Plus 1 at the works do

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Plus 1 at the works doIt’s getting late, the wine is flowing, people are laughing and chatting. My husband is deep in conversation with one of his colleagues. I leave him to it and wander off to the bar. Tom is there. I’ve met Tom before – every lady in the building has probably met Tom, he makes it his business to meet ladies. Tom is tall with piercing blue eyes and confident charm. He smiles at me. I love his smile. I order a gin and tonic, and he tells the barman to make him one too. “Been abandoned?” he asks, waving his glass in the direction of our table. My husband is still engrossed. “That’s the problem with works dos,” I say. “Everyone talks shop.” “I don’t want to talk shop.” He puts his glass down and moves closer. His hand rests on my hip and he looks at me closely, he’s judging my reaction. I smile, curious to see what his next move will be, and he knows. His hand glides quickly down to the hem of my dress and up the inside of my thigh. I move in closer to hide the movement from prying eyes. didim escort As his hand nears its goal I place a foot on the rail at the base of the bar, parting my thighs, allowing him access. His fingers reach the thin material of my knickers stretched tightly over my cunt. He traces the contours of my lips from their damp opening up to the place where they fold around my clitoris. His fingers expertly probe my pleasure zone and I cannot prevent a little moan of sheer blissful ecstasy from escaping. Two of his fingers work their way under the leg of my knickers and slip inside my cunt. I love the feel of them sliding deep into me. He pulls them out, sliding his fingertips all the way up to my clitoris, then he plunges them in again. Already my cunt is wet and slippery and his fingers work their magic with ease. I can feel the passions rising from deep within my body, and I have to stifle moan after moan as his fingers drive me to orgasm. My legs start to buckle and I have to hold onto him to escort didim support myself. I bury my face into this shoulder, not caring how this must look to others in the room. The stimulation is harder now, more urgent, three strong fingers deep inside my cunt while his thumb strokes my clit.I am cumming and he knows it. He kisses my neck, then places his mouth against my ear. “Look at your husband.” I do as I’m told. My husband is no longer engrossed in shop-talk. He is watching me, watching us. Watching Tom finger-fuck me. So are the other men at the table. At that moment, Tom’s fingers drive me over the edge and I cum. Eyes wide, mouth open, my body tense and taut. My husband’s eyes are locked into mine. He watches intently as Tom’s fingers work to sustain my orgasm as long as possible. Tom slowly slides his fingers out of my cunt. The tension drains from my body and I slump against him. He pulls me closer, supporting me while I recover, and I can feel the stiffness in his cock pressing against didim escort bayan me. I allow the contact for a while, then I step back. I take his hand, raise it to my mouth, and taste one of his fingers, enjoying the heady aromas and essences. As I do so, I know that many eyes in the room are watching, knowing where those fingers have been. I turn to look at my husband once more, and taste another finger. Then I move Tom’s hand towards his mouth, so that he can taste me too. I smile at Tom, lightly touch his hand, then cross the room to my husband and kiss him on the mouth. I feel his tongue inside my mouth and I know that he is seeking to taste me as well. I reach down to adjust my knickers, and coat my finger with my cunt juices as I do so. I place the finger in his mouth and smear my essence on his tongue. I smile at him. “Are you ok?” He nods. “You looked like you were both enjoying yourselves.” “I was. But I think Tom’s feeling rather frustrated.” I lean in and kiss him again. “I need to return the favour, so if you don’t mind I’m going to go and suck his cock.” I glance around the room, at all the people whispering in hushed voices and pretending not to look at me. “But this time, I’m going to do it in the bathroom.”