……..”, wait, delivery is the key, she felt them lean in.

“If I have the lowest hand I perform oral sex on everyone sitting at the table”. She finished shuffling and counted to herself. One. Two. And commotion.

A chorus of “Yeah, Baby”, “Alright”, “Fuckin’ A” they all chimed. All but the Stud. He eyed her intently. She smiled. He’s canlı kaçak iddaa smart, she again felt the stir inside which was accompanied by wetness between her thighs. Hmmmmmm. Interesting indeed.

When the others finished their high-fivin’, the Stud motioned for them to settle down. “And if one of us has the lowest hand”? he asked.

“Well, then the loser performs oral sex on everyone sitting at the table” she smiled sweetly.

As expected, the response was swift and adamant. They balked. They back-paddled. Never. Never. Never. She locked eyes with the Stud. She watched as his expression revealed the wheels turning in his brain. How to save face? How to remove the threat but still keep the challenge? Suddenly some sort of answer came to him. “Chaps,” he started. They looked at him. “Get up from the table” he commanded twinkle returning to his eyes. The wheels turned slower in them. Ahhhaaa. They agreed. They all stood except him. He smiled at her.

“Ok, Honey, same bet. The loser performs oral sex on everyone sitting at the table” he grinned. “And they do it right here in front of everybody” he added to the delight of his friends.

Eyes never left his, she waited for the backslapping and male induced chest puffing to die down. She placed the cards on the table toward him to cut the deck. He reached over and picked up half the pile when she said “On one condition……………”.

The cards hovered in mid-air. “What’? he asked, smiling, waiting for her to back down.

“I reserve the exclusive right to raise the bet if I so chose” she explained.

“Only for sex for those seated at the table” he countered.

“Of course” she assured. “The sex bet is between you and me alone” she purred, smiling sweetly. He nodded slowly in agreement then placed the half of the pile down for the cut. She retrieved the cards, ignoring the leers and laughing whispers of the others and commenced to deal out one then two cards face down. She glanced quickly at her two, expression neutral, returning them to the table and waited while the Stud showed his cards to his friends.

He nodded and she placed a card, the King of Spades, face up in front of him. Then one for her. A three. She smiled. He grinned. She got wetter. He got harder.

Another card in front of him. Ace of hearts. Cheers from the crowd quickly died to silence when her next card is another three. She stopped to sip her beer. He lit another cigarette. They eyed each other. She licked her lips. He watched.

“Ok, Stud” she said. “I’ll raise you oral sex for anal sex. If you win, you fuck me up the ass. If I win, I go home get my strap-on and fuck you up the ass” she let the grin spread wide on her face and waited canlı kaçak bahis for his reaction.

He only flinched momentarily as the others groaned and look away. They can’t watch their hero fall. This just can’t happen. She must not win. They loudly began to protest and back up their buddy. He glanced again at the cards on the table and at those in his hand. He told the others to “Shut the fuck up” and then nodded at her, masking his expression with skill she admired.

Time slowed. She placed his final card in front of him and the Ace of Diamonds brought the house down. The cheers were deafening for a moment till the Stud raised his hand for silence.

She smiled at him. He grinned at her. A flip for her card and a lovely lady in a crown laid beside the pair of threes. Again, more cheers. Ahhh. She’s going down. They all laugh. And they get to watch.

So this brings the story to the beginning. He is smug in his arrogance. She watches his expression of lust. Watches carefully. Watches closer. Closer. Ahh. There it is. The fear. Just a hint, lying under the surface of that leer. She is grateful that, in his smug misogyny there is that precious, tiny amount of insecurity. This, she has decided, will save him.

She sighs and putting the cards in her hand face down, she folds.

“You win”, she whispers and while the others chant and holler she stands, pushes her chair out of the way and leans over the table. She closes her eyes and waits. He takes his time. Savoring the moment. She can feel all eyes on her as he lifts her skirt to reveal her un-pantied ass. Moans and grunts from the boys make her wetter and she feels her pussy beginning to pulse. The Stud caresses her ass then to her surprise he traces her very wet clit. Isn’t he a sweetie? she thinks. Gonna make is nice for me. She waits.

He moves his finger from her pussy to her ass. Ahh. Using natural lube. His finger moves into her ass and she clenches around it. She is no longer aware of the panting boys around the table. She opens her eyes and turns her head to look at him. He is watching her while taking out his cock and continuing to probe her tight ass with his finger. Eyes locked with her, he suddenly shoves his cock into her pussy. She gasps. Then he pulls out, his cock slick with her girl juice.

She breaks his gaze when she feels the head of his cock at the entrance to her tightest hole. He holds his cock there. Pressing but not in. She moans. He leans over her to the table top and flips over the two cards she placed face down from her hand. SHIT.

When he sees the pair of ladies staring up at him, he frowns and hesitates.

Fucking young guys are so stupid she thinks. She groans. She locks her elbows and pushes herself straight backward so he enters her in one, long, painful, glorious thrust. Come on Stud, get in the game, she begs him silently.

He complies and to the cheering crowd, fucks her ass till she screams.