School Librarian Seduces – Pt 2

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School Librarian Seduces – Pt 2Only because of your comments and interest I have planned to continue it from now. So welcome back everyone to this erotic ride. I would kindly recommend everyone the first and second part of the stories. You will understand and experience the complete erotic experience.End of the previous story:I could feel the heated air in my pussy. Even the tiny hairs above my pussy were dancing. At the same time, he gave a hard kiss down there above my panties.“Ah,” I came literally and made my panty fully wet again. Without taking his lips, he kept sucking my juices above my panty.I could even hear him sucking it in full force. “Ah,” I released the hold on the rack. Instead, I held his head with my right hand and pressed it into my pussy!Now the story is continued.That moment is one of the unforgettable one in my life until now. Releasing my first juice for a man and also exactly in his face. I never even dreamed someone will lick my panties today when I wore it in the morning. With one my left hand I was handling the back of his head.My right hand was handling my book rack. He was continuously licking my entire pussy above my panty. I felt like not any part of my pussy has been left outside. I was completely is in his mouth. My juices kept on following from my pussy. He was making it dry by licking everything above my panty itself.In the meantime, he gave a pause. I slowly opened my eyes and came back to reality. I was literally sitting in his shoulder holding his head. I looked down. I could only see his head inside my skirt. When I was looking down he just moved his head outside my skirt and was directly looking into my eyes.OMG, I could now see how wet his mouth because of my pussy juice. On seeing my eye he just licked his own lips. My god, that is a wonderful sight for me. Seeing a much older man enjoying my pussy juice. He didn’t move his eyes from mine.Slowly he lifted my skirt and started moving his hand above my stomach. He was nearing my boobs. I was slowly watching his hand. All of a sudden he held my right boob and squeezed it hard. I made a loud moan and closed my eyes. He giving me hard presses on my right boobs.He was enjoying seeing me losing my control. I myself widely opened my legs, held the back of his head again. I pressed it hard on my pussy canlı bahis above my panty. He gave a hard lick on my pussy and slightly he bit my clitoris. I was eagerly waiting to experience his soft warm tongue to lick my pussy directly without the panty.While licking my pussy he moved a bit down. He was trying to lick me near my anal. Wow, that was a wonderful feeling. I was feeling very warm and trying to show him more. Even sometimes showing my ass to the lady nurses while putting an injection in the hospital itself makes me feel warm.But he is trying to lick it!In the meantime, our school bell rang. He just stopped and we both came to the consciousness that we were in the school library doing all these things. He moved out of my skirt and asked me to stand up. I also did the same but felt very disappointed.It was really hard to believe that you are about to have a wonderful time in your life. But all of sudden it gets stopped in the middle. I got up and was adjusting my clothes. But I was feeling very disappointed and couldn’t digest this. At the same time he also got up and he sat in the chair near the table.I turned back and send bye to him. I took by my books from the table and turned back to move. At once he grabbed me from the back and directly held both my boobs from the backside. The heat was building up again in me. He started kissing my neck back and pressing my boobs.I could feel how both the boobs had been crushed under my bra. All of a sudden he made me bend on the table and lifted my skirt from back. I was lying on the table completely expecting something sexy was going to happen to me. That feeling itself made me wet in my pussy.My clitoris was waiting to something to stimulate it like trying to poke out from my panties. He was standing on the back of me. Enjoying every inch of me lying down on the table, showing my ass in pink panties. He slowly kept his hand back on my thighs and softly he is rubbing me.I gave a quick jerk. His warm hands on my cold thighs are making me crazy. Without my permission, my legs were opening a bit to give space to him. He then knelt down on the floor behind me. He was holding both my thighs and rubbing it softly.The tiny grown hair above my pussy was standing up and inviting someone to rub it. I myself was pressing my boobs on the table. bahis siteleri Slowly and steadily, he brought his face near my ass above panties. I could feel the hot air on my ass. He came very near and gave a small kiss on my ass right on my anal.OMG! That feel when a person’s lips are touching the place where even no one’s hand touches it. I myself arched my ass above to show more to him.Hope you all enjoyed the previous three chapters of my story. Without making any delay, I am directly jumping into where I left.Before that, let me update you guys to stay connected with me because I have planned to share all the erotic encounters I experienced in my life with you. I made this decision after seeing the responses from you all, so kindly keep sharing it.Let me directly start from where I left before,I was lying in the library table and the librarian who was supposed to uncover the books was uncovering me inch by inch!He was kneeling down on the back on me and kissing on my pink panties. I wasn’t able to tolerate it, I pressed my boobs hard on the table. He then gave a long kiss on my ass which even made my panties wet in the front and back!(Yes guys, I have heard about penis from my hostel mates. My hostel mates use to place bananas inside their panties and play around in the hostel rooms like they have got a penis. I also know about it from a few porn magazines).Even though I have never touched a hard erected penis before, at that moment I wanted a hard rock penis inside my panties to rub my small pussy.The librarian now started massaging my ass with both his hands. I unknowingly widened my legs to him for him to explore more and rub me down there.Aaahhh, his strong hard hands were softly massaging my ass cheeks. I had noticed him looking at my ass a few times when I use to come in the library but never did I imagine that he will massage me like this or I would allow him to massage me like this.The horny librarian now completely lifted my skirt above my panties and slowly started to remove it. His fingers touched its strap around my ass and was slowly pulling it down. OMG! I could feel the chill air hitting my ass cheeks which were already wet because of his licks.I just moved my hip a bit up to remove my panties and lied down with the chillness of the table hitting my pussy. bahis şirketleri Then I moved a bit to feel it directly on my clit.The librarian had completely removed my panties and had put it down. Then he stood up and was staring at my naked teen girl ass for at least 2 minutes. That feeling of someone seeing me naked down made me feel more aroused. I opened my legs a bit more wide.Meanwhile, my nipples were hurting as they were standing erect for a long time inside my flowered bra.Then the librarian knelt down again on me and started rubbing me slowly from my leg to my milky thighs and then towards my inner thighs. His fingertips touched my pussy tip which was dripping wet down.He again moved his fingers from the top to the bottom OMG! I was biting my lips. I couldn’t resist this! He was enjoying every bit of me. I have heard of sex but I didn’t know that it will be this much pleasing.I was holding myself, if not I would have jumped on him to zip him down to hold what he was having down there with my hands.On the third time, he came and paused on my ass cheeks. He was so close to my ass cheeks and he was completely holding my ass in his palms. His strong and hard hands were more than enough to hold my small cute virgin ass.Then he slowly parted my ass cheeks and came further close to my ass. I was expecting him to lick my anus and was preparing myself for it. Oh god, I wanted to him to eat me again like how he did on the first time! I turned my head to see him and what he was doing down there.To make me feel more horny, he just parted my ass cheeks and started sniffing me down there! It was one of the most wonderful sights I have ever seen! I couldn’t even blink my eyes. It wanted to witness it.The librarian saw me looking at him. While looking directly into my eyes, he opened his mouth. I could see his watery tongue coming out of his mouth. Oh god, it was building an orgasm inside me and I felt like exploding down there.I spread my legs, opening my anus wider and arching towards him, inviting his watery tongue!Keeping his eyes glued on mine, the librarian extended his tongue and gave a full lick on my ass hole! OMG, I let out a loud moan that even echoed from the books over there. The first lick of my LIFE!! And that lick was enough for me to explode!I put my head down on the table, arched my ass into the librarian’s face while my pussy was flowing down a stream of orgasmic juices!! My virgin teen girl pussy was dripping like squeezing a full fresh lemon. It even made the table wet.To be continued.