Rage Against His Machine

2 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Rage Against His MachineThere is a man on this site by the name of Snake92666.He is fairly well-known on this site, with over 36,000 comments and over 600 friends.He is also amusingly homophobic.I found this out one day, a little over a month back. I had left him a comment on his profile asking about the reason he explicitly stated twice in a row, in capital letters, that he was “100% straight.” It seemed a little fishy to me, especially when his “about me” also contained several links to pictures of his bornova escort penis, with overstated invitations for women to admire and men to avoid.So I left him a comment, casually asking if he was in the closet. I presented to evidence to him in a clearly humorous fashion. But…Snake92666 ANGRY! Snake92666 SMASH!!!Within minutes, he changed his “about me,” deleted my comment, and sent me an angry and defensive message asserting that he was indeed 100% straight. I found his message and reaction bornova escort bayan amusing, so I crafted a reply message and hit “send,” whereupon I discovered he had blocked me from contacting him, etc.I thought this was uncalled for, so I opened up the rarely used Internet Explorer browser and creating a second account so I could continue communicating with Snake92666. I apologized for enraging him, but also mentioned the whole “are you sure you’re not really gay” thing from earlier. escort bornova He replied by blocking me and deleting my comment. Again.So over the next few days, I would create various fake accounts with usernames like IsSnakeGay, SnakeLovesSnakes, etc., and leave him a comment, always the same, asking him to “COME OUT OF THE CLOSET.”It’s been over a month since the last time I’d asked him to come out of the closet. But I haven’t forgotten about him. I mean, xHamster is a very welcoming and diverse porn-based community. No one here will judge him.So, my friends, won’t you join me? Let’s all help Snake92666 out.Visit his profile page (click on his name) and tell him to “COME OUT OF THE CLOSET.”Because this, my dear friends, is trolling at its finest.^_^