Pretend Mum and Dad – Part 2

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Pretend Mum and Dad – Part 2Note: This is just from my dirty imagination.With his new-found pretend mum, Paul had never shot so much spunk ever. And his mum Shelia was thrilled to have found a pretend son like him who could get at least three erections an hour.As arranged Paul called round the following afternoon and saw a note on the door – door open come right in. As he entered the hall way, he got right into his son role. ‘Hi Mum, I’m home, where are you?’‘Up here in the bathroom, my darling boy. Would you come up as mummy needs some help’.Opening the bathroom door, his eyes bulged as did his cock. She was naked sitting on the toilet legs wide apart and fingering her arsehole. ‘Oh sweetheart, Mummy has severe constipation and it is getting very uncomfortable. My bowels need lots of thick spunk juice squirted in them. canlı bahis Come here and let me get you ready’.Taking down his trousers and pants she started to gently caress and lick his cock. ‘Oh yes my lovely boy, it’s getting nice and hard’ and pulling hard, forced out a lot of pre-cum. Getting up and turning around she straddled the toilet and told him; ‘Now Mummy wants you to push your cock gently up her bum hole all the way and then slowly fuck it’.‘Oh Pauly, that is absolute heaven, now put your hands around me and play with mummy’s titties and clit’.Paul, wasted no time in finding her thick clit through a forest of hair. And as he fingered it, his fake mummy was thrusting her flabby fat arse against his cock. ‘Oh yes, yes, fuck mummy’s shitter you horny boy. Hold on, it’s coming’.To his great surprise, his pretend bahis siteleri mum literally pissed all over his hand which he found very erotic. By now they were nearing their climax and she let out the last drops of piss and he shot four thick wads of cum into her bowels. That was just what she wanted. She told him to have a shower whilst she had a good shit and wait downstairs for Dad. An hour or so later pretend dad arrived home. With his half hard thick circumcised 8inch thick cock making a nice bulge in his trousers he embraced Paul and cupping his crotch asked if he was looking forward to a nice slow fuck session with mum. To which Paul readily agreed. Whilst waiting for mum to get ready upstairs, they both enjoyed a slow mutual wank. Paul really liked watching his pretend dad’s thick cock get really big and as the bahis şirketleri pre-cum oozed out rubbing it over the large cut head. As soon as they had shot their load, mum called out ‘I’m ready’. Laying on the bed totally naked, she wasted no time in getting them either side of her and said ‘now Pauly sweetheart Daddy will take a while to get nice and hard so in the meantime, why don’t you and I gently finger fuck each other’s shit hole. Turning into each other they placed their thighs over their bodies and proceeded to ram each other’s arse vigorously. Paul’s prodigious pre-cum helped him stick three fingers up her and she had at least two up his. As they were enjoying that, daddy was getting hard as well and wanted to put his big cock to good use.‘Hey honey, I’m ready for some action, open those fat thighs and Paul you fuck her lovely wet hairy cunt. As Paul slid his cock into his mummy’s silken cunt, he felt daddy’s cock rubbing his crack. Boy, he was really looking forward to feeling it all the way up his arse as he fucked mummy.