she was bored

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she was boredShe was bored. Very bored as a matter of fact. She had been sitting playing WoW for most of the day, it was no about 11 pm, most of the chatrooms very empty for some strange reason and beside of a few horny teenagers pretending to be grown up men there was not much happening online. More problematic was that she was also horny. She had thought about her toys, maybe a shower with just a bit of finger play but it was just not what was on her mind. She needed a real man. And there weren’t any around. She sighed, got up and looked around in her messy little room that was dimly lit by the computer screen. She walked over to the mirror and looked at herself. “Not bad”, she thought as she gave herself a smile. She was slim, long dyed pitch black hair was falling over her shoulders as she was wearing one of her as she liked to call it “easy access slutty goth schoolgirl outfits” which meant a plaid skirt, stockings and a blouse that could be opened depending on the occasion but never hiding her black lacy bra. Her black painted fingernails were tracing her figure as she added a bit more makeup, thinking about what to do next. But it was pointless. It was a weekday, 11pm, not club would be open and she didn’t feel like going to a bar. “A short walk outside in the cool air might cure me, at least I might get tired and less horny.” And with these thoughts she left her room and went outside. The city was quieter at this time but by far not asleep yet. Public transport was still in full operation as she crossed the road to stroll through the little park near her building. She sat down on a park bench overlooking the street and checked the few people that were passing by. It was a warm autumn evening so she didn’t notice that she wasn’t wearing too many clothes for this season. She hadn’t seen him coming, in hindsight she couldn’t even remember how he got there but he was sitting next balıkesir escort to her. A man, a businessman in a suit. It was hard to gage his age but she thought he should be in his early 40s. A face with strong but not memorable features. And suddenly she couldn’t help herself. Her urge overcame her, she wasn’t thinking, this was pure instinct as she moved closer and put her hand right onto his leg, towards his inner thigh. He didn’t jump, to her surprise he hardly moved his head and for one brief moment his eyes looked like the red eye effect in a bad photo. “that must have been something else” she thought as he said in a dark and pleasant voice: “Are you sure you can take what you are asking for?”She sniggered slightly, her self-confidence towards men that she had always possessed rising as well as her still unstoppable desire making her act: “Don’t worry, you are not the first nor the tenth guy I’ve been with. I know what I want, I take it and right now I’m willing to take you!” The man raised an eyebrow slightly, and then he said with a small smile around his mouth: “It shall be worth your while! But you were warned!”“Ha”, she thought, “you are not that big and even if you are skilled, I’ve had my fair share of men and you don’t feel like I can’t take you concerning what I feel in your pants.”To her surprise though as she was absolutely sure that she hadn’t said any of this out aloud the man said: “You WERE warned. And don’t you think that what you feel now will be all you will be getting.” And he got up and said:” whereto?” She took his hand, not really caring about his remark and led him up to her tiny apartment. As soon as she closed the door her urge to feel a male being overcame her stronger than ever before. She hadn’t felt this kind of desire before but it made her kneel down and skillfully unzip his pants to free what turned out to be a nicely sized cock. escort balıkesir “Just what I need,” she thought as she started to engulf on the head but again the stranger answered to her surprise: “What you really need is not even clear to you, but soon you will know.”She was too focused on his engorged cock to recognize that for a second time he had read her mind. At this point all she was focused was the enormous satisfaction of feeling a big cock pushing down her throat, filling up her mouth. She reached up with her hands, caressing the already slightly swollen balls of the man knowing how to satisfy and tease at the same time. She looked up into his eyes and again she had the strange feeling of seeing them widen and flashing a strange red color. She pushed harder down on his cock, feeling on the verge of gagging. The deeper she pushed the more it seemed that his eyes for widening but also changing. She hesitated for a brief moment but it seemed as the stranger had just waited for this. He had more strength then his slender outline would suggest. He grabbed her under her arms, pulled his hips back and lifted her off the ground. The next moment she felt his hot breath on her slim vulnerable neck. It gave her goose bumps, a shudder went through her body and at the same time she felt her pussy starting to drip with moisture like she had never felt it before. The pain came out of nowhere. But it was one of the most pleasurable things she had ever experienced. He had fully bitten into her neck and his teeth felt sharp and pointy. At the same time she noticed that she was starting to completely lose control over this situation. Fright was creeping up her back but at the same time the helplessness gave her immense pleasure. In hindsight she didn’t remember the last few seconds. How she got on all fours was not in her memories. The pain of his bite had strangely numbed her balıkesir escort bayan brain, feeling like he had sedated her with the bite.Her clothes were off; she was on all fours, feeling his hard grip on her shoulders. The next moment he was penetrating her. His cock felt big, much bigger than it did when she was taking it into her mouth. With every push it seemed to grow, seemed to push deeper into her at the same time spreading her wider. Pain and pleasure were combining themselves more and more as she started to lose control over her body and mind. This guy was nothing she had experienced before, no man had ever managed to fuck her to a point where she was completely without will. He could do anything to her at this point and she had no willpower to resist. His breathing started to get raspy, the movement faster and faster, his cock growing inside her, filling her up like a pumped up balloon. She felt like through a haze that was stronger than anything d**g induced she had ever tried that her orgasm was nearing when out of nowhere a pain pierced her body like nothing she had experienced. It felt like hot lava shot into her body as she heard the man growl, his fingers digging painfully into her white, smooth skin on her back. It felt like his cum was boiling but at the same time an orgasm hit her body that seemed to rip it apart. Her scream pierced the night, her body pushed backwards, hard into the humongous cock as the a****listic growl of the man faded.She woke up hours later, naked on the floor, her hair covering her face. She pushed herself up, feeling every muscle in her body, pain on her back and the enormous sensation of her pussy having been stretched wider than ever. She dragged herself to the mirror and looked at her exhausted self. Then she turned and to her amazement and horror she saw two bloody red claw marks, a****l like scratched across her back. The next moment she felt down her legs, opening up, feeling his cum slowly dripping out. A big drop fell to the ground and with a gasp and a horror that nearly made her faint again she saw a drop of black shimmering liquid, his cum! Who had she been with….To be continued?!?