Steam Room Guilt

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“Goodnight babe” I said as I hung up the phone with my girlfriend of three years. We still live apart but see each other quite often, except on training nights. I take my MMA training very, very seriously and for as long as I can remember it’s all I think about and all I WANT to think about.

My girlfriend and I have a great relationship but just like any other relationship, there are fights, make-up sex (fantastic make-up sex), and we carry on. Yes, I do plan on marrying this girl one day.

Me… I am a tall well-built man in my mid twenties, just looking to survive in this world of government corruption, greed, wealth and heartbreak. So far, so good.

A few months back, my friend started dating this girl at the gym we go to. It was basically a race between the single guys in our crew to see who can get with her first, and he clearly won. A tall, muscular man like himself it was easy for him to smooth talk his way into a date, and another, and another. To say it didn’t cross my mind to make a pass would be a lie considering she is one of the most fun-loving, attractive girls I have ever met. Not to mention she has no problem just hanging with the dudes drinking beer on a Friday night. If you can picture your perfect girl, this is her. It wasn’t until recently that I started looking at her differently. We started playfully picking on each other. Some would call it flirting but it seemed like harmless fun…..

“Carina, pick it up!” Our trainer said as he motivated her to keep moving on with our grueling late night drill. We train at night since the gym is empty and we have the whole place to ourselves. My girlfriend and I have had our battles about the late nights away from each other but she knows this is my dream and I need to do this. As she moved over to the next station and began to squat I could see the outline of her black thong through her tight black workout pants. I must have been staring since I too got a, “PICK IT UP, CHRISTIAN!” from the trainer. She turned around and glanced at me. Caught. How could I help watching one of the most perfect asses I have ever seen move up and down in front of me for a solid three minutes at a time?

Later in the steam room, the guys were bullshitting about competitions and such but all I could think about was that perfect ass that my friend would undoubtedly be pounding in an hour or two.

“Christian did you see that?” My head jerked back towards the boys as I was staring at the hot rocks burn in front of us.

“See what?” I said.

“When that new girl fell during jump ropes!” My friends let out their laughter as I grinned at them, but all I could think about was how wrong it was to be this jealous of my friend sitting right next to me.

That night I went home and laid down in bed after an exhausting day of work, working out and sparring. My eyes were wide and my body was restless. I didn’t want to sleep. I couldn’t sleep. It could have been the pre-workout caffeine I ingested in unhealthy amounts, but in reality, it was Carina. Thinking about her tight body and how right now at this very moment she could be butt naked riding someone as close to me as a brother. I grabbed my cock and slowly began to stroke it. My eyes closed tight and my head filled with images of her pale skin riding me, moaning, screaming, and clawing at my chest. Before I knew it, I had came. That is when my eyes began to close and I drifted into a sleep.

The sound of my alarm was piercing, as the snooze button wasn’t even an option. I had already set my alarm a little later this morning. I got up and carried on with my day. To say my work was unaffected by the thoughts of Carina would be a heavy lie. She is all I thought about the entire day and I couldn’t wait to get to the gym at night and hope to see even more.

I got to the gym earlier than usual, anxious and slightly nervous though I’m not quite sure why. The boys rolled in a half hour later and my friend wasn’t tagging along.

“Hey, canlı bahis where’s Stephen?” I asked

“He has to take his parents to the airport tomorrow morning so he did the early class today”

“Oh, gotcha.” I answered. It was bad enough that I was having these thoughts but now I’ll have her all to myself. She walked in a few minutes later and went straight to the locker room to change. I was eager to see what she was wearing tonight and she didn’t disappoint. Black, skin-tight compression pants that stretched just enough to see some skin poking through, and a matching black sports bra. Her stomach bare, giving me just enough to imagine what I would do if it were lying underneath me.

We carried on with our sparring and our proceeding workout and as usual we went through our normal routine. I made sure to take the spot behind her again as she began to squat. Trying to be inconspicuous, I would only glance every few squats, rather than stare right at it and get called out again. That’s when I noticed she wasn’t wearing any panties this time. Now I felt my compression shorts get tighter as my cock got harder and harder looking at her pants stretch with every squat. The buzzer sounded to switch stations and as we walked past each other, her grin knew I was watching her, almost as if she wore no panties just for me. She playfully pushed me like we usually do, “Watch where you’re going!” as she smiled and walked past.

The work out ended and the guys went in the sauna as usual. I sat on the wooden stool trying to stay in the conversation but all I could think of is that gorgeous ass once again. The ass that was just not even three feet in front of me, that I want riding me.

The guys left the steam room and I hung back in the locker room. The gym stayed open late for us most days, this being one of them, as I sat on the locker room bench alone. All I could hear is the vacuum from the cleaning crew outside the locker room door as I stood up to open my locker. That’s when I heard footsteps.

“Oh shit!” She said as Carina walked into the locker room in nothing but a towel, high covering her breasts, exposing her long sexy legs. Her hair wet from the sweat of our previous workout but it turned me on.

“I thought everyone left, I’m sorry.” She looked around not knowing what to do as I stared at her, hoping that the towel falls to her feet.

“It’s alright. What are you still doing here?” I asked.

“The steam room is busted in the Girls locker room. I thought I saw all you guys leave so I came in here to use this one.”

“Oh, well it’s not occupied. It’s all yours.” I said.

“Ok, great.” Carina answered as she walked past me and around the corner to the sauna. She stopped in her tracks and turned to me as I reached in my locker for my shirt.

“Do you want to join me? I mean… I just wanted to ask you some questions about some of the new moves we learned tonight.” She asked. A million thoughts ran across my mind at that moment, though not one of them was to say “No.”

“Sure.” I said, not trying to act too eager as I got up and tightened my towel around my waste. We walked to the steam room as she turned the dial, cranking it up. We sat down about 5 feet apart on the wooden bench, still hot from when it was used last by the guys. She put her head back and closed her eyes, letting out a deep sigh. As she did this I watched her chest move up and down, the towel covering her perky breasts.

“You look good in there I have to say. Especially for a rookie.” I playfully said.

“Hey, fuck you man! I’m no rookie. I’ll tap your ass out any day.” She said back, punching my arm. I laughed and looked down at the rocks, prying my eyes away from her. She stood up and walked over to the rocks to ladle some more water over them, making more steam. As she did this her towel slipped down and she caught it right as it fell below her ass crack. She tied it back up and said, “Close one” and sat back down bahis siteleri next to me with a grin. I tried to act cool and just smiled back.

“Will you be here tomorrow?” She asked. “I want to work on that move we learned tonight. What was it called again?”

“An Achilles lock.” I responded.

“Yes that! I don’t think I had it right. It kept slipping.”

“Just like that towel?” I said. Oh, Shit. Did I really just say that? I didn’t know the response I was going to get from her but she laughed and responded with, “Don’t pretend you didn’t like it.”

Not knowing how to respond to that I just nervously laughed. I looked over and noticed her staring at my chest. “Like what you see?” I asked playfully.

“I’m just trying to read your tattoo. What does it say?” She asked as she leaned closer to it putting a finger on my chest. I looked down…

“It says Li….” She flicked her finger up into my face and started laughing. Not having fell for that one since elementary school I laughed with her. She put her hand on my thigh as we calmed down. Now she is no less than a foot away from me with her hand on my thigh, and it seems there is no intention to move it. She looked up at me and smirked. I smirked back. Our eyes stayed locked on each other’s for a good few seconds before it happened. We both leaned in and began to kiss.

“Holy Shit” Was all I could think as her pierced tongue glided around mine. I knew this was wrong, on both of our parts but I couldn’t resist the urge to continue.

She broke our kiss and stood up and stared at me. Don’t stop, is all I could think. She slowly dropped her towel exposing her gorgeous body. Tattoos on her ribs and thigh made me even harder as she leaned in and began kissing my neck working towards my ear. “Did you like what you saw today?” she said as she began tonguing my ear. She reached for my towel and pulled it down exposing my rock hard cock. She slowly got down to her knees, beneath the wooden bench, and gently licked the tip. As she pulled her tongue away, the pre-cum strings from the tip of my cock. She wipes it away with her finger and licks every single drop. She opens her mouth and starts sucking my cock slowly, using her hand to stroke it at the same time. I leaned back and let out a small moan, which made her go faster. It felt amazing, beyond anything I have ever felt before. It wasn’t long before I said between heavy breaths “I’m going to cum.” She kept going and before I knew it, the euphoria hit. My sweet load shot down her throat as she continued to suck and stroke me. I pushed her away as it came to an end. I sat back breathing heavily on the bench as she sat back down next to me, wiping her mouth and licking up every last bit of cum. My eyes were closed as I came down from the high. I looked next to me as she sat there biting her lip with her hand in between her legs, playing with her pussy. I took her hand and moved it as I began to play with her moist pussy. As I rubbed the clitoris in a circular motion, she grabbed on to my arm.

“Oh, Fuck.” She said as she lifted her left leg and placed her foot on the stool next to her.

She began to moan as I played with her. I pushed her down to make her lay on the bench. As she lifted both feet on to the bench, laying down on it facing me, I began to eat her sweet pussy.

I licked her clitoris as she moaned above me, playing with her perky nipples. Her back moving up and down with every breath, I moved my tongue down to the opening of her pussy so I can taste her. I licked her wet, pussy for a few minutes as she moaned and pulled on my sweaty hair. I moved back to the clitoris, inserting my index and middle finger into her. This set her off as she was moaning more and more. It wasn’t long before she was let out a loud moan and pushed my head away from her, breathing heavy with her eyes closed. After a moment, she collected herself and moved back next to me. After taking a few breaths she lunged in and began bahis şirketleri tonguing my face again.

“Where do you want me?” She whispered in my ear. I looked down at my cock, which is hard again, and just in time. “Sit on my cock.” I said back to her.

She stood up and straddled me with her breasts in my face. I noticed a nipple ring as I began licking the rim of her nipple. She reached underneath her and inserted my cock into her wet pussy. She began to moan as she leaned on my thigh with her right hand and begin to ride my cock. Her tight, warm, wet pussy, was even better than I have been dreaming about. She moved up and down as I grabbed her ass pulling her closer. She came again, and again. It took every bit of me not to bust inside of her but I held my ground and went at a slow pace.

She hopped off my dick and leaned over it giving it a lick before bending over in front of me.

“I want you to fuck my ass.”

I am no stranger to anal sex but it sure has been a while. I was a bit taken back by the request so I sat there for a second. She turned around and pulled my hair back. She licked up my neck to my ear and whispered “Now.”

She turned back around and bent over, grabbing onto the wooden frame in the center of the steam room, where the hot rocks lay. I stood up and stared at the gorgeous ass in front of me. Nothing left to the imagination. I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer. I spit on my fingers and began to slowly caress the opening of her tight asshole. She began to moan and I slipped my fingers in deeper. She seemed to like it as she started moving back and forth on my fingers.

“Let me feel that big cock inside of my ass. I want it now. Please”

I slid my fingers out of her ass as she gasped. I stroked my cock and spit in my hand once again to lube it up, though the steam and sweat seem to be doing a great job of that. I massaged the tip of my cock around her ass hole and began to work it in. She reached back with her right hand and grabbed my wrist tight. I stopped.

“Keep going.” She said, and I pushed my cock in deeper. It wasn’t long before the rest of the shaft slid in deep into her asshole and she let out a loud moan followed by a gasp. She turned back and looked at me biting her lip, which was the sexiest this I have ever witnessed.

I began to thrust my cock inside of her asshole and as she moaned. I pulled on her long brown hair lightly as her hand released my right hand and began to rub her pussy.

“Fuck me harder.” She said in-between breaths.

I began to fuck her tight asshole just as she had demanded. She took to it instantly as she moved with me, working together.

“OHHHHHH!” She moaned as she began to tremble. For the first time in my life, and what seems to be hers, I had made a women cum by fucking their ass. She rubbed her pussy slowly as her sweet cum dripped down her leg.

“You want me to cum in your ass baby?” I asked as she couldn’t get any words out but nodded yes.

I began to thrust her tiny asshole harder and harder. She moaned like crazy as she continued rubbing her pussy. I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I finally busted inside of her asshole. She moaned as she felt every bit of me erupt inside of her. Sweat dripped down my forehead as I wiped it away. I removed my cock from her ass and grabbed my towel. We both cleaned up and sat next to each other still trying to catch our breath. She grabbed my hand placed on the bench at my side and squeezed it.

“I have never felt a cock that good.” She said as she stared at me. I leaned in and we kissed for a few more minutes before grabbing our towels and leaving the sauna, steamy and wet. She went to the women’s locker room as I sat on the stool in front of my locker. I smirked before snapping back to reality. I reached in my locker and grabbed my phone. 3 missed calls. I grabbed my cock and let out another deep breath before pressing the call button.

“Hey Babe.” I said as I came down from the sex-high. I sat there with the phone to my ear, in nothing but a towel, stained with lies and guilt. Was it worth it? Yes. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat. All I have left to dream about is next time.