Seeing To My Son’s Needs pt2

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Seeing To My Son’s Needs pt2For those how asked for the second part. Hope you like this part as much as the first one Happy reading.My only c***d and I still live together although he is now 42 and I am in my sixties, his dad died over twenty five years ago and I hit a bad patch after his death. Last week I took his virginity from him, his first ever sexually encounter and my first real cock in over twenty years.My pussy was sore for a few days but his enthusiasm for his mom did not diminished one little bit. I do not want to spoil him but my needs are increasing every day after feeling his big cock in me too. I want him to see me, even show him my pussy but I can not be naked in front of him just yet, I‘m not that happy with my flabby body and what he would think of it.I feel I cannot let him see me in my usually underwear of corset and girdles but that is what he has most pictures of on his computer. I plump for the corset that I bought by mistake, I like to feel shut in with a gusset but this one is open at the bottom. Now I need to find some black stocking, the last time I wore black stocking was for a funeral. I look at myself in the mirror and find that I look quite sexy when dressed. My stomach is held in and my corset ends just above my hairy fanny. I hope my son likes how I look.I wore a dress that revels nothing to what I am wearing underneath while we have our tea, then Gary goes for a shower. I go upstairs to my bedroom and take off my dress, I hear him go back in his bedroom and make my move; I am nervous to walking in like this and cover my naked fanny with my hands. He is also shocked and surprised when I walk in on him just in my underwear. “Mom you look sexy”“Do you think?”“Yes mom you look hot as hell”I uncover my big bushy fanny to my son and his eyes did not leave it. I walk over to him and unwrap the towel from around him. His cock is as big if not bigger than the night I saw it.We nervously look at each other for a split second before our hands were groping each other and our tongues were entwined together. The atmosphere was sexually charged between us, I had one of his hands squeezing my tit and his other feeling over my stocking leg while I had his cock sliding in my hand. We were like young lovers and couldn’t get enough of each other and I was like a new toy to him that he wanted to explore. I pushed him on to the bed and his mighty cock looked like some flagpole sticking straight up in to the sky. I wanted and needed that cock in my fanny soon but tonight was about my son’s needs and what he wanted.I stood at the bottom of the bed, squeezing my corset-covered tits to give him a little show before kneeling in between his legs. He was as hairy as his mom but his cock and balls were shaved as smooth as silk.I took his manhood in my hand and began to wank gaziemir escort him, each stroke fetched more of his pre cum out from him. I lowered over his cock and sucked it in to my mouth, he was wet and sticky and it didn’t take long before a froth had formed around my lips.I let him slip out from my mouth and I started to lick down his shaft, taking and sucking each silky full sack in to my mouth in turn. He lay there whimpering just about able to control himself.Kissing my way back up his smooth shaft I could feel it twitching until I sank my mouth back around it again. He was back inside me and he was trying to fuck my mouth“Mom, Mom”He give one almighty thrust in to my mouth, arching his back and came. The power of his seed hit the back of my throat and I had to swallow fast as his cock twitched and jumped in my mouth again.Squirt after squirt filled my mouth and I was loosing the battle to swallow it all in time, I tried sucking what was leaking around my lips with each swallow but it was no good. Gary moaned with each squirt and he was showing no signs of slowing down, now I could feel it running to my chin. I nipped the base of his cock with my fingers to stem the flow, which let me catch up with swallowing again.He started to slow and I was relived, I love the feel and taste of cum in my mouth but I want to enjoy the experience as well. I licked and sucked his manhood until it was beginning to go soft in my mouth and kissed the tip as it fell out. I lifted my head to see him watching me and suggestively licked my lips of his cum before kneeling upright again; I was just about to wipe my mouth with my hand when he grabbed my wrists. Gary sat upright and eagerly kissed my mouth then licked down on to my chin, he was cleaning his mom of his cum that had leaked. We lay down together on the bed with Gary on his side watching me, his hand unable to stop wandering over my corset. He was intrigued how the corset made my tits look like hills and pointed and his caressing making my nipples all hard giving him something else to play with.His hand found my suspenders and he followed then to my stockings, the only bit of my legs I did not like was the bit hanging over the stocking tops and he played and caressed that bit. I spread my legs a little, allowing him better access to my hairy pussy and moaned when he touched me there. Gary moved down the bed and lay in between my legs; he started to kiss my stocking covered legs, working up from each knee. Now he was at my bare legs at the top of my stocking, kissing, licking and sucking my bare flesh in to his mouth.He followed a suspender in his mouth up to my corset, kissing along the corset until he found the other side and came back down the other leg. He gorged on my fanny, kissing the top of my parted legs and anything escort gaziemir else he could feast on.I felt like some car he works on as he inspected my pussy. I give him open access to my pussy by spreading my legs wide apart and he took advantage of it. He felt all my spare wrinkly folds and my sticking out floppy lips like it was some MOT he was giving me. I didn’t care, it was his first real pussy he has been close to and he’s bound to be curious.I moaned as I felt a finger slip into my wet pussy and start to explore my insides, some how it felt quite erotic knowing its his first time and strange that it just happens to be the very same pussy he came out from 42 years ago.He started finger fucking me slowly, making me moan even louder. I slipped both hands on to my pussy pulling my lips apart and exposed my clit to him.“Kiss me there Gary”I felt his face on my fingers as he kissed my clit and moaned“That’s it Gary, Kiss me again”He did what I wanted and I started to gyrate my pussy on his mouth“Oh Yeeees Gary, keep kissing me and stick you finger back inside me”He had me on the edge of an orgasm as he finger fucked and licked my clit, his finger wriggled around my fanny making a sloppy noise, which got louder and louder.“Gary I’m coming”I could not help but tell him as if he did not know with all the wriggling about on the bed I was making, a pleasurable feeling filled my fanny before clamping shut on his finger. My clit was big and hard and his tongue flicked over it many times making me shrill in delight. My 20 year man free sex has came to an end and I was excited very much, I held his head tight against me, gyrating myself on to his tongue. He lifted his head then knelt up, I could see he was becoming hard again and reached out for his manhood. How I have wanted his cock inside, I raised my knees in the air and he shuffled up between my legs while I pulled at his cock. It felt big and hard as I guided him towards my fanny entrance.My fanny needed no persuading to let him slip inside me; I wanted it as much as he did. He pushed and my fanny stretched to accommodate the might size of his cock, we both moaned simultaneously. He was thoughtful for his mom’s fanny and went nice and slow.“Oh Gary that’s nice”Gary was outstretch on his arms over the top of me watching his cock slid in and out from his mom’s fanny, he was like a little boy with a new toy, grinning from side to side on his face. It made me want to hug him tight and excited me at the same time.I pulled him down on top of me and kissed frantically, our tongues dancing inside his mouth. A lift of my legs over his and I had us locked together making my fanny lift up and meet his thrusts.I let out a muffled moan through our kissing as he speeded up, pounded my fanny forcefully and methodically. He gaziemir escort bayan was building me up to such an orgasm I could hardly breathe. His cock slid like a piston in and out of my fanny, thank god for my pussy lube or I would be red raw by now.“Yes Gary fuck me son”He lifted on to his arms again, his face grimacing as he let out a moan and his cock shot as far into my fanny as it could. Two or three more thrusts in to his mom and I had joined him with my orgasm, I howled out as my orgasm flooded my pussy and gripped me legs tight around his. I could feel his cock throbbing as he filled my cunt full of his hot sticky spunk and I was milking his cock with my pulsating fanny muscles. “Mom mom”Gary pushed his cock deep into me with every squirt and grunted with his cock spraying his cum with force; it felt like my fanny was going to burst. He had pumped his lot, puffing madly he layback down on top of me, his hot breath blowing on to my neck. His cock still deep inside me, I began to nip and pulse my fanny around his cock“Oh mom”I kept nipping to pleasure my son and it started to excite me more, thinking of his big fat cock inside me. How I was looking forward to our illicit love affaire between mom and son from now on.Gary started to lift and I release my leg lock on him, a wet feeling came flooding out from my fanny as he pulled his cock out. He hovered over me looking at my tits, he never did get to see 44dd tits. I dug my hand inside my corset and fetched them out for him to suck; he sucked like a newborn feasting on his mom’s breasts as I held him on.Eventually I stood up, my tits hanging out over my corset making them higher than usual, Gary sat on the edge of the bed holding on to me playing with my suspenders,“Can I undo them mom”I turned around as he undid each suspender as his hand brushing against my bare leg, I had to keep my legs tight shut as to stop any leak coming from my full fanny. He rolled my stocking down my legs and I was past caring what he thought of them. As he lifted my foot, our love juice started to leak down my leg and he wiped it with my stocking. I stood in front of him, slipped my straps off my shoulders and beckoned for him to remove my corset. Gary looked thrilled and pleased pulling it down over my tummy, the bit I don‘t like about myself. I had nothing to worry or be afraid of when he started to kiss my sagging tummy, he loved his mom.I held his head as he kissed me, then I felt my legs being forced apart, his fingers pushed up and parted my fanny lips and his thumb rubbed on my clit. A wet sloppy finger fucking he was giving me while I stood up. I held on to his head and moaned as he fiddled with my clit and fetched me off to another orgasm.His appetite for sex is incredible, wanting to make up for lost time he fucked me again that night and the next morning. My cunt was that full with my son’s seed, it was running down to my knee time I got to the bathroom. His inexperience is showing as quantity is better than quality at the moment but that is something a will teach he in time. The End