Strokes Weren’t Limited to Just The Paintbrus

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Strokes Weren’t Limited to Just The PaintbrusI returned to Kathleen’s around 9:30 A.M. to find a note saying she would be out until mid-afternoon, and that she had luch fixed for me in the kitchen. “Make yourself at home dear,” was the last line. I set to the business of finishing the painting, and soon realized it was nearly 1:00 p.m. when I finished. I put everything away, washed up, and decided to have the luch she made for me. After finishing, I cleaned up the dishes and sat at the kitchen table having a soda. My thoughts turned to earlier in the morning, and the way she looked with her bare breasts and the silky black pettipants and pink slip. I felt myself start to harden and thought masturbating with an item of her lingerie might be a perfect dessert.I walked out of the kitchen to see her just outside the front door. She was wearing a sheer, sleeveless pink and white summer dress which had a deep cleavage and a soft, flowing skirt which stopped just above her hosiery-covered knees. She wore a wide bright pink belt, hot pink earrings and necklace, and a pair of white open toe high heels. Her hair was pulled up at the dies, and she had plum coloured lipstick and eye shadow on. Her large, full breasts filled the dress, and I noticed how it enhanced her hourglass figure. My gaze went down to her thick ankles and calves, and I felt my erection growing in my cut off shorts.”Wow !!”, she said as she came in, “You did a great job on the painting – I love how it looks.” I smiled and replied, “Wow !! “, you did a great job picking that outfit.” She walked over, bahis siteleri gave me a long hug, and said, “Oh, so you like it, eh?” I nodded, and she daid, “I don’t know – I think it makes my boobs look too big,” then laughed. As she did, her breasts bounced slightly, and I started throbbing. “Damn god thing I wore a bra that gives me a little more support,” she added. I nodded, and she said, “Speaking of support – doesn’t look like your privates have much today, my boy.” I felt my face redden, and replied, “The way you look makes me think any amount of support wouldn’t help.” She began to laugh again, and said, “Shit – I’ve created a horny young buck, haven’t I?” She stepped back, and asked, “So did you like the way I looked last night with my bare boobs and my black pettipants?” I nodded, and she said, ” I loved having you between my legs rubbing against them – you can do that any time you wish from now on.”She smiled and said, “See if you can guess what I’m wearing under this dress.” She moved back a bit, and slowly turned around in a circle. “Well?”, she asked. I told her I thought it was a white nylon bra, white half slip, full cut white panty, and pantyhose. She began to laugh again, and said, “You’re good, but way off.” With that, she unbuttoned her dress to reveal a shiny beige bra with satin straps, and a pair of beige pettipants with lace around the thighs like the black ones. She pulled up one leg to show me she was wearing stockings with dark tops, and a garter belt. “See?”, she laughed. “You guessed wrong.” She stepped out of the dress, and bahis siteleri knelt in front of me, unzipping my shorts. My erection popped straight out in her face, and she took it full-length into her mouth. After a few minutes, she stopped saying, “I am expecting company shortly, so we need to take care of business neatly and quickly.” She lightly stroked my erection saying, “Oh my, you really do ned to cum, don’t you?”I answered that I did, and she said, “Hmmm … would you like to do that?” I didn’t reply, and she said, “I think I really would love for you to fill my mouth with your cum – as I told you, I have developed a taste for it of late.” My answer to her was, “Kathleen, I want to cum on your pettipants this time.” She stood up and smiled, saying, “Of course – I should have known – I felt the way the black ones turned you on earlier.” She led me upstairs where I took of my shorts and t-shirt, then laid on the bed on my back. She stood at the edge of the bed and said, “I can change out of these pettipants after you cum all over them, not a problem – how do you want me?” I told her to lay on top of me on the bed.She straddled my erection and the feel of the silky material sliding against her nylon garter belt was exciting. She adjusted her position slightly saying, “I am wearing a nylon panty, so rub against my kitty.” The two layers of silky nylon fabric and the heat of her crotch soon had me ready to explode. She began to pant, and moan, and breathlessly said, “Shoot you hot cum into my pettipants and make me cum too.” I soaked the crotch of her pettipants and her panty with my cum, and she rubbed her bra-covered breasts against my chest as she had a hard climax.She stood up, and looked to see what I had left on her. “Next time, all of this goes into my mouth, dear,” she said. She removed the pettipants and laid them on the bed next to me, saying, “You lay here while I change into something dry.” I watched her take a pair of white pettipants out of her drawer and put them on. “This pair actually looks like a slip, doesn’t it?”, she asked. I didn’t answer, instead picking up the beige pettipants from the bed and masturbating with them as she watch with her eyes wide. “Oh, my,”, she whispered, “I want more of that cum, but it’s getting so late. Jack off with my pettipants and let me watch you.” As I masturbated, she stood in front of me and pinched her nipples which clearly showed through her nylon bra. “Fuck !!”, she said, “I’m going to have to change my panty because I’m going to cum just watching you.” I began to cum, but the pettipants slipped ogg the end of my penis. The first two ribbons shot into the air, and as she watched them, she screamed in pleasure when they fell onto the top of her high heeled feet. I cught the remainder in the silky material as she collapsed next to me on the bed. In a few minutes she said, “Now get out of here before my company arrives – I still have to change my panty.” I got up, dressed, and turned to walk out. Kathleen was standing newxt to her lingerie drawer with pink nylon panty in her hand, and she said, “Come back here tonight about eigt thirty – we need to put a proper finish on this.” I nodded, and left her house. As I turned th ecorner, I saw a car turn into her driveway, and was relieved we had not been discovered.