Seducing my mon

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Seducing my monLike many other young men, I had fantasized more than once about my mom during puberty. I think the breaking point occurred days after my 18th birthday, I had a wet dream involving her and couldn’t resist it anymore. I awoke to soaked bed sheets and made my mind up—I was going to fuck my mother! At that time I was still a virgin at 18 years old, and very embarrassed about that. Oh, I’d french kissed a couple of girls and women I worked with at the restaurant, even felt a few bare breasts and fondled a couple of times through pants or panties; but that was it. I was hungry and needed to “pop my cherry”!At that time, I was supposed to be deciding which university I wanted to attend. My parents had divorced years before and I was strongly leaning toward going to live with my dad and go to school there. My dad had remarried and my mom had been in a string of relationships with some real losers. She really didn’t want me to go because I long before became the “man of the house”, minus the sex. She really didn’t want me to go away and pointed toward all the local universities, and she especially despised the thought of me moving into dad’s place. We talked about it a lot that year and when I called my dad to ask for materials from the university in his town, she broke into tears and begged me to stay with her, arguing that the multiple local universities had much more to offer. As a bribe, she even started buying me Playboys and Penthouse Forums (which she enjoyed reading too), simply saying it was normal for me to look at them.My mom worked in a hospital with strict dress policies, all women wore white dresses, no slacks back then. She had very set routines and schedules for things (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.). She got up early and was gone before I got up in the morning. When she got home at night, she often took her dress off and paraded around the house in her bra, panties, slip, and stockings until she poured herself a drink and got dinner started. Then she would take her stockings off in the kitchen and hang them over a chair. I was usually studying or pretending to study. I always enjoyed her lacy bras because they showed more of her 38D breasts. I especially enjoyed it when she had dark panties showing under her slip. Once dinner was started, the show was over. She would ask me to keep an eye on dinner and she would get another drink, take a quick shower, and get into her nightgown. When there were no boyfriends, which had been the situation since about 6-9 months before my 18th birthday, she would often have a few drinks and fall asleep/pass out on the sofa after dinner. She always went shopping early Saturday mornings. She would return around lunch and often started drinking in the early afternoon when we had nothing to do. On the Saturday night immediately after my 18th birthday, I came in from a party with friends and saw her asleep/passed out on the sofa. I decided it was time to start putting the moves on her. I overcame the butterflies in my stomach and sat on the opposite end of the couch. She was already in her light gown and her light blue lace panties were exposed. She was passed out and I decided to begin by unbuttoning her gown and pulling her breasts out. She stirred a bit as I did, and I began to fondle them lightly. Then I sucked on one and it immediately hardened in my mouth. This just drove me wild. I did the same to the other breast and she rolled from her side to her back. She was breathing more heavily and even let out a soft moan as I played with her breasts for the next few minutes. I was throbbing and decided to run my hand down over her panties, I rubbed it as I sucked her nipples. Then I slowly worked my hand inside her panties and she shifted back on her side. I was in new territory now and really didn’t know what I was doing! I felt her bush and pussy lips as I very gently eased my finger tip in and she rolled over on the sofa and mumbled something. I decided to try and pull her panties down to look at her pussy, but her legs stayed tight together. I wanted her bad, but my nerves got the best of me and I pulled her panties back up. I went to my room and jacked off four or five times that night before falling asleep.The next morning, I awoke with a hard-on (What 18 year-old doesn’t?), and my mom knocking on my door. She wanted to talk with me. She asked “Where you fondling my body last night? I’m not sure, but it seemed you were sucking my nipples and had your hand in my panties.” I didn’t know what to say. I know I got flushed right there. After a short pause, she dismissed it as a dream and apologized for even asking and that was the end of it. I sighed in relief after she left my room. I had to work at the restaurant that afternoon and evening and while I was at work I overheard two of the older guys I worked with talking about how to use Everclear in small amounts to loosen female inhibitions. I asked them if it worked and one of the guys said he did it often with his fiancée. The other was going to try it with his newest girlfriend. I asked them if they could get me some I’d like to try it with my “girlfriend”. They both said no, I may have been 18, but that was still u******e by a year at that time. I knew then I needed to get some Everclear and I waited until later that week when someone else from work was making a beer run and paid him extra to get me a bottle of Everclear. He reluctantly agreed and got me the bottle. He warned me about the stuff, don’t drink it straight, and use it carefully. I told him I was trying to soften up my “girlfriend”. He told me to use no more than a half a shot per glass or she’d taste it. I got home late that night and decided to start by pouring some into my mom’s vodka bottle in the refrigerator. I added about 2-3 shots worth, knowing my mom had a higher tolerance than most younger women, while she slept on the sofa. The next night mom came home and poured herself her first drink. I watched as she took her first sip and she didn’t react. She didn’t get noticibly tipsy that night, but I sat with her on the sofa and she fell asleep. I decided to lay on the opposite end of the sofa and use my toes to stimulate her crotch. It wasn’t the same, but after that Sunday morning, my nerves had the best of me. She squirmed a bit as I started, but then she spread her legs out a bit wider and allowed my toes to massage her crotch, while she slept, under the influence. After a few minutes, I noticed a wet spot on her panties. She wasn’t moving or moaning. I then sat up and slowly pulled her panties aside and slipped my finger inside her wet pussy. I could smell her sweetness and my cock started throbbing again. She wasn’t moving at all tonight! I was so tempted to fuck her right then, but she stirred a bit and rolled onto her side. I went to bed and jacked off four or five times again before falling asleep myself. It was midweek and I decided to wait until that Saturday. I had to work Saturday morning and by the time I got home she had probably already had two or three drinks. She was somewhat upset and hurt that day and had told me she found out that the man she was talking to at work and having lunch with was married. I waited until she was in the bathroom and got my bottle of Everclear out of hiding and added another shot or so, to the now lower bottle of vodka. When she fixed another drink she looked at her glass after she took the first sip. She finished that drink and was going to start dinner and the alcohol hit her. I had been watching TV, and her, and heard her stumbling in the kitchen. I got up and saw her trying to cut up food for dinner. She was not standing steady, so I offered to help. She said the vodka really hit her, but it would go away in a few minutes: It didn’t, in fact it got worse. I thought this might be my moment, right there in the kitchen. I decided to come up behind her with my erect cock and press it against her ass crack. She shuffled a bit in surprise and asked what I was doing. I told her I was helping steady her. She said nothing, so I pressed into her harder and started grinding my throbbing cock against her ass. She was in a stupor by now and was not resisting at all, nor was she grinding against me at all. I wanted her so badly at that point my cock was starting to hurt. All my judgement and inhibition was going away quickly. As soon as she turned around to get something, we were face to face and close. She asked me to move and I decided to kiss her on the lips. She did nothing to stop me. My hands worked over her nightgown and found her nipples, which were already erect. I started grinding my dick into her crotch and it felt so good and so close I let out a moan and some precum. With that, I pressed her back into the counter and pulled her nightgown up. She simply pulled it pulled down and slurred that she had to finish dinner. She told me to let her go, she had no time for this now. I asked her if we could go to her bedroom after dinner and didn’t get an answer. After she put dinner in the oven, she poured yet another drink and passed out on the sofa again. I ate dinner early and decided to go see how much I could play with her that night. She was so drunk that that night I was able to gently pull her nightgown and panties completely off. And I took my own clothes off and was about to start having my way with her and the phone rang. I quickly answered it and it was my grandmother (her mother) wanting to check up on her. Mom had called her earlier and she just wanted to see how she was doing. I told her she was sleeping on the sofa as I looked at her naked body lying there. We talked for a while and as we did the feelings of guilt swept over me. I chickened out again and decided to put her panties and nightgown back on, but not before I tasted her sweetness this time. I got a much better look at her pussy that night and explored further inside it with my fingers. I tasted her wetness and was getting tempted again when she shifted and mumbled something. I put her nightgown and panties back on with no problems. The next morning she acted like normal and suspected nothing. It was Sunday and I woke up thinking today was it. I was going to fuck my mother today or tonight! I watched her as she came into the kitchen. She said, “Good morning.” And I replied. She looked at her nearly-empty bottle of vodka and got another one out. I told her that grandma had called last night and wanted to talk with her. I didn’t tell her that that call was the ONLY thing that kept me from fucking her last night. I thought everything was OK when she turned and looked at me and asked, “Why were you fondling me in the kitchen last night?” I blushed and tried to say something, but she just cut me off and told me it was normal for young men to fantasize about their mothers; but that it simply wasn’t acceptable. She asked me to stop thinking that way about her and definitely stop touching, fondling, or rubbing her private parts. With that she mixed herself a bloody Mary, which was a change for her and added that she wanted to talk with me about “our situation” a bit later that day. She then called my grandmother (part of their Sunday morning ritual) and I just sat there in the kitchen listening, hoping she wouldn’t tell about what happened last night, and she didn’t. Then she called my aunt and they chatted for a while as she opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass. I listened in again and she said nothing. It was almost lunchtime and she came to my room to talk to me about “our situation”. She started off, by repeating that it wasn’t acceptable in society for a mother and son to have sex. She then went back to the previous Saturday night and asked me again if I had fondled her. I admitted it and her face turned red. She first asked if she was the first woman or girl I had ever touched like that. I told her that I had French kissed some girls in school and divorcees at canlı bahis şirketleri work (more on some of them in another story). I had felt the bare breasts of two woman and fondled them through their pants and panties once. Then I admitted that her pussy was the first I had ever come in direct contact with. I also told her that I loved the sensation of grinding her pussy in the kitchen the night before and she stopped me. She then admitted that despite how drunk she was, she got aroused too, but she said it just had to stop. Then she changed gears and wanted to make sure I knew how to used condoms. I jokingly asked her if she would show me with my now erect cock (At 18 the wind made it hard, and her wanting to show me, made it even harder!). She sat back and said she would have to think about it-—a glimmer of hope! She told me to get dressed and she went to shower and get dressed. We were going to the d**gstore when it opened. On the way there, she seemed different, not as upset and confused as earlier. We talked about girls vs. women on the way to the store and she kept saying how important it was that I knew how to properly use a condom. I was just listening thinking that this could be my lucky day. We bought the condoms and I spotted a new Penthouse Forum, which we both enjoyed reading privately at that time. On the way home, the conversation was about where I was going to college. She repeated that was what I should be concentrating on, not sex. We talked about colleges and I was careful not to bring up moving to dad’s place, but as we pulled into the driveway, she brought it up. We sat in the car in the garage arguing about it for a while. Then we went inside.She got me a big box of Trojans, ultra sensitive, and after we got in and she poured herself a glass of wine. Then she looked at me and offered me a glass saying if I was old enough to register for the draft, I ought to be old enough to have a glass of wine. I took it and we went to the sofa with the box of condoms and our wine. She explained that these were lubricated and that when I opened one the slippery side went out. I opened the box and tore one off. She grabbed for it and started to open it. She showed me the slippery side and the dry side. Then she used her thumb and showed me how to make a “well” with the tip so that it wouldn’t burst inside a woman. She explained that she had one bust inside of her with a previous boyfriend and that thankfully she didn’t get pregnant. Then she showed me how to roll it all the way down my penis and said it worked a lot better on erect penises. She went on to confess that she had her tubes tied shortly after that, but still demanded that her boyfriends used condoms the first few dates to avoid STDs. I reached for the one she used and she told me to get another one out and try it. When I stood up she asked what I was doing.I said I was trying on my cock. She asked if I was erect.I replied “A little bit.” She said this wasn’t really what she had in mind and wanted me to try it on my thumb too. I pleaded with her that I needed to make sure I got it right in front of her, so we would both know for sure. She reluctantly agreed and I dropped my pants and underwear right in front of her. I looked at her watching my cock getting erect at her stare. She told me that I was “hung” compared to my dad and most of her previous boyfriends. By now I was fully erect and as I opened another condom, her eyes moved from my cock to my eyes. I did the well, and began unrolling the condom down my shaft and the well disappeared as I unrolled it down. Without thinking she grabbed the condom and end of my erect cock and told me to stop. I did and let go. She pulled it up and started unrolling it. Our eyes locked again as she unrolled it over my tip. I was throbbing and I now saw the same lust in her eyes as I’m sure I had in mine. She looked at my throbbing cock and finished rolling it all the way down. She lightly touched my tightening sack and caressed them for just a second. Then suddenly she backed away, and without looking at me said that we shouldn’t be doing this at all. She sent me to my room and told me to read my new Forum and please jack off to that and not thoughts of her—-it wasn’t right.I jacked off a couple of times thinking about her though. Now I couldn’t get her out of my mind! I wanted to fuck my mother so badly it was all I could think about and I knew she was thinking about then it too! I walked out of my room looking for her and she wasn’t in the living room or her bathroom. Then I noticed her bedroom door was shut. I heard her breathing heavily and softly moaning through the door and quietly tried to open it, but it was locked. I went to the kitchen for another glass of wine and then remembered the guys at work talking about cold showers and thought I’d try that. It worked for about 10 minutes then I was hard again. Throughout that afternoon, mom would come out only to get another glass of wine or later on, a drink. Without looking at me, talking to me, or even answering my question as to whether she was OK or not, she’d slip back into her bedroom and lock the door. By the clanking sound of the bottles in the trash, I knew when she finished the last of the Everclear-laced vodka that afternoon and opened the new bottle. Once she was back in her room, I got my Everclear out, poured out some of the vodka and replaced it with the Everclear. I used even more. I needed for her to be drunk!Her silence continued that afternoon and into the evening. She didn’t even come out to fix dinner, so I fixed something and ate. Then she came out, sweaty and started to say something, but quit mid-sentence and said she was taking a shower. I quickly finished dinner and went to the bathroom. That door was unlocked, I eased it open and snuck in. While she was shampooing her hair, and bush, I peeked in. I was throbbing and knew this was it! I took my clothes off and joined her in the shower. Once she rinsed all the shampoo out she noticed me. “Joe, what are you doing in here with me? You need to get out right now! Right now!” I pleaded, “Mom, I saw the look in your eyes earlier and I know you want to have sex with me as much as I want sex with you. Please it will be our secret.” She turned the water off and started to get out when I grabbed her and pulled close to me. She yelled, “No Joe, please stop this!” I leaned into her and kissed her on the lips as she tried to push me away. She struggled only briefly and then suddenly grabbed my shoulders and returned a French kiss. As we wondered down each other’s necks.I could hear her whispering, “No, we shouldn’t be doing this. This is all wrong.. We need to stop now….” But her body was giving in to the attention it craved. I was lightly fondling her breasts and she grabbed my fingers and guided them over her hardened nipples and pinched them. I continued to pinch them with that hand while my other hand reached for her pussy. I slid my finger in and she moaned as she reached for my cock. She was still whispering that we needed to stop now. We didn’t even dry off as we left the bathroom and went to her bedroom. I knew this was it and let out some precum on her fingers as we got on the bed. She was thrusting against my finger as she got on her back and spread her legs.Suddenly, she stopped everything and told me, “Stop it right there! This needs to stop now. This isn’t right and you know it! Let go of me and get out of my room! NOW!” She pushed me off the bed and moved the far side of the bed and stood up. We stared at each other and I could tell her eyes of lust had become anger, guilt, and shame. I started cussing and she told me to go take a shower and cool off. She went on in a raised voice telling me there was NO way we were ever having sex, it simply was not right, etc. I pleaded with her, begged her from the opposite side of the bed. She continued to say no and was resolute. Then a thought hit me and I raised my voice to tell her I was going to move to dad’s place for college…She immediately yelled, “Because I refuse to fuck you, which is so wrong, you’re going to punish me like this? How dare you! You know it will kill me if you leave me for him! She broke down in tears and sat on the bed crying. I did feel guilty enough about blurting that out that I went flaccid with precum just dripping. She cried for a few minutes and got up. She asked me to get my clothes and put them on, we needed to talk about this. I went back to the bathroom and put my clothes on. Mom put on her robe, told me to go to the living room, and that she was pouring herself a stiff drink. We started talking about the college thing, but it quickly moved to the sex thing. She admitted that she was close to giving into “the moment”, but had to stop herself and me. She apologized several times for leading me on, but repeated that it couldn’t happen. Then talk went back to college. She was mad at me for what I told her in the bedroom. She went on and on about it. Then I talked a bit and told her why I was thinking about moving to dad’s place. I liked the college, and assured her that I wouldn’t move there just because we didn’t have sex. She didn’t believe me, but after she got another drink, she came back in and asked a question: “If I did have sex with you, would you have still consider moving to you father’s place?” I admitted that I would have. There was a long silence and she asked, “If I were to have sex with you, and I’m not saying I will, will you promise to not move to his place?” My mind began racing, searching for an answer, as my cock began to swell. In my silence, mom repeated the question. I thought a bit more. I REALLY wanted to fuck her, but I liked the idea of going to the college near my dad’s house. She was waiting for an answer and I just blurted out, “If we have sex tonight, ALL night, I’ll promise to reconsider…” Mom broke in, “NO, moving to your dad’s place will absolutely not be an option for college, IF I agree to have sex with you tonight, as you said, ALL night. Period.” Then there was silence, both of us waiting on the other to say something. My cock was fully erect again and as I looked up I saw a bit of lust in her eyes again. I thought that one night with her wouldn’t be enough, and I just blurted that out. She replied, “Right now, you’ll consider yourself very lucky if we even have sex one night. Don’t get greedy Joe.” Then the alcohol in her spoke, “Besides, you might have sex with me and decide it’s not worth it the after first time. You know, I’m pretty old fashioned when it comes to sex, as more than one of my ex-boyfriends has told me.” I told her that I would probably enjoy it a lot. She replied that I didn’t know what I was talking about. We sat on the couch for a minute watching the TV and exchanging glances. Then she moved over close to me and said, “Alright Joe, what do you say? If we go have sex, will you not go to your father’s for college?” I finally gave in and agreed. She nodded, snuggled closer, and asked, “Now where were we before I stopped everything?” With that, my cock started throbbing. We locked eyes and kissed like we had never kissed before, our hands fondling and caressing each other. After a few minutes and soft moans as we went down each other’s necks, she got up, grabbed my hand, and led me back to her bedroom. Once we got in there, all the inhibitions were gone. We were like a****ls ripping each other’s clothes off. We got on the bed as we were fondling each other and she spread her legs again. This time she grabbed the end of my throbbing cock and guided me directly between her legs and inside her wet and waiting pussy. Then she yelled, “Fuck me Joe! Fuck me hard! Go wild, this is what we both want!” It felt so good to finally be inside her pussy and her muscles seemed to just pull me deeper. I could feel her cervix with my deep thrusts. I didn’t last long at all and soon canlı kaçak iddaa she felt me tightening and told me I was getting close and to ram it into her hard and cum. I lasted maybe 3-4 more thrusts, then I felt my first true orgasm. It was awesome! The sight or feeling of my cumming triggered one deep in her and she squirted all over me. I freaked out and tried to pull out, but she reached around and pulled me deeper with all her strength, so I thrusted with my still stiff cock, and she let out a loud scream. After that, she just went limp for a moment and I collapsed on top of her. We were sweaty and I could smell our mixed cum, which was all over our midsections and the bed.As I rolled off of her she said, “My God, that was intense, I haven’t squirted in forever. What did you think? Was it everything you thought it would be?” I told her that I never felt so good. She got up and said she needed a cigarette and told me a puff or two probably wouldn’t kill me either. We went to the living room naked and just held and fondled each other on the couch as I tried a smoke (gagged) and she had two. She went to the kitchen opened a bottle of wine and brought two glasses in. She then offered a toast as she gave me a glass, “This is to an unforgettable evening.” We clinked glasses and she went on, “This is just the start Joe, you’ve got me so aroused right now, I want to go all night. I think we both may be calling in sick tomorrow.” We kissed as she felt my stiff cock, and we went back to her room. As we got to the bed, she told me to get on my back. I did so and she got on top of me and just slid my cock inside her in one motion. She started riding me as I reached up for her breasts and squeezed her nipples hard. That sent her into a frenzy and she really started fucking me hard and talking dirty to me. I leaned up and sucked and nibbled her heard nipples and she went wild. She leaned down to kiss me and I could feel her squirting as she arched back up and let out a yell. I later learned, what followed was a series of several orgasms for mom as she hit her “plateau”. She just kept riding me, moaning, yelling, grunting, and at times just freezing for an instant right before she’d let out a huge scream. I came in her once, and didn’t soften much afterwards. I grabbed her hips and ass and pulled her into me harder. I was instantly hard again and did not cum again with her riding me before she just collapsed on me, out of energy. I was still rock hard when she rolled off of me over an hour after she had started riding me. She was hot, red, and out of breath, as she said she needed another short break. But, she added, “Tonight is NOWHERE near finished young man. We have a lot more ahead of us!” It was late, but neither of us was tired. In fact, I was starving and she explained that was a sign of good, hot, sex. We made sandwiches and ate fruit, and I was surprised to see her just have juice and water with no alcohol. She explained to me that while alcohol removes judgement and inhibitions, it also decreases the intensity and good feelings. We sat on the sofa for a while holding and fondling each other. Then she got up and on her knees and said, “I’ve only done this a few times, but I want to do it for you now.” She took my erect cock and put the tip in her mouth. It felt different at first. I told her I wanted to fuck her again, but she nodded no.Mom told me to just lay back and enjoy between sucks and licks. I later learned with other women that my mom was pretty good with blowjobs, not the best; but among the best I’ve ever had. After a few minutes, I felt like I was going to explode. It was a totally different sensation that I’ve come to love when the mood is right. I could feel myself getting close, especially when she would take my cock all the way to her throat and then all the way back out, twisting on the purple tip. I was moaning (Mom later told me screaming), when I was getting close and she knew it. Then I exploded!She later admitted, she gagged at first. All I know is that it felt divine and she just kept sucking me dry and swallowed it all, except for a spurt or two that shot over her face and hair. I was hard again within minutes.Mom got up, turned around and got on all fours and told me to fuck her from behind. She asked if I’d read about doggy-style, I said “Yes>”Mom said this is it and some women really enjoy it. As I mounted her from behind, it hit me, she was teaching me things as we went along. We fucked doggy style on the living room floor for several minutes. It didn’t take long for her to cum and the feeling of her cumming and squirting all over me again sent me into a frenzy. Suddenly I started driving her hard, pushing her across the floor. She was screaming “YES! YES! Fuck me baby! Fuck me harder!” I pushed us all the way across the living room! Finally she grabbed the chair against the wall and I thrust her into it. We both came and she flooded me and the floor. We collapsed in each other’s arms and the floor and just held each other for several minutes. By the time we recovered it was well after 1 a.m. Mom was tired and I was a bit too, but I didn’t want the night to end yet. I asked her if a man ever gave her oral sex. She said no, and I told her I wanted to try it and that she was tired and wanted to go to bed.I reminded her of her promise to go all night. She said she needed a quick shower first to wake up a bit and that she’d meet me in the bedroom. When we got up we could help but to notice our juices all over the floor and a light trail of spots going from the sofa to the chair. We laughed about it as we kissed and she went to the shower. I decided to join her as she went into the bathroom. This time we cleaned each other in the shower as we kissed and fondled each other. I was rock hard again and fucked her from behind as the hot water ran out. We were both moaning in delight as we came together. We rinsed off in the lukewarm water and went back to her room. She got on the dry end of the bed and I got between her legs and started kissing and licking her wet pussy. It took quite a while for us to learn what she liked and she was telling me along the way. Then out of nowhere, she started squirming, thrusting and closed her thighs around my head as I hit her magic spot just right. She came instantly, squirting all over my face. Then she was just panting and thrusting her hips for a few moments. She started asking for me to move up and fuck her good. Then her requests turned to begging, “Please Joe, get up her and fuck me hard. I’m so close to another big one.” Finally, I gave in and fucked her hard again missionary style. She exploded on my third of fourth deep thrust. She dug her finger nails into my back and was just screaming as she came, and she went on for a while. This was a big one and I could feel it too. As she was just finishing I felt myself getting close. I was fucking her as hard as I could and slamming her head into the headboard. I nearly blacked out with this orgasm and immediately collapsed on her when I came in side her. Afterwards she said that as soon as she came, she was telling me to breathe and I wasn’t. When I recovered and got off mom, I looked over and it was almost 3 a.m.. Now I was getting tired and I knew mom was very tired. We both fell asleep in each other’s arms before I got hard again that night. We both awoke after 8 that Monday morning to the sound of the phone ringing. Mom grabbed the phone, it was her boss and she told him we were both sick and apologized for not calling sooner. She got off the phone with him and said that she need to call my school now and went to the phone in the kitchen. I laid there with a “morning stiffee”, hoping mom would want more today, I knew I did! When she came back to her room she got into bed beside me, and said, “We really need to talk.” I dreaded those words. First, we promised each other that it would be our secret, no one else would ever know what we did (I even asked her permission to write this and she agreed after all these years, only if she could look at it first. So here we are!). Second, she enjoyed last night a lot; BUT, last night was over, and she wasn’t sure we should do it anymore. She added that she was sore all over, her pussy, her nipples (which were blood red), her thighs, her hips, her back, her arms, etc. She then lifted the blankets off me and grabbed my erect cock. Surprisingly, it hurt a bit when she fondled it, and then she pointed out that we both have rug burns all over our knees. We looked at each other and kissed each other long and slow. As I started fondling her wet pussy, she pulled away and said, “NO, Joe, we’re not going there today.” Then she went on, third she told me I had better keep my promise and forget about moving to dad’s place for college. I agreed and she smiled as she kissed me again. Then she added a fourth by saying, “You’re not a bad kisser, but you need to learn to slow down. Now, let me kiss you and put my tongue into your mouth first and show you what women like.” What followed was almost an hour of just holding each other, kissing, and her coaching. There was some occasional grinding, but she always stopped me before we got too carried away. I asked if this was just a one-time deal.She said she’d have to think about it, but today was out. I started begging and pleadingShe just joked it was my age and hormones. I even asked for another blowjob and she refused. We talked about sex over a late breakfast and I again asked for another blowjob. I needed one really bad. Finally, she agreed saying that if it would just shut me up she’d do it, but that was it; and I’d have to stand up for her. We went back into the living room and she pulled my shorts down and started licking and sucking. Soon I felt that great feeling coming over me again, but I wanted more and I knew it. As I was getting closer, I grabbed the back of her head and a handful of hair.She started moaning between and among sucks. Her hips were swaying a bit as she sat on the sofa. The feeling I had that morning was different and more intense than the night before. From reading the Forum articles, I knew this was domination and I loved the feeling. I came quickly and it was the most intense orgasm I’d had yet! Mom swallowed it all and continued to suck my cock. Then I sat next to her on the couch and she confessed that she enjoyed being forced. It was something new for her too. There was a long silence as we sat on the couch. I was getting hard again thinking about the new feelings and sensations rushing through me at that moment. The feeling of total power over my mother now consumed me as much as the desire to fuck her the day before. Finally, I had to speak. “Mom, we weren’t done talking.” She asked, “What? I thought we were done.” I remember feeling the sweat roll down from my armpits and my mouth got dry as I spoke, “Fifth.” I paused as she asked, “What?” I continued, knowing what I wanted to TELL her but not believing I was actually doing it. “Fifth, if you want me to stay with you for college not only will we be having sex more, but you will have sex with me when I want it and with no one else!” I said it and blushed as I did. Mom was just as stunned by what I told her as I was. To this day, I don’t know where it came from, but once I said it I felt relieved on one hand, but worried on the other. How was mom going to react?There was another long silence and she asked, “Is this what you think of me? Do you really want me to be some sort of sexual SLAVE to you?” I started to answer, but stopped myself as I heard her words in my head again. Yes I did want her as a sex slave, my own mother! I couldn’t tell her that, not yet anyway. Thoughts were racing through my head and I suddenly realized that morning blowjob brought it all together. It was what I wanted all along and just didn’t know it. Now the some of Forum articles were racing canlı kaçak bahis through my mind.Mom raised her voice and demanded an answer. “Do you really want me to be your fucking sexual slave?!” I calmed down and told her that the blowjob she just gave me made me realize how good I felt forcing her head and mouth around my cock. She got up and poured herself a drink and came back in and said in a stern tone, “Alright! We REALLY need to talk about this right now!” Then in a much quieter voice, she mumbled, “I enjoyed you doing that. I’ll confess, I was really turned on!” At this point we were both talking now. Then she shared her fantasy of being ****d and manhandled and said that the night before really awakened that fantasy again. We talked about that a lot. We discussed rules of the house. I was still her son, living under her roof. I was surprised how easily she seemed to accept the idea though! We chatted about it through lunch and into the afternoon. I even went to my room and got the Forums out that had something about domination in them to show her. Throughout our conversation, mom was sticking firm to no sex that day. She was too sore, but we did talk about what we would do that next weekend. Plans were quickly falling into place and we decided that we should go to the adult bookstore across town and find some books or tapes. We spent over an hour in there. It was my first time in one of those places and they did card me. We filled a basket with stuff and then went to the mall for dinner. On the way she said we were going to Frederick’s where she would let me pick some outfits for her. I got excited because as I told her in the car, I loved sexy lingerie photos. We ate dinner and went to Frederick’s. I found four outfits I really wanted to see her in and went outside while they helped her get her sizes. As we drove home, she repeated her **** fantasy, and how she wanted me to do it to/for her, and we spent the rest of the night planning that. While she wasn’t sure about the slave thing, I was trying to figure out how to make that happen. After that last Sunday, I wanted my mother as my sexual slave and its all I wanted. I saw the **** as a start to that end.The rest of the week dragged on and it was all I could do to do my homework. All I wanted to do was read the books and magazines we bought and look at the toys and her new lingerie, until mom got home and then I wanted to either talk to her about that weekend or try to fuck her. She said we had to wait all week because she wanted me really turned on and ready Friday night. We planned it out and Friday night came. I made dinner so it was ready when she got home and we went through it one more time. She wanted me to manhandle her (she didn’t like me to use the word ****, but that’s what it was going to be like) and ravage her body. She didn’t want me to stop until I was ready to stop. She wanted to be used, tied up, and forced to do things. I had everything laid out in her room for this. I was ready to “****” my mother and use that to make her my slave.After dinner, she went to the bathroom to shower and touch up her make up and put lipstick on. Then I heard her go to her room to get dressed. Several minutes later she came out in a dress, wearing her black stockings and heels. Underneath it all she had the black bra/corset and crotchless lace panties I picked out at Frederick’s. She looked stunning and as she spun for me, I was enthralled by her. She even had on her Chanel #5 and the scent mixed with hers, and drove me wild! She asked to have a glass of wine and a cigarette first, while I got in my position and turned all the lights off. I was hiding in her room and heard when she put her glass down and could hear her footsteps. When she entered the room, I grabbed her, fondled her as I covered her mouth. She tried to cream as we planned, but I muffled it as I threw her on the bed. The sensations were rushing through me and I realized I had never been this worked up ever in my short sexual life. I ripped her dress open to expose her breasts on the bed as she began to “struggle” against me, “begging” me to stop. I continued pinching her nipples as she pleaded, “NO, no please stop!” As I ripped her dress off and could see her lingerie, I shot some precum. I ripped my pants open as I “fought” with her, and told her, “Oh no BITCH! This is going to happen!” She quickly quit “struggling” as I pried her legs apart and forced my self between them. Once I was there, it was not hard to penetrate her through those crotchless panties. I forced myself into her really hard, but she was already wet with anticipation. I remember telling her that she was so wet this must be turning her on. She continued with the no,no,no’s as I told her she was a slut and all mine that night! Mom was still resisting me a bit as I rammed her, but her hips were moving to meet my thrusts. I didn’t last long at all and had a huge explosion deep inside her. She came big time right after me.As we agreed, we took a short break. That was the most intense sex I’d ever have and I was instantly hard again. When we continued, I just started fucking her wildly again and she cam more than me, some “****”. Then when I went flaccid, I got off her and forced her head back around to my cock. I grabbed her hair much more firmly that I had before and I enjoyed watching her suck me hard, suck me to orgasm, and then suck me dry as I told her to swallow every drop. Then, I told her that I really liked fucking her and this party was just beginning. I pulled her head back to my cock and she sucked it hard again. This time when I was rock hard, I rolled her over on all fours. She thought I was going doggy style, but I grabbed the Vaseline under the bed and put some on my tip and her anus, and suddenly she knew what I was about to do. She said, “Joe, be careful now.” As I eased into her tight ass. I worked myself all the way in and she pleaded for me to stop along the way. Then I started slowly fucking her. Mom’s ass was so tight it hurt both of us at first. Then she relaxed and loosened up and the sensations were fantastic! Suddenly she went wild and just started screaming at the top of her lungs. I put a pillow in front of her mouth because I was afraid the neighbors might hear her and think something was wrong. Then she just started cumming and she was yelling with each of my thrusts, which were getting harder and more forceful. She was squirting almost non-stop now and it was all over the bed. I was getting close to another big one so I started ramming her ass harder. I felt myself cumming and just grabbed mom’s hips with all my strength and rammed it in. She arched up and let out a huge wailing scream as I came in her ass. She scared me when she collapsed on the bed after that. She blacked out for a few seconds, and was lying there under me, just trying to breathe. We were both sweaty wet messes when I slowly pulled my flaccid cock out of her ass. I needed a shower then, so I left her panting and softly moaning on the bed. As I showered, I was just starting to get hard again as I thought about what I had just done to my mother. Feelings of guilt swept over me, but I had to plan the rest of this out. I wanted my mother to be my complete sexual slave before the night was over and now I needed to continue. When I came out of the shower, she was in the bathroom in her wet black lingerie asking if she should change and touch up. I agreed and told her to get her white lingerie on. It was a bridal type outfit and consisted of a thin teddy, panties, a thin robe and white stockings. She came into the kitchen where I had made a snack of fruit and sliced cheese. She poured another glass of wine for herself and offered me some. We talked about the **** and she told me she absolutley loved it. She added that having her son do it made it very special to her. We then talked about what was ahead-—how she would become my slut and later sex slave. She was so “sexed up” at that point, I had no problems just telling her how it would be. We went back the bedroom where I tied her to the bed spread eagle, untied her panties and just started fucking her pussy until I came. Then I ravaged her body pinching her nipples and clitoris with clothespins. I spanked her wet pussy with our new crop and pulled out her vibrators and the other things we bought as I played with her. She came several times and whenever I started getting hard I either fucked her pussy or her mouth. I didn’t say much at first, but then I started calling her a slut and whore–my own mother. She just agreed and begged for more! It was getting late and we were both getting tired. I was starting to have dry orgasms by then and decided we needed another break before I made her my slave. She stripped out of her sweaty outfit and took a shower while I got something else to eat. Her bed was soaked! She got a bite and asked what was next because she didn’t know how much more she could take. It was after 3 by then. I led her back to her room and put her on the soaked bed. We were both naked and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with her next other than make her my slave. I decided to put her on top of me and let her ride me awhile, since we both enjoyed it so much the Sunday before. She followed my instructions and we were both soon fucking full force.As soon as I thought she was getting close to orgasm, I told her to stop and just stay there with my cock inside her. I leaned up and gave her a long slow kiss and she started wanting to ride me, but I stopped her and asked, “Do you want more SLUT?”She begged yes as she started trying to ride me and kiss me. I told her to stop again and went on, “If you want more of me, you need to agree to some things.” Mom stopped and looked at me. I went on, “I will call you ‘mom’ when we are not alone, but when we’re alone I will call you SLUT. Understand?” She looked puzzled, but nodded her head in agreement. I continued, “When we are alone and have nothing to do, you will be my sexual slave and serve my desires. Right there, right then, and you can have NO reservations.” I finished by saying, “You will have no other men but me and I may add to the rules later; but for right now they are the rules for as long as I live here. Do you understand SLUT?” My mom was frozen on me for a few seconds and she nodded. I had her tell me she understood and she did. Then I laid back and told her to fuck me until she couldn’t fuck anymore tonight. She immediately did so and we each came a couple of more times before we got too tired. I told her to come with my to my room where the bed was dry. We went to bed and slept until 10 a.m. Saturday. When I awoke, I was hard and decided to put my new slave through her first test, as she lied there sleeping, I rolled her over on her back, spread her legs as she woke up dazed, and started fucking her. She asked what I was doing and mentioned needing to go shopping.I reminded her of her promise and that she belonged to me as I came inside her.We got up and she went shopping as I started my chores. Her room still smelled heavily of sex. When she got home, she put the food and things up and had a snack. I then walked into the kitchen and told her to follow me to her room. Once there, I told her that as she is a slut, I expect her to wear slutty things around the house and open up her drawer of slips and camisoles. I threw her a thin black shear camisole and told her to wear that and nothing else. She did as I told her and came out to the living room. I got hard quickly and spread her legs on the couch and started fucking her. We both came quickly.I then got off of her and told her to start sucking my dripping cock. She did until I came again and she sucked it all up. Then we talked about it and she admitted that she liked the way our relationship was going. She said she really got turned on shopping when she was thinking about me being able to take her and use her anytime I wanted. Through time, the agreement was modified a bit, but our dirty secret remained and mom remained my very willing sex slave until I moved out. I did stay there for college and even had a couple of girlfriends along the way. More to come.