Rare Opportunity

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Men have traditionally been the ones to introduce virgin women to the world of sex. Some men are pigs who do little more than rape a woman and expect her to enjoy it. Most are sensitive and at least try to be kind and give the woman some pleasure. Some rare individuals take the time, have the expertise and control to awaken the sexuality in a woman, letting her experience the many pleasures that uninhibited sex can bring.

Being a call girl, I had the privilege of introducing several young men to the pleasures of sex, mostly at the request of their fathers. I enjoyed teaching them how to truly make love to a woman and instilled in them the idea that a real man considers the feelings and needs of the woman. Much of his pleasure would come from satisfying her.

One time, however, I had the rare opportunity to be the first for a beautiful young virgin woman – and it was at her own request.

Through a friend, Nina had contacted our manager, Greg, and asked for a meeting. In the meeting Nina explained that one of her girlfriends, who had been a virgin, had a very bad first sexual experience with a man and it had left her very timid and afraid. Nina wanted to ensure her own first experience was a good one. She asked Greg if he could arrange it with someone who was experienced at this sort of thing. Greg asked her if she really understood what she was asking us to do. She said she did, though she had never gone beyond some petting, she was aware of what basically occurs.

They talked for a while, getting to know what she was willing to do, what she wanted to do, and if she had any hang-ups, fears or ticklish spots. They both agreed that she would feel better with a woman guiding her in this first encounter and she had no qualms about being with a woman. She was very open-minded for someone so young and eager to experience anything and everything. Nina confirmed she was already on the pill to regulate her period. They agreed to a date, time and price for this service. After she left Greg called me in to discuss the challenges of this service and to do some preplanning.

On the designated evening, I arrived at the prepared hotel suite in a posh and beautiful hotel that we had used before. She was already there standing by the window, looking out across the city. She was beautiful. Wearing a dark blue floor length satin nightgown, she was in her late teens, her long dark hair reached to her mid-back, straight cut along the bottom. She turned to look at me and I became instantly hot. She had very large, dark eyes that were wide with innocence and yet you could get lost in their sultry depths. Her skin was golden colored and looked flawless. Her lips were sensuously full but not large and her features fine and delicate. Though not tall, her figure was long and slender with a tiny waist, slim hips and medium sized, firm breasts. She was obviously a little nervous, but looked me straight in the eyes and smiled, showing her beautiful white teeth. I knew she really wanted to go through with this.

“Hello Nina, my name is Michelle and I will be your guide for tonight.”

Crossing to the bar, I poured two glasses of wine. While pouring I noticed her examining me, her eyes roaming over my body. When our eyes met, she blushed and smiled. I smiled back letting her know it was all right to look at me that way. Holding out a glass for her, she came and took it.

“To pleasure,” I said as I raised my glass.

“To pleasure,” she responded as we clinked our glasses together and drank deeply. The wine was excellent and I knew a glass or two would relax her just a bit without affecting her too much.

“Have you ever made love with anyone?”

She shook her head, “No. I have done some kissing and petting, but nothing more.”

“Have you seen a man naked?”

“Yes, I have a brother and have seen him. He always walked from the shower to his bedroom naked. We never could break him of that,” she giggled.

“Well, I am here for your pleasure. I will do all I can to make this a delightful and memorable experience. Remember, you can tell me to stop or slow down at any time. If you do not like what I am doing, just say so. I will not do anything you do not feel comfortable with. It may seem a bit strange, but I hope you will quickly learn to trust me. We will do many things tonight and by lunch tomorrow you will know some of the many pleasures and possibilities of sex. All you have to do is relax and enjoy the sensations; go with them, let them wash over you. There is nothing to you have to do except feel. Will you trust me in this?”

She nodded yes, but was looking down. I lifted her chin with my hand and looked deep into her eyes. “Do you want me to teach you how to make love and enjoy the incredible feelings of uninhibited sex?”

Her lips trembled a little, but she answered, “Yes.” Her voice was low, husky and very sensual.

“Good.” I refilled our wine glasses and took her hand, leading her to the bedroom.

The large bedroom was bathed in the soft golden light of several candles scattered around the room and smelled faintly of exotic spices. The bed was huge, with large pillows along the headboard and the top sheet poker oyna had been folded down to the foot. Four towels were stacked on the top corner of the bed and the nightstand drawer had been stocked with numerous items. Massage oil was warming in a container on the nightstand. As she looked around the room she quickly drank her wine, her nervousness showing a little.

Through a large door was the bathroom had an oversized sunken whirlpool tub and a multiheaded shower big enough for a party.

Putting our wine glasses down, I took her hand and led her closer to the bed. Standing there, we looked into each other’s eyes. “You are so beautiful,” I told her, then cupped her face in my hands. I gently kissed her eyelids, her cheek and then brushed my lips over hers. Her soft mouth responded, her lips reaching out for mine. How do you describe the warmth, the promise of that first kiss? I knew in that moment that this was going to be an incredible night, for me as well as for her.

Disengaging our lips, I went around to her back, running my hands over her slim shoulders and down her arms. The thin straps of her gown leaving her shoulders open to me. Her skin felt like silk and was warm to my touch. Pulling her hair to one side, I kissed the back of her neck. She smelled faintly of honeysuckle and I inhaled her scent deeply. Moving to the juncture of her shoulder and neck, I let my lips linger then continue farther down her shoulder, barely touching her skin. She shivered a little. My hot breath prepared her skin each time I kissed her, gently sucking. Through my lips I felt a soft moan come from her throat. My breasts brushed against her back and my nipples hardened. My hands began their exploration of her body. They gently roamed down the back of her arms, then up the front of her arms, over her shoulders and then down over the cool, smooth satin, feeling her back, her tight buttocks and her slim hips before reaching around to her flat, but soft, belly.

My tongue reached out for her ear, probing. Her head turned towards me, allowing greater access to her ear. Her eyes were closed and her head moved slightly to the pace of my tongue as it gently explored her ear, nipping, and sucking on the lobe. I returned to her neck, my tongue making small circles as I moved from place to place, between the gentle sucking kisses. As I did, I slid both my hands up from her belly to brush against her nipples, already hard and aroused. She sucked her breath in hard and then let it out in a slow moan as I cupped her breasts and started to roll her nipples between my fingers. Her head fell back and her mouth opened slightly as she moaned. She swayed a little and reached up to put her hands over mine as I played with her breasts and nipples. Then taking her hands in mine, I showed her how to touch herself, tweaking and rolling her nipples, teasing them with the tip of a finger or finger nail. She was really getting turned on, and so was I.

Turning her around and pulling her face to mine I kissed her, my tongue sought the warmth inside her sweet mouth. As I explored it, her tongue joined mine and together we danced back and forth, tasting, probing and breathing each other’s breath.

Leaving her lips, I moved down to neck to her throat, kissing and sucking. Her eyes remained closed and her head went back, exposing her whole throat to my lips, inviting me to continue. Her hands came up to my shoulders, steadying herself. I covered her throat with small sucking kisses, working my way down to the top of her nightgown. My hands cupped her breasts; my thumbs stroked her rigid nipples. Covering her left areola with my lips, I blew my hot breath through the satin. She moaned and her hands went into my hair, holding me to her breast. Taking my tongue I teased her rigid nipple and then clamping my lips around it, I sucked hard, shaking my head a little, pulling on it. Her body arched against me, her groans getting louder. I transferred my attentions to her right breast while my right hand continued to cup her left breast and roll her nipple between my fingers.

Finally standing back up, I held the back of her head with one hand. Her eyes opened and looked into mine then she leaned into me and our lips met again. Our breathing grew faster while our tongues danced and my free hand explored her wonderful body. Her gown was warm with her body heat as my hand moved down to her belly and I felt her mound through the satin. Reactively she thrust her pelvis against my hand, so I moved even closer to her and ground my mound against hers while my free hand caressed her ass and pulled her into me. Nipple to nipple our breasts rubbed together, stroking each other as our bodies moved in unison. Moaning slightly she wrapped her arms around me, her hands exploring my back, feeling my ass, and pulling me to her with an instinctive urgency.

My body was quivering with excitement and I could feel myself wanting her touch, wanting to lose myself in her scent, her mouth, her body. I slowly stepped back, reminding myself that this is for her pleasure and education.

I took the straps from her shoulders and slowly lowered the nightgown to the floor, savoring the first look at her beautiful canlı poker oyna body. Her skin was golden with no tan lines and only a small, brown, oval birthmark just below her navel. Her breasts were a healthy handful with milk chocolate colored areolas and large rigid nipples. Her waist was tiny, giving her an hourglass figure, even though she was very slim to start with. Her breasts rose and fell with her breathing. Her lips were parted, and her eyes dilated and shining with passion.

“Undress me,” I said.

She quickly undid the buttons of my black silk blouse. Pushing the blouse off my shoulders, she took a long look at my ample breasts and her tongue unconsciously flicked across her lips. Dropping my blouse to the floor she undid the zipper of my skirt and guided it over my hips, down to the floor. She looked me over, smiling.

“Touch me.”

Taking a small step forward, her hands reached for my breasts, tentative at first, barely brushing my skin with her fingertips. My large pink nipples were already hard with excitement and she started to roll them in her fingers, and then gently pulled on them. My eyes closed and I could not help but moan as she did this. Her warm hands cupped my breasts, feeling their weight. Bending down, her tongue flicked out at my nipple giving it a tongue lashing before wrapping her mouth around it and sucking. Reaching for her head, I moaned and breathed, “Harder.” She sucked harder, shaking her head, tugging at it. I was already dripping wet with excitement and I shuddered with a small orgasm. My God, this girl was a fast learner.

Lifting her up, we kissed again, long and deep while our hands roamed over each other’s bodies. Taking one hand, I reached down and stroked her silky pubic hair, my fingers seeking out her slit and its little knob of pleasure. She moaned and her legs parted a little, giving me more access. She was already very wet. My finger found her clit and one stroke of a fingernail with a few quick circles while applying pressure caused her to gasp loudly and jerk her body as new sensations assailed her. “Ohhhh,” she gasped as her eyes opened wide and her breathing got faster. My mouth found her nipple and sucked hard as one hand continued to rub and tease her clit while my other hand wrapped around her back, holding her into me. Her moaning got louder and her eyes closed as she sank into the feelings. One hand grasped my head to her breast, while her other kneaded her other breast, pulling at her nipple, rolling it between her fingers. Her pelvis thrust into my hand and her head snapped back as she cried out, “Oh God…Oh God,” and shuddered in a series of small orgasms. I held her close, steadying her as her breathing slowed and she calmed down. Her hot juices flowed over my hand and down her leg. Lifting my fingers to my lips, I tasted her cum. It was slightly sweet and pungent, oh so very good. But this was only a taste of things to come. Pardon the pun.

I slowly backed her up to the bed and laid her down with her legs dangling over the edge. My breath caught in my throat as I watched her laying there, relaxed, arms slightly out from her sides, nipples hard and begging to be touched, legs slightly parted with the moisture clinging to her dark bush. Her long hair spread out across the bed and she watched me through half open eyes, waiting and trusting. She was the very picture of sensuality and God, did it turn me on.

Standing at her knees, I slowly ran my hands up her inner thighs and parted her legs, my hands lingering at her mound, kneading it gently, but firmly. I moved closer, putting my mound against hers, I leaned over and sucked and nipped at her nipples as our mounds ground together. Like me, she loved having her breasts touched and I was happy to oblige her. Her eyes closed as her hands grasped my hair, holding me to her breast. Reaching down I found her wet slit and stroked it gently, my fingertip just barely inside her opening.

“Do you like this?” I asked.

“Oh yes,” she breathed, her eyes fluttering open to look at me.

I returned her gaze. “Do you want more?”


“I am going to go down on you now and eat you. Just relax and don’t hold anything back. You can be as vocal as you like. No one can hear you.”

“Good,” she whispered and closed her eyes again, sinking into feeling her body.

Kneeling on the floor I lifted her legs to rest on my shoulders. Pushing her knees farther apart, this exposed her whole beautiful dusky pink, virgin slit to me. She was already dripping wet. I sucked and nipped at her inner thighs while stroking her slit with my fingers, teasing. Leaning forward, I took my tongue and lapped the whole length of her slit, probing gently. She still tasted sweet and pungent. She was gasping and her lower body was twitching slightly. I attacked her clit with my tongue while I sucked on the skin surrounding it. She cried out, “Yes!” as her hips jerked off the bed. While using my nose to rub her clit, my tongue probed inside her, in and out, in and out, twisting and moving while my hands held her hips tight so she could not escape me. My teeth nibbled her cunt lips and I attacked her clit again, sucking hard for just internet casino a few moments. Her whole body was bucking in response, building towards an awesome clit climax. But I stopped for a few moments, slowing her down and gently inserted a finger into her slit, probing, and found that she was indeed, a virgin. My fingers made small circles just inside the lips of her slit, expanding the sidewalls, while my mouth again worked on her clit. No longer holding her hips, I reached up and tweaked at one of her nipples, squeezing and twisting slightly. She took the queue and started playing with her own nipples, rolling them, pinching at them. I took one of her hands and guided it down to her slit letting her feel her own hot slickness and the soft insides. She probed a little then moved her fingers up to her clit. Taking her fingers, I showed her how to rub her clit. She started to rub it in a circular motion as my tongue was doing earlier. While she was doing that, my tongue attacked her cunt again, probing, licking and sucking her free flowing moisture. Her hips were circling and her breathing was fast and deep as she moaned louder and louder. I knew it was time.

I took her hand from her cunt and moved it up to her mouth, to let her taste herself. She sucked at her fingers while I sucked on her rock hard nipples. As my mouth left her nipples, her hands took over, twisting, tugging at them. Then lowering myself I again lifted her legs and held her hips down with one hand. I took two fingers and placed them inside her slit, pushing up until they reached her hymen. I again attacked her clit, giving it a good tongue-lashing, then started sucking it hard, rhythmically, scraping my teeth gently over it. Her whole body bucked as she screamed from the intensity of her first hard clit cum. Her cum spurted out, drenching my hand. As her insides started to contract rhythmically with her intense orgasm, I pushed my fingers deeper into her and broke through her hymen. She hardly noticed it because of the timing. I slowly withdrew my hand and let go of her clit and started kissing and caressing her inner thighs. Her body shuddered with small after shocks, minor orgasms, as I stroked her, gently bringing her down,

Lifting her head, her glazed eyes looked down at me as she smiled. “Oh my God. I had no idea it would be like this.”

“This is only the beginning.”

As almost an afterthought she asked, “Did you?”

“Yes, I broke your hymen; you are technically no longer a virgin.”

“I thought so, but it was not nearly as bad as other women have said it was. Not painful at all. Is that unusual?”

“No, not when it is timed correctly. One of the reasons you came to us. We know how to do it right.”

“No shit,” she giggled and lay back.

I put my hand out to her, “Come on, get up and let’s go into the bathroom and get you cleaned up. It might not have been painful but there is some blood.”

She takes my hand and sits up. “Will that cause any problems tonight?”

“No, not at all. I will show you how to take care of yourself and clean inside.”

She grinned and followed me into the bathroom.

A little later we emerged and had another glass of wine. Sitting in comfortable overstuffed chairs by a fireplace, we talked for a while about the different types of orgasms that a woman can experience. She was fascinated at the variety and wanted to experience them all. I laughed as she sat there, her whole face lit up in a smile. I had never experienced anyone so eager and so open to the sexual experience.

“Back to bed, young lady,” I ordered.

She grinned, “Yes ma’am.”

“Put a towel down near the middle of the bed and lay on it, face down.”

“What is next?” she inquired as she walked to the bed.


Her eyebrows rose at this answer, but she did not ask anything further. She took a towel from the stack on the bed corner and did as I asked, turning her head to watch me, wondering what we would do with ‘toys.’

God she was beautiful laying there with her nicely rounded ass, flawless skin, her lips slightly parted and her eyes eager for the next sexual experience. The muscles in her ass twitched slightly, inviting me to play. Looking at her in that provocative position was making my heart race and my cunt drip. Innocence and sensuality. I know of no better turn on than that, for a man or a woman.

Taking the warm massage oil, I dribbled it down her back then straddled her hips. Slowly, firmly I worked the oil into her back starting at the neck and working my way down. She relaxed completely and closed her eyes, enjoying this. When I got to her ass, I kneaded the oil into her cheeks, feeling their firm roundness. I poured a little more oil down her crack and used my fingers to spread it over her anus and down to her slit. Her ass raised off the bed a little as I did this and she moaned gently. I told her to roll over. Her perky firm breasts with their dark areoles and large nipples extended and flattened slightly as she reached her arms over her head. Damn, talk about an invitation! I leaned over and gently sucked first one and then the other. As she moaned, her eyes closed. Withdrawing for now I drizzled a few more drops of oil between her breasts and down her stomach, then massaged the oil into her skin from neck to hips, lingering on her breasts, circling my hands around them, cupping them, sucking on her nipples.