Sauna play

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Sauna playA small town backwoods sauna experience. First off Steve is from the city and he is heading for a vacation a few hours away to relax and getaway. He has reserved a small cabin on a lake deep into the woods for the weekend. Steve is mid thirties and has been focusing on work the last year since he broke up with his girlfriend. He needs a break. So he packs his car and makes the 3 hour trip and arrives at his cabin. It’s a nice place with about a dozen other cabins around the lake just like his. As he goes to check in at the main office he notices in the water by the small beach a couple naked swimming around. Wow he thinks as to seeing a nice looking nude couple openly swimming about. He step into the office and is met by a man who was watching the couple himself thru the window and has he turns Steve can clearly see the bulge in the mans pants. The man looks down and says couldn’t help it they were giving each other samples of oral before you drove up. Steve couldn’t believe it and looked out the window at the couple and said really? Then looking back at the male desk attendants bulge showing thru his pants figured it had to be true. The man says yes they were fooling around and he would’ve stroked his cock watching them is Steve handy pulled up. The coupe then grabbed towels and walked down the path away from sight of Steve and the horny desk attendant. He told Steve they must be heading for the sauna and cooling pond next to it. Steve’s curiousity was all over the place now. So he checked in and headed for his cabin. After settling in he goes for a walk to find the sauna and cooling pond area. After walking the trail he sees the sauna smoke coming out the chimney so it’s hot. He walks closer and on the other side is the pond with the couple engaged in some heavy kissing and grouping. The coupe are older than Steve but very good shape. The male is fit with short brown hair a tattoo on his back. The woman is also very fit and a brunette with nice medium sized çanakkale escort tits. She sees Steve watching them and smiles saying to him feel free to get in. But he doesn’t as he is nervous but very horny also. He steps into the sauna quickly enters the changing room. He decides to strip down to his underwear and take some steam in the hot room. He does this and sits on the top bench taking steam. He the hears the changing room door open and some laughter followed by the woman slightly moaning. Steve can’t see the couple but hear faint moans of pleasure from the female. Steve starts to wonder what they are doing and his thoughts start making his cock grow into a full hardon. All of a sudden the door opens and the woman steps in first saying hi there do you mind if I come in? Steve just nods no and she enters leaving the man in the other room. She notices Steve’s erection in his now white see thru underwear. She asks Steve if he can handle more steam and apply a water to the rocks. And joins him in the top bench. They both are dripping with sweat she takes a cool pale of water stands up and dumps it over her head making her nipples rock hard. Steve is also rock hard just staring st this sexy woman. She then asks if Steve would apply some lotion to her back and shoulders? Before steve could answer she tells the man out in the changing room to hand in her bottle of lotion. He opens the door and hands it to her the closes the door again. She gets on the middle bench and lies on her stomach telling Steve to apply some lotion and rub it all in. Steve listens and steps down closer pouring lotion on her back and massaging it in. She tells him to not forget her legs. So Steve slides down and does the same to her legs. While massaging her foot she parts her legs some and gives Steve a good view of her pussy. Steve just stares and feels his cock throb in his underwear. She then closes her legs and asks Steve to rub her sciatica up on her butt cheek. Steve can’t wait to çanakkale escort bayan help so he starts running her nicely rounded firm ass. And again she spread her legs some but now when Steve rubs harder he can see her asshole exposing along with her pussy lips. She moans softly and compliments Steve’s hand skills and then rolls over onto her back. Steve just stares at her sexy body and tits that she is now pouring lotion over. Steve doesn’t touch them until she says what are you waiting for?steve took invite and started massaging this sexual woman’s tits and not leaving out her nipples as he would lightly pinch them when going over and around them. The woman moans lightly again and says that feels great. She tells him to keep doing that and then she reaches down and starts touching her Pussy. Steve is in awe and his cock is super hard. She slowly rubs her clit in circles and runs her fingers done thru her pussy lips moaning softly. She then reaches up and grabs Steve’s hand guiding it to her very wet opening. She tells him to slide two fingers in her Pussy. While she rubs her clit. Steve does this and starts to help this woman finger herself. Forgetting about the man out in the changing room he hears the door open and the man walks in. Steve stops but she says no keep your fingers in that it’s ok he will watch maybe join. To just keep going. So Steve’s pushes his fingers back into her pussy this time very deep she moans louder and says yes just like that. The man watching now has his cock in his hand stroking himself. Steve starts picking up the pace and pressure as she rubs her clit she tells Steve to suck on her nipple. He does and she about loses control he body arching and legs shaking some. The man moves closer and leans against the wall with his Big cock full hard jacking off he doesn’t say a word. Steve’s fingers found the spot and the woman is about to cum as she does she lets out a huge scream and starts squirting all over Steve’s hand bucking escort çanakkale her hips and running her clit. As Steve slows down and pulls his fingers out her now sopping Pussy he looks at the man watching and sees that he was in the process of shooting his load onto the floor. The man still says nothing and doesn’t stop stroking himself and his hardon never goes away. Steve’s hardon is about rip thru his underwear. The woman notices this and tells him stand up and she slides them off him. His cock sprung free throbbing and sensitive to any touch. She then tells him to lie down i her spot. It’s his turn for a rubdown but she goes right for his cock pouring lotion on the head and running her hands down rubbing the lotion into his manhood and over his balls. Steve was losing control and held off from cumming right then. She did this until she had him on edge then poured cool water over his cock to wash away the lotion and replace it with her mouth. Giving Steve a full blown blowjob from tip of cock to balls. Up and down she bobbed Steve’s eyes rolled back and then felt her moan on his cock deep in her throat he looked up and seen the man had now moved behind her and slide his cock in her pussy. While fucking her from behind Steve kept getting his cock sucked. About to cum he tells her she stops the turns her body around so now Steve can fuck her from behind while she sucks the other mans cock and tells him to cum in her pussy. So Steve does just that he starts fucking her and hard fucking right away. He can feel her Pussy clench down when she cums all over his cock moaning with another cock in her mouth. Steve can’t hold it anymore with the tight pusssy clenching and her having multiple orgasms he loses it and pumps her hard filling her up with the orgasm of his life. At this point she is being filled up in her mouth as her lover is cumming also. Steve pulls out and slouches back as she stand up makes her lover lie down and sits on his face. He starts eating her pussy and Steve’s cream pie and brings her another screaming loud orgasm. Steve just watches in amazement and excuses himself to leave. The woman thanks him and says don’t be shy over the weekend now. This makes Steve smile and leave for his cabin with his drained cock.