Princess Ch. 07

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The following chapters follow on from a story called Princess, I suggest that you read it first before continuing on. It was composed by soccermomcheryl back in 2006. The story did not go further than chapter 5. I have tried to contact soccermomcheryl but have not had any reply. I would like to continue the story on further and hope that is ok. If the original author finds this, they can contact me.

Once again I would like to thank Icy1 for the help given to me with this story.


When I got home I went to the down stairs shower and cleaned up. When I freshened up I went upstairs and crawled into bed beside my sleeping husband. I lay there for ages reflecting on the nights events. My mind was conflicted, part of me was disgusted, humiliated by my actions.

The other part of me enjoyed it, the humiliation, being used, not having control over my body and life, all the decisions being made for me and being owned. I dozed off to sleep with these thoughts.

I woke the next morning got out of bed, the house was quiet, so I slipped my silk nightie over my naked body and headed down stairs to the kitchen to make a coffee. As I walked into the kitchen I saw princess sitting at the table, she was wearing a long white sun dress. I froze dead in my tracks, “what are you doing in my house?”

“Morning slut, I’ve been waiting for you to get out of bed. I dropped by about an hour ago before your husband left for his weekend game of golf. I told him we work together and I needed to talk to you about work.” She explained. “He told me I could wait for you here until you to get out of bed.”

“Does he know about last night yet?” I asked.

“No, I have not said anything yet.”

“Now get naked slut.” She commanded.

“Princess we are in my house and my family could come home at any time.” I whined.

“Slut I don’t care where we are, your husband is at golf and your daughters have gone shopping with their friends so I don’t give a shit. I told you last night that you now belong to us. Your life from now on will not be the same and once your husband finds out I doubt he will want you anywhere near your daughters. So strip now or I will rip that nightie from your body slut.”

I untied the sash around my waste that was holding my nightie in place and let it slip to the ground around my feet. I went to cover myself, “don’t you dare slut, that is our body now so do not cover it. Stand with your feet apart and use your hands to hold up your tits slut.”

As I stood in my kitchen holding up my tits with my legs spread, princess stood and walked over to stand in front of me and started rubbing my cunt lips. Then she inserted one, then two fingers inside me and started moving her hands in and out of my cunt. After a few minutes I started to moan with enjoyment, she then found my clit and started to run her fingers all over it, squeezing and pulling it. It felt really good and I struggled to stay focused. Then she grabbed my left nipple and twisted it hard, the sudden pain jolted me back to reality.

“Well slut it appears you are enjoying this judging by how wet my hand is.” Princess removed her hand and rubbed it over my face, lathing my face with my own cunt juices.

Princess returned to the kitchen table and reached into her bag pulling out a collar. ” I have poker oyna bought you a present.” Princess walked back, stood in front of me and I watched as she opened the collar reached out and put it around my neck then I heard a click and realised that she had padlocked it in place. At the front and sides of the collar were three D shaped fittings, for fixing something to. Princess took a step back and looked at me.

“What do you say for your new collar whore?”

“Thank you Princess.”

Princess went and poured a coffee then returned and sat at the table, she was in my house doing as she pleased, like it was her house, “slut get on your knees and crawl under the table and thank me properly.”

I put my hands down and felt the relief in my arms from holding my tits up. Getting down on my hands and knees I crawled under my own kitchen table but when I got close to Princess she said, “stop what do you want slut?”

“How do you want to thank me slut?”

“Princess may I thank you for my new collar? May I please eat your cunt?”

“Slut I don’t have a cunt I have a pussy, only dirty whores like you have cunts. You are a dirty whore so you have a cunt,”

“What are you?” She asked me.

“I am a dirty whore and have a dirty cunt Princess.”

“Very good whore.” She praised.

“May this dirty whore thank her mistress by pleasuring her sweet pussy?” I asked.

“You may whore”

Needing no further encouragement I lifted mistresses sundress up around her waist, She spread her thighs and I could see her sweet frilly panties.

“May I remove your panties Princess?”

“You may whore, hang them around your neck with your new collar slut, I don’t want my nice panties on the dirty floor.”

“Yes Princess.”

Princess closed her legs together so I could reach up and slide her panties down her legs. When they were off I pulled my head through one of the legs and let them hang around my neck.

“Get out from under the table whore and let me see.”

I crawled out from under the table and I was kneeling beside my princess, she reached down and turned her panties around my neck so the crotch was positioned below my chin.

“Now get back under there slut and thank me.”

“Yes princess.”

I crawled back under the table to her waiting thighs, I had an unobstructed view of her pussy. It was mostly shaved except for a thin strip running from her lips up her mound. I crawled straight in between her thighs and took a minute to take in her scent. She smelt amazing, I went to work on her pussy.

I started by running my tongue along her pussy lips, I heard a low moan escape princesses mouth so I knew she was enjoying the attention I was giving her. I then used my tongue and pushed into her slit parting her lips. I pushed my tongue in further and started to run my tongue around inside.

I then felt her thighs tighten against the side of my head and her hands grab my hair and push my face into her pussy. I found her clit and started to suck it between my lips and run my tongue back and forth over it.

Princess was enjoying my attention to her clit. She pulled my face even harder into her pussy, she started to ride my face. Before long princess was panting louder.

“Keep going slut. I’m going to cum all over your face so don’t canlı poker oyna waste any of my fluid slut.” She demanded. Then she came, she came hard. I tried to catch all of her fluids in my mouth but she sprayed so hard, my face was soaked in her juices.

They even started to drip onto the floor. When she was finished She pushed me away and looked down at me.

“You spilt some on the floor slut, clean it up with your mouth. You will learn to take all of my juices or you will be punished slut.”

“Sorry princess.”

I lowered my head and saw a small puddle, when my mouth touched the floor I started to suck the juices in.

“Slut crawl out from under the table when you are done.”

When the floor was clean I crawled out from under the table towards princess who was now standing in the corner of the kitchen.

“Kneel over here in the corner facing out into the room.”

When I got into position my back into the corner princess used her foot to get me to move my legs so I was spread wide open, each leg was resting along each wall. I was on full display. Princess moved her panties into position over my head with the crotch covering my nose.

“Now put your left arm behind you back.”

When I did This my chest was thrust forward and my tits with my hard nipples were pointing towards the centre of the room.

“Now with your right hand rub your cunt and don’t come slut.”

We heard a noise at the kitchen doorway and turned to see my husband standing there with a shocked look on his face.

“What the! What is going on here?”

“Cheryl what are you doing?”

I was about to answer when princess said, “Don’t say a word slut, keep rubbing that cunt.”

Brad, my husband turned to princess and said “what are you doing to my wife?”

“Well Brad, my name is princess and I am an adult dancer at the Lace night club.”

“You said you worked with Cheryl.” Brad accused

“Brad come with me into the lounge room and I will explain.”

Brad turned and left the kitchen, princess approached me and told me to crawl after her into the lounge room as I got there I noticed Brad was sitting on the lounge under the window and princess was sitting on the other lounge across from him.

Princess said, “slut go and sit in the corner as you were in the kitchen and continue to rub that dirty cunt of yours.”

Brad just sat there in disbelief with his mouth open, I felt so humiliated, but so much wanting to come from the attention I was giving my cunt with my hand.

I sat there fucking myself as princess and Brad started talking as though I was not in the room, the conversation started to fade as I concentrated on working my cunt.

Princess showed Brad my phone, all the calls I had made to her mobile, all of the messages I had sent her with pictures and then all the pictures and videos she had on her phone of my submissive acts. Yes, she showed him the pictures she had of me sucking her drug dealers cock to pay her debt. Pictures of me fucking myself at work and coming over the photo frame containing my daughters picture. Then she showed the video she took of me fucking myself with a beer bottle on stage at Lace.

Brad just sat there in silence looking at me in disbelief. Here I was kneeling in the corner of our lounge room with princesses panties over my face rubbing my cunt waiting to be given permission to come, then I heard the words I’d been waiting for.

“Come slut.”

I started rubbing my clit now with abandon and came so hard I collapsed in a heap in the corner of the room.

“You see Brad, your wife is now a total whore, a fuck toy. She will do anything I tell her and it has all been her choice.”

I was brought back to reality with Brad standing in front of me, he grabbed me by the collar and lifted me to my feet.

“Who’s panties are these on your head?”

“They are princesses.”

“So let me get this straight. You pestered this girl to meet up with you after you met her while buying a pack of smokes at the Lace night club while on your way home from work?”


“Then you gave her drug dealer a blow job to pay off her debt. We’re you forced to do this or did you volunteer the blow job?”

“I offered to give her drug dealer a blow job, it was my idea.” I responded.

“How did it make you feel carrying out these filthy acts?”

“I felt humiliated and disgraced but I enjoyed it. I’m sorry Brad. I love it.”

“Cheryl, you have turned into a dirty filthy whore and our marriage is now over. There is no way I would touch you now slut.”

I was now looking submissively at the ground, I was sad but a part of me felt relief.

“Get out of this house now you slut, I will get divorce proceedings underway and you are never to return.”

“I also doubt that our daughters will want anything to do with you after they know what you have done.”

Tears started rolling down my cheeks, “please Brad I’m sorry, please forgive me.”

“Get out slut.” Brad was pushing me towards the door and I was still naked.

“Please Brad let me get dressed.” I pleaded.

Sluts like you do not deserve to be dressed, get out.” he said angrily.

Princess came to me with my silk nightie and put it around me, then she pulled a leash out of her bag and attached it to the collar around my neck. I was then led out of the house in a collar and leash and still wearing princesses panties over my head.

Now in public, I kept my head down as I did not want to make eye contact with anybody who may have been around.

Princess lead me down my driveway into the street to her car and as I was walking I realised that when princess put my nightie on she did not include the sash so the front of my nightie was open. My cunt could be seen by anybody who looked close enough. I also noticed as I walked my tits swayed from side to side pushing the front of my silk nightie open further leaving almost all of me on visible.

When we got to her car princess lead me to the drivers door and told me to open it so she could get in,

“Thanks whore.”

I then went to the passenger front door, as I got close the window went down.

“Sit in the back slut.”

I went to the back door and opened it and got in, “sit in the middle and open you’re nightie so your body is on full display.”

Princess ordered me to start playing with my cunt. “Don’t come whore, if you do you will be punished.”

Princess started the car and drove off. I looked out of the window and watched as my house and life disappeared. A tear rolled down my cheek as my mind started to concentrate on my finger working my cunt.

I am now just a whore, a fuck toy to princess, Heather and whoever they decide to share me with. I was theirs.