Road Home 01

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Road Home 1

After thoroughly enjoying a ride on a combination rowing machine and rocker type sex device, Michelle decides to visits the fuck machine distributor to learn about the latest features and to be paid as a consultant that will spice up the catalog of sex equipment

As an adventure, Mickie / Michelle Jarema became the star of a paid train pull that degenerated into a gangbang. The next morning Michelle and hubby Randy elected to hit the proverbial pause button and check out of the motel / adult complex and head home. The management, was seeking to keep a profitable whore on premises, so the couple was shown to a private hot tub and sex machine facility above the porn studio / bedroom.

Reaching the roof area they looked around. Under a shelter there In the middle of the floor was a device that looked like a modified rowing machine.

Mickie challenged “OK I want to use the equipment and I want you to show me how it works and how to get the best workout while using it.”

Jimmy looked at Randy’s wife Mickie admiring her strawberry blond locks, 36 D breasts and taught and trim waist. He would surely like another shot at this gorgeous wife in the bedroom porn studio but for now he’d have to settle for the visual feast watching this slut pleasure herself. He walked over to the device and grasped the handle that was pointing straight up. He pulled in forward slowly and a rubber dong mount rose out of the straddle seat, as he pushed the handle back to neutral the mount went back down. As he pulled the handle backwards another mount rose up a bit behind the first, and pulling the handle back to neutral the second mount sunk back down. “It a rowing machine that you control by how far forward you push it and how far backward you pull it.”

“Randy, help me get this cleaned up because you’ll also be expected to clean it up after anyone uses anything.” Jimmy said wiping the exposed surfaces down with a disinfectant wipe and then towel dry. Holding out a tray of rubber cock shapes he said “Mickie choose one of each of these two types and I will show Randy how to mount them.”

Mickie picked up one after the other letting the suspense build before handing two from the larger sizes to Jimmy. “I’ll start with these.”

With Randy watching carefully Jimmy mounted the rubber dildos and gave the saddle a last wipe down. “Climb on Mickie.” He said. “I recommend you set the neutral position to be just inside…. Eh! … Um!….. So neither becomes misaligned… and you inch the neutral position upward with this thread adjustment… Tell me how it feels.”

“Really good and I could tell this will work my arms shoulders and gut.” The naked woman replied

Riding the fuck machine Michelle found pushing the handle forward slid a dildo up into her pussy, pulling the handle back shoved another up into her ass. Pulling and pushing the handles drove a generator that activated motors on the two dildo mounts. Cycle after cycle Michelle pushed and pulled bending further forward and back. She was panting both from arousal as well as from exertion. “I cannot believe how this combination feels alternating between shoving into my pussy and my ass. The faster I stroke the vibrator motors speed up which increases the motion I can feel.” She thought to herself. What Randy heard was an increase in the volume of the moans and groans sighs and even giggles as Michelle pumped the machine and pleasured herself.

Randy checked the clock and saw his wife had been riding sixteen minutes when she began to show signs of imminent sexual release. The first warning is Michelle’s trademark erolalia both increasing in volume and decreasing in coherence. The second was a pronounced flush covering her skin and the final stage was earsplitting cry of ecstasy as she slumped in the saddle and the handle moved to the disengaged position. When she recovered sufficiently she looked at Randy “Honey I have found the perfect home fitness appliance. Can we get one of our own?”

“This is an older model, and the unit at the store is about the same vintage.” Jimmy explained. “The distributor has much newer models in stock but Uncle Arnry has been complaining to them about the on-line catalog they furnish for about ever, but nothing seems to change. If you wanted to visit the central headquarters, I can get you designated a select customer of Road Show. You get a discount we get sales credit for anything you buy. güvenilir bahis I can log you in with my credentials so you can browse the catalog such as it is.”

After Jimmy and Randy had the car all packed, the local deli delivered one more small meal and a cooler with snacks and soft drinks. Michelle came out of the bedroom and closed her laptop with a snap. “You were right Jimmy, this thing has all the sales sizzle of an auto parts catalog. These guys really need help, but I would like to see the newest model DP machine and it is only a fifty mile detour form the direct route home.” She announced.

Michelle plotted an itinerary that took the couple on the bypass south of town before the intended route turned north toward the distribution center. They couple were only on the road a few minutes when the Bluetooth link to the car’s instrument system signaled an incoming call. “Randy Jarema” He answered.

“This is Joe August. Do you remember me?”

“I certainly do. What can I do for you Sheriff?” Randy answered.

“Arnold Darcy and I would like to meet with you two briefly because we have a proposition you are like to find quite interesting. The GPS shows you are approaching route 72 and there is a roadside park under repair six miles north. Arny and I can meet you there. We actually should be there before you. Is it a date?”

“I guess so.” Randy answered.

They found the park with problems and pulled in as a deputy shifted an orange road repair barrel out of the way.

“What I would like to propose…”said Sheriff Joe. “.. is that we set up a Corporation. The ownership would be 40% in your name Michelle, and 20% me, 20% Mr. Darcy 20% Randy. Mr. Darcy and I will contribute 100 shares of Golden Health which is the parent company of the central distributor. Your contribution will be ‘sweat equity’ as the CEO and production chief. Randy will also sweat out his portion serving without pay as the COO and CFO for at least 12 months. As a stockholder and corporation any equipment or ‘uniforms’ purchased would be free of sales taxes and enjoy a 35% sub distributor discount.” The sheriff added. We will also loan the company working capital to get started. Two thousand from Arny and Myself, you can kick in up to four thousand and Randy a further two grand. All loans to be repaid out of earnings before any dividends are distributed.”

“What do you say to having us as business partners?” Arnold Darcy added.

“I am confused guys. The company must have a business and bring in money …..” Michelle questioned.

Arnold Darcy snorted. “Kiddo, you netted four thousand dollars in one night with no advance publicity or word of mouth promotion. Your actual performance in the bed is the stuff of legend. Also you clearly articulated what is wrong with the fuck machine catalog, and that you had ideas to fix it. We have been struggling to explain why sex furniture sales lag expectations for months and you pinpoint a problem in minutes. I really want a piece of that brain working on increasing my business. This gives you a perfect platform for consultation.”

“So in addition to being a whore who loves fucking and an exhibitionist who loves showing, You three think I have a slutty but brilliant mind that can improve the sex business and make a bundle for all of us.” She purred. “OK! I agree! As the CEO I think a handshake is insufficient to seal this deal so here are your ‘hole assignments’ and I do not want and slack performance by you junior partners.” She said standing provocatively before the ‘stockholders’.

Later that day, the Golden Health Inc. Director of Stockholder relation who doubles as the manager of systems acquisitions, Jeff Deals met them at the distributor’s executive garage. Jeff was well briefed. He addressed his remarks to Michelle. “Ms. Jarema, Arnold. Darcy informs us that you have an interest in our DP product line and also that you have some promotional ideas for the systems part of our line. I also understand you are the CEO of our newest stockholder. Since I buy these systems as sub-assemblies as well as being the shareholder relation officer, I’m the guy to show you around and give a first listen to your ideas.”

“That is what we came here for.” She calmly stated. “Here are my ground rules. I have no objection to being starred at. I do intend to remain naked. I will need some of your staff who are familiar with the workings of your machines türkçe bahis to assist me. You can pick anybody but since I expect there to be some ‘adult’ contact, please select people whose home life will not be disrupted by jealous significant others.”

When a team of six engineers and mechanics was assembled, Michelle was informed that the latest DP model had electronic nipple and clitoral stimulation, and a Bluetooth bio-monitor that could measure orgasms and reward the rider with simulated ejaculations of a lubricant to simulate semen.

“Does this specific device include all these features?” Mickie asked

“Yes! This is the top of the line.” Jeff proudly stated.

“Well you guys pair my tablet computer and then hook me up because I am going to make this bucket of bolts come like a john.” Michelle challenged the six mechanics and engineers assigned to help her test the machine. “Let’s just see what it takes to ring my bells and drain the equipment.” She said bending over to have her anus and vagina lubricated before she mounted the device. She first leaned forward and got the first dong centered in her vagina, and the rocked back feeling the back door dong begin to penetrate her anus. This aligned she settled herself down on the saddle with the rubber dongs penetrating her holes.

“That actually went better than I expected. I found it quite easy to get both of the dildos aligned properly. Other than the electric stimulators and the bio-monitor to what other changes have I to anticipate.” Michelle asked as she wiggled her hips further settling onto the projecting dongs.

Pete, one of the design engineers, reviewed the DP device features. “This model has independently variable stroke lengths so the vaginal and anal penetration can be individually set by adjusting links and stops under the cover. Like the dong size, the lady makes the choice before the ride. The default settings are medium size equal stroke length.”

A young mechanic Kyle added. “All the linkages and mechanical adjustments are on PTFE bearings so hydrocarbon lubricants are never needed, and we have a support bracket option that will hold a tablet book or even a laptop PC where the rider can easily see it.”

“You told me that the stirrups are to assist in mounting and dismounting and the extra base is weighted to pull the center of gravity down, but if a large lady is moving unexpectedly she can still fall or tip the device. We should look at binging everything as close to the floor as mechanically possible.” Michelle commented. “Now set my tablet up so I can watch my response curve.”

Firmly seated on the DP device saddle, Michelle pushed the handle forward sliding the front dong deeper into her pussy. The same motion partially withdrew the dong from her anal passage. Pulling back on the handle reversed the motions pulling the vaginal dildo partially out and driving the anal device further in. The see-saw effect was different from the linkage on the earlier device, and Michelle realized she quite liked it. This action better approximated two lovers working in consort to please the woman being DP’d.

“I quite prefer this see-saw effect as the dongs move in and out.” She told the engineers. “Who came up with the change?”

“We did some testing with local volunteers and found it was preferred and it also provides for a more compact mechanism with simpler adjustments.” Kyle said. “It was part of the one of the last generation of changes.”

Continuing to push and pull the handle, Michelle continued the dialogue. “You have local ladies who volunteer to try equipment out?”

“Yep” Jeff said. “They are all wives of employees or employees themselves. I can tell you after my Joe-Ann has a test session, I get a very warm welcome home after work. The company nurse doubles as the test supervisor. All the volunteers sign a non-disclosure statement and a waiver before each session. None of these guys have ladies involved because you specified unmarried men.”

By now Michelle had a rhythm going and the battery charge line was climbing on the display. “You know all the action using this device is felt. There is no visual component, which dramatically limits promotion to an actual trial. Here is my first promotional suggestion: Have a computer animation created showing a generic woman riding the DP. Have the animation either run a standard program or reflect the actual motion of the two dongs which güvenilir bahis siteleri should appear as though the observer has X-Ray vision moving in and out. Further create several persona with body type, skin tone, hair color variables so when a prospect watches the demo the simulacrum looks like the lady user. Make a note of that for discussion later.”

The battery charge line rose above the minimum to activate the dildo spinning and vibrating. “Ooo That is a very nice sensation!” Michelle blurted as the motors started. “It certainly will motivate this gal’s workout.” She closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensations the dildos produced in her.

Lost in her reverie she almost missed the quiet comment by Pete. “Look at her. That is the very picture of a woman enjoying herself.”

Michelle’s eyes popped open. “Yes! That is one heck of a good point. Look into making the biofeedback plot on a transparent window that will let the wallpaper be visible behind the plot, and set the wallpaper up to display a webcam looking at the rider or the custom animation.” She said and then.” The clit vibrator just came on. That is an even more powerful incentive.” And moments later. “The nipple vibes kicked in almost at the same time. Did you want three tiers of stimulation and who sets what happens at what tiers? Is there a minimum stored milliamp hours for each tier?”

Urged on by the electronic stimulation ‘carrots’ Michelle pushed and pulled increasing the stroke distance and speed. She was lost to the rest of the world and focused entirely on the sensations she was receiving from the device. What the young engineers heard was an increase in the volume of the moans and groans sighs and even giggles as Michelle pumped the machine and pleasured herself. Michelle had been riding twenty-three minutes when she began to show signs of imminent sexual release. The first warning is Michelle’s trademark erolalia both increasing in volume and decreasing in coherence. The second was a pronounced flush covering her skin and the final stage was earsplitting cry of ecstasy as she slumped in the saddle. The engineers and mechanics worried she had lost consciousness rushed to the side of the machine and lifted her off the device and sat her in a nearby armchair where she quickly recovered. It should be noted that the helping hands were everywhere on Michelle’s body and some might even have been material in holding her up, but there was soo much lush female flesh available….

“That was outstanding, and as much fun as we all had while you guys lifted my naked body and ‘helped’ me to the chair, don’t you think limiting sales to women who have a spare half dozen studs to bodyguard her will put a cramp in the market potential.” Michelle said now standing next to the DP device. “How can I get a look at the machinery under the saddle?” She asked “Can we simply tilt it on the side?”

Three guys laid the device on its side and came back around while Michelle bent at the waist to look at the mechanism. For some reason not a soul stepped in front of her but were content to watch from behind. That is the operative word! Behind! Who in their right mind would look at a machine’s workings when a delightful female rear was available to study? Straightening up, Michelle turned to observe six cherubic countenances, all exhibiting tell-tail tenting in the trousers that contradicted the studied ‘innocent’ looks.

“OK guys!” She said smiling. “I know it is difficult to concentrate on the machine equipment when you can look at my equipment but there is a point to this. I want most of you to take the covering off and see how we can cut the overall height down so a lady can simply step over to mount the device and squats or preferably kneels to get all the way down in the saddle.” Michelle continued. “Randy took notes of all my suggestions and observations. Jeff you counter-sign and date these comments for Golden Health. When we have a moment we will negotiate fair compensation for Golden Health employing these suggestions. I think a royalty on the incremental sales of systems over the next three years plus a royalty on the sales of accessory features that arise from these suggestions….. Now Jeff what is the next big ticket sex toy you want me to help you market more effectively.”

Having decided the sex benches we the next priority Michelle asked. “Kyle and Pete, I would like you to help me out with line of benches you offer, and Jeff can you ask Randy to bring his camera gear down to the showroom. I guess if you have any studio lights they could help. Lets see how we can put some sizzle into your sales literature.”

To be continued……