Strange Bedfellows Ch. 02

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“I know we don’t always see eye to eye, but the fact of the matter is that we have to make up these numbers somehow.” Jessica Finch stated in her clipped Manhattan twang, regarding me with those icy blue eyes of hers, her pale, finely-featured face gravely earnest.

Singling me out from the rest of my team, it almost seemed like she was playing school teacher, making an example out of the class clown to keep the rest of the students in line. She continued,”I received the message from corporate yesterday, which is why I called this meeting. Mr. Walker, I need you to play ball. We’ve butted heads in the past, and you don’t always…fit into the current schema, but I can’t deny that you’re a hard worker and you get results.”

You gotta love her idea of positive reinforcement. You’d think as a child she had to recite the periodic tables, or maybe the Gettysburg Address from memory before she got a slice of of her own birthday cake.

We had an argument just like this the week before in her office. The numbers were just fine for this time of year. I think it was just something upper-management liked to do, create a crisis when there really wasn’t one, so those of us in the trenches could scurry around like field mice under a hawk’s shadow and be more productive. We were doing rather well, considering the shit-basket that is the current economy, but the new Golden Child of regional was a fan of the “make the other person look bad so I look better” philosophy. I had to admit, it worked. Her advancement was swift. However, the hit to morale just wasn’t worth it in the long run. It made a lot of the guys and gals in the office resent the fuck out of her since she was only with the company for a few years, when we had people on our staff who had been here from the ground floor, back in the early 80’s who were still lower-middle management.

Walter “Wally” Cobrin had been my boss for six years- until he died three months after his sixty-second birthday of a stroke and heart complications. It was devastating to his wife and family. I look at his widow Gayle like an aunt and the rest like cousins- make sure to send them cards on their birthdays and have already started picking out Christmas presents. I don’t do that for everyone- not even my own extended family. That’s how much Wally meant to me- he had helped keep us going when other departments had to do layoffs and cut-backs- even to the point he refused raises unless his whole team could get them, and he stayed longer hours than guys half his age. He was Solid State in a world made of disposable plastic crap.

I had done my best to bring Jessica up to speed, Wally had been my mentor since I was an college intern , and taught me the importance of every member of the team, as well as how to work with management, who didn’t always share our business philosophy. It was tough though, Jessica was aloof, for someone who talked about team-building, she didn’t play well with others. She couldn’t admit to fault and she didn’t let people save face- on top of that, she wasn’t able to separate theory from actual real-world application. It also didn’t help matters that the woman was stunningly beautiful and she knew it. Fortunately, I was taught to never shit where I eat, so even if she was interested, it’d be an automatic no-go. Despite the fact she looked like a swimsuit model, I did what I could to look past that and just see her as person. Unfortunately for me, that person was also annoying..

“Mr. Walker, I’m sorry, I know you don’t like my methods, but it’s just the way this company is headed. The numbers don’t lie, we are down ten percent this quarter, and according to the records, it’s been that way for the last ten years. What do I have to do to get you to see that in this economy, this is a dangerous trend? We simply need to put more pressure on our clients.”

“Jessic-” I started, before I was flashed an irritated look, the kind that the Prom queen would give some guy on the golf team that had dared to show up at her mixer for jocks and sorority princesses. My team was looking at me with faces that pretty much screamed, “Can you believe this crap, do we have to listen to this shit again?” Even Mary, who was probably the most patient person I worked with- hell, knew, both in and out of the office, almost looked frustrated. Time for another one of Finch’s rants about decorum and familiarization is hostile to performance- because that was so much more effective than actually, you know, working?

“You know I prefer Ms. Finch, we’ve spoken about this before. We need to keep it professional. What do I have to do to remind you?”, Her tone go curt, and she looked like someone had just stuck an ice dildo up her ass.

I knew what she was doing- she was trying to deflect by harping on decorum- she wouldn’t get me that easy. I took a deep breath, counted to ten, and in the most patient voice I could muster replied,”Ms. Finch, I’m sorry, but I’ve warned you about this slump, and that the increase during the Winter and Fall makes up güvenilir bahis for our losses during the Summer. Putting pressure on our vendors during a time when they’re simply not going to be moving what we’re selling is just going to put a strain on relationships we’ve had solid for over twenty years. I understand where you’re coming from, I really do. I want us to do as well as we possibly can, but we’d be squeezing money so tight in our fist, It’d just slip from between our fingers.”

She got up from her chair, her expensive business suits tailored to create an image severity and confidence, but also to be flattering to what was, admittedly, an incredible body. She smelled so good, but wasn’t wearing her normal perfume, something most likely French and cost what I spent on one of my truck payments. Today she smelled much richer, more musky. It was an earthy, rich, spicy scent that seemed so familiar, but I just couldn’t quite place it.

“Okay, this discussion has gone on for more than long enough. Mr. Foster, I didn’t want it to come to this, but I see it’s what I have to do to make you see reality. I want you to take down your pants,.” She commanded, as my co-workers guffawed and snickered.

“What the fuck?” I sputtered, blinking like I had just had a dog ask me for the time. I couldn’t have heard her correctly.

“That language is nowhere near appropriate, Mr. Walker. Now, please, take down those trousers so I can give you and your team an effective example of how you keep up numbers during a recession.”

This was ridiculous- like the plot of some cheesy seventies porno. It was right up there with the one of some dude with badly feathered hair and a chester-stache coming home to find his wife cheating on him with her hot blonde lezzie buddy from tennis practice, and he says something like,”I see you two didn’t wait for me,” and of course, threesome sex ensues.

As I sat there looking at me, she stalked over to me in her patent leather heels which clopped like the hoofs of a Clydesdale on the thin carpet, her breasts bobbing enticingly as she spun my chair around and pulled down my pants. I looked around stunned at my co-workers who had this, “Go Ethan!” look on their faces as the office ice-queen took my dormant cock into her full-lipped mouth, the exasperated look never leaving her Victoria’s Secret covergirl of a face.

I moaned, unable to escape the deliciously wet, tugging/itching feelings that washed over my prick. Delicate, manicured nails caressed my balls as my co-workers looked on in amazement. Even Mary, who was sweet, but Mormon enough to be on the Brigham Young University Cheer squad was looking with rapt fascination.

Looking down at at Ms. Finch’s angular, pale face, her cheeks hallowing out as she sucked and slurped on the head of my rapidly inflating, throbbing veiny dick with gusto I couldn’t believe what was happening. She pulled off with a loud pop, those icy blue eyes even more cold in the sterile light of the meeting room, and before speaking, paused to lick a bead of pre-cum that had pearled on the tip of the wide, flaring head of my dick.

“Those numbers need to come up. And if I need to perform fellatio and cunnilingus on every person in your department, I will!.”

Christ, this was too crazy, It had to be a…

My eyes fluttered open, and I in dim light of my bedroom, my heavy blinds keeping out most of the scorching Summer sun, I looked down to see May naked as the day she was born, looking up at me as she lay on her side as casual as you please, propped up on one elbow like some Greek aristocrat languidly eating grapes on a dais with the plane of her full ripe hip curving into powerful legs. She resumed licking the pale shaft of my cock with a slightly less undecided look on her face than she wore last night. I could tell she wasn’t really into it, it was a means to an end. But, oh, what a means…

I moaned and for all she seemed to care, I could still have been asleep. The smell of her arousal was already heavy in the room, and I looked down to see her dip slender, short nailed hands into the thick delta of her dark furred pussy with one of her hands. Her prominent brown clitoris was already pronounced from underneath it’s raspberry colored hood, penetrating even the dew laded forest of her pubes. Making her small brown fingers into a spoon, she deflty scooped copious drooling lubrication pouring from her pussy to moisten her asshole.

Taking my hard cock, my bro climbed up onto my hips, and lowered herself onto me, gasping.

“Christ May…”I said, haltingly,”What are you doing?”

“What the fuck do you think, genius?” My buddy said, gritting her teeth as she used her powerful hips to slowly impale more of my prick into her,”I thought you were going to sleep forever…God, you’re thick Ethan.”

“Hey, I just woke up, of course I”m thick!” I grunted as her tight, well toned asshole slid down just a bit more, her hands on my chest, gripping onto the thick hair on my chest like it was some kind türkçe bahis of bridle I couldn’t help but gasp as the tight, sweet sensations produced by my cock contrasted with the pain of her strong fingers digging and pulling.

“I was talking about…ah…your cock, dumbass.”Her amber eyes looked down at me, burning in the hazy light of my room in her hunger and need.

“Oh,” I said lamely,”You could have asked you bitc- ungh!”

She plunged down the rest of the length of me, May’s eyes hungry and I could feel the thick, slick juices of her cunt soak into the skin and hair of my pubes and belly.

My hands reached up to grab at my friend’s wonderful, shuddering breasts- objects of fantasies I had relegated to my subconscious, not only for the good of my friendship with May, but also my own sanity. No need to bother pining after what I couldn’t have.

May slapped my hands away, slamming her ass down onto me again, eliciting grunts and moans from the both of us.

“What the fuck, May?” I asked, indignant despite the pleasure and she grinned wickedly at me

“Try again Ethan, c’mon, you want to feel up my tit, try it again- work for it!”, This was nuts man! I wasn’t really in the mood for games, and god, it did feel good. However, I really didn’t like being treated like some kind of human dildo.

“I’m done May..this…this is twisted dude.”I thrust my hips up, trying to get some leverage, and she clinched onto me with her strong brown thighs, the mouth of her asshole almost nipping at the head of my cock.

“You don’t mean that Ethan…stop being such a fucking pussy.”Her eyes looked down at me with a smirk.

“I do.”I was starting to get angry now and reached up, not to feel her up, bur rather to try to push her off. She grabbed my wrists, twisting them and eliciting pain from me as her delicious ass plunged down back onto me.

She whispered into my ear, her breath hot through full lips soft and wickedly lush as I grunted and was now even more torn between throwing her off of me and just laying back and enjoying it,”Look at you pinned there, your cock does feel really good in my asshole…ugh, it is thick. Abby and I were drunk, and just like I am now…she told me that you were nice and thick and long, and she did miss it. It pissed me off Ethan, it got me so angry, I was jealous…but a part of me…Christ…was really turned on. That pissed me off even more.”

I wasn’t sure what to think, but I did know how good it felt as May kept up her rhythm, her full full ass roiling, taking me as deep as my prick could go, I could feel the stiff little finger of her clitoris rub into my pubic mound as we both shuddered in bliss.

“She told me that there is something about real cock, that though guys could be such fucks, inconsiderate assholes- a nice, stiff cock was wonderful. Rubber didn’t get whiskey dick, it didn’t cum early, but it was hard and soft at the same time, it could warm up and it could shoot a nice, fat slick load of cum into you.”

“May…but I thought you were…I didn’t know…” I’m not sure what she was right now…I do know that despite this weirdness, I was as turned on as she was- but I didn’t like how she had gone about this,”I don’t really like this subby shit man…”

“That’s not what your cock says. You had no problem making me beg last night Ethan…fuck..Down on all fours, like your little bitch in heat. How do you like it now Ethan? Do you being under me, your cock in my asshole?” She hissed into my ear, nipping at the lobe.

“You’re a fucking douche- Ma-AAAAYYYY!” I started to say, but she bit down on my neck, her slightly crooked, white teeth digging into the already hickey wreathed flesh of my neck.

It hurt so bad, but it was strange, the way it felt- the sensation of her teeth digging into my neck, sharp, painful, jarring- blending with the taught, wet, hot sweetness of her ass. I never really thought of pain as all that terribly pleasurable- I didn’t get it myself, but my cock did, throbbing and swelling even more as she ground tortuously into me.

“Fuck…”I whispered hoarsely, my elbows arching up, my arms bulging against her grip, my broad chest arching out but I just couldn’t get the leverage I needed, and she laughed because she knew it.

May resumed her slow, maddening onslaught, her ass, full and pillowy against my flesh. It was like every nerve in my body was alive and on fire, and I really wanted to cum so bad- my balls were so full and churning they hurt.

“She fucked me Ethan. She fucked me so hard, and though we had a fight about it after, I came like a slut on the end of that big, thick rubber cock. I tried to forget it, to let it go, but there are times I looked at you, I wondered what it would be like. I didn’t think…I thought you did…Fuck, you were so nice Ethan, like you were a brother, not just a guy friend. I’m a dyke Ethan- I don’t think that’s going to change. That turns you on doesn’t it, knowing you’re fucking a lesbian in the ass? Something to brag to your güvenilir bahis siteleri friends about later?”

She was wrong on that point, I wasn’t going to tell my friends about this. She whimpered a bit as she had said the last words. I think she was afraid that I was going to treat her like just another locker-room conquest– but part of that turned her on, giving into her baser needs. She shifted, gyrating more and more on on my aching shaft, our moans and grunts combining with the bed creaking under both of our weight. I screamed hoarsely when May bit my nipple.

It pissed me the fuck off, but the pain it caused only served to stoke the furnace more. The smell of May filled my nostrils. There was this primal part of me, the deep ancestral part in a man who sees a woman, fit, attractive, strong, sexy- the part that wanted to breed with her, that would fuck her in the dirt like some kind of rutting animal. That part didn’t care if she was gay, that part didn’t’ care that she was my friend, that part only knew satisfaction of lust in the most suitable, attractive partner possible. I could only imagine that there was a similar part in her that felt the same way.

Instead of pain now, she kept licking and teasing my nipples with her full, soft purple lips, her short-cropped curly black hair with it’s streak of red looking almost like blood in the dimness of my bedroom, her expert touch causing me to feel cool and hot, pleasure and pain welling up into one crazy beast. My hips were trapped underneath her mad grinding as I thrust up and out, causing her asshole to make wet, hot sounds to the beat of my stabbing cock.

She smiled at me, and bit the upper swell of my pec and shoulder, finally settling up by my ear again, her hands releasing me from their pin and her fingers began to claw the back of my neck and scalp,”I want you to cum in my asshole again Ethan. I loved how it felt. Abby was right, I loved being filled by your cock, I loved how it felt when you shot your hot, sticky cum into my asshole. Fuck you Ethan, I’m a dyke, but I loved it. Fuck you…Christ…it’s so fucking good…fuck me harder..Fuck my asshole, fill it up…fuck you, you prick. Fuck you for forcing me to like it.”

Something about that last line just finally sealed the deal, I really did have enough. I stopped fucking into her, angry even despite my horniness,”Fuck you May- you wanted it as much as I did. You liked it too, you could have thrown me off, told me no, but you didn’t. It’s not my fault you’re a fucking dyke and can’t deal with it!”

Her eyes flashed rage, and she punched me in the face, I saw stars for a bit and for a brief minute I was just stunned.

She reared back to hit me again.

Before I knew what I was doing, I pulled my dick out of her ass and hit her back, nearly full force, if she wasn’t as tough as she was, I’m sure I would have seriously hurt her. Even then, I’m sure she was going to have a black eye.

I flipped her over, pinning her wrists much like she had just done to me.

“You hit me, you piece of shit!” May hissed.

“You hit me first, you crazy bitch!” I growled.

She stopped struggling and looked down.

“Ethan?” May asked, a strange look on her face, she winced as I wiped away moisture from my lip,”Could you let me up?”

I looked down, blinking a few times to shake the last bit of stars from my vision, I looked down at her,”Are you going to hit me again?”

“I don’t think so,” She replied, in a quiet voice.

I rolled my eyes and spoke, my voice more light-heated than I thought so,”You don’t THINK so? That’s so encouraging.”

“Ethan?” May asked again, and I looked at her, guardedly. I didn’t want to hit her again…god, I felt so tense, this was just too fucking weird….

I released her wrists, but kept my guard up.

“Your co…penis …it’s still hard. Are you…still, turned on?” May asked, her voice taking on that vulnerable, almost fragile tinge to it. I looked down at my friend, her body soft and warm, yet hard. I looked down, I was still so hard it hurt, the thickly veined meat drooling onto her hard stomach, mixing in the dark-fur of her the small happy trail that cut lead down to the sopping patch of thick curly hair, my aching cum-filled balls resting on her full, lithe hips. The wide, purple head of my cock pointed towards her full brown tits, and bobbing with my heartbeat, she flexed the toned muscles of her abs, her nipples hard enough to cut glass.

I don’t think I would forget this moment for the rest of my life. I then asked in a quiet voice.”What about you, Are you still horny, May?”

My friend looked at me, chewing the full purple bow of her lower lip thoughtfully,”Yes.”

I simply nodded, but I couldn’t really process this information, it was almost too much.

She reached up softly, and I flinched. May’s hand, small, brown and covered with rough callouses wiped at my face, and I saw my own blood.

“Ethan…I…I don’t know…would you please stick your cock back in?” There wasn’t any game to this, no coyness. It was her asking for me not just as someone to fuck, but a friend. Someone she cared for, and who she wanted to care for her,”This is so crazy…but I want you too.”