Shall We Dance?

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I was always watching him. He had no self confidence, and was completely unaware of how delicious his young body appeared, lightly tanned, his muscles long and lean under his t-shirts that were always a little too short. I was lounging on my porch one Saturday morning as he was washing his car. As he worked his shirt grew wet and soapy and clung to his flat stomach and strong chest. My mouth was watering as I imagined crossing the street, lying him down on the hood of his car and giving him the experience of a life-time. I’m not quite old enough to be his mother, but old enough to be considered perverted to be lusting after this hot 18 year old. He looked over at the same time I was staring at his hot young body.

He dropped the hose and walked across the street looking concerned, “Mrs. “

“Craig, I’ve told you a million times to call me Lainie.”

He blushed a little. I longed to lick his throat where the blush began and bite his earlobe until he couldn’t stand it and pushed me to the ground and ravished me. Instead he said

“Lainie, are you ok? You looked like you were about to faint.”

I ran my hand up my taut stomach and brushed lightly against my breasts.

“Thank you, Craig, I think it’s the heat.”

“Um . . .Mrs . . um Lainie. . . “

“Yes Craig?”

“I was wondering if I could ask you to help me out with something.?”

My mind went wild. Yes, Craig, I would love to help you discover what you can do with that hot young body and energetic long cock,Yes, Craig, I would love to show you what it feels like to be deep inside a woman while she wraps her legs around you and moans your name. Yes, Craig, I’d love to show you how to use that sweet tongue of yours on a woman’s body until she begs.

“Lainie, will you teach me how to dance.”

My hopes dashed to the ground so hard I was amazed that he couldn’t hear them shatter.

“Is that all? You look so flustered I was thinking it was going to be something . . . . Huge.”

“Lainie, there’s this girl I want to ask to the school dance. And if she says yes, I don’t want to look like a complete idiot.”

This was not the time to tell him that if he could use his tongue and fingers in the right way, no one would care if he could dance or even walk upright.

“Of course, Craig. I would love to help you out.”

He smiled such a happy, innocent smile that I almost felt bad about what I was plotting to do. Almost.

“Mrs. . .. .Lainie, I would do anything you need to have done around the house, free, if you’ll help poker oyna me.”

Who could resist an offer like that?

“Should I go, change?

“Only if you want to dear”

“I probably should, I reek.”

Once again ,not the time to tell him that I longed to lick the sweat off his young body.

“Good, come over say after dinner. At about eight o’clock.”

That gave me plenty of time to shower and get everything ready. I put a bottle of wine to chill and slipped into my ass hugging yoga pants and a sports bra that zipped up the front. I slipped on a pair of high heeled sandals and waited.

He was right on time. He looked so sweet and young standing on the porch in a pair of sweat pants and one of his too small shirt. He ran his eyes over me starting at my flat stomach and lingered at my breasts. By the time he got to my smiling face, he was blushing a charming pink. I gestured towards the living room and invited him in.

“Well, shall we get to work?”


I turned on the stereo with the remote and held my arms out to him. He awkwardly touched my hands.

“Craig, you’re going to have to relax.” I pulled him closer and rolled my pelvis against his. The heels made me a little closer to his height. I felt his cock twitch a little through his sweatpants. I put one hand on his shoulder, the other on the small of his back and began to guide him through the rhythms of the music.

“Good, lets try a turn. Just hold my hand loosely.”

He took my hand and let me show him how to lead me through a turn. I made sure that his arm brushed against my breast and I bumped my hip against him, feeling him grow hard. He was stumbling so much, I thought I would give him a break.

“Let’s take a break, I want to get a drink.” As awkward as he was, it was time to bring out the big guns. He followed me into the kitchen.

“So, Craig, what are you planning to wear to the dance.”

“I hadn’t thought about it,”

“Well you should definitely wear a tie or shirt with green in it, it will bring out your eyes.” I turned around holding out a glass with ice and giving it to him. He took it and placed it on the counter.

“Soda’s in the cabinet over the sink.”

“What would you like, Lainie?”

“Oh, something a little stronger.” I hopped up on the butcher block centre island. He didn’t take his eyes off of me as my breasts jumped. I lounged back, propping myself up on my arms. He swallowed so loud I could hear it.

“Craig, in the freezer there’s a couple of chilled canlı poker oyna glasses and a bottle of vodka. Pour about an inch in one of the glasses for me.”

He obliged quickly. I took a slow sip, knowing that the cold vodka would instantly make my nipples hard. His eyes opened wide. He shifted uncomfortably, trying to hide the obvious bulge.

“Craig, have you ever tried this kind of vodka, it’s peach and it’s my favorite.”

“I’m not really much of a drinker.”

“Just have a taste of mine” I gestured for him to step closer. He did. I took a sip and grabbed him by the shirt and licked his lips. His eyes opened wide as he stared at me in disbelief.

“Would you like another taste?”

He nodded slowly. I took another sip and pulled him towards me. This time I licked his lips and slid my tongue in his mouth. He moaned softly. I wrapped my legs around his hips and kissed him deeper. He sighed and slipped his arms around my waist. I smiled against his lips and slid forward a little more so I could rub against his big, young cock. He was so big, I could feel it stretch up to his waistband. He gripped on to my hips as I wrapped myself even closer against him. He was really delicious and I wanted to savor every moment. I slipped off the counter and into his arms. As I slid down his body, I pulled his sweatpants down. His ass felt incredibly strong. His cock leapt up at me. It was beautiful, about 8 and a half inches long and so thick I couldn’t quite get my hand around it. I knelt in front of him and took him into my mouth. First I licked just the head and he groaned. I ran my tongue down his shaft and gently cupped his balls in my hand. I opened my mouth wide and took as much of him in as I could. I stroked the skin around his balls gently as I sucked him softly. I knew he wouldn’t last long this first time, so I helped him along by massaging his ass as I deep throated him. I could feel his legs tighten and heard him inhale sharply. He grabbed the counter and groaned low and loud as he came in my mouth. I swallowed and slithered back up to wrap myself in his arms. He was flushed and looked like someone had just told him that Santa Claus was real and that he was getting a hooker for Christmas. I downed the rest of my drink and kissed him softly.

“Why don’t we get out of the kitchen?” I led him into the living room. He had paused to pull up his pants. He sat awkwardly on the sofa. I didn’t want to waste anymore time so I straddled his lap, with my breasts in his face. He looked up at me and I couldn’t internet casino resist him. I kissed him and placed his hands on me, guiding him to the zipper on the front of my sports bra. He fumbled with the zipper and got it open. He reached for me and I said,


He stroked me almost reverently, staring at me fascinated. He lowered his mouth tentatively and touched my nipple gently with his tongue. I arched my back to encourage him. He started to suck gently and reached over to caress my other breast.

“You catch on quickly.”

He nodded slightly but not taking his mouth away from me. He was getting hard again. I climbed off and removed my bra and slid out of my pants. I stood in front of him naked except for my high heels. He stared at me.

“It’s not fair. You still have your clothes on”

The look on his face said that I could have asked him to set himself on fire and he wouldn’t care. He stood up and pulled his pants and boxers off in one motion.

“Craig, I want you to do to me, what I did to you.”

He nodded, staring at me. I sat on the couch and spread my legs. He knelt in front of me and I draped my legs over his shoulders. He leaned forward and licked me gently. I moaned and arched up against his mouth. He then slid his hands under me and pulled me closer to his mouth. He really got into it then, running his tongue all over me, licking and sucking. He reached up and slid one, then two fingers into me. I couldn’t help it, I started coming. He looked up at me and smiled, then bent his head back down and sucked on my clit gently at first then harder and worked his fingers in and out. I couldn’t stop coming. He continued as I arched and moaned. Three orgasms later I couldn’t take anymore.

“Craig, I need your cock in me.”

He stood up and turned my legs so I was lying on the couch. I reached for him and he lay on top of me. I was so wet, he slid right in. I wrapped my legs around him as he began driving that big cock in me. I threw my head back and moaned.

“That’s it, pound it into me. Keep working it. OOHH, you’re going to make me come again” He really liked that and pulled my legs up over his shoulders, working me until I came so hard that I was soaking the couch. He was still hard, so he slowed down to slow gentle thrusts.

“Lainie can I come inside you?” He was so sweet, how could I resist? I tightened myself around him and kissed his face, tasting myself on him.

“Yes Craig, but only if you drive it hard when you do.”

The sweet boy was happy to oblige.

We lay on the couch, exhausted and sweaty. He spooned himself around me and stroked my breasts and nuzzled my neck.

“I didn’t learn much about dancing.”

“Then you’ll have to come back for another lesson. “