Savannah Goes All The Way

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January 17, 1994

One way or the other, it had to end, this enduring torture of the flesh. It seemed as if she had spent the greater part of the last eight years trying to lose her virginity. (Okay, she had, but that’s the whole point of these stories, eh?) For the last two weeks she’d gone to every singles bar, sex club, and strip joint she could find and still could not find a willing accomplice to help her with her ‘problem’. Every last man she’d approached had either been taken, gay, or wanted no part of deflowering her. Why, just last night she’d met this really cute guy, Dane, but he’d literally run in the other direction when she’d propositioned him. It was like the word “VIRGIN” was tattooed on her forehead or something.

But she had a plan now. All she needed now……was a nerd. A dyed-in-the-wool nerd. The kind that was desperate to get laid. A Virgin even. She figured it would be uncomfortable the first time since the guy probably wouldn’t know what he was doing, but well worth it in the long run. And the best place to find a nerd was at the university. So, here she was, strolling through Harvard University on a brisk, April afternoon. She was wearing a green wool mini-skirt, just barely covering her tight ass, with white stockings, a white sweater which revealed a lot of cleavage, knee-high black leather boots, a small leather jacket, and sucking on a cherry lollipop.

She approached a group of studious (nerdy) looking men on the steps of the campus library. Zeroing in on the best looking one, a tall lanky guy with brown hair but wearing those hideous glasses that nerds always wore, she walked straight up to him and said ‘Hello, sexy’. Reaching up with one hand she pulled his head down towards her and proceeded to kiss him. At least, she tried to kiss him. But he went first stiff with shock, (his body, not his dick), then shoved her away.

“Uh, Miss, do I know you?” he asked in a wobbly voice.

Savannah replied, “No, but you will” and winked. “Why don’t I buy you a coffee and discuss whatever it is you’d like to talk about?” She tried to make her voice as soft and sultry as she possibly could, and licked her lips.

“Uh, sure, sure..That would be…..uh, great”. Grabbing his arm she hustled him through campus to a little coffee shop. Sitting across from him, she smiled again, and started to rub his hand over and over with her own.

“I love brainy men”, she cooed. “I get all, hmmm, hot and bothered listening to intelligent men……hot and wet.”

“Ahem, well….that’s great……uh really, but, to be honest, I only carry a C average.” Groaning inwardly to herself, Savannah pressed on.

“Well, that’s okay, I just think you’re soooooo cute, and , forgive me for being so forward, but……I would really like to just fuck your brains out.” And she smiled again.


A dreadful silence ensued. Glancing at her watch Savannah tried once again. “So, tell me, what’s your name?”

“Uhm, my name is Brent. Uh, what’s yours?” he asked, ogling her cleavage.

“Savannah” she replied. “So what do you say………would you like to fuck me?”

“Yeah” he croaked. “Yeah that sounds good.” More silence. “Well, uh, where poker oyna do you want to, uh, that is to say, do you have a place where we can… it?”

Savannah groaned again inwardly and just smiled.

………Back at her apartment.

Filled with delicious anticipation, Savannah led Brent to her bedroom. She had prepared ahead of time, hoping for the best. The room was dimly lit, soft music from her favorite jazz station played on her radio, the bed covers beautifully rumpled. Just perfect! She turned to Brent, who was hesitating at the bedroom door, and smiled sweetly to him. “Come on, baby,” she whispered, and held out her hand in invitation.

Slowly he came to her, grabbed her hand, and unexpectedly leaned down and reverently kissed her hand. Savannah sighed at the charming gesture. Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad. What he lacked for in physique he more than made up for in manners. Softly and slowly he took off her jacket and carefully placed it on a nearby chair. Then, kneeling down, he unzipped her boots, and took them off. He ran his soft hands up her calf, her thighs, and massaged her ass cheeks through her stockings. Hooking thumb and finger under the edge he slowly peeled them away as well.

Underneath Savannah wore no panties, and Brent moaned at the pretty picture. Quickly he liberated her of her skirt. He guided her backward to the bed, sitting her down on top of the covers. Savannah hurriedly removed her sweater and bra, tossing them towards the chair. And there she sat, completely revealed to her would-be lover, her nipples peaked, muscles strained, and she could feel her juices begin to flow. “Now you take off your clothes”, she urged.

“Not yet”, he replied. “There’s plenty of time. First, let me play with you.” And he smiled.

“Okay”, she agreed happily. She scooted back so her head rested on the pillow. Her legs softly scissored against each other, and her hips rolled uncontrollably. He came around the foot of the bed and sat down on the edge next to her. He took off his glasses, and it was then she noticed his incredible green eyes. He placed a hand on her right breast and let it rest there, while his other cupped the back of her head. He leaned down and kissed her softly. Savannah was stunned.

She believed that nerds knew nothing about sex and yet this guy was getting her motor going with a simple kiss. Then she chided herself for being silly. This was what she wanted, wasn’t it? She decided to follow his lead.

Brent stretched out on the bed, very close against her side, and Savannah noticed how warm and hard he was. Eagerly she moved towards him. He stopped her movement with his hand on her hip, and thrust her legs wide. Her pussy lips stretched open eagerly at his soft touch. His strokes grew faster and firmer upon her swollen clit. Savannah gasped as her climax overcame her, moaning loudly into his mouth. Brent moved away and Savannah whimpered. “It’s okay”, he said. “I’m not going anywhere; I just want to take my clothes off now”. And he smiled.

Quickly Brent shed his tennis shoes, coat, and shirt. Savannah looked at his pale chest, momentarily brought out of the haze by his seemingly…..bland appearance. But then she canlı poker oyna gazed back into his eyes and all was well once again. He then removed his socks and Savannah was relieved that no strong odor came from his feet. He came back to her on the bed, pulling her tight against him. “What about your jeans?” she asked. “Take them off, baby”.

“Not yet”, he said. “In a little while.” He began to suckle her breasts, moving back and forth between her two peaks, pulling stronger each time. Her flesh tingled and tightened with arousal. She panted, she moaned, she sighed, she groaned, she screamed. Another climax. His finger thrust into her pussy, fucking her little cunt strongly, then gently……driving her mad.

He moved down and she felt his tongue rasp her clit, and his teeth nip it. He sucked it, licked it, rubbed it, until Savannah felt yet another orgasm overcome her. But still, it wasn’t enough. She wanted, no, she needed to feel his cock buried deep in her cunt. Nothing less was acceptable.

“Now,” she begged. “Fuck me now!”

“I’m not prepared,” he said. “Do you have a condom”?

“In the drawer” she panted.

Brent fumbled around until he found the packet. He ripped it open. He stood up and turned his back to her, and prepared himself. He almost came right then and there he was so hot. Maybe it would be okay, he thought. Maybe this time, it would be okay.

He turned back hesitantly, and sighed in relief when he saw Savannah’s eyes were closed tightly. Her beautiful body writhed upon the bed. He could smell her pussy juices soaking the sheets, so strong was her arousal. He lay down next to her carefully, being sure not to bump her. She opened her eyes and stared into his, and smiled.

“You make me feel sooooo good,” she told him. Her hand reached down to grab his cock, ready to guide him to her. Again, his hand stopped her.

“No,” he said sharply. “I mean,” he said when he saw the hurt in her eyes, “not yet, I couldn’t handle it if you touched me just now.” She smiled again and so did he. “Now, close your eyes and feel me”, he said, and she complied.

Brent came over her, spread her legs wide. His fingers worked on her some more, making her even more wet, more hot. She moaned and restlessly tossed her head on the pillow. Slowly, carefully, he pushed forward until the tip of him rested against her eager cunt. It was then that she looked down at him, and gasped at what she saw. It was unbelievable. It was astounding. It was enormous!

“Please, please, please, don’t make me stop”, he begged. “I’ll be careful, I will, truly….just…..don’t make me stop NOW.”

Savannah lay there stunned as the reality of the situation set in. That nerdy looking, gangly, pallid guy she had picked from that group to take her virginity, was hung like a……like a……..well the words escaped her. He was just sooooooooo huge. How could it possibly fit? How could it ever work?

“Stop,” she repeated. “No, I don’t want you to stop, but, my goodness, Brent!”

“It’ okay,” he said. “I know it looks impossible but I assure you, it will work. We just have to be, careful, and uh, take it slow. And we’ll use lots of KY, too. You do have some KY don’t you?”

“Uh, sure, yeah, bottom drawer.” Brent leaned over the inert Savannah and pulled open the bottom drawer of her nightstand. He rifled throught the miscellaneous vibrators, butt plugs, titty clamps, leather whips, and rubber? undies, until he found a tube of KY. With shaking hands he squirted some into his hands and applied it to his protected cock, and then got some more to put on Savannah.

He warmed it in his hands first, and then softly rubbed it on her and in her. Loud, slurpy sounds echoed through the bedroom, but Savannah was beginning to come back to life. Brent had four fingers stuffed tightly into her pussy, thrusting strongly and deeply. Her hips lifted off the bed, and Savannah could feel her own juices begin to flow once again.

They kissed, and Savannah sucked on his tongue, pulling it deep into her mouth. He moaned his pleasure, and she felt his huge dick lying acroos her thigh. Slowly she opened her legs again, and thrust her waiting pussy at him. Grabbing his dick in one hand, he slowly guided it to her pussy opening, and thrust, gently at first. He didn’t want to hurt or scare her. Savannah could feel her pussy widening which each thrust.

She peered down and was amazed to see that only the bare tip was buried so far, and already she felt almost full of him. He pulled her legs up so that they were wrapped around his waist, and then held her hips firmly in his hands.

“Hold tight,” he urged, and forged forcefully through her hymen. Savannah screamed at the pain.

“Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop,” she demanded.

Brent was beyond hearing her pleas, as he lay there, fully embedded in that wonderful, tight, little pussy. His eyes rolled back into his head, and he moaned. Under him Savannah wiggled, trying to get away, but she was pinned to the mattress like a fly to the wall, and her movements only increased his pleasure.

“Just wait a second, baby,” he panted. “Lie still, and the pain will pass.” Savannah stilled, still very tense, and thought that maybe Brent had a few screws loose. She couldn’t imgaine anything more excruciating. How did her friend survive her nightly encounters with her boyfriend Dillon?

The minutes ticked away and slowly she began to relax. Hesitantly he started moving on her and in her, small thrusts only. Her flesh stretched further, until it was almost comfortable. Savannah began lifting her hips in time with his, and her body, surprisingly, started to tingle once again. He breathed heavily into her ear, his mounting excitement obvious. She clenched around him, her excitement beginning to overtake her.

“Yessssssss,” she hissed. “Soooooooo good baby, faster…..pleaaaaseeeeee.”

He complied readily, his hips pistoning furiously, burying his cock even more deeply. “Fuck yeah,” he exclaimed. Lights burst behind her eyes as her orgasm rolled through her in great waves.

“I’m cummingggggg,” she moaned.

“Yeah, yeah, cum baby, so good.” Savannah pulled him more tightly against her, wanting to get as close as she could. His body jerked over her, his “Oh damn” echoing off the walls. It went on and on, until at last, he fell forward on top of her.

“How…..uh…….how are you, baby?” he finally panted out.

“Let’s do it again”, she said. And smiled.

Somebody hand me a towel, please. Thank you.