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S CLUB GIRLSS CLUB GIRLSThis story takes places when S Club 7 were at their prime. Enjoy.The very sexy ladies from s-club were in an FHM interview. The interviewer was asking some questions about travelling, boyfriends and so on. The interviewer got to the question, “In your lingerie drawer do you have a special pair of pulling pants?”Rachel: I think it’s important to always wear nice knickers. I think it’s nice to have sexy underwear on just for yourself. Jo: No, I don’t. As long as they’re comfy and the right size, Marks and Sparks cotton ones are fine. I love buying underwear but I don’t buy expensive stuff – I just need to know I have a lot of them.Hannah: I think it’s good to wear nice sexy underwear, I love my underwear as all men want to do is to take them off. The thin sexy material is the last thing that protects my tight little hole from all the horrible men out there.The interviewer whispered in Hannah’s ear “I’d love to take your sexy underwear off and get into your tight little hole.”Hannah ignored the man and continued with the interview.At the end of the interview the girls went to get changed for the photo shoot. The interviewer showed the girls to get changed.”Tina, you can go in this first cubicle, there are a couple of thongs and bras, a full swimsuit and two saris. Rachel, you can go in this cubicle, there are two bikinis and a thong. If you need anything give me a shout. Jo your cubical is this one. There is a pair of jeans, two bikinis, a top and three thongs. Hannah your cubicle is opposite Tina’s. Hannah you’ve got a black bikini set, two thongs and another two bikinis. Again, girls if you need anything call me and try everything on.”After about 10 minutes I heard a thump, I shouted “are you OK.”Tina said back, “I can’t get back into one of the thongs, I wanted to try it back on as I wanted to compare it with another.”I walked over to her cubicle and knocked on the door as they don’t have locks.Tina said, “Don’t come in because I’m naked but I’ll pass it to you.” Tina slid the Leopard print thong under the door.I took a quick yalova escort sniff of the crutch and could smell Tina’s scent. I undid one of the strings on the side and slid it back under the door.Tina slipped back into the thong and said, “Thanks.”After a couple of minutes Hannah said, “can you come over and help.” I walked over to her cubicle and once again knocked on the door. She said, “wait outside,” and slipped a pair of light blue bikini bottoms under the door. Hannah said, “they were too tight and I couldn’t get the strings undone.”I undid the strings with my teeth as they were so tightly done up. Instead of sliding the panties under the door I opened it. Hannah went to shout but I put my hand over her mouth.I said to her, “I’ve seen it all before, don’t worry,” as I eyed her body up and down.Her small bikini top, flat stomach, small pussy and blonde muff.I said to her quietly, “I saw you eyeing me up at the table and I’ve got a feeling that you wanted to arouse me earlier by saying that thing about your pussy.”Hannah said she wanted to fuck me when she walked in the room but didn’t know if I fancied her or not.She grabbed my head and pulled me to her lips. She started to embrace me and gave me the best kiss of my life. We carried on kissing and I unclasped her bra. Hannah put her hands down to my jeans and grasped my cock. Hannah un-buttoned my jeans then dropped them to the floor. She pulled my boxers off and started to give me a hand job.I grabbed Hannah’s small butt cheeks and then pushed a finger into her ass. It was not as tight as I imagined, I found out later that Paul (her previous band member, boyfriend) liked to have anal sex with her. I started to pull my finger out but quickly pushed it back in. Hannah reached behind her back and pulled my finger out of her ass. She put my finger into her mouth and started to give it a blowjob, licking off the brown sticky shit.Clasped my cock and started to stroke her pussy lips. I slid my cock into her tight cunt and I started pumping her. Pinching her nipples and squeezing her tits. escort yalova Then rubbing her enlarged clitoris.I heard Tina saying, “Hannah you ready to go for the photo shoot.”Hannah started moaning, so I leant against the door. Tina knocked on the door and then tried to open it.Once again Tina asked Hannah if she was OK.I quietly asked Hannah “If you could fuck any one of the S Club girls who would it be?”Hannah replied, “I think it would be Tina, she’s sexy, smart and I get on really well with her!”I moved around away from the door and Tina fell through. I pulled my cock out of Hannah and she slapped me saying, “I was just about to orgasm you bastard.”Tina turned to me and said, “What the fuck do you think you are doing with Hannah.”I said, “fucking this cute bitch.”Tina replied, “Well if you’re going to get one S Club girl, you get the rest free.”She undid her bra and pulled off the leopard print thong. Tina didn’t have the largest or smallest tits of the group; they were a good C cup. A cute face and a great smile. She also has chubby legs and a long brown hairy snatch. Tina walked straight over to Hannah and gave her a snog. It’s not the first time Tina had kissed Hannah, they’ve done it a few times at film premieres and events that they’ve both been to. Tina then placed her hands on Hannah’s small butt cheeks and started feeling them.Tina slipped two fingers into Hannah’s pussy and began pumping wildly. I dropped to my hands and knees and started to lick the inside of Tina’s chubby thighs. I then moved to her pussy, licking the lips then moving into her deep long cunt. I could feel Tina’s hair on my nose when I was licking her out. Tina was a lot easier to fuck as she was more sexually experienced than Hannah. Tina pushed my head deeper into her hairy cunt. Hannah was now close to orgasm and started to scream. Tina also began to scream as I wildly licked her pussy. Tina dropped down to lie under Hannah’s enlarged lips. Still pumping Hannah’s pussy Hannah came into Tina’s mouth. From tasting Hannah and being licked out, Tina started yalova escort bayan to cum. Filling my mouth with her sweet juices.Rachel and Jo had heard the girl’s screams and had come out of their changing rooms. Rachel didn’t have a bra on and has great, big tits, hot legs and a nice taste in bikinis.Jo followed Rachel. Jo has large firm tits, nice bum, chubby legs and looks great in a bikini. Tina turned to Jo and Rachel and said “I found these two having sex, I thought we could join in.”Tina bent down and pulled off Jo’s bikini then unclasped her bra. At the same time, I had pulled Rachel’s bikini off and started to kiss her.Rachel reached down grabbed my cock and guided it into her loose shaven vagina. Hannah, Tina and Jo had started to fuck each other. Hannah was pumping Jo’s pussy while snogging her. Tina was eating Hannah’s hairy pussy. I was frantically fucking this sexy pop diva.Rachel said to me, “you’re the first person I’ve fucked for a long time, and you’re so much better than my last.”She started to shake and came in a spectacular orgasm. I told Rachel to lick her cum off my cock. She inserted it into her mouth and started to lick her cum off my cock.She said, “I never I tasted so good.”I said, “well let me have some.”She finished eating her cum and I dropped to my knees and began to lick out her pussy tasting her sweet juices.At the same time I was fucking Rachel, Hannah had cum into Tina’s mouth, Jo was also cumming onto Hannah’s hand. Hannah put her hand into her mouth and licked off Jo’s cum.Hannah shouted over, “do you want to join in with us again and this time try and make me cum.”I walked back over to Hannah and gave her a nice big kiss.Hannah said to the other girls, “why don’t you get yourselves lost!!” She then said, “Tina come here. I want to show you something else.”She bent down behind Tina and started to lick Tina’s ass hole.Hannah and pulled away from Tina’s ass hole and said, “if you want to make yourself useful eat her hairy cunt.”Hannah pushed her tongue back into Tina’s ass, pushing her tongue deep into her hole. I was wildly eating Tina’s vagina, and she was close to orgasm. She came spraying cum into my mouth, she tasted sweeter than Rachel.We lay on the floor, I fucked Hannah again and made her cum three times and we the fell asleeep.THE END