Saudi Women Need Anal Too!

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Hanifa Suleiman winced as Meles Haile Tilaye eased his eight-inch, thick ebony cock out of her asshole. The tall, dark-skinned young Ethiopian pulled the Saudi woman close to him and held her close. Kissing her long Black hair, he stroked her chin and asked her how she felt. Fighting back tears of pain mixed with joy, Hanifa told him she felt great. Turning around, she gently kissed him on the lips. Meles kissed her back, and smiled. Now you’re mine, he said firmly. Hanifa nodded, and buried herself in Meles’s arms before going to sleep.

At some point during the night, Hanifa got up and went to the washroom. She felt funny after getting butt-fucked by her lover for the first time. Sitting on the toilet, she sighed with relief as she began taking a dump, after farting repeatedly. Big girls typically fart a lot, especially after bum sex. After spreading her voluminous butt cheeks and wiping her butt, Hanifa flushed and then stood in front of the sink to wash her hands. Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Hanifa Suleiman forced a brave smile. At the age of twenty eight, she was past her youth but still in her prime, as far as western terminology went.

Standing five-foot-ten and weighing over two hundred pounds, Hanifa Suleiman knew that she wasn’t most men’s ideal of beauty. As a tall, hijab-wearing, slightly overweight Muslim woman from Saudi Arabia in a world that worshipped skinny blonde-haired white females in bikinis, she was somewhat of an oddity. The years had been kind to her physically in that she looked four or five years younger than she actually was. Smiling faintly, she went back to the bedroom and lay on her side of the bed. Next to her, Meles was fast asleep, snoring loudly. Gently she touched his full lips, taking care not to wake him up.

It wasn’t that long ago that she led a very different life, sharing the bed of a very different man. Her former husband Mohammed Alharbi was one of the wealthiest Clerics in the Royal Court of King Abdullah, ruler of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Once they got married, he expected her to be a good wife and mother, just like all women inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, from princesses to ordinary females. After being married for three years, they discovered that Hanifa was as barren as the Sahara desert. She couldn’t have offspring. Her husband Mohammed Alharbi immediately divorced her. A woman who can’t have offspring is considered beyond useless in the deeply patriarchal Saudi society. With what little she got from the divorce, Hanifa Suleiman decided to study abroad. Her parents, Anwar and Fatima Suleiman didn’t want her around. They were old and didn’t need an extra mouth to feed. The west, forbidden as it may seemed, held her only hope for a chance at a better life.

That’s how Hanifa Suleiman ended up in the City of Ottawa, province of Ontario. The Capital region of Canada definitely had its appeal for the beleaguered Saudi woman. Back at her old school, Prince Sultan University in the City of Riyadh, Hanifa studied business administration. She had a head for numbers. That’s why she opted to study accounting at Carleton University in Ottawa. Much to her surprise, there were lots of students from the Arab world and from continental Africa at her new school, which she thought would be all-white. The school was surprisingly diverse, and after a period of adjustment, she began to feel at home. While there were scores of Haitian, Lebanese, Nigerian, Brazilian, Chinese, Kuwaiti, Qatari, French-Canadian, South African and Filipino students at Carleton University, Hanifa was one of a handful of Saudi students.

While illegal bahis doing some homework in the university library, Hanifa Suleiman met the one person destined to change her life. Six-foot-two and twenty-one-year-old Toronto-born aspiring Ethiopian-Canadian rapper and Carleton University law student Meles Tilaye. Her polar opposite in just about every way. Although born into an Orthodox Christian family, Meles Tilaye considered himself agnostic more than anything else. The young Ethiopian was something else. Hanifa, who grew up in the Heartland of Islam, had to Google the definition of agnostic when Meles said to her. She was aware of the world’s major faiths, Judeo-Christianity, Islam and Judaism especially, but of Paganism and Agnosticism she knew next to nothing. The West was…complicated.

The tall, dark and handsome young Ethiopian-Canadian became Hanifa Suleiman’s friend and guide in the complex and at times treacherous world of Ottawa, Ontario. The Arab students at Carleton University were surprised to see a Black man walking around with an Arab woman, and they were even more shocked when they found out Hanifa Suleiman came from Saudi Arabia. And no one was more surprised by these developments than Hanifa herself. Meles showed her the beauty of life in Canada. He took her to the movies, the mall and restaurants. Hanifa was amazed at how easy it all seemed. She saw people walking around, holding hands and kissing in public. Everyone seemed happy and free in Canada. Back in Saudi Arabia, her birthplace, things were so complicated. Women couldn’t drive or leave the house without a male chaperone. Nor could they work without explicit written permission from their husbands or their fathers. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was a virtual prison for women, and Hanifa Suleiman for one was glad to be living outside of it.

Hanifa Suleiman was simply overwhelmed by life in Canada, but in a good way. The young Saudi woman was experiencing so many things for the first time, and one of them was love. She found herself intensely attracted to Meles Tilaye, the young Ethiopian-Canadian Christian man who’d become her close friend and protector. They were so different…yet her heart fluttered every time he came near her. She looked forward to seeing him and hanging out with him every chance she got. Arab male students on campus would stare at them, disapproval in their eyes, but Hanifa didn’t give a damn. For the first time in her twenty eight years, the Saudi gal was happy…and she’d do anything to stay that way.

One night, while walking through the park near Parliament with Meles, Hanifa Suleiman was stunned when he pulled her into his arms and kissed her deeply. Although surprised, she embraced him and kissed him back fiercely. There they were, a tall and plump Saudi woman in a long-sleeved T-shirt, long skirt and hijab kissing a tall Ethiopian man in a Black leather jacket and jeans. Definitely not the sort of amorous couple that Ottawa residents were used to seeing locking lips while ambling around downtown. That night, Hanifa invited Meles over for a night cap at her apartment near Billings Bridge, and he happily took her offer. What followed surprised the hell out of them both, but only in the most pleasant of ways.

Once inside, without a word being spoken, they kissed and began hastily undressing each other. Off came his T-shirt and her dress, his boxers and her bra, his socks and her panties. Finally, Meles stood naked before Hanifa, save for her hijab. Hesitantly she began to remove it but Meles stopped her, telling her that she looked beautiful illegal bahis siteleri with it. Then he kissed her again. Taking her in his arms, he picked her up and carried her over to the bed. Meles gently laid Hanifa down on the bed, and kissed her tits, flicking his tongue over the areolas. He kissed a path from Hanifa’s tits to her thighs, which she spread for him. Looking at her hairy mound, Meles smiled. He hadn’t seen a pussy that hairy in a while. Feeling a bit self-conscious, Hanifa tried to close her legs. Meles held them open, shook his head and told her she was beautiful. Hanifa smiled sheepishly, and her lips quivered as he began licking her pussy.

Hanifa smiled as Meles’s tongue slid inside her pussy, teasing her clitoris and exploring her gentle folds. Meles’s agile tongue and equally nimble fingers played with her womanhood, sending little pleasurable thrills deep inside her. Spreading her plump legs wider, she welcomed what Meles was doing to her. The handsome Ethiopian thrust two fingers inside her cunt while sliding yet another finger in her anus. Hanifa’s eyes widened in surprise as Hanifa worked his fingers in tandem inside of her, thrusting deep inside her pussy and asshole at the same time. The young Saudi woman cried out in pleasure, rocked by an intense feeling that was part pleasure and part pain, and completely overwhelming. Her shouts echoed across the room, bringing a smile to Meles’s face. He didn’t let up until she was putty in his hands, lying prone on the bed, her mouth agape, stunned into kingdom fuck, as it were.

Meles smiled at Hanifa and asked her if she was alright. It took the young Saudi woman several moments to answer her Ethiopian lover’s question. Nodding, she smiled and thanked him for a wonderful experience. Meles smiled and asked her if she was ready for more, and got an eager nod in return. Gently he put her on all fours, and eased his cock into her from behind. Holding Hanifa’s firms firmly, he began thrusting his cock deep inside of her. Hanifa moaned softly as Meles began fucking her, and she let herself go, delighting in what he was doing to her. It had been over a year since she’d had sex. Her former husband Mohammed didn’t care much for her, he only saw her as a vessel meant to carry his heirs and when she couldn’t do that, he discarded her.

A part of Hanifa shuddered with something akin to revulsion as she thought of her former Mohammed, his cold ways, how he never cared for her, and how he saw her as only an incubator for his future brood. Like a field to be plowed, that’s all she was in his eyes. Meles on the other hand, he cherished her and worshipped the ground she walked on. With him, Hanifa felt loved and appreciated. That’s why she decided to give him the best of her. Backing her big butt up, she ground it against Meles’s groin, driving his penis deeper inside of her. Meles saw what she was doing and laughed before playfully smacking her big ass. Hanifa grinned, and urged him to fuck her harder. The passionate young Ethiopian didn’t need to be told twice, he smacked her ass and fucked her vigorously, slamming his cock inside her with all the passion he could muster. Suddenly, Hanifa felt Meles’s cock tremble inside of her, and even before he shouted a warning, she knew he was about to cum. A moment later he came, exploding inside of her. A shriek escaped Hanifa’s lips as Meles erupted within her, and he lost control, falling on top of her. They collapsed in a heap on the bed, tangled up in the most fun way possible.

A little while later, Meles and Hanifa lay side by side, basking in canlı bahis siteleri the warm afterglow of a fantastic fuck. As Hanifa rested her head on his hairy chest, Meles gently patted her big round bum. I love your butt, he said with a grin. Hanifa smiled and squeezed out a loud, wet fart. Meles smacked her ass playfully and she smiled before telling him there was something she always wanted to try. Once Hanifa told him what she had in mind, Meles’s grin threatened to split his face in half. We’re going to nude lubrication, Hanifa said. A few moments later, Hanifa was on all fours, face down and ass up. She held her butt cheeks wide open with both hands, and grinned as Meles alternatively licked and lubricating her asshole with a soy milk and hand lotion.

Once Hanifa deemed her ready, Meles rubbed his hard dick against her asshole and gently pushed it inside. Hanifa gritted her teeth, bracing against the slight discomfort as Meles’s cock slid inside her asshole. Slowly, he worked most of his dick in her ass. Not bad, considering it was her first time trying anal sex. Well, trying it with someone else. Hanifa played with herself plenty of times, inserting her fingers, toothbrushes and even dildos up her rectum. Still, she’d never had anything the size of Meles’s dick up her ass. Wincing slightly as he pushed his dick deeper inside her, Hanifa reminded Meles to be gentle. He apologized, and resumed fucking her at a slower, gentler pace.

Meles wrapped his arms around her middle, holding Hanifa gently but firmly as he continued drilling his cock into her asshole. His lips pressed against her ear, and he asked her to trust him. Closing her eyes, Hanifa pushed back against Meles, driving him deeper inside of her. Moaning softly, she told him to fuck her. Meles kissed her on the cheek, then bent her all the way down, pressing her face against the pillows while she stuck her butt in the air and held her ass cheeks wide open, giving him greater access. Meles thrust deep into her, deeper than ever before. Hanifa’s strangled scream filled the room, and for a moment he was worried he might be hurting her but Hanifa told him NOT to stop. Like a true gentleman, Meles was mindful of the lady’s wishes and fucked her as hard as he could, ramming his dick up Hanifa’s ass until the vise-like pressure on his cock caused him to cum for the second time that night. This time, Hanifa’s screams mingled with Meles’s, as the two lovers parted, he pulled his dick from her ass, and they collapsed, exhausted, on a bed soaked with their juices.

Hanifa Suleiman looked at Meles Tilaye and smiled, still glowing from the sexual whopping her sexy lover just laid on her. Meles winked at her, then took her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it gently. He pulled her close, kissed her lips and then closed his eyes. All of tonight’s sexual acrobatics had left the stalwart and athletic young Ethiopian-Canadian beat, in more ways than one. His lover, the Saudi woman whose heart always quickened when her eyes met his, gazed at him thoughtfully.

The handsome, dark-skinned young man who lay next to her was definitely not what she expected when she once envisioned the man she wanted in her life. For starters, he was several years younger than her. Also, he was black and she was Arab. While many Arab took Black wives and concubines, it was completely unheard of for Arab women to marry Black men. Well, in the Arab world anyways. This was North America, neutral territory, where anything was possible. Even love between two people as dissimilar as Meles and her. By Allah, she sincerely hoped as much. With a smile on her face, she went to sleep at last. A couple of weeks later, she’d find out she was pregnant…against all odds, thus complicating her life and Meles, but for now, she slept, blissfully unaware of future troubles and happy at last.