Riverside Lessons

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I remember my first experience of seeing a naked man – actually a naked 18 year old cousin of mine. I was 18 years old at that time and was spending my vacations at my grandfather’s house in a village.

My cousin had also come over from another town and the two of us would spend the days combing the fields and woods surrounding our grandpa’s home. Nearby was a tribal village from where some women would come to do the housework at our home. The two of us became quite friendly with one of them – her name was Anita. She was a pretty lady- must have been about 23 at that time but seemed much older to us.

So Krish (my cousin), and I would spend evenings with Anita combing the woods for mangoes and other fruits.

One hot day the three of us landed up near the small river which flowed in that area. Anita and I were in a giggly mood and were pulling Krish’s leg about his appearance. He was sweating like a pig! Anita then suggested cooling off in the river.

It was a secluded area and she said it was quite common for the tribals to bathe in that river and nobody bothered. Krish was a little reluctant but we started tickling him and Anita managed to pull of his T shirt.

She then did something which shook us – she took off her cotton shift in one swift movement. Krish stared looking nervous at this point so Anita spoke to him soothingly. She then persuaded him to remove his shorts. He was wearing tiny, cute briefs beneath them!

Next it was my turn – I did not need much persuading by now and stripped down to my panty and bra swiftly. Krish poker oyna and I stood there gawking at each other waiting for someone else to make the first move. It was of course then up to Anita to take the next step

She removed her bra and briefs and there she was like some river goddess in all her glory! She had small but beautiful and exquisite breasts and was clean shaven between her legs. Krish’s eyes were pooping out and his mouth was wide open like a fish – he told me later that he felt he was going to faint!

Anita moved close to him and stood between the two of us. I could then see that she was pulling his briefs down and then he stepped out of them. Anita then turned around and came towards me and helped me remove my bra and panty. She then moved aside and Krish and I took a good look at each other.

I don’t remember how long we stood like that, finally Anita pushed us gently towards the river where we frolicked for some time. Later on we sat on a rock to dry out. Krish was sitting in between us two and I got to study his body closely for the first time. He had a nice long and slender penis with tufts of hair growing at the side. I think the foreskin was rolled back a bit as I could see a pink tip.

Anita saw my curious looks and said “ Why don’t you take it in your hands?”

Krish did not say anything but just smiled.

That was all the encouragement I needed and I slowly took his cock in my hands.

“Try rolling the skin back” she said.

As I did so, I realized his cock was growing. He must have been at least 6 inches canlı poker oyna or more but was slender! And the tip was bright pink.

“He is going to become a big man” said Anita.

She then moved behind him and started to caress him. He turned to face her and started to kiss her breasts. She made him turn around and told him to lie still.

“It is Rita’s turn today to learn about men. Take his cock in your mouth and taste it” she ordered.

I started licking the tip of his cock – it had a nice salty taste. Slowly I took his entire cock inside my mouth and started to suck him.

Krish started to moan and started pumping in my mouth. Within minutes he started to ejaculate. It was like a fountain going off in my mouth. I almost gagged and some of his cum flowed out of my mouth. I think I did swallow most of it though.

“Good girl! You should not waste any of that” said Anita. “But Krish, you came too fast. You need to slow down. Anyway, now it is your turn.”

Krish got off the rock and slipped into the river, while I rinsed my mouth and leant back against Anita’s beautiful mounds. It was like lying on two soft cushions. My breasts were yet to develop much at that time and I did hope they would become like hers.

Anita started to caress me now. She cupped my breasts and slowly squeezed my nipples. Meanwhile Krish was watching us from the river. He came to the side of the rock and was standing at my feet. Slowly he spread my legs apart and I could see him gaping at my pussy.

“Come closer, you idiot” said Anita. “Come internet casino here and give her a nice kiss”

Krish got on to the rock and knelt beside me. He started to kiss my face and then gave a small peck on my lips. I could sense he was still nervous, so I put my arms around him and pulled him closer. He proceeded to kiss my breasts and sucked on my nipples. I shuddered with the pleasure and realized my pussy was becoming wet. As he progressed downwards, I realized that I was going to have a real orgasm for the first time. Although I had read about it, I had never experienced one till then.

Soon Krish was at my pussy and sniffing at it. I opened my legs further and slowly pushed his face against my pussy. He started to kiss there.

I could not see what he was doing, but suddenly felt something soft enter me. It was his tongue!

God! I held his head like I was going to pull it out but didn’t. It felt just too good as he slid his tongue in and out of me. We did this for what seemed like a very long time but was probably just a few minutes. He would tongue me then kiss my clit and then tongue me again. Every time he did that bought me close to orgasm but not letting me cum.

Then finally his tongue went in and this time it started to explore inside. That was the end of it. I had a massive orgasm and began shuddering all over. I could feel some thing flow out from my pussy.

Krish continued to lick my pussy which kept throbbing and twitching while I went through another orgasm before finally collapsing onto Anita who continued to caress and kiss me.

“This is the safest way to give pleasure to each other” she said. “When you are older, we can learn more ways to love each other”

Later on, all of us cooled off in the river before going home to Grandma.