Sisters Secret

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***Part I***

I took a shortcut from my friend’s house passing by the pond out back and took the path under the oak trees coming home from the back side of the house. As I approached I saw someone’s car parked on the side of the veranda that practically wrapped around the house.

It was summertime so the windows were open around the house. I have a soft step and so no one in the house could hear me as I walked up the wooden stairs to the veranda. As I walked past my sister Dianne’s bedroom window I happened to see someone in her room with her as the curtains slowly fluttered in the gentle breeze.

Dianne’s guest was standing in front of her while she was sitting on the edge of her bed. I could tell her hand was making an up and down motion. It looked like she was giving him a hand job. Then I saw him untie her halter top straps and pull off her top. She was not wearing a bra and her firm rounded boobs were exposed and I could see her nipples were hard. Her mini skirt had ridden up and I could see her panties over her ass cheeks, and the nice form of her pussy.

Dianne’s head started bobbing up and down along with the motion of her hand. Her boyfriend caressed down her spine and his hand slipped under the band of her mini skirt she often wore in the summer. Benny could see the motion of his hand feeling and fondling her ass crack and her firm buns. His thumbs acted like hooks and pulled her skirt down over her ass and when she lifted, pulled it down to her knees.

I have seen my sister naked before but this was making me horny.

Her light cotton print bikini panties were now totally exposed and showed her perfect form. His hand was under her panties fondling every centimeter of her ass. She twisted her position some and it looked like he now had a finger in her vagina.

Suddenly she froze and he held her head tight. I could now see them from the side and I could tell his cock was almost all the way in her mouth. He flexed and groaned.

After a minute I could see he was moving the cock around in her mouth and he could see her Adam’s apple bob as she swallowed. She kept the cock in her mouth obviously savoring the taste and feel of his cum in her mouth.

By now he had already completely removed her skirt and panties. She was totally nude. But now his cock was soft. I saw him give her a twenty dollar bill.

It dawned on me now where she got the money to buy sexy clothes.

My cock was rock hard and I had to find some privacy to do something about it.

I learned her boy friend’s name was Ken. She had other boy friends lately but I saw him more often. I casually met him and introduced myself one day when he arrived but my sister Dianne was gone in town shopping with some friends.

“Hi, my name is Bennie. I am Dianne’s young brother. What’s your name?”

“Ken. So you are her younger brother, how old are you?” He was meeting a bonafide twink.

Bennie replied, “I am 18 and a half.”

“So what do you do on a day like this?”

As if on cue subconsciously, Bennie said, “I am just trying to figure out what I am going to do to earn some money.”

“What are you looking to do?”

“Right now just about anything.” Bennie was more honest than he meant to be.

Ken said, “You can do me a favor for 20 dollars, but you must finish the job to get the money.”

“What do you want me to do?” Bennie subconsciously was already committed to trying anything sexual just for the experience.

“Let’s go to your room for a little privacy.”

Ken followed Bennie to his room and locked the door behind them. “Go ahead and sit on your bed, why don’t you? You might as well take off your shoes to feel more comfortable.”

Bennie sat on his bed and took off his shoes. By taking off his shoes he was more relaxed, like getting ready for bed.

Ken stood in front of Bennie. Taking Bennie’s hand he placed it on his crotch and rubbed it up and down his package from the balls to the belt buckle. “Do this for a while and get me hard.”

Bennie let go of his innocence and rubbed up and down lured by the prospect of the money.

“Unbuckle my pants and rub it through my underwear. It will give more sensation.”

Bennie was unsure of how far this would go. He was only rubbing the cock through clothing and was not actually touching it. He unbuckled the belt and pants and slid them down. Now he could feel the cock head more when he stroked up, and could feel the balls all the way to the crotch.

“You are doing well,” Ken said. “Rub all the way down past my balls.” He waited to see how far Bennie would reach.

Bennie was fascinated by the feel of another man’s parts even through the clothing. It was a thrill. As he reached under, Ken said, “All the way back, that’s it.” Bennie’s hand was now stroking all the way back to the ass crack, and up some.

“Lay your face against it so you can reach further back.” Ken made this up just so the kid would reach all the way up the ass crack and also get his face against the cock.

“That’s it just hold your canlı bahis hand in the crack for a minute trapping the underwear and your hand in it.”

While Bennie was distracted doing this, Ken held his head firmly against his cock while humping up and down a little against his face. Holding Bennie’s head with one hand he used a thumb on his other hand to pull down his underwear and let the cock head emerge from under the band of the underwear.

As he brought Bennie’s face against the bare skin of his cock, Ken erotically pulled up Bennie’s T-shirt in the back, then off.

With the T-shirt off Bennie felt more excited and personal. Then he realized his face was against Ken’s bare cock. Ken was maneuvering his face against the cock, and he felt his cheeks rub across the cock and now his lips brushed against it.

“Reach around behind me and push my underwear down with both hands and feel my firm ass all over.”

“Stroke it gently,” Ken said. “Cup my balls with your hand and massage them while stroking my crotch all the way back.

Bennie had one hand stroking the cock against his face while the other hand was exploring crotch and crack feeling the differences of pubic hair and ass hair.

Holding Bennie’s face against his cock he said, “Kiss it. Go ahead it is just skin.”

Bennie could feel more heat coming from the cock against his lips. It was getting harder. Soon Ken had maneuvered his lips closer to the head as he kissed.

“Open your mouth wide so I can feel your warm breath on my cock head.”

After a few minutes he Bennie could tell he was having an effect on Ken’s cock. It was getting hotter and the cockhead seemed to be larger. He could feel it throbbing. The head was at the entrance of his open mouth to feel his warm breath on it. This was his first time hand job.

Without realizing it the cock head was past the lips of his mouth. He kept his mouth open wide. At this time no one could say he sucked the cock, but now he had to move his tongue and as it grazed the cockhead he closed his lips around it momentarily out of reflex. He had to wet his lips and licked them for a minute causing him to also lick the cockhead. His tongue felt a slickness at the tip of the cockhead which smeared around it with the action of his tongue. The cock head was smooth to his tongue and lips, and tasted good but exotic.

While these sensations were filling his attention Bennie didn’t realize the cock head had engorged larger, and pulsed stronger, and Ken was holding his head with great tightness.

Suddenly he felt huge warm squirts hitting the back of his mouth in jets. His other hand was caught in the squeeze of the ass cheeks and he felt them flex strongly. The cock in his mouth flexed, pulsed, and hammered through his lips that were now tightly gripping the cock.

Bennie could feel large viscous drips down his throat, and pools of cum on his tongue. It tasted and felt good on his tongue and pooling in the back of his throat.

“Don’t let any drip out, hold your lips tight,” Ken strikingly said.

What else could he do? He had a cock and cum in his mouth, so he just explored the cock with his tongue trying to map out every bit of it, feel and taste every part of it. He loved the feel of the cock sliding on his lips, and his tongue could taste it off the lips. Now he realized he could smell Ken’s crotch, and could smell the cock in his breath. A few drops must have started to come out of his nostrils because he could smell the cum very well in his nose.

To Bennie this was an awesome experience. It was his first time sucking cock, and his first time swallowing cum.

Ken watched as Bennie’s Adam’s apple bobbed swallowing the thick cum. Bennie was having to swallow multiple times because the cum was sticking to the insides of his throat.

Ken loved these young adults.

Standing Bennie up, he unbuckled Bennie’s pants and dropped them down past his knees with his smallish underwear. Ken then pulled Bennie’s pants, underwear, and socks off. Now Bennie was totally nude.

Bennie was unsteady, and stunned. His cock was already hard but now the cool air in his room made it harder.

Ken dropped to his knees, and slammed his mouth down over Bennie’s cock. Bennie’s cock slid in all the way to his pubic hair and he could feel Ken lick his balls. Ken had one hand fondling his entire ass and the other was erotically caressing his crotch. He knew it wouldn’t take much for his cock to explode volleys of cum, and now he felt Ken’s hand slide over his asshole into his ass crack, then felt a finger pushing on his asshole. He thought Ken was just touching and tickling it, but then felt the finger enter the depths of his virgin asshole.

Ken was massaging the prostate while sucking the cock. He could taste pre-cum coating his tongue. He gripped Bennie’s ass tightly with one hand, while massaging the prostate with the other, and sucked with tenacity tantalizing every nerve of Bennie’s cock.

Bennie’s asshole gripped Ken’s finger strongly. His entire crotch and asshole bahis siteleri were in the grasp of Ken’s right hand while his entire butt cheek was grasped tightly by the other hand.

A rewarding volley of cum shots completely coated Ken’s mouth and throat. He massaged his mouth with the cum. He could taste it and smelled it through his nostrils. He swallowed until he was sure every drop had been tasted and swallowed.

Ken sucked the cock clean, kissed and sucked the balls, and pushed Bennie on his back, pushing his legs up, on the bed behind him so he could lick the crotch all the way up the crack, kissing the inside cheeks, and licking the entire ass feeling the firmness of the butt cheeks with precision lick-kisses. He kiss-licked the exotic skin of the perineum, and tasted every millimeter of it.

Surprising himself, Ken was already getting hard again. Not that he ever needed it but he was glad he took a Viagra like product before he came over.

Ken helped Bennie turn over on his stomach, then crawled over the top of him and sat on his crotch humping his ass up and down on Bennies cock and balls. Then he scooted up rubbing his crotch all the way up Bennies stomach and chest until his cock was at his chin. Grabbing Bennie by the waist he pulled Bennie down the bed some away from the headboard. Ken grabbed a pillow and pushed it under Bennie’s head to prop it up. He humped his crotch on Bennie’s face. Face sitting on his lips with his ass hole he said, “Lick it good, give me a rim job.”

Bennie submissively licked the asshole all around and sought out the crevices with the tip of his tongue.

Ken moved, “Lick my crotch good, then suck my balls.”

Obediently Bennie complied.

“Open your mouth.” Ken pushed his cock in Bennies mouth. “Suck it hard.”

Bennie sucked it to maximum hardness.

Ken turned Bennie over onto his stomach and pulled him to the corner of the bed such that Bennies knees were spread around the corner of the bed. Ken moved the pillow under his hips. “Now present you asshole to me. Open it relaxed then close it clinched tight. Make it beg for me. You had my finger in your ass before and now we are going to do it again. First I am going to let you feel the head of my cock on your asshole.”

Ken retrieved some anal lube from his pants pocket and squirted some on Bennie’s asshole. It was a cooling and relaxer gel. “This will feel weird for a minute. I am just going to massage this on your asshole with my cock head.” Ken never thought he was bisexual, but now had the realization.

“Ok,” said Bennie.

Slowly Ken pushed the head of his cock on Bennie’s asshole. “It is too big to go in, but let’s just see if the tip will go in just a little and spread some of the lube on it.” Adding more lube every couple minutes, Ken thumbed his cockhead to start into the hole. He went very slow.

Bennie could feel it pressing against him.

“Relax,” said Ken.

Ken watched as his cock head was slowly engulfed by the asshole.

Bennie could tell Ken was still pressing the cock on his asshole.

Ever so slowly Ken kept pushing until his shaft was starting in. He went slowly and kept taking small breaks to let the asshole adapt, and so Bennie couldn’t tell. He kept adding lube on his shaft where it was going in.

After a good while it was all the way in until his pubic hair was touching Bennie’s ass. It looked so sexy that his cock expanded to the max. The asshole around his cock felt so good and tight and it made him even more horny.

Bennie felt a throbbing.

Now Ken started very small strokes.

Bennie couldn’t tell yet that the cock was all the way in him.

Soon Ken increased the length of the strokes.

Bennie could tell the cock was in him now and moving in and out. He realized he never actually knew it was in him until it started stroking.

Ken kept squirting more lube every few strokes. Now he was stroking faster and longer until he was fucking with the entire length of his cock. His stomach started making spanking sounds on Bennie’s ass.

Without removing his cock, Ken turned Bennie over and raised his legs. He laid on top of Bennie and made Bennie wrap his legs around his back, still humping. Benny had his arms and legs around Ken and hugged his neck.

Without taking his cock out, Ken moved Bennie back into the other position with knees spread by the corner of the bed.

Ken started fondling Bennie’s ass crack, and then his firm cheeks. He started spanking Bennie’s firm ass just to see it jiggle a little and take form again.

Dianne was standing outside the window and had watched every bit of it. She knew exactly how it felt. She saw Ken clinch his cheeks and flex hunching hard and then bucked until he groaned. She knew it was Bennie’s first time anal, bareback anal.

Bennie felt pulses hitting the insides of his rectum. It was a neat and satisfying feeling.

Dianne knew what Bennie was feeling, and it was thrilling to watch. She had her hand in her panties rubbing her entire pussy, spreading bahis şirketleri her wetness on the insides of her pussy lips all the way to her clit. She could feel a pussy drip down to her asshole. With a finger she spread it into her asshole. She snuck into the house to have some privacy in her room with her dildo.

Ken made sure all his cum had drained out into Bennie. “Tomorrow when I pick you up, I want you to be wearing your sister’s bikini panties, and perfume. Bring a short skirt, and spaghetti strap top in a bag and we will go to the park and show your kinky ass outside, in the woods in public exhibition.” Without saying it, Ken was also planning to bring leather straps, and rope.

Bennie felt the thrill of adventure on these words.

Ken took out a 20 dollar bill. “I was going to give you this, but I think you earned more for a first time, so here is 50.”

Bennie had forgotten about the money.

Bennie said, “I hope you don’t think I’m easy.”

*** Part II ***

Ken arrived at their house bright and cheerful. He found his young friends around on the back veranda, sitting and looking out on the countryside. “Hey y’all,” he said cheerfully. They were cheerful as well. It was a nice clear day and the breeze brought in smells from the meadows and fields.

“Hey I brought y’all a treat.”

Dianne and Bennie always liked to see him as they knew money was coming. “What is it” they said.

“It is some of this powder I got at a discount.” He noticed Dianne was wearing a sheer see through pair of silk shorts and he could see her colorful string bikini clearly. Bennie was barefoot, and wore a pair of blue jean shorts that were too loose due to thread bare tears and holes. It didn’t look like he was not wearing underwear because he could see three quarters of his ass cheeks, and pubic hair showing in the front with his dick head in view.

“Here share some of this powder with me.” Ken produced a straw and made straight lines of powder on the wooden railing. Ken told them to put the straw to their nostril and sniff up a line for each nostril.

They both seemed to get high very quickly, followed by getting horny.

Ken said, “Dianne why don’t you go topless. It is a nice day to get some air and some sunshine.

Ken took great pleasure in hugging them both. He easily had them both stripped naked while hugging them. Just the act of seeing him fondle her ass and drop her silk shorts made Bennie horny. Dianne could see his cockhead grow from the sides of his shorts. Ken pulled down her panties and made a great display of hanging them on a fence post. Dianne humped her pussy on Ken as they hugged.

Ken hugged Bennie also and just the slightest touch made him hunch. Bennie made no effort to stop him when he unfastened Bennie’s shorts and let them drop to the floor. They were very horny and Dianne did not hide her interest in Bennie’s cock. In spite of herself Dianne bent over to pick up Bennie’s shorts with her backside to him displaying her pussy and ass. Bennie was instantly hard as he could get.

Their exposed skin was very sensual to them both. The nudity was intensely erotic.

Dianne put his shorts on the railing bending over leaning on the railing as she did so. Not able to control himself, Bennie came up behind her and rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack then on her vagina opening lubing it with continuous drops of pre-cum. Her pussy was already wet and his cock slid right in. They fucked with Dianne humping and squeezing the cock with her pussy grip.

Just before he came, Ken turned her around and kneeled her with an open mouth and Bennie continued humping as his cock slid right into her mouth. He grabbed her head, as she grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him into her. Seconds later he came in gushes into her greedy mouth. Ken watched as Dianne swallowed the thick sticky cum multiple times.

Ken had Dianne lean back against the sturdy rail and turn her hips up, while Bennie got on his knees and pressed his mouth against her clit. He started sucking her clit, and pussy lips. He covered most of her vulva with his mouth and sucked. Bennie licked and sucked her pussy until she trembled and convulsed her pussy in orgasm. Bennie could see her juices coming out of her vagina and he eagerly licked it up. She held his head and humped his mouth while he sucked up the flowing juices. She trembled but finally was able to relax. Bennie sensitively licked her asshole wet from her own juices. He licked up and down her entire ass crack, licking and kissing the firm insides of her butt cheeks. He kissed and licked her firm bottom to her legs. Then he rose and sucked her tits, licking the underside, and tongue teased her nipples hard. Dianne in turn sucked his cock and balls clean, maneuvering him to erotically lick his exotic perineum skin.

While they were recovering from their great orgasms, Ken spread a blanket from the clothes line nearby. He laid Dianne on it and cocked her leg in the air exposing her pussy and ass crack and the great curve of her firm ass cheek. He sank his cock in her pussy, keeping it wet and excited. He had Bennie lick her ass while he fucked Dianne. Bennie licked from the top down her ass crack until his tongue got to her ass hole where he licked and rimmed.