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“You like it that way, baby? You been keeping secrets from your man?”

I hear your words from the hall, where you stand, having pushed open our bedroom door. I left it a bit ajar when I lay down, knowing you were at work, never dreaming you’d come home early and catch me at my afternoon play.

Or did I?

You’re quiet for the next few moments, just taking in the lewd sight of me sprawled across our bed. You’ve stumbled upon me here in a compromising position, one that proves without doubt that I have been keeping secrets – or at the very least, keeping something to myself. But with my body on display, skin covered in a silky sheen from such hard work and my eyes glazed from lust like a bitch in heat from my own nasty ministrations, you now know my secret, know for sure what I’ve been keeping from you.

On my back I must make a pretty picture to you there in the hall, my long tan legs stiffed spread eagle, my bare pussy stuffed to the hilt with two creamy fingers, my tits pulled from the cups of my bra, framed high and tight, nipples cherry red from the stinging slaps I’ve naughtily lashed across them. They’re shiny with wet from the intense sucking I gave them, too, when I first began my play this afternoon, yanking them high and devouring their flesh with my own mouth, licking and biting at them before roughly pulling them back out, over and over, with a wet plop and a low dirty moan. Can you see from the hall there, baby, how shiny they are from the coat of gloss I wear on my lips? I’m such a dirty bitch, but you love that about me, don’t you? Love the fact that I can mouth-fuck my own huge tits, spank them ’til they burn, shooting a fucking line of fire right down to the very core of my cunt with every hard slap and every long, mean lick over my own nipples. You even like the way I lick them, don’t you, the way I cup their naked weight up to my tongue, flatten it fat and lave them over and over, open mouthed, turning my head this way and that, like a starving cat lapping at a creamy dish of milk. Love the way I close my eyes and moan when my mouth is stuffed with them, the feel of it so good and nasty I’m forced to grind my ass against the bed in order to find some type of relief.

Any woman who can get off on sucking her own tits, you once told me, is a treasure worth keeping. But as you stand there in the doorway, eyes on the picture I must be making as I’m splayed across our bed fingering my engorged clit and hot hungry pussy, my breathless efforts making the mounds of my tits sway back and forth above the pink lace of my bra, I wonder if you think that, still, as you realize that the oily pink hole low beneath my cunt is stuffed full with two of my own fingers?

That’s your surprise, isn’t it baby? That’s the secret I’ve been keeping from you, the fact that I’m a dirty girl, that I love it in the ass, that I feel empty as hell without that dirty little hole being chockfull, stretched tight. That I’m at my very best when every hole in me is stuffed. Cock, fingers, or tongue, it’s all the same to me, as long as I’m filled. That like all good ass whores, I need to know there’s not a single part of me, going to waste.

I even crave it, baby, and I wonder if your seeing me like this spells that out for you? I’m watching you watch me from the hall, and even in my present preoccupation of working my pussy and tight pink asshole to the brink of a simultaneous double cumming, I wonder what you make of me. Keeping eye contact with you from our bed I pull my knees up and together, turning to one side so you can score a better view of what I’m all about. With my ass in güvenilir bahis full view to you now I raise one thigh, opening up nice and wide so you can watch each of my hands at work from where you stand in the hallway, silent and still. I shove the long middle two fingers of my left hand deep into my pussy, in and out, nice and slow, and I know you can hear the sucking noise caused by each deep milking. That sound turns you on, and I’m glad, but what does it do to you when seeing along with it the middle finger of my right hand, poking a slow, reaming fuck at my remaining hole, right in front of you, in and out, in and out? Does it excite you, baby, watching me find a nasty rhythm, witnessing one set of fingers withdraw from the hilt of my cunt as I simultaneously shove the other deep inside my asshole, finding home with a milking twist of my wrist? Does it turn you on, realizing I’m nearly so far gone in my play that I possess no choice but to begin to grind my hips as I fuck myself to near frenzy for your benefit?

I can only hope it does, because this is my way of telling you my secret, of letting you know what it is I’ve kept from you. I’d known of the good possibility you’d be coming home early today, and I decided this was the way I’d tell you, in the only way I could, what else it is I need from you.

Caught up in my own thoughts and with my own physical pleasure nearing its zenith, I barely hear the click of our bedroom door as you close it and enter our room. I have no trouble hearing, however, the words you say to me, low and hot, as you begin to loosen the belt at your hips as you approach our bed.

“You’re a dirty girl, keeping secrets. Get up on your knees for me.”

I am on the edge of orgasm from my self-play but with self-discipline and a deep-seated need to please you and obey you, I do as you demand. I rise to trembling knees from my side and reach back to unhook my bra, but you let me know immediately you have your own plans, that from this moment on in our play, it will be you alone who calls the shots.

“The bra stays where it is. Lift those tits to me.”

I cup each breast and offer them up to your mouth as you stand at the side of our bed, pulling your belt from the loops of your jeans. You bend your head to each offered nipple, pink and engorged, lashing them once with the roughness of your tongue while simultaneously collaring my neck with the length of your belt. You leave just enough play in my leather collar to allow me to move and to breathe, but its presence at my throat is felt, and I am aware that you possess a purpose for it. You clamp down on a nipple, suckling hard enough to pleasure me, then cup my soaked slit, bringing your fingers to my mouth, telling me to taste them.

“You like the taste of your pussy after you’ve nearly made yourself come, sweetheart, working your ass and your cunt together? Is it better, sweeter, when you’ve had your ass stuffed? Hotter?”

Before I have the chance to answer you, you’re speaking again, a chord of demand low in your voice as you remain standing beside the bed.

“You want it up the ass, wet this cock up. All the way to the back of your throat, root to head. And no hands, baby. Want to watch you milk those tits while you’re sucking my cock.”

I do as you say, from my knees. You’ve pulled your cock free of your fly and I move in hungrily to take it with pleasure, impatient to stuff my mouth with its thick hard length. While my hands are working my tits, I open my mouth wide and angle my jaw to work the head of your dick in, then work the length of you, inch by inch, ’til the head türkçe bahis is cupping the back of my throat. After the first long slow glide I begin to work in earnest, faster, hollowing my cheeks for you as I suck upward from root to head, lubing you up, always angling my face so you can watch the shiny length of your dick disappearing down my throat. I close my eyes from the pleasure of the draw, allow my moans to escape along the entire length of your dick as I suck and tongue you. In just a matter of moments I’m grinding my quivering cunt along the mattress, humping it, on the verge of coming from the sensation of blowing you deep and kneading my tits, worked to a frenzy and whimpering for any type of release I can find.

With your right hand you stroke my cheek, then pull back, leaving my mouth empty. You bend to kiss me where your cock has been, tonguing me and groaning before breaking the depth of your kiss. You then take possession of my leash and with it you work me to the middle of our bed before instructing me further.

“On all fours, on your elbows. Ass up, legs wide.”

I am in position now to take you and as always, you do not disappoint me. From behind me you spread me wide with your thumbs then plunge your face into my gaping pink folds, lapping up every last bit of pussy juice dripping from the engorged flesh before tilting me higher, finding suckle on my throbbing clit, leaving me nearly upside down as you work it hard and long with your mouth and tongue, angled to perfection. When I moan and my knees threaten to buckle and my body begins to shake from the effort of fighting climax, I look back to you, ready to beg you to let me come. But before I can speak, you pull back, moving your thumbs higher, spreading my ass now, stretching wide the puckering pink of its needy hole. You claim it with your whole mouth, clamping down, sucking it hard and deep before finally lapping it with the flat of your tongue, leaving it good and soaked and ready for reaming.

As I tremble, fight to hold off orgasm of both holes, you instruct me once again, this time with a lusty quake in the depth of your voice.

“Hands beneath you, working that clit, and grind those tits hard into the mattress. Do it. Now. And don’t stop, not even when I start to fuck your ass. Don’t you dare stop.”

With your dirty words my cunt clinches up and my legs scream to stiffen, but I do as you say, shoving my hands beneath my belly and into the vee between my thighs, manipulating my bulging clit with my fingers. I begin to pump my hips, rocking slow, feeling the luscious friction between my swollen tits and the hardness of the bed beneath me.

“That’s my good girl,” you coo to me, palming your cock, running its head in slow sweet circles around the well lubed rim of my hungry hole. You are teasing me, I know, but I am in ecstasy beneath you, waiting on you to fulfill my fantasy. To take you, all the way to the hilt, up my hole, already contracting from the fucking to come.

Continuing to titty- fuck the mattress beneath me and to finger my clit, squeezed tight between the mattress and my hands, I hear you speak once more before I nearly lose consciousness with lust and need.

“You ready to be ass-fucked, baby? You’re all out of secrets, so get ready.”

And then there you are, right where I’ve needed you. Up on one knee behind me you’ve got me right where you want me, spreading the crack of my ass open wide with one hand while you feed the thickness of your cock, an inch at a time, into the hungry recess of my ass, with the other. My hole is greedy and sucks you in, its walls güvenilir bahis siteleri contracting, each spasm aiding in pulling you deeper into the darkness. As you hit home, groaning, “Ahhh, good and goddam tight, baby,” and then pull out, only to slam back home, again and again, purchasing your pleasure, you push two huge fingers deep into my pussy. In less than a heartbeat you find your own dirty rhythm with me, reaming my upturned ass with your fat cock, withdrawing as you force your fingers deep into my pussy with a hard twist of your wrist. In and out, in and out, feeding both asshole and pussy in rhythm until I buckle, crying out, “You’re gonna make me come, baby, fucking your dirty girl so good. Gonna make me come right up the ass and right up the dirty fucking cunt. Double me up baby, make your girl come! Make me cream from the ass all over that fat dirty fucking cock!”

And then I’m on sensory overload, feeling my come all the way from my tits as they grind at the mattress, to my clit burgeoning between my fingers, to the double reaming and fucking of my asshole and pussy. I scream in climax like I’ve never screamed before, stiffening my legs, my cunt and asshole contracting simultaneously in one long wracking spasm that ends with my first-ever pussy spray, soaking the bed sheets and our brand-new king-sized quilt.

When the spasms finally cease and I’m again aware of my surroundings I move to look back at you, realizing you’re in the throes of claiming your own peak of pleasure. I pull my arms from beneath me and raise to my hands and knees, arching my back and offering you full access to my still contracting hole. You move both hands to my crack, spreading me full tilt, as you begin to piston your hips, milking the tight little hole you’re ready to cream within.

But you surprise me, now, by what you do when you groan deep and give voice to your pleasure, crying, “Gonna come baby, gonna come all over this dirty little ass. That what you want, want my come all over this dirty little hole I’ve just fucked?! Where you want it, dirty bitch?”

And then I tell you exactly where I want it:

“Yes baby, find your pleasure and coat my ass with it. Cream that hole with it, mark it as your own. Want to feel it shoot all over this dirty little ass.”

And as you come, closing your eyes and aiming your spewing cock with a long deep groan, I reach around to grab my ass cheeks, laying fingers deep into their flesh, giving you a bright pink bulls-eye to aim at, to saturate with your spunk.

“That’s my dirty girl, hold that fucking hole open baby. Open wide and say, ‘Come on my ass, baby, mark me up right.'”

And that’s just what I say, spreading myself on my knees for you further, when you stiffen up and moan, “I’m gonna come. Fuck! Here it comes, baby.”

“That’s right baby, let it come. Come all over this ass, mark your dirty bitch up right.”

In the next breath I hear you groan and I feel your body shake, feel the hot creamy spurts as they shoot from your cock, lashing white-hot ribbons of sweet sticky cum all over the gaping pink bulls-eye I’ve framed within my hands.

And when it’s over, when we’re lying side by side with your arms wrapped around me and we’re in the afterglow of so much mutual pleasure, I wonder how I could have kept from you something that ended up producing so much satisfaction for us both.

But I won’t, ever again. From now on there are no more secrets, nothing more I’ll be afraid to share with you.

And as I feel my eyes grow heavy with sleep and satisfaction, curled up next to you, you let me know in no uncertain terms your line of thinking is definitely in sync with mine. With a sleepy smile and a growl and a playful smack to my ass, you let me know:

“No more secrets, dirty girl. No more secrets. But this one was a hell of a lot of fun.”