Slippery When Wet Ch. 1

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I had had a football party at my place and most of the guys had already left. I was in the process of finishing what was left to clean up. Thankfully, most of my friends had become helpful in that area, as most of them were married and had learned some domestic etiquette from their wives. My neighbor across the street was the only one left and insisted on helping me with the last of the chores. We finished up and grabbed a couple of cold ones from the fridge and sat down at my kitchen table.

Mark was gay but that didn’t bother me. It took him quite a while to confide in me of his sexual orientation, but he eventually did. Once we had heard a news bulletin before a game about a traffic tie-up downtown due to a gay pride parade. He tested me by making a sarcastic remark about gays and I just mentioned that we all have the right to free speech and that included gays as well. We got to talking and because of my live and let live attitude; he revealed his sexual orientation to me.

I would have never figured him to be gay, as he seemed to be just like the rest of the guys I hung out with. Of course I had no idea what a gay person was like, as I had never had the opportunity to talk to one. I guess the only thing I had to go on was the stereotypical limp wrist, feminine voice type of thing. Mark didn’t seem to fit those criteria. I had assumed that he was divorced and lived alone like I was. I never did like poking into other people’s private lives or they to mine.

He was willing to talk about it if I brought it up, which I did on several occasions. I guess I had an academic curiosity of why people were gay. I thought it had mostly to do with the sex but that was probably due to society’s stereotype. Mark had told me that it was much more than the sex. That in many respects, it was much like a heterosexual relationship where there was love and commitment. He said there are some who seek the sex, but so do heterosexual people. He didn’t care for the gay bars and that scene and as far as the sex was concerned, he wanted that to be a part of a relationship and not some one-night stand. He had no desire for sexually transmitted diseases and was careful about that. I had wondered why I never saw anyone over at his place and he had told me that before his company had transferred him here, he had been in a long-term relationship with a guy, but that they had broken it off and he was just enjoying being himself for a while. I could relate to that as I had been in a couple of relationships since my divorce, but that they weren’t right for me so I decided to take a break from the dating scene.

Although Mark was OK with talking about his sexual orientation, we didn’t delve into the subject too much. He did bring more understanding poker oyna about the issue to me. He had asked me one time if I had ever had a same sex experience and I told him that I hadn’t, but that I had thought about it wondering how one could desire having sex with someone of the same gender. I told him that although I knew when a guy was handsome, I had never desired to have sex with him and doubted that I could even get aroused. At the time, he told me that if I ever wanted to explore that aspect of my sexuality, he would be glad to help. I was embarrassed but jokingly said I’d be sure and let him know.

We sat around the table and had a few more beers, which I really didn’t need as I had put down a few during the game as well. I became a little bold and began to ask him about what it was like having sex with a guy. He too was feeling the beers and seemed comfortable with talking about it. It was interesting to me because it was like listening to a woman talk about having sex with a guy. As we talked, I could feel a subtle kind of arousal. I assumed that it was due to our conversation of a sexual nature. The details weren’t arousing as there wasn’t anything really new to me as a male he was describing, just that the conversation was about sex. I told him I just couldn’t see myself getting aroused by a guy. He asked me if I would like to find out.

I knew it was the beers but for some reason I felt I wanted to find out whether or not I could get aroused. I never would have gone out to actually explore this curiosity, but this seemed to be a good opportunity and with someone I could trust, so I said yes. He asked me if I was sure and I replied, not really, but if not now, I probably never would.

He asked me what I would be comfortable with doing and I told him some touching and stroking would tell me whether or not I would get aroused. He agreed and told me to just let him know if I became uncomfortable and we would stop.

We went into my bedroom and I got undressed. I felt embarrassed being naked in front of him, so he suggested he get naked too so that we would be on equal footing. I said OK, so while he got undressed, I got on the bed. I still felt exposed so I laid on my side and watched him get undressed. When he was done, he got onto the bed beside me. He suggested I just lay on my back and relax. I must have looked pretty tense. I put a couple of pillows behind my head and lay back and closed my eyes. He picked up my limp penis and gently began to fondle it. It felt strange, not the physical feelings, but the mental feelings that a man was touching me this way. He just fondled me and once in a while would reach down and gently fondle my balls. I felt no arousal but I really didn’t think I would. He began to canlı poker oyna pull my foreskin down to the base of my penis and just hold it there. The air felt good on my exposed penis, but still I felt no sexual feelings.

After several minutes I felt myself getting slightly erect, but this didn’t bother me as I get erections sometimes without any thought of sex. This allowed him more length to pull my foreskin up and down. I remember thinking how strange it was that he was now masturbating me in a way. Still I didn’t feel any sexual feelings or arousal and I remained semi-erect. In a way it did feel kind of good in a massage sort of way like someone massaging your arms or legs. It was relaxing in a way and I felt my embarrassment ease somewhat.

I wanted to tell him that I didn’t think I was going to get aroused, but at the same time I liked the way it made me relax. I became harder but this didn’t bother me. Eventually I became fully erect but still didn’t have any sexual feelings. He asked me how I was doing and I told him that I didn’t think I would get excited. He asked me if I wanted to stop and I told him that although I didn’t feel any sexual feelings, that I kind of enjoyed the massage. He continued stroking me slowly and lightly.

After about ten minutes I felt that slight tingle. At first I dismissed it, but eventually I could no longer deny it. It surprised me and I felt embarrassed by it. It didn’t seem to get any stronger so I thought maybe that was all I would feel. After a few more minutes of his manipulations though, it became stronger. I began to feel that warm, wet feeling deep inside me and I knew that my prostate was beginning to release my semen. I felt kind of panicky and considered having him stop. If I had him stop though, would he guess that I was getting excited. I wasn’t sure if I wanted him to know that I was. For that matter, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to know that I was. I decided to stay quiet in the hopes that I wouldn’t get anymore aroused.

It became apparent though that I was getting even more aroused. My penis felt completely engorged. I found myself trying to think of other things to halt my arousal, but found instead this hidden part of my sexuality. I no longer tried to deny the feelings I was feeling but tried to sort them out as best I could. I had heard that nobody is totally heterosexual or homosexual, but somewhere in-between and in a way, this made sense to me but considered myself to be real close to 100% heterosexual. I had to admit to myself that yes, a man could sexually arouse me. In a way it was a revelation of a part of my sexuality that I had never know before and I was 43 years old.

He picked up his pace and wrapped his hand around my shaft. I knew by using his whole hand that more of the surface of my penis would get stimulation and I knew then that if he kept it up, I might even have an orgasm. His touching me was one thing because I hadn’t expected to even become aroused, but his creating me having an orgasm was something I hadn’t counted on. I wasn’t sure what to do.

I tried to think of how to deal with this but at the same time I could feel my arousal rising higher. Again, I thought about having him stop but I realized that deep down I didn’t want him to stop. This was another revelation to me.

I squinted my eyes open and saw him laying on his side with his head by my chest. He was looking right at my penis while he worked on me. I felt exposed but for some reason it turned me on that I was the center of his attention. I looked at his hand working on me and although it was so different to see a mans hand masturbating me, it sent a shiver down my groin and I felt myself twitch in his hand.

Before I thought about it, I spread my knees and legs wide apart. This startled me as it might indicate to him that I was getting aroused and that I was submitting to his stimulation. He did notice my action and asked me if I was getting aroused. I swallowed and told him I was. He asked me if I was Ok with that and I said, I think so. He slowed his pace back down and lightly wisped his fingers from the hot spot on the back of the head of my penis, to the base. I thought, he’s doing a really good job. Then I remembered reading somewhere years ago a lesbian saying, who knows better how to please you sexually than you or someone who has the same equipment and knows how to use it.

After a couple of minutes of this, he again stroke me slowly. As slow as he masturbated me, I still felt an increase in my arousal. I found my breathing increase and my heart beat faster. He slowly picked up his pace and I felt another increase in my arousal. I was getting hot now and knew I getting closer to orgasm. I saw a drop of pre-cum build in the slit of my penis. For some reason, watching that drop get bigger turned me on. It also seemed to turn me on that he could see it too. It was mostly clear and the bigger it got the more it seemed to magnify dark hole in my slit. It got to where it was big enough and heavy enough that it began to fall off my penis. Mark caught it on the tip of a finger and licked it off. This surprised me but at the same it intrigued me. In a way he was accepting my sexuality and my cum was a part of that.

By now I was breathing pretty heavily and not trying to hide it. I was getting closer to a climax. At this point I realized that not only was I about to experience an orgasm, but that I would ejaculate too. I had never done this in front of a man and it gave me the feeling of being self conscious about peeing in a public men’s room. The thought came to me, Could I go this far. I knew what lay ahead of me, or did I?