Something Desired

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It was late fall outside. The leaves had mostly fallen and the chill winds of an early winter had already begun to blow. That was all right. We had enough wood stored away for two winters and food on top of that for years to come.

God had been very gracious to us. Hunting had gone well, a garden patch had fared even better and foraging had never been more successful.

In addition to all that Wyatt had found some more canned food in an abandoned house about a day’s journey away. Best of all though the hunters were gone.

No more drones flew overhead and no search and kill parties combed through the forest and abandoned fields. Whether they thought everyone was dead or they had met with hard times themselves, we didn’t know or much care about, although that said my hope was for the latter.

The big thing though was that they were gone and that was what mattered most, because it meant my mate always returning home to me had never been more likely to happen than it was now. Life in general was beyond good.

God had given us a beautiful baby girl. Delivery had gone amazingly without any complications and more and more we increased in awareness of the assurance that we could survive just about anything, and what we couldn’t, well God was enough so we relied on Him and He’d never let us down.

Sometimes it was a struggle, but He was always there with us in the midst of it and He always brought us through to the other side without fail each and every time. Little by little Wyatt and I were learning to trust Him and His plan for us more and more by the day.

The baby made a noise and I lifted my head from off the sheets. She was stirring in her sleep fitfully.

It would seem Wyatt’s actions were proving a bit too boisterous as he shook the bed with the in and out plundering of my sheath from behind. I didn’t mind the roughness of his taking. I loved it when he took me in this way.

Apparently he too noticed Sarah’s fitfulness and his surging passage into me stilled to a gentler in and out glide. I propped myself up on my elbows and glanced behind me and smiled as I took in the sight of him powerfully positioned behind me with his gaze rooted on my bottom that I held arched upward for the taking against his groin.

He moved the oily finger, he had buried in my ass then and I blinked from the unexpected pleasure of it. Oh, I knew what he wanted.

During late pregnancy he had begun to play with the opening of my ass. I hadn’t said anything about it or told him to stop.

His playing had become more advanced to include the insertion of a finger and then sometimes two. From the beginning, it was clear where things had been headed and as I would never deny him anything I had patiently waited for the day he would slide his cock up my ass.

I couldn’t say it was something I specifically wanted to have happen, but he wanted it, and it pleased me to please him and so I willingly took the insertion of his fingers and sometimes even his tongue and said nothing to oppose his enjoyment of this last virgin part of me.

Two things had become clear, though over the past several months. For one, I had come to love the feeling of his fingers inside my ass, because it made him feel even bigger within me and my orgasms were even more intense than before. The other thing was that he intended to go no further until I told him it was okay to do so, which made me feel very special and deeply güvenilir bahis cared for.

I’d been waiting for the right day. Today felt better than okay.

He stayed buried to the hilt within my sheath as his oily finger withdrew and pressed in again and again. I groaned deeply at the sensations he was evoking and held steady to his plundering touch of my bottom.

His free hand clutched one of the cheeks of my bottom in a clear statement of the way he adored this part of my body, even as his other hand plundered the tightness that lay between my cheeks.

Shyly I called out to my stud of a husband as the very real desire to feel something far bigger than his finger within the warmth of my rear passage occurred to me for not the first time, “Hey baby?”

His finger stopped and he looked across the plane of my arched back to meet my gaze. I wiggled my bottom back into his groin and feeling the pleasure of him within me to the hilt along with all I felt for this man gave me the courage to say, “I’ve never said no to anything you’ve wanted and I have no intention of ever doing so. You don’t have to wait anymore. Take what you want of me. I’m yours honey.”

His shaft swelled even bigger within me and with some trepidation and even more excitement I focused on keeping eye contact with him. Just how was all of that possibly going to fit in my ass?

Gruffly he asked, “Are you sure?”

I nodded my head.

He swallowed and then asked, “But do you want me to? Please be honest.”

Meeting his gaze I spoke the truth, “Today I do. I don’t know about tomorrow, but right now I want every thick inch of your cock as far up my ass as you care to drive it. Descriptive enough for you Sugar?”

“Yes.” He said gruffly and withdrew his cock from my sheath. A cock that felt like it had increased to never before seen proportions.

I let my face fall back to the mattress as I waited for him to make my ass his. His free hand pulled on my hip and I freely folded backward over my knees until the opening of my rear still pierced with his finger was at a level for his cock to better surge into.

Nervously, I focused on breathing deeper and with reassurance Wyatt said, “I’ll be gentle.”

I knew he would be and knowing that held me poised in position as his finger withdrew from my well oiled rear passage leaving me empty for a moment. It was only a moment though, as I then felt the wet head of his cock soaked with my juices begin to press into my ass.

I let my breath go out and I pushed as I had learned to do in order to better accommodate the entry of his fingers. I gasped with surprise as I felt the entire head of his shaft squeeze inside of me and past the tight outer rings of my opening.

Eyes wide open I breathed hard and fought for control as more of his cock began to slide in. He was big!

I closed my eyes as the discomfort became such that I wanted to tell him to stop. For his enjoyment sake, though I didn’t want to tell him to stop.

More of his shaft eased in and I gasped and clutched at the sheets. The problem with my husband was that he only got thicker the further down his shaft you went.

It had never been a problem until now. He was built like a tree trunk and that’s just what it felt like was invading me from behind.

I couldn’t do it!

Breathing heavy I was on the verge of telling him to stop, when the baby cried out. Her cry türkçe bahis cut through the discomfort I was feeling and I looked up. Her cry told me she was hungry.

I heard Wyatt sigh heavily and his shaft began to withdraw from me. He’d never felt as engorged as he did right now and even though he was doing what I had been about to ask him to do I no longer wished for it. One way or another this man was going to have the pleasure of my ass that he so clearly desired to enjoy.

Raising up slightly I reached back with one hand and grasped at his thigh. Not looking at him I said, “Stay where you’re at honey.”

He stayed and leaning forward slightly I grasped Sarah’s swaddling blanket and gently pulled her to me across the sheets. Smiling down at her angry cry face I said, “What’s wrong sugar? Hungry?”

She only cried harder. Chuckling, I eased her beneath me as I held myself up with one elbow, “It’s alright baby girl. Mamas got milk for you. Lots of it, see.”

Her greedy lips found my nipple and latched on aggressively even as her small hands rose to grasp and repetitively kneed my breast in order to make my milk flow even faster. I hovered over her playing with her fingers and stroking her cheek as she ate noisily with great gusto.

She was such a good baby. Time went by and eventually my nipple popped free of her latch and she burped loudly. Laughing softly I wiped at her face, as she sleepily closed her eyes once more completely satiated.

In two more seconds she was fast asleep and, gently I eased her away from me and farther up the bed. Something had been happening during this whole interlude. I had been adjusting to the size of my husband’s cock placed most of the way inside of my ass.

The presence of his shaft did not feel bad at all now and the discomfort that I had felt was no more. I glanced back over my shoulder at him with a smile. Immediately I laughed upon seeing how every blood vessel in his face was ticking with tension.

“Oh, honey!” I soothed shaking my head and then breathy voiced I said, “Make me yours.”

I brought my face forward and exclaimed loudly as he did exactly that. He slid all the way to the hilt in me and it had only brought me pleasure this time. Purring I pressed back into his deep claim of my ass and his control snapped just like I wanted it to.

I wanted to be taken and my mouth fell open as the sensation of feeling him withdrawn almost out of me only to be rammed all the way in again registered across every nerve in a deep guttural fashion that had me moaning in anticipation for the next surge.

I couldn’t explain it. The experience had gone from being a source supreme discomfort, even pain, to a feeling like no other. He kept surging deeply and his stroking possession of my ass began sparking an orgasm entirely different than any I’d ever had before.

It ripped through my body and left no prisoners. I couldn’t help it, I screamed and through it I heard him cry out passionately, even as I felt his seed shoot into me deeply.

What we had done was so very different and yet in the aftermath I liked it. Gradually reality returned and slowly as if with great reluctance Wyatt pulled his shaft clear from my ass’s tight clasp of it.

I felt so empty!

He collapsed down to the bed beside me opposite of Sarah. Breathing heavily, he looked at me with wonder in his eyes before stating, “You are simply an amazing woman güvenilir bahis siteleri Honey!”

Smiling, I eased over him as I felt the muscles of my rear passage contract down until I was closed, with only his seed sealed within me. Far from feeling worn out I felt ready for more. In fact at this moment I had energy I couldn’t even begin to explain.

My wish for more though wasn’t going to happen, as I could see my man was completely worn out. Smiling into his gaze I said, “The last half of that was pretty amazing.”

He nodded, not saying anything and continuing on I said, “Maybe we could work on making the whole process as nice as the last part was?”

“Tomorrow?” He breathed out with an air of hopefulness in his tone.

Chuckling, I leaned forward and against his lips I said, “Darling, you can start tonight for all I care.” We kissed deeply for a long moment and then pulling back, I said as I eased up higher in the bed, “But in the meantime I was wondering if you could help me with something. I have a baby who only likes to nurse on one side before she falls asleep. Think you could take care of this other side for me tonight?” I teased as I positioned my milk engorged breast so that my nipple, already leaking warm sugary milk, fell across his lips.

He groaned and swatted me lightly on the rear as he muttered something like, “I don’t deserve you!” Before his lips closed over my nipple and took my breath away even as my milk flowed freely into his mouth, giving him sustenance that I delighted in doing even as I delighted in the fact that I had pleasured him deeply tonight by letting him have my ass.

I stroked his face and hair with my hand and watched him. He may not think he deserved me, but the truth was that neither of us deserved all that had been given to us.

It was truly a blessing to be a beloved child of an all-powerful God who knew how to and even relished in the giving of good things to those who put their trust and faith in Him. God was everywhere, but looking heavenward, I whispered, “Thank you for everything.”

Peace rained down upon the moment and with my milk gone, I lay over onto my back. My man cuddled into my side and laid his big hand spread across my belly in a statement of possession that I loved and in turn I moved Sarah in close to me on the other side. The cold of approaching winter weather blew strongly outside, but the cave was warm and cozy.

Before long I was the only one awake as I continued to hold both of my family members to me. Tear after tear coursed down my face to disperse into my hair and dampen the pillow beneath.

My tears weren’t tears of sorrow, but of joy. I had everything any woman could ever ask for.

Joy spread throughout my whole being and with fondness I looked back over my life and took in the reality of how God had been with me from the very beginning always working things to the good. My life had harsh moments far from the joy of this moment, but this moment of true happiness was only possible because of the hard things I had gone through and the decisions I had made along the way in order to reach this moment.

“Thank You for leading me and sustaining me to see this day, God. I trust You with as many or as few days as may remain of my life knowing that You’re in charge and that You’ve always had a plan for my life.”

That said, I drifted off to sleep in the warmth of the peace that I had that all things would work out to the good for those who love God and kept to His ways. It was a truth hard to see sometimes, but nevertheless a fact of reality, because it said so in God’s Word and my life was nothing but a living testimony of it coming true.