She want to try the real Thing BBC Blacken

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She want to try the real Thing BBC BlackenSarah is a 23 year old blonde babe. She has D cup breasts, a slim waist and a dynamite ass. He dancer legs are world class. She has been married for two years. She married Joey for his money.Her husband, Joey, is a college graduate and makes good money. He is 5ft 8 in tall, 165 lbs and has a 5 inch cock. He loves Sarah with all his heart. She is his first and only woman. He was a virgin when they met. He is all but useless in bed, but she puts up with him He provides with all the money she can spend and she lets him fuck her about once every two or three weeks just to keep him around. She has her power tools to make up for him. Her favorite is a 10 in long, 2 in thick, black vibrating dildo. It looks exactly like a real one. She makes him use it on her once in a while. Due to his undying love for her, she has him completely under her control.”Joey, if you make me a nice dinner tonight, we can have some fun. What do you think of that?””Of course, baby. You know I’ll do anything for you. What would you like?””Surprise me, baby. After dinner, maybe you can show me how big and strong your cum is tonight. Would you like that?””Oh god, yes. You know how much I like to cum for you. After that can I watch you use your big toy?””I’ll think about it, baby. If I’m in the mood.”He makes her favorite dinner as instructed and waits for her to start the fun. He isn’t allowed to start unless she says it’s ok.After dinner she decides to let him have some fun.”Come here, baby.””Is it time for some fun?””Did you do your chores first? You know how much I dislike a dirty kitchen.””Yes, sweetheart, it’s all done.””OK, come here and take off your clothes.”He runs in and quickly undresses. His cock is rock hard.”Can I see your titties. You know how much I like to see them.””Yes, baby. Sit down and hold your cock and you can see them.”She opens her blouse and pulls her bra up. Her C cup breasts are on display for him. He grabs his cock and starts jacking off. She kneels in front of him so he can get a good view.”Can I touch them, baby.””No baby. You just keep stroking your big strong cock. I want to see you shoot your hot cum.”He starts stroking faster and faster. He is getting close.”Shoot you hot cum on your face, baby. You know I like to see that. Give me a good show.”He cries out and unloads. One shot of his cum lands on his chin. The rest goes on his stomach and his hand.”Oh god, Joey. That was so amazing. You came so hard. I love when you cum like that.””Oh yes. That was a good one. I came really hard for you.””Now, baby. Clean it up for me. I love to see you clean up.”He wipes his cum from his chin and licks his fingers. He wipes more off his chest and stomach and takes that too.””Oh yes, Joey. I love to see you eat your cum. It make me feel so good. You are such a nasty boy.”He glows in her praise. He had a good cum and is well satisfied with his performance. He loves to please her.She goes in her room and turns her computer on. She brings up her favorite site. There is one hot, black stud she like to watch. He has 9 thick inches and knows how to use it. She gets out her favorite dildo and licks it. She gets it wet with her saliva and shoves it in her pussy. She turns in full speed.”Baby, can I come and watch? I hear your toy buzzing. Please, can I?””No, Joey. You had your fun. Now it’s my turn. Please close the door.”He closes the door, goes to the living room and gets dressed. He listens to her moans and groans. Soon her hears her cry out and cum.She wonders how she can find a real black cock. She brings up Craig’s List. She looks in the personals section. Finally she sees one.”Big black cock for you. Let me give you what your husband can’t.”She thinks about it for a while. She decides to send him her number. Two night later he calls.”Hello.”‘Yes, this is Sarah. Who is this? I don’t recognize your number.””I’m answering your message from Craig’s List. kastamonu escort I’m the big black cock you are looking for.””Ah, yes. Maybe we should exchange pictures before we get too far into this. I would like a picture of your cock.””OK, if you send me on of you, we can get on with it. I love white pussy on my cock.””I’ve never had a black cock. I think I’d like to try on once, anyway.””Is your husband leaving you hot and wet?””He was ok at first, but he only last a few minutes now. I want more.”They exchange email addresses. Ten minutes later she gets his. It shows his cock and a cloth tape. It’s just over 9 inches.””Joey. Come here. I want you to take a picture of me. Bring your phone.”He comes in the bedroom. She is standing naked in front of her mirror.”Take my picture, baby. I want to send it to a friend on the internet.””Yes, baby.”His cock gets hard seeing her naked. It’s been three weeks since he saw her. He snaps the picture and gives her the phone.”Close the door on your way out, baby.”She emails the picture to his address. She adds a comment. “My name is Sarah. Send another and tell me your name.”She opens his next email and it’s a close up of his cock and balls. His name is Lee. They exchange emails for a couple days and agree to meet. She sets a time and date that Joey is at work. She will need to work on Joey if she wants to fuck him again. She gets wet every time she thinks about his big black cock in her white pussy.Joey leaves for work and after breakfast she starts getting ready for her black cock. She picks out a all but transparent gown and a pair of FM heels. She takes a bubble bath and puts on he favorite perfume. She stands in front of the mirror.”That should get his big cock hard.” Her pussy is wet just thinking about it. She doesn’t use her dildo. She wants to wait for the real thing.The door bell rings and she looks in the hall mirror one last time. She pinches her nipples and they pop out. She smiles at her self and opens the door. He is tall and as black as night. He is wearing a tight t shirt and shorts. He is well muscled.’Hi Lee. Come in.””Wow, babe. You look really hot in that outfit. This is gonna be fun.””I hoped you would like it. I wanted you to see what you’re getting.”He pulls against her chest and hugs her. Her pussy muscles clench and her nipples perk up.”Oh my. You are so big and strong. It feels good to be held like this.”She presses against him and feels his cock bulge. Her pussy gets wet.”I’m a little nervous about this, so take it easy with me, OK.””Sure, babe. We can go slow. I’ll go easy with you. Maybe this will help you relax.”He pulls a joint out of his shirt pocket.”I haven’t smoked any since college. Is it really strong?””It will just mellow you out a little. I want you relaxed”He lights if and takes a hit. He passes it to her. She takes a small hit to see how strong it is.”Sit down here by me. Let’s talk a little first.”They chat for a while and she takes a few more hits. She feels it coming on as she takes another hit.”Wow. That’s pretty good stuff.”She moves over next to him and he puts his arm around her. She snuggles up under his arm. She feels her pussy get wetter and her nipples are as hard as rocks. He lets his hand slide down and he cups her breast. She moans and pushes into his hand.”Where is your old man? Is he at work?””Yes, he won’t be home for hours. We have lots of time.””Is he ok with us fucking?””I haven’t told him. I just want to try it one time. If I want to do it again I’ll have to work on him a little to get him to like the idea.”He moves his hand and tweaks her nipple. She gasps and holds his hand on her. He moves his other hand and tweaks both at the same time. She cries out.”Oh god. Yes. That feels so good. My nipples are my hot spot. More, please. Pinch then hard.”He pinches and twists them both at the same time. She screams.”Oh yes. I almost came. More. More. Please.”He pulls her escort kastamonu gown up and off. She is naked before him. Her pussy is leaking down her legs. He pulls her on his lap, astride his legs. He sucks one one nipple and twists the other. He switches back and forth, making her cry out. He bites one and she screams and cums.”Oh god, Yes Yes. Bite them, suck and bite them more.”He makes her cum three more times. She is lost in her passion. He stands her up and pulls his shorts and shirt off. She looks at his big cock and shivers. Pussy juice runs down her legs. She holds her pussy with her hand. She is almost cumming, thinking of that big black cock in her pussy.”Come down here and suck on this. Get it ready for you hot pussy.”She drops on her knees and holds it with both hands. She licks the precum off it. She likes the taste. She milks it and licks more of it up. She kisses the head and slowly slides it in her mouth. She swirls her tongue around the crown. Lee moans.”Yeah, babe. Work on it. Take as much as you can down your throat.”She pushes down and takes it till it hits her tonsils. She gags and back off. She licks and sucks harder. She wants to taste his cum. She jacks it with both hands and sucks and licks it. She has never been this turned on about a cock before. She works hard on his cock and feels it swell.”Get ready, babe. I’m gonna unload in your mouth. Hang on.”She jacks and sucks faster. She wants his load now. His cock head flares and hot cums fills her mouth. She swallows as fast as she can. He cums too much for her and it runs down her chin and drips on her breasts. She hangs on till his balls are empty.”Take it, babe. Suck it dry. Yes. You’re a good cocksucker.””That’s some good cum you put out there, Lee. I could get used to that real fast. You cum so hard. I love it.”He pulls her astride his lap and her wet pussy touches his half hard cock. She humps it, spreading her pussy juice on it. Her clit touches it and she cries out. She almost cums again. She holds back waiting till his cock is in her. She feels it throbbing a little. blood is flowing back in it. Soon his big black cock will spread her hot white pussy. She pulls his cock up between them and jacks it. It is filling with blood.”Get ready, babe. It’s almost ready. I want you go feed my cock in your pussy. You have to want it. Guide it in and take all of it. Tell me you want it.””Oh god, yes. I want it.””Tell me what you want. Tell me.””I want your cock in me, Your big black cock in my tight white pussy.”She gets it full hard and holds it to her pussy lips. She groans, thinking of how big it is. How it’s going to stretch her little pussy out. She slowly pushes down. The head pops in her.”Oh god. My little pussy is so stretched. It so big. Go easy on me.””You take it in, babe. Take is as slow as you want. Talk to me. Tell me what you want.””Oh god, I want it all. I want to be stretched way out. I want it to bottom out against my cervix.”She slowly works her way down. She cums as it fills her. He waits till she almost has it all and thrusts up hard. His bone meets hers just as the head hits her cervix. She screams and cums.”Yes. Yes. I got it all in. Yes. Yes. No one has been that deep in me. So good. So hard. Yes. Yes.”He lifts her and lets her slide down it again. She screams and cums as it slides in and hits her cervix again. He pulls her up and drops her again. She screams and cums each time. Her head falls back and her eyes roll back in her head. Her pussy is milking his cock.”You ready for my cum yet, babe. I’m almost there. I have a load for you. Hot, black baby juice for you.”She hears him telling her he is going to cum in her. She knows she is unprotected, but she is too lost in her passion to care. The thrill of a black cock cumming in her is overwhelming.”Yes. Yes. Cum in me. I don’t care. Just give me that hot cum. Make me your woman.”She puts the head of his cock right in her kastamonu escort bayan cervix and squeezes him.”Now. Now. Shoot it in me. It’s going right in my cervix. Give me your seed. I don’t care. Just give it to me.”He thrusts up and howls. His cum shoots out and fills her. She cums with each squirt. Her womb fills with his cum. She milks it in as fast as she can. Her pussy is on fire and she wants it all in her.”Yes. Yes. Oh god. Hot cum in me. I feel is go in. shoot it all in me. Fill my womb. Oh god, it’s so good.”Her pussy milks all his cum in her cervix. He womb is full. She wanted it all in her, and she took it.She falls, limp on his chest. He holds her by her ass cheeks as she comes down. She finally catches her breath. “Oh god. Lee. That was so wonderful. I just got lost completely in the passion. It was so good.””It was good for me too baby. Your pussy is so tight. Just like a virgin.””I was going to ask you to pull out. I had it all planned out. It was just going to be for one time. You got me so fucking hot I had to have your cum in me. And what’s worse, I want you again. I want more of you cum in me. It feels so good that I don’t care about anything but more and more.””Give me a few minutes and we can go again. I have more cum for you.””Yes. We have all day. You can fill me up all the way.”She stays on his lap with his half hard cock in her. She doesn’t want him to pull out. She gives it a little squeeze every now and then to check on it. She sees her white hand with her wedding ring on his black chest. The contrast turns her on. She lays her head on his chest and glows in her passion. He holds her close, gently rubbing her ass cheeks.”I need to tell you, babe. When I answer my ad, I just show up one time. I don’t want to get emotionally involved so I limit it. If you want more black cock after we’re through, you’ll have to get someone else.””I understand. I can’t make any claim on you. I’m a married woman and I have no intentions of leaving him. But one thing for sure. I want you again before you leave. That’s for sure. You are amazing. I never had anyone in me that far and I never came like that.”She squeezes him and she feels it filling with blood.”Oh yes. It’s getting big again. Your big black cock is getting ready for my hot white pussy. I’m ready for another hot load in my cervix.”She shivers thinking of him cumming in her. She has never felt like this. It’s such an overwhelming thrill of having a black cock cumming her she has to have it again.”Yes, it’s coming up. I can feel it reaching for my cervix. I want it there again. I want you to shoot more cum in there.”She pushes down and feels it bottom out. She cries out and cums. She pulls up and bottoms out. She screams and cums. It’s better every time.”Please cum in me again. I want it so bad. Shoot your hot cum in me. I can’t get enough of it. Cum in me, please.””Hang on, babe. I’m almost ready. Squeeze me hard and I’ll give it to you. Squeeze me hard.”She squeezes him harder and harder. She grinds her clit on his bone and cums a few more time, waiting for his cum. She feels if growing fast and gets ready. She puts in right on the hole in her cervix and squeezes as hard as she can. His cock head flares and she feels his hot cum go in her sweet spot.”Yes. Yes. Hot cum in me. Hot Hot. Yes. Oh god. Fill me with it. Yes. Yes. Oh god. Oh god.”He moans and groans as he fills her. He knows she will have his baby. He has done it before. He pushes up and empties his balls in her. She falls on his chest again. Completely spent. His cock slips out and she falls over on the couch. Cum runs out of her pussy. She regains her breath and hugs his arm.Thank you, Lee. This has been the best time of my life. You are one amazing stud. I’ll never forget you.”He smiles and gets up and puts on his clothes. She holds her hand over her pussy, holding his cum in her.”Good bye, babe. This was one of the better times I had. You are one hot pussy.”She smiles and shows him to the door. She kisses him good bye and he walks out of her life.She goes in her bedroom and lays down. She thinks the day over and over. She has had a black cock, she took his cum in her twice and she may be knocked up.