Sharing Her

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Sharing HerSharing Her   The first time I kissed her I knew she was incredibly hot. She had had some bad experiences with men before our dating, and had been celibate for several years. What a waste!  I was recovering from a really bad marriage, and the two of us hit it off. After sleeping together several times, I decided to test her limits.   In a club I’d stand behind her at the table (they were about as high as a regular bar) and finger her from behind, making her cum.  We would drink and dance until time to go home, then go to the car. Sometimes I’d tie her up in the car, and we would role play that  I was driving her home, except my motives were hardly what she had in mind. Once there I’d rip her pantyhose apart and start teasing her mercilessly, taking her to the edge of orgasm then backing off. I’d do this until she was trembling, then I’d take her. She always came explosively.  Sometimes I’d tie her to the bed, and when we tired I’d leave her tied or handcuffed. If I awoke during the night, I had her again.    I decided to see how hot she really was, so during the teasing I’d force her to tell me her secrets. All those dark longings, her secret desires, the inner fantasies, were divulged to me. Sometimes we would roleplay with those, and I finally knew she was the one for me, and married her. A year or so ago I decided to take things a bit further. I was having a drink with a close friend who I knew wanted her. I often caught him looking at her breasts, or her legs.  So I just asked him, Would you like to fuck her? Believe me, it took some while to get the guts up to do it, but man it was worth it. He readily agreed after I assured him it was no joke.  The thought of her, who I knew to be easily aroused, and one of the hottest women I had ever had, being enjoyed by another man, being lost in lust with desire, inflamed my desires.    Over the next few weeks the two flirted whenever kaş escort we were out together, but no opportunity presented itself. I hadn’t asked her about it, I simply told her while we were having sex I was going to give her to another man, and we would share her. She always protested, but came quite hard during this. She is multi-orgasmic by the way, a petite little blond with 36c breasts, lovely legs and delightful little feet, standing 5’2″.  One evening we were out and our friend was with us, and he was too drunk to drive home. So, we got in the car and took him to his place.   Once there he showed us around, and as we were getting ready to leave, I got behind my wife and said, “You’ve been a real tease this evening, rather cruel to Dan. I think he deserves to see some of what you have been teasing him with” I held her hands behind her back with one hand, using the other I unfastened her bra and blouse. Even though I was certain of her reaction, my heart was pounding, pulse racing as I did this. Dans eyes opened wider, and he pulled the blouse apart and I pulled the bra up. “Exquisite” he said, and began fondling her breasts. She was shocked but aroused at the same time, as I knew she would be. She was breathing with quick shallow breaths, and when Dan bent his head and took one of her nipples in his mouth she moaned and her head arched back onto my shoulder.   Pulling her to the couch, we took her blouse and skirt off, allowing us free access to her. She was being kissed and fondled all over, I was sucking one breast as Dan fingered her pussy under her pantyhose. We held her legs apart, he with the right and I with the left. She squirmed and started protesting, getting into the role playing of being taken against her will. We continued with our “assault” of her, finally pulling her into the bedroom.   There we finished undressing, while she pretended to cower on the bed. Dan took the kaş escort bayan upper end and I the lower. I ripped her pantyhose apart (she was not wearing panties) and holding her ankles, knelt on the floor beside the bed and began to eat her.  She squirmed under our combined assault, Dan kneading her breasts and sucking on her nipples while I teased her clit. I liked between each delicate lip, around and over, and repeated the process. She squirmed between us the whole time. This was all very erotic, and incredible arousing.   Finally I could stand it no longer and while he held her arms I pulled her legs up, still holding her ankles, and slowly penetrated her wet sex.  I pumped her for awhile, letting go of one nylon covered leg so I could rub her clit while I fucked her. After she had cum, Dan and I traded places.  Seeing her face when he mounted her was sooooo fucking hot.  He held her arms over her head, and slowly slid inside of her. I watched as he penetrated her, watched as nine hard inch’s slid inside my delicate little wife’s wet cunt. Her lips were swollen, engorged, puffy. As his slender cock slid in her pussy lips folded around it, and then gripped it as it slid out. His cock is longer and thinner than mine, which is seven inches and thicker. Together we ravaged her hot sex. The sounds, ah the sounds of it all! Her whimpers, her mewlings of desire and then her screams as she orgasmed, and the wet, sucking noises of penetration and withdrawl, the sound of his balls slapping against her soft flesh, their grunts and moans, so hot, my cock felt like exploding while watching them. At times her small feet were planted flat on the bed, her hips pumping and swiveling as she worked his cock, and at others they were wrapped around his calves. Sometimes her legs were in the air, feet bouncing with each thrust of his stiff cock, as she forgot pleasuring him in her lust, until her cries escort kaş would grow loud and her feet pointed, toes curling in ecstasy. She trembles when she cums, almost vibrates, her hands fluttering or gripping the sheets as her body convulses with passion. They fucked for a long while, she came repeatedly. I watched them, occasionally moving to grasp a ripe breast, pulling at her nipple, sucking it, or when able, holding one of her feet or legs, stroking them, enjoying the feeling of silky female flesh encased in nylon. I saw his balls tighten, saw him stiffen and thrust harder and harder into her wetness, groaning as he emptied his balls into her. She screamed in response, another orgasm ripping through her as it always does when she feels hot sperm shooting inside her.  When Dan got off of her, I rolled her onto her stomach and told her to suck him off while I had her again. His sperm oozed from her shaven slit. She was breathing hard, slick with sweat, her body heaving from the exertion of being fucked hard by two men. Sliding into her sex, still full of cum was hard to describe. Slick, hot, wet, the scent of sex hanging heavy in the air, her squirming beneath me with another mans penis in her mouth and hands, me squeezing her ass cheeks and pumping her from behind.  I watched her blond head moving up and down, her small hands cupping his balls and shaft as her hot mouth took him in. She whimpered around his cock, even semi hard it filled her mouth. I  then pushed her right leg up almost to her chest (she was lying on the bed, her hands around Dans flacid cock, licking and sucking it)putting my right knee behind hers. It was only a few minutes later it all became too much, and I started emptying my balls into her. Dan was OOC, between the booze earlier and the sex, he couldn’t get it up again.  It was in the wee hours of the morning now, and we left.   We haven’t had another since then, but are planning on doing this again in a couple of weeks when the summer season arrives. Since then we have discussed other couples, and even some women have been favorably commented on, will have to wait and see.