Professor Follies Ch. 02

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All characters are ficional. No reproduction of any part of the story without express, written consent of the author. This is a work of fiction, any relation to any real person is completely unintentional.


Megan had been a professor at the college for over 8 years and she’d never seen a girl like this. Tall and young, she had short auburn hair and wide green eyes. Megan was happily married to the same man for 10 years, but this girl made her think of things she hadn’t done since her own years in college. Things like firm breasts, and neatly trimmed snatches, warm mouths and feminine fingers buried in her pussy. Things she gave up when she got married.

She came into her Literature 101 lecture and saw her the first day of class, and had been dismayed at the rush of heat in her pussy. After class with Emily front and center, her full breasts peeping out of her tank top and her smooth calves crossed neatly, Megan had hid in the bathroom, finding her panties soaked. She’d had to relieve herself, her fingers working furiously in her wet pussy, making her cum so much she could hear her juice hitting the water in the toilet beneath her wide spread thighs.

When she saw Emily enter the class with a tank top and short shorts, she knew this would be the day she would approach her. After class, Megan called her into her office. Watching Emily’s lean thighs flex as she sat in the chair in her office, Megan’s stomach clenched. Emily sat her bag on the floor by her chair and addressed Megan, “Yes, Professor?”

“I want to talk to you about your clothing.”

A look of surprise crossed her face, “But, güvenilir bahis Professor? It’s college. I’m not wearing anything worse than the rest of the girls.”

And in truth, she wasn’t. Her tank top was more modest than some Megan had seen, and her shorts, while short, weren’t in danger of showing her ass. Pity, Megan thought as she fought a smile at the look of indignation on Emily’s pixie like face.

“While that may be true, I’ve had some of your other professors ask me to talk to you about it. Males. They felt it would be easier coming from a female.”

Emily gasped, her eyes wide. “But…as a female you should be on my side! I have, we all have, the right to wear whatever we like!”

Megan sat in the chair beside Emily, leaning towards her and lightly put her hand on Emily’s bare knee. The skin was smooth beneath her fingers. “I agree. I think that a united front is the best policy.”

Emily nodded, seemingly unaware of Megan’s hand stroking her knee, ever so softly. Megan had never done anything like this before, but it seemed to be comin naturally for her. “So, Emily, what would you suggest?”

“Well…I really…” She paused, her eyes darting to Megan’s fingers on her leg then back to Megan with a knowing light. “I think that maybe we should…uh…get a little closer. You know, to make sure we agree?”

“Oh, excellent idea.” Megan was relieved to see Emily apparently so willing to go along with this seduction. In fact, the young woman let her thighs fall apart a bit, encouraging those fingers to slip higher. She didn’t hesitate, sliding her fingers up along the lightly tanned flesh of her inner thigh. Her own pussy was heated türkçe bahis and growing slicker by the minute. Emily leaned forward suddenly, pressing her mouth to Megan’s.

Taken by surprise, she let the younger woman guide the kiss for a moment. Then she cupped her face and deepened the kiss, using her tongue to part her lips and delve into the warmth of Emily’s mouth. She tasted of peppermint and youth. With a soft groan, Megan slipped her hand down Emily’s long neck to slide over the swell of Emily’s soft, full breast. Slipping under the cup of her bra, she flicked her fingernail lightly over Emily’s hardened nipple before rolling the tip between her fingers. The girl’s head tipped back, arching her back. “Oh!”

Megan urged her to her feet, tugging her shirt over her head and releasing the front clasp of her pale pink bra. Emily’s pink tipped breasts tumbled out and Megan latched her mouth onto one of those pretty pale tips. Within seconds, Emily was moaning, her fingers pressing Megan’s head closer to her chest. Megan slipped her hands under the girl’s shorts, cupping her smooth ass to find her wearing nothing but a skimpy thong. She pushed her shorts down, and then urged the girl back to her desk, urging her to lay back on the smooth, cool surface.

Emily raised her feet up, propping her tennis shoes on the edge of the desk, spreading her thighs wide. The pale pink thong did nothing to cover the wet, hairless pussy beneath it. Megan licked around the edges of the lace, tasting the girl’s excitement and inhaling her potent scent. Slipping her finger behind the edge, she dipped one long index finger into the molten liquids of Emily’s cunt. Soon, the güvenilir bahis siteleri girl was moaning, her hips thrusting towards Megan’s face. Pulling the thongs aside, Megan lapped her tongue over those fragrant folds, dipping her tongue inside to tease the little nub hidden within.

She sucked that nub into her mouth, inserting another finger into the girl’s body and finger fucked her hard. Emily was thrashing, her back arched and her hips straining towards Megan’s skilled tongue. “Oh! I’m cumming!”

Her thighs squeezed Megan’s head as her pussy began to pulsate, gushing semi-salty liquid all over her face and hands. For long moments, Megan lapped at the girl, her own pussy burning, begging for release. Once Emily’s thighs loosened, Megan straightened and with a smile, said “Did you like that?”

Emily’s eyes were unfocused, her face and chest flushed as only sex can do for a woman. “Oh yes.” Her eyes seemed to clear some and then she smiled. “Now, I think I’ll just do something for you?”

Megan smiled and pushed her own skirt and panties to the floor. Stepping out of them, she took Emily’s place on the desk, her own thighs spread. At the first touch of Emily’s mouth to her pussy she knew this wasn’t the first pussy this girl had had her mouth on. She knew where to touch, where to lick, where to rub her fingers against. Having been on edge most of the day, it wouldn’t take her long to cum, but she enjoyed the feel of a talented tongue, as long as it was there.

Soon her own body was clenching, her hips rising, and she shuddered with climax. After a moment, she opened her eyes to see Emily grinning at her, Megan’s juices on her chin and dripping slowly down her chest. “I think we are in agreement, right, professor?”

Megan smiled, sitting up. She tugged the girl to her, kissing her, tasting her own juice in her mouth. “I’d say we are. And Emily? Wednesday…no panties, okay?”