Restaurant Passion

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The sexual tension between us had been growing for months. It was easy to disguise to all of the other restaurant staff but we felt it. In a restaurant, especially a busy one, it is easy to bump into others or touch them to avoid slamming into them and half the time you don’t even realize you are doing it. We knew we were doing it. It may have all seemed like we were touching the others arm or side to avoid a bad crash or just slightly move the other to the side but we did it when it may have not been completely necessary. I wanted him and I am fairly certain he wanted me just as bad.

We took our time. It was forbidden. We both belonged to someone else. This wasn’t love or anything emotional between us, it was just heat and a raw animal sexual need. He was a manager and I was not. I was close to one but would never actually be one. There was no chance for us to ever be alone…or so I thought.

The restaurant has a large walk-in refrigerator/freezer. People are in and out of it all the time. One day I walked in there to get salad dressing and he was in there taking inventory. I had to get around him and went to do it from the back. I put my arm around him as I slid to the other side of him. He grabbed my arm as it came loose. I looked up at him. There was a fiery desire in his eyes that I am sure was mirrored in mine. His faced moved toward mine and I closed my eyes out of anticipation and habit. I was rewarded with just a thin brush of his lips against my own. A felt a shock go through my lips all the way down to my feet. I wanted more. I opened my mouth to say so, but the door started to open and we parted like nothing had ever happened.

For the next week every time I thought about the slight kiss, it took my breath away and stirred something deep inside. I knew there was so much more passion to be felt and I wanted it bad. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait much longer.

In order to try to be “one of the guys” I sometimes joined in the restaurant Texas Hold’em poker game at an employee’s house. I tended to play better when I had a little alcohol. One night, I had too many. It just so happened bedava bahis that Greg was there-just watching. He never played. He just came for the entertainment he said. When I was busted, I was too drunk to drive home. Greg offered to take me home. He promised to pick me up and take me back to my car later the next day. I was afraid someone else at the game would volunteer to drive my car, but they didn’t. I made it seem like I didn’t want to put him out. I even offered to stay a little while and watch the rest of the game until my buzz wore off. I finally caved and agreed to be taken home.

Greg didn’t take me home. He took me back to the restaurant.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“We have waited for this long enough.” Greg said, “This is where I want you. If I am wrong, I will take you home right now, but if I am right, come in with me.”

I could not get out of the car fast enough. When we approached the door, I voiced a concern.

“There are cameras everywhere in here.” I said getting just a little nervous.

“It is dark and I know of one place the cameras cannot see. They won’t know it is us on the tape—if they even look.”

I followed Greg through the dark restaurant. He stopped in one little hall where the ice machine sat. I smiled because I knew that he was right. No cameras.

I was about to congratulate him on his observation, when he turned around, grabbed my face with both hands and kissed me with such force and passion, I almost fell down. He moved his arms around me and pushed me up against the ice machine. No words were said or needed as we continued to kiss and try to get out of our clothes at the same time. When our clothes were finally off, he picked me up and I wrapped my legs around him feeling his hard cock. My pussy was throbbing and I ached to have him inside me. I tried to manipulate my body so he would slide in but he stopped me.

“Not yet,” he whispered. He set me back down on my feet. He cupped my breast with his hand and started to lick around my nipple. He started to suck on it just slightly and I could only moan. It felt bedava bonus so good. I reached down for his cock and started to stroke the full length of it. He licked and sucked me nipples with more intensity and desperation. I started to beg to be fucked. He was ready to comply. He asked if I had a condom. I went limp. I did not and neither did he. I wanted to cry. There we were, naked, hot, needing to fuck, needing to release..and no condom.

All of sudden Greg got a slightly wicked twinkle in his eye. He dropped to his knees, forced my legs apart and started licking my pussy. This seemed like a necessary alternative. I figured I would cum this way and then give him a blow job. Not quite the satisfying ending I was hoping for, but it would do…for now

Feeling him lapping up the incredible wetness between my legs was almost more than I could bear. I could not stand up. Greg must have felt my legs shaking and gently lowered me to the floor. I lay on my back and spread my legs. His face disappeared between my legs and I felt that magical touch of his tongue start to work again. He stuck a finger in my pussy and started to pump it in and out while continuing to lick and suck my clit. I didn’t have anything to hold onto so I pushed my tits into my face and started licking my own nipple. Greg slipped another finger in and pumped them both. I was close to cumming when he pulled his fingers out and slipped one in my ass. Slick from my pussy juice, his finger went in with very little resistance. He withdrew it very slowly.

I felt his thumb go into my pussy and then he pushed it into my ass. He had two fingers in my pussy and his thumb in my ass. He alternated moving them in and out. He started to watch my face as he continued to pump his fingers. I stopped sucking my nipples and stared back at him. Then it occurred to me

“I want you to fuck my ass.” I said in an almost desperate whisper.

Greg smiled and then went back to licking my clit, his fingers still at work. The thought of him fucking my ass and his continued attention to my pussy finally pushed me into an orgasm that caused deneme bonusu me to see stars. The orgasm was so intense I wasn’t sure it would ever end. When I finally stopped bucking and writhing, he leaned over me and gave me an incredible kiss. His tongue moved gently and tenderly in my mouth.

Greg stood up and helped me to my feet. My legs were still shaking but he turned me and bent me over so that my hands were on the ice machine and my ass was to him. He walked away for a moment but I waited. I was afraid to move. He returned with a small container of olive oil.

“It is all we have,” he said apologetically, “but I believe it will work.”

I felt the oil drip down the crack of my ass. His hand caught it and he moved it around my asshole, sliding a finger in my ass as he did it. He worked his finger in there for a few strokes and then added a second finger. My breathing became labored with anticipation as I felt his fingers leave and the tip of his cock press on my hole. He grabbed my hips and pushed.

I gasped and the head of his cock popped into my ass. It hurt but only for a few seconds. He didn’t move, he just waited for me to adjust. I started to push against him and inch by inch my ass swallowed his cock. He slowed down and let me adjust to every inch of intrusion. Finally he was all the way in. He slid out and slowly slid back in. He did this a few times until I was completely used to the invasion. It felt so good but so strange at the same time. Finally I was adjusted.

“Fuck me”, I said hoarsely.

That was all Greg needed to hear. With reckless abandon, he started to pump his cock in and out of my ass. I pushed against him with every thrust so that I could feel his entire cock enter me. It was absolutely fantastic.

“Oh God, I cumming!” Greg screamed. He pulled on my hips hard and slammed his cock into my ass. I felt his cock quiver and the warm sensation of cum flooding my ass. He fell against me and we didn’t move except for our heavy breathing for a few minutes. I felt his cock start to soften. I yelped a little as he pulled it out. My ass felt worn and abused but I was in a state of ecstasy I had never been in.

Silently, we put our clothes back on. Greg drove me home. When he pulled up to my house, we smiled. We didn’t know if there would be a next time, but this time has satisfied a craving and a desire…for now.