Rough sex with an ugly girl

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Rough sex with an ugly girlThis happened in 2007We had become close friends with another couple. Their son and ours were best friends at school and with him going to their house and him coming to ours it was probably unavoidable that we’d become good friends. We’d been close for three years at the point of what happened here, she, Brenda, was ten years younger than me and she’d been married six years.Brenda and Donna became particularly close as they had a lot in common. Many times she’d come on to our house and she and Donna would spend hours talking together. It was during these conversations Brenda was complaining that her husband was poor in the bedroom department, and Donna used to show off by telling her we were brilliant.We’d been friends for close to three years when Brenda was sat in our kitchen moaning to my wife that if she didn’t get sex soon she was going to leave her husband, Donna knew that it wasn’t fair on the k**s and tried to talk her out of it. When Brenda smiled at me as I walk through Donna noticed how she looked at me.As they spoke Brenda said “Would you mind if ***** fucked me”, Donna knew that I wouldn’t but said güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to her “Well ask him”, as she called me in Donna said “Will you shag Brenda?”, I sat down aghast and said “No sorry I don’t fancy you” and then I left, Brenda looked heartbroken and started to cry, Donna comforted her but was concerned.Two days later Donna said to me “I want you to fuck her then she and *** won’t split up” I said “Only if you’re sure” she replied “Do it for me” I said “Will you join in” she said “No I don’t fancy her either”, ‘fantastic’ I thought. Donna told Brenda to have a shower and come on to ours at 11am the following Wednesday.Wednesday was a normal day, I had a shower and dressed as normal. 11:10 Brenda knocked on the door, she was wearing a blue top and jeans, she’d taken time to do her hair and had applied some make-up. But to me she looked like a bloke, no nice features at all, she had a massive pair ot tits but she had piecings and tattoos all over her body.I took her upstairs and told her to place her hands on top of a set of drawers opposite our king size bed, I wasn’t going to do her güvenilir bahis şirketleri in the marrital bed that wasn’t fair. As Brenda placed her hands on the drawers I fondled her tits from behind rolloing her nipples in my fingers, I was suprised at her moaning so early on.It turned out her husband hadn’t touched her for over 18 months, as I pulled her top off and unclipped her bra her massive jugs fell out, as I fondled her she was moaning, after a minute or so I unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them off, she was awful, more flab than I expected and hairy legs, not attractive at all, as I rubbed her at the front of her knickers she moaned again.Wanting to get it over with as soon as possible, I rubbed her crack through her knickers and she was moaning loudly and I noticed how wet her cunt was, slipping my finger into her gash she was pissed through. Moving my fingers over her clit and slipping a couple inside her she groaned out her orgasm, that was quick I thought.I turned her around and saw that her bush was massive, too overgrown it looked like a hedge. I said “Brenda get on the floor on your back” as she did canlı bahis şirketleri I undressed and her eyes widened. “You like what you see”, “God yes” she answered. As I got between her legs I slid into her comfortably as she was so wet, and was soon up to speed as she moaned.After only a few minutes she announced that she was coming again, I pulled out and wanked her clit at top speed as she came and squirted, her first squirt ever. “Look out of the window” as she put her elbows on the window sill, I parted her legs and slid in from behind, as I fucked her hard she was coming again, For Fucks Sake I thought, but yes she squealed out another climax.As I pulled out after she’d come I rolled a condom on and lathered it in KY I stuffed my cock up her ass, she screamed as I fucked her hard, “Finger your cunt” I ordered, as she did she was slapping her hand on the sill as she got her ass fucked for the first time. “OHHHH GGGOOODDD” she groaned as I slowed down and pulled out,whipping the condom off I shoved myself up her cunt.A few more strokes and she was spurting on me again as I neared my own orgasm. Pulling out I turned her around and she looked at me as I pushed my cock into her mouth, as she gagged I wanked all my spunk into her mouth, as it shot down her throat she gagged again. Then we got dressed and she left and I had another shower.Brenda came onto to see Donna that night, “You’re a lucky girl he was fantastic”, “I know” she replied.