Sandra Turns Over

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My wife Sandra got big after our third child. That was okay, what it lacked when she tried to dress up in her slinky old cocktail dresses (and I had to duck the flying buttons) it made up in bed, where it was fun to roll around with her and feel her heaving huge breasts, her soft rounded tummy, her broad moony ass. That’s what we were doing one night as I was on top of her, licking her fat nipples and fingering her clit. I smashed my face in between those massive tits, then licked my way down to her soft belly and rustled my face around in her scratchy muff. Her legs spread wide, I licked the very edges of her vulva, tasting the first metallic tang of her pussy lips mixed with hair, then moved my tongue toward the center as it melted away at my touch and my tongue slid deep inside her, coating my lips and even my nose with her oozing juices.

I licked away, tongue rammed up as far as it could reach, and then I had an idea. She didn’t like it when I stopped and tried to get her to move, but she rolled over quickly and stuck her big round ass up in the air as I spread her legs again and started to lick her pussy from behind. It always turned me on to feel my nose pressed against her ass as I did it, and soon I was smashing my face between those fat round globes and moving my tongue into the “taint” area in between (you know, t’ain’t ass and t’ain’t pussy) and then up to her little wrinkled brown hole itself.

I canlı bahis şirketleri don’t get lovers who feel squeamish about rimming, it’s always a turn on for me and part of loving every part of your lover. And licking an asshole can’t be worse than swallowing snot-like cum, which she’s done without complaint for years. She was clean–not antiseptically clean, a slight tang of the day which was all her, but tidy down there. And it didn’t take long of my tongue working its way as far as it would go into her asshole (which was less than half an inch) before I could tell that she had reached down and started masturbating as I did it, which was even more of a turn-on, because there’s nothing I like better than to have her come on my face, spasming right before my eyes.

As she got into herself I started to get tired from my work so I decided to help her out in another way. I slid a finger into her pussy and then started tickling her ass with the next one. That seemed to get a good moan in response, so I started to slide it in, wetting it some more as it went in. She moaned harder and so I began fucking her with my fingers, one in her pussy and one in her ass, and she bucked and rode my fingers as they slid in and out in unison and I could feel each one on the other side of the thin muscle wall in between.

“I need some more lube,” she said, not exactly willing to interrupt her fucking my canlı kaçak iddaa hand with both holes, so I grabbed the KY and, being otherwise engaged, unscrewed it with my teeth and then squirted some straight into her crack. My finger pulled out of her ass just long enough to get some KY, and then I slid it back in to a loud “unnnnnnhhh” from her. Holding the lube in my hand, I got an idea. I let my middle finger come out of her pussy and sort of coated the end of it with KY, then slid it in with the index finger into her ass. She moaned again, and took it enthusiastically, increasing the fury with which she rubbed her clit. She seemed to be having no trouble taking the two fingers in her asshole, now a wet rubbery tube.

I squirted KY onto the end of my dick, which was at full attention, and then rubbed it liberally over the head with my free hand. I think she must have known what I was doing, unless she was so far gone in fucking my hand with her ass and rubbing her clit that she wasn’t even paying attention. Now I pulled my fingers out and she moaned in disappointment. But a moment later, she felt their replacement at her back door.

Now, Sandra has enjoyed my playing with her ass and fucking her with my fingers for years. But she’d never let me do more than play with my cock at the edge of her ass; it would start to slip inside and she’d pull back. Tonight, though, I could tell she was so into canlı kaçak bahis her asshole that I thought she would take it. So I pushed it very gently against the hole, feeling it swallow up the head. My plan was to push in, very slowly. But that wasn’t her plan. She arched up and I kind of fell into her big ass, jamming it two-thirds of the way up before either of us even knew it.

She moaned a little but when I started to pull out in disappointment she rode me and moaned, “Oh God, yes, fuck me in the ass, do it!” And so I rode her, wrapping my arms around her big back and holding on to her huge hanging tits as my cock slid in and out of her greasy, wide-open asshole. We went like that for a minute or so but needless to say the excitement was pretty strong for me and it wasn’t long before I started coming, pumping her big ass as I squeezed her massive tits and felt her belly shake and shimmy.

A moment later we both collapsed and my cock soon shrank to fall out of her ass. She lay back, come dribbling out as she finished rubbing her clit and an orgasm shook through her big body. “God, that was unbelievable,” she said.

“You liked it?” I said, barely daring to hope for the answer.

“Couldn’t you tell?” she asked. “It was incredible, amazing.” We lay there for a few minutes, each thinking over what we had just done and how erotic and unexpected it had been. Then she sat up.

“What?” I asked.

“I want you to lay on your stomach,” she said with a mischievous glint in her eye.

* * *

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