SEX with my wife’s friend and her daughter

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SEX with my wife’s friend and her daughterI was visiting them on my way to some other place. I decided to spend a day with them. Moreover Samir was away & she was alone with her daughter Rupa. After we entered the house & Rita went to make tea. Rupa was reading a book in one of the rooms & was wearing a black & white striped top [figure hugging] & matching skirt mid thigh level. [I like this dress a lot and she looks very pretty, beautiful, gorgeous and attractive in this dress – she knows this as I have told her this many times before & I think she was wearing this dress to make herself look attractive to me]. She was looking exceedingly pretty beautiful attractive gorgeous and inviting. [Had I been around her age I would have definitely married her & made her my wife – in fact I don’t mind having her as my wife even now –more so after giving me such a gala time]. I said to her “you are very beautiful pretty & attractive & you look gorgeous in this dress.” As I said this to her she stood up and said “thank you”. I went to her pulled her very close to me & hugged her tightly – she did not resist & in fact she too embraced me. I kissed her cheeks & lips & said “you are very pretty attractive & beautiful. I want you tonight, will you mind if we sleep together tonight. I want to love you tonight”. She just smiled & blushed – I could make her face turn pinkish & she hugged me and kissed me on my lips – our lip to lip kiss lasted for quite some time. She did not reply but her actions said it all. She is about 5’6” in height & her vital statistics will be approx 34-28-32. I knew that she was willing & I was eagerly waiting for the night. Her breasts were almost full size and when I hugged her I could feel them pressed on my chest. She was breathing very rapidly & I knew that she is extremely aroused. I kept on hugging and kissing her and she was enjoying my hug and kisses & she too responded to my kisses and our lips were locked quite passionately. I kept on feeling her curves & I lifted her top & put my hands inside her top & felt her bare back and bumps under her panty & that gave me a huge erection. I was rock hard in no time. I took her hands and made her feel my hard on over my pants & guided her hands inside my pants and as her soft hands held my penis I got an electric shock – the feel of her soft hands over my penis was just too great – cant be described but can be only experienced. She was breathing fast and I knew that she was fully excited and ready for a nice fuck.Rita walked with tea and said “let’s have tea.” I kept on hugging and kissing Rupa & Rita kept staring us with eyes wide open. She again said “tea is ready. Have your tea; it’s getting cold”. After tea I had a quick bath and changed for dinner.After dinner we went to the bedroom and in no time we were fully naked and in bed. Rita was looking damn sexy and inviting. Rita lay flat on her back and I was on top of her & we were kissing very passionately. I was having her after 2 ½ months. I was fully erect and she was very wet and pouring & we were exceedingly excited. I said to Rita “I want Rupa I will use condom and also take blowjob and give cunnilingus. As such she is aware and has seen us fuck so why not call her here – she can see us fuck and after I finish fucking you I can fuck her.” Rita said “what if you two get excited and decide against a condom? What if she gets pregnant?” I assured her that I will use condom and not ejaculate in her vagina. Rita was quite hesitant & reluctant at Rupa being in our room seeing us fuck & me fucking Rupa in her presence but I was hell bend & said “ok you go to the other room. We will be alone”. Rita said reluctantly “ok, she can be in our room & see you fuck me but please you don’t fuck her- take any number of blowjobs please. I know when you two will be together you two will be in great heat & will loose control – she will want you to fuck her over and over & ejaculate inside her & you will want the same and that might cause a lot of problems – she might conceive and get pregnant.” I assured her “do not worry, I will use condom when I fuck her. I HAVE TO FUCK RUPA TONIGHT.[this I emphasized strongly] If at all I want to ejaculate in her, I will withdraw and get a blowjob by her & ejaculate in her mouth or I shall enter your vagina & shall ejaculate inside you.” I then said jokingly “I don’t mind if she conceives and gets pregnant. After all we are in love, do you?” She said reluctantly “ok you fuck her but for greater safety you must wear 2 condoms & I will be watching you both fuck so that you two do not try stunts and fuck without a condom – I don’t trust you two at all – you two will be in great heat and without realizing the after effects you two will fuck without any condoms – this I am sure. If by chance she conceives and gets pregnant it will be a disaster. Of course you can ejaculate in her mouth as much as you want – she can give you a number of blow jobs, I don’t mind her giving you as many blow jobs you want.” I agreed as I wanted to fuck her in HER presence.I walked to Rupa’s room [naked of course] – she was awake – and asked her to join us. She agreed very willingly I held her by her waist and got her to ‘our’ bedroom. I said to her “let me undress you. You can watch me fuck your mother who is my dear darling wife. After that I will fuck you”. I undressed her – I took off her top and then undid the hooks canlı kaçak bahis of her skirt and they fell down. She took them off – she was in her panty & bra and was looking damn sexy. I embraced her and undid the hooks of her bra and took them off. I took her to the bed where I made her lie down flat by Rita’s side and slowly took off her panty. Both mother and daughter were lying naked side by side. Rupa was now fully naked and what a beauty and figure she has!!!!!!!!! Her figure must be 34-28-32. Her skin is dusky with small hairs all over; thighs are slightly hairy but smooth; breasts almost fully developed & quite suck able and nipples pinkish with dark brown areola – her nipples were erect with excitement & she has exceedingly sexy juicy & hot vagina. I mounted her and hugged her and kissed her lips, cheeks, and neck, suckled her breasts as she held me very tightly and kept kissing me, my lips cheeks and neck, and biting my earlobes. SHE looked on at us enjoying each other’s naked body with eyes wide open. I slowly proceeded to her navel and circled my tongue around her navel and as she started to groan & moan I slowly went down to her vagina – spread her thighs – well formed sexy smooth – held them apart and started to suckle her cunt – my tongue was probing the lips & depths of her vagina & she was pouring by then – her love juices were quite sweet and I enjoyed sucking them. I told her “you are damn sexy and I am sure you will be exceedingly satisfying when I fuck you. Your vagina is very hot and juicy. First see how I fuck my darling wife; I will fuck you after I fuck her.” She said “I have seen you both fuck earlier and I have seen that you both are very passionate when you fuck”. I then told her “she is my wife and I am her hubby”. She asked me “can I hold your penis before you two fuck?” and she held my penis with her soft hands which gave me an electric shock. I fingered her vagina and she was wet & pouring. While she was fondling my penis and me fingering her vagina we were locked in tight and passionate lip-to-lip kissing.As I wanted Rupa soon I decided to start off with Rita soon & I mounted Rita and we hugged and kissed. I was erect and hard as rock. Rita spread her thighs and her vagina was exposed – I gave her a short cunnilingus and she was groaning as I was giving her cunnilingus. She was hot and pouring and I knew that she will be excellent. Rupa was watching us with her eyes wide open lying just next to us. As I wanted her, I did not waste much time and held Rita’s thighs apart and inserted my penis in her vagina – it was a very smooth entry and I just slid in. She just pulled me and we were locked in a very passionate sexual embrace – kissing frantically. We were enjoying the fuck a lot and we were groaning and moaning in sheer sexual pleasures. I kept on saying “my darling and dear wife I love you lots” and she kept on saying “my dear hubby I love you very much. Fuck me harder, hold me tight. Suck my breasts”. I kept on kissing her and suckling her breasts and pumping her vagina as she kept looking at us with her eyes wide open. She said “you both love each other very much”. I said to her “yes we love each other very much. Rita is my wife”. By now I was fucking Rita real hard and fast and soon we reached our climax and orgasm and came together – I ejaculated deep in Rita’s vagina and as we were climaxing we were hugging and kissing frantically. I said to her “soon I will do the same to you my dear”.After ejaculating in Rita’s vagina I withdrew; my penis was covered with our love juices. By this time Rupa was wet and I went by her side and just made her lie on her back and mounted her. I was limp after the fuck and said to her “suck me and make me big & hard dear”. I suggested 69 and soon I was lying on the bed with her on me in the 69 position. My penis was taken fully by her in her mouth and her tongue and lips were doing wonders with my penis. She licked up all the love juices of ‘my and her’ lovemaking. Her vagina was hot juicy sexy and she was pouring. My tongue was playing with her vaginal lips and I could make out that she was enjoying lots – she was breathing very fast and her pulse was rapid. I was holding her sexy thighs apart and she was holding my thighs all the while giving me bj. Rita was telling Rupa “take his penis fully in your mouth and slowly move your lips and mouth up & down over his penis & roll your tongue over the tip of his penis. That excites him a lot and he is hard in no time.” She took out my penis from her mouth for a moment and said to Rita, her mom “I know how to give a blowjob. I have seen you giving it to him a number of times earlier” and she resumed. By now I was rock hard & I said “dear I am ready to fuck you” and made her lie flat on her back. She said “please fuck me soon, I just can’t wait. Enter my vagina my dear darling uncle please don’t use any condom, I want your ejaculation deep inside my vagina and I do not mind conceiving , I just want you inside me and want all your ejaculations inside my vagina.” I said to her “I too want to fuck you without any condom and ejaculate inside your sexy vagina. I do want you to conceive but Rita, your mom won’t allow” & looking at her asked “shall I fuck her without a condom? We both want it and I desperately want to ejaculate inside her vagina and she is willing for it”. Rita said “I knew that this will casino firmalari happen. No, you will have to use not one but 2 condoms as added precaution.” I was rock hard and Rita put on 2 condoms over my penis as an added security.I made Rupa lie on her back and spread her legs – missionary position – & mounted her & I held her thighs apart and guided my penis inside her vagina. It was slightly tough initially and as I parted her thighs I held my penis on her vagina & Rita helped me in guiding & inserting my penis inside her. I started to push slowly and could feel some resistance though not much. I could make out that she was quite apprehensive and hence I presume that her vagina was tight but that added to the pleasure. Rita said to me “dear hold Rupa’s thighs apart and slowly push inside. It is her first time hence she will be tight” & looking at Rupa, her daughter said “you relax and spread your legs wide so that he can enter you with ease. It might be slight painful but once he is inside you will enjoy lots especially the thrusts his penis will make in your vagina.” She liked the thrust deep inside her vagina. With the condom [lubricated dotted Kohinoor banana fragrance] it was not that difficult and slowly I could feel myself going inside her. Finally she shouted out “ouch you are in me my dear. It feels very good. Fuck me hard. Fuck me fast” and I was inside her vagina at last. She pulled me on her and hugged me very tight and we were locked in very passionate lip-to-lip kisses. Her legs encircled me and her hands encircled my back – she was scratching my back in pleasure and this excited me very much I kept the thrusts in her strong and deep. She was just out of the world – just too good. [It is a pity that I could not ejaculate inside her.] I was just too excited but managed to hold on – made her come twice before we both climaxed and reached our orgasm together – it was an experience which can never be forgotten. When she came for the first time she shouted out “faster my dear. I love you my dear. I am coming. Hold me tight. Suck my breasts. Kiss me my darling. You are my love my dear etc…” and she was addressing me by my first name. I was kissing her lips, cheeks, neck, biting her earlobes, sucking her breasts and she was enjoying these lots. Our lip-to-lip kissing was exceedingly passionate & we were really enjoying our sexual heat. Suddenly she exploded in climax and shouted out “ouch I love you my dear, do it faster” & held me tightly and was scratching my back. We were hugging very tightly and the touch of her naked body was just too good – I could feel that she was in great heat. SHE was watching us in action all throughout and commented “I am sure that she will conceive and get pregnant if I were to leave you two alone even for a day”. I replied while fucking her “I definitely will make her pregnant as I love her very much. Had I been of age I would have married her and she would have been my wife – as such I don’t mind marrying her and making her my wife even now” And looking at her I asked “do you want to marry me & be my wife? We will have sex every day & I shall make you pregnant and make you a mom”. She blushed & smiled and replied “I love you very much dear, fuck me faster and fuck me harder please.” [Addressing me by my first name – in fact she called me by my name all throughout our love making]. I again asked her as I made a deep thrust “I want to marry you and make you my wife; don’t you want to marry me & have me as your hubby?” she again smiled & blushed at this and said “I don’t know” & said “please dear hold me tight and fuck me as hard as you can, I am enjoying the fuck very much. Please suck my breasts as you fuck, it feels very good. Kiss my neck I enjoy it”. Slowly her breathing became rapid & she was groaning and I realized that she was coming again. I increased my thrusts and we frantically kissed and hugged – the touch and the rub of her body with mine was just too good – and she came & shouted out “ouch, you are great. I love you darling. It was so enjoyable; do it fast”. By now I was too excited and I was no longer able to hold on. My thrusts were real deep and strong and rapid & she was grunting with every thrust I was making in her vagina. I kept on saying “dear I love you very much, you are too good, you are my darling you are my wife etc” & she kept on saying “I love you dear, you are mine, fuck harder etc”. Our hug was extremely tight and our naked bodies were rubbing against other and we were in extreme sexual heat. We both finally reached our orgasm and climaxed simultaneously and I ejaculated [inside the condom – unfortunately]. As we had our orgasm, we hugged tightly; our lips were locked in very passionate kiss. She was superb – just too good.After enjoying the sexual bliss for some time I gradually withdrew and took off the condoms – I was myself surprised at the volume – must be around 3-4ml. I lay on my back and she bent over me and took my penis in her mouth and her lips and mouth began a to-fro motion over my penis while her tongue was playing with the tip of my penis. I held her head steady and helped her in giving me the blowjob. She was doing a very good job and soon I was hard in her mouth and held her head steady and assisted her to-fro motion on my penis. I knew that I will come soon in her mouth. She must have “blown” me about 20-25 times and it casino şirketleri was enough for me to ejaculate – I ejaculated in her mouth with a great force and she gulped all my ejaculate and licked my penis dry – but did not stop till I was hard again.Soon I was ready for another fuck and I decided to fuck Rita & we decided on the doggie way. I asked both of them to be in the 69 position with Rita on top. I held Rita’s waist & entered her from the rear and Rupa was just below Rita’s vagina and saw how my penis was fucking Rita, her mother. I made Rita give Rupa, her daughter a cunnilingus as I kept fucking her- & being in such great heat we reached our orgasm and climaxed quite fast – I must have given around 20-25 thrusts inside Rita’s vagina & I soon ejaculated in her. As I withdrew Rupa suckled all our love juices from Rita’s [her mom] vagina and took my penis in her mouth and gave me a lovely blowjob – made me rock hard in no time – & ready for another fuck.I realized that Rupa was too aroused especially seeing me fuck Rita. Rupa was ready for fuck and I was ready with a solid hard on. Both were now lying nude on their back side by side. I said to Rita “let me insert my penis inside Rupa’s vagina without a condom; give 3-4 thrusts and then I withdraw put on a condom and fuck her. I just want the feel of her vagina which is not possible with condom on”. Rupa agreed & said “will do” & looking at Rita, her mother asked “can we?” Rita did not agree & refused strongly & said “see if I had left you two alone, you would have fucked without any protection and you never know – she could have conceived”. I replied looking at her “yes, I would have fucked her without a condom and would have ejaculated inside her vagina and this is what she wants also, am I right my dear.” She just smiled and blushed. We were so excited that we wanted the fuck very badly. I put on a condom and insisted that I wear only one but Rita was quite adamant and finally I had to put on 2 condoms. Rupa was very wet and was pouring and this time the passage was very smooth – my penis just slid in her vagina and soon we were locked in a tight embrace. We kept smooching, kissing hugging. She kept on saying “faster dear, I am enjoying very much, I love you dear” (calling me by my name all thru out). Her groans and moans were real sexy and they added to the sexual excitement. I was pumping her real hard and soon she came – as she came she held me very tightly and kissing me passionately and her hands were scratching my back. I could not hold on for long and soon we both reached our orgasm and climaxed simultaneously and I ejaculated – again unfortunately in the condom!!! After the heated fuck session we hugged and kissed and hugged and kissed over & over again.It was time for me to get ready – we both went for a bath and Rita went to make tea. Rita told us “don’t try any stunts & fuck without a condom. I am off to make tea and you two will be alone taking a shower together. I know you both are very excited but please don’t fuck without a condom” I assured Rita that I won’t fuck Rupa without a condom. It was quite warm & we stood under the shower embracing and kissing. I was soon erect and had a hard on and asked her for a blowjob. She agreed readily. I sat on the pot with lid closed and she sucked my penis and her lips and mouth made a steady to-fro motion over my penis. She was holding my thighs – her soft hands holding my thighs was enough for me to come – and I held her head and assisted her in giving me the blow job – she gives real good blowjobs – and soon I ejaculated inside her mouth & I could feel her licking my penis of all my cum – it felt great. I asked her “dear how was it & how did it taste?” & she replied blushing “wonderful!!” After the ejaculation she licked my penis of all the ejaculate and we stood up embraced and kissed quite passionately & then she applied soap all over me and I did the same to her. While under the shower our lips were locked in very passionate kissing & we were hugging each other very tightly. I said to her “my dear I love you very much. Had I been of age I would have definitely married you and you would have been my wife. Would you have married me then?” She smiled and blushed & said “dear I love you very much”. I again asked her “will you like to be my wife?” she did not reply – only smiled and blushed and gave me a very loving hug and kissed me very passionately. I said to her “next time when I visit you it will be during your safe days. We will not use any condom and I shall ejaculate inside your vagina”. She just smiled and blushed & nodded her head in approval but did not say anything. She then hugged and kissed me very lovingly. As it was getting late, we put off the shower and wiped ourselves – I wiped her and she wiped me and we dressed up.She was extremely good and enjoyable – in fact the best till date.RITA AND I ARE HAVING VERY REGULAR SEX SINCE LAST SIX YEARS AND IN FACT SHE HAS BEEN MORE THAN A WIFE TO ME. SHE HAS CONCEIVED THRICE THROUGH ME.MY WIFE RINTU HAS BEEN HAVING VERY REGULAR SEX WITH RITA’S HUSBAND SAMIR SINCE LAST SIX YEARS AND SHE HAS CONCEIVED FOUR TIMES THROUGH HIM.ALL THESE SIX YEARS I MUST HAVE FUCKED RINTU, MY WIFE ONLY 10-15 TIMES AND SAMIR MUST HAVE FUCKED RITA AROUND THAT MANY TIME.I AM NOW 42YEARS OLD AND RITA IS 41YEARS; WHEN I FIRST HAD SEX WITH HER I WAS 36 AND SHE WAS 35 – BOTH AT OUR PRIME. RITA IS EXTREMELY GOOD LOOKING – 5’5” AND HAS A FIGURE OF 34-28-34 AND MAINTAINS THIS EVEN NOW.RUPA IS NOW 19Y AND HAS DEVELOPED TO A VERY PRETTY YOUNG LADY – & I HAVE THE HONOUR TO BREAK HER VIRGINITY AND THAT TOO IN FRONT OF HER MOTHER