Sales Conference- surprise gay

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Sales Conference- surprise gayMost salespeople begin life on the road. In my case I didn’t have to do many sales trips but I did have to attend conferences about 5 times a year. It isn’t bad as you move up the career ladder but entry level sales folks like myself had to double bunk on the road. This means I couldn’t take my lovely wife, Cindi, with me. Cindi is about 5’5”, 110 lbs. and short blond hair. Smallish firm titties and a great attitude. She still gives me head when I’m driving and doesn’t mind the naked beaches on vacations.This trip I was bunked with another married guy, Jeff. He’s about 5’9” and very slim. He’s about 26 or 27 and has been with the firm a couple years more than me. I was actually surprised he was still on the double bunking list.After attending the presentations the first day Jeff and I shared a few drinks with the crowd and headed to our room about 10:30. As Jeff chatted with his wife on his cell, I jumped into the shower. As I was drying off I heard my phone and I ran to grab it while Cindi was still ringing me. I caught the phone just in time and Cindi started filling me in about her day. I was surprised as Jeff came over and pulled my towel away. I smiled as I knew he was k**ding. But then he dropped to his knees and began kissing my shaft. I looked down in total shock but I didn’t pull away. He kissed my tip and I was growing quickly. He looked up in a smile and took my full length oi his mouth. Cindi asked what was going on as I must have gasped.“Nothing honey” just a long day”She kept up the small talk as Jeff stroked my length with a thumb and finger as He sucked me. He paused the sucking and licked my length, gazing upward at me trying to chat with Cindi. I was incredibly hard and I could feel myself getting close. He sucked on my balls and rubbed my tip with his finger. I was buckling at the knees as he took me back in his mouth. Cindi said goodnight and then shot me a snap, a boob shot. I gazed at her tit as I exploded in Jeff. He kept sucking as my knees grew week. I finally had to push him away as My dick was too sensitive. I collapsed on my bed as he went to shower. I slid between the sheets, stunned and drained. I fell asleep.I awoke as Jeff pulled my sheets güvenilir bahis back partially and climbed into bed with me. I was paralyzed and didn’t move as he found a comfortable position on his side with his bare butt up against me. He fell asleep and so did II woke up in the middle of the night. Jeff had slid off the covers and spread my legs. He was kissing my lower back and then my butt cheeks. It felt better than even Cindi’s work. He massaged my cheeks and kissed my thighs and cheeks. Then he spread me. I didn’t offer any resistance. He kissed my back hole. What an incredible feeling. Cindi has never done that. He ran his tongue around my hole and blew hot air in my hole- WOW!. He kissed and sucked my hole and then licked circles around it. He then plunged his tongue in me. He felt great. He tongued me for a good 5 minutes and I was in heaven. When he quit I was disappointed. But he wasn’t done. He re-positioned and I could feel his hard dick against my hole. I was paralyzed again. I’m not into guys at all. Jeff has a smallish dick and I pondered how he would feel in my ass, but he was already pushing in. He had a good couple of inches of his hardness inside me. He felt huge in my ass. It was now too late to tell him no! He grabbed my hips and shoved his length inside me. I was being split. I couldn’t ell if I was experiencing pain or pleasure. At least no noe could see me getting fucked up the ass by a guy.Jeff waited, his dick in my ass all the way. I could feel his breath on my neck. He began to slide out and then back in. How weird. I could feel details of his dick. He moaned as he slowly began to fuck me. It was still pain and pleasure. He moved his hands to my shoulders and began to fuck more forcefully. I felt like a girl getting pounded. His thrusts increased in frequency and his moans grew louder. I could feel him growing inside me. He began a few final hard forceful thrusts as I felt him pumping his warm fluid in me. He collapsed on my back gasping. His dick slowly shriveled and I could feel him sliding out of me. He rolled over. I didn’t move.We both went back to sleepI woke up about 6 am. Cindi was sending me another snap. This time her crotch. I had my morning hard türkçe bahis on. Jeff got a call from his wife and he laid on his stomach as he chatted with her. I grabbed the lotion from the bathroom and spread his ass. He didn’t pull away as I lubed his hole. He must go to a spa or something because he didn’t have any hair, front or back. As I put the lotion away I noticed how much he looked like a girl laying on his stomach. His legs are smooth and he has a cute little butt- more like a woman. I didn’t care, he was getting fucked.I moved in and spread him. He has slight tan lines, he must wear a cute little suit when he’s outdoors. His lines looked just like Cindis friends. I ran my dick right to his entrance. He turned around and motioned I might be too big. I didn’t care, he was taking me. I pushed and I could feel him tensing as He continued chatting. I was barely in and he was really tight. I’ve never fucked anyone this tight. I kept ;pushing slowly. He was giving me pleading looks but I kept going. He struggled to continue talking as I now had half of my length in his chute. I ran a finger around one ear and he realized he needed to hang up.“Derek” I don’t know”I pushed in further, now about two thirds in. He was so tight I was about to shoot already. I slowed down, looking down at his little butt with my dick in his back hole. I thrust again very slowly. I wanted my entire length in him. I now reached full length and I took another breather, I didn’t want to come yet. He was groaning as his hole was stretched. I began to slow fuck him, looking down some more at his cute backside. It got a little easier and I picked up the pace but now I could feel it. I grabbed his shoulders and thrust in him quickly as I emptied in his ass for at least 20 seconds. I could feel his chute squeezing me.I lay on top of him panting. He slithered out and I watched him head to the shower. My stuff running out .We both showered and attended our courses. That evening we had drinks with the group again and went to our room around 11. I had no idea if I wanted anymore of this gay stuff but as I chatted with Cindi he blew me again. What an incredible feeling, looking at her snap pictures and being sucked. After I shot güvenilir bahis siteleri a load in his mouth I was still chatting with Cindi as he showered. I hung up just as he came back in the room. He walked over and stopped right in front of me, his clean dick in my face.I gulped, getting fucked in the ass was one thing. This time he expected me to face him and suck his dick. He held his little dick and placed the tip in my mouth. At first he tasted like my thumb when I used to suck it. He grew quickly and he let go. I have never sucked before so I don’t know how good it was but he started moaning. He was now fully hard and I could taste his stuff running out of his tip.I placed a finger and a thumb around his shaft and stroked him. He groaned and then he placed his hands on the back of my head and fucked my face. I could feel him getting close as he grew even more and then his warm sticky stuff was filling my mouth. He kept fucking me for a few more seconds and then he collapsed on his bed. His stuff was all over my throat and down my chin.I went to the bathroom, showered and brushed. I grabbed the lotion.As I went back into the bedroom I knew I wanted him like I do Cindi on the road. I grabbed his hand and lead him out on the balcony“Jeez Derek, someone could see us”I bent him over. He grabbed the railing as I spread his cute little butt. If anyone ventured out onto their balcony they could watch me fuck him“I don’t know Derek”I shoved my finger down his little hole, lubing himHe tensed as I entered his little hole. I moved him up a little so his hole was at the right heightHe kept mumbling as I pushed in more and more. This time he was a little easierI paused after I was in fully. Then I grasped his hips and began to fuck him hard, our bodies slappingAbout two floors up someone walked out onto their balcony, we both could hear the sliding door“Jeez Derek” Jeff whisperedI kept fucking him hard, my hips pounding against his buttI heard some whispering and I looked up. There was a couple watching me fuck Jeff in his ass. They sipped their drinks. This got me more excited and I couldn’t resist any longer, I came buckets in his ass. He collapsed and crawled into the room. I was left with a glistening dick. I turned to head into the room, giving the couple a good look.The next day we packed and headed home after the morning presentations.Neither one of us has shred our moments since thenI’m not sure I want to bunk with him again!