So I texted the wife my fantasy.

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Hatsune Miku

So I texted the wife my fantasy.So the other night I was horny. Nothing new there, but I’m tired of masterbating. I decided to text the fantasy I was about to imagine and figured I’d wait for her reactions:When she came home I made her read back to me the message while I fingered her pussy.Text message:”So the fantasy I had. We are having a few drinks. Bonfire. Friends are over and it’s getting late. People are starting to get up and say goodbye. Couple people picking up chairs. You tell people don’t worry about it we will get it. I’m sitting by fire sipping a beer. You head into the house. You stumble along the way and I can tell you’re well buzzed. You go to the bedroom and put on some sweats and a tshirt. I make my way towards the house as you come back to the kitchen. Standing at the fridge you are looking on the bottom shelf for a beer when you feel hands on your hips. You push back and nuzzle your ass against a hard lump. You say you feeling horny baby? A guy responds well actually I am. You are alarmed as you turn around and realize it’s not me.Just then I come walking in from the garage. You canlı bahis push away slightly and say baby! I stand there and you immediately laugh and say it was an accident. I ask what you are talking about and you walk towards me and kiss me. I start giving you tongue and you break away nervously. Looking at the stranger you apologize and he says it’s okay I like it. You laugh and look at me and I say to the man would you like to kiss her? You look at me and are irritated and smirking and say yeah right! I motion to him as he walks near you push away and say nooo! Quit playing around, it’s not funny. Just then I lean in and kiss you and you kiss back. As you feel me grabbing your tit and another hand rubbing your pussy through your sweats. You are turned on and go to push back as you realize you are drunk and oblivious to your company. As you open your eyes you feel my hand creep inside your panties and start fingering your soaking wet pussy. You hate to admit it but this new situation has tested you and turned you on. That’s when you see the stranger is fingering you while I kiss you. “*at this point bahis siteleri she is soaking wet. She would normally be pissed off at this point for even trying to get her to think about a situation like this. So I continue fingering her as I tell her to keep reading.*Text continues:”You are upset and angered but it feels so good and you realize I’m totally going along with it and you suddenly feel a bit at ease and a rush of adrenaline. You see me undressing and sliding off my pants as the other guy unzips his jeans and you see a large bulge in his boxer briefs. You think to yourself this is so wrong but your buzz is feeling good and you give in anyways. I’m kissing you and you’re stroking my cock, while the stranger is fingering you and he pulls his cock free. You gasp and don’t look at it. You look back at me and I whisper it’s okay. Touch him. You hesitate and the grab him. You are playing with him. He is larger than me, and you feel the warmth pulsing through his shaft.”*at this point I am kissing her neck and playing with her tits. My cock is throbbing and oozing with Precum. Hearing her read canlı bahis my fantasy out loud while feeling her pussy drench itself. I start to mount her and tell her to keep reading. I slowly slide my cock in her while thinking of her in this situation of lust and drunken primal urges.*Text continues:”I whisper in your ear.. I wanna see you fuck him. You say no! That’s wrong we need to stop. I keep kissing you and tell you to relax and just enjoy yourself. It’s okay I love you. I squeeze your hand and say now fuck him 😉 you let your panties drop down and start to spread your thighs. You are now realizing how turned on all this is making you and fighting your inner voice. You also realize you are incredibly wet and only love once. You feel the tip of his cock as it slides along your lips. You want him, you want to feel him, you want to take him. He starts to penetrate you and you gasp and look at me. I kiss you hard and you feel me growing even harder in your hands. You are so turned on and can tell I’m getting off watching you get fucked by a hard, throbbing, thick, cock.”*I came deep inside her while imagining her taking a strangers cock between her thighs and milking it relentlessly. Someone come fuck her with me. She loved this story and came all over me minutes after finishing reading the last words out loud.