Playing with Shirley

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Chapter 1

I still get a thrill when I relive my first time with another woman. It was during a business trip that we shared a room and a bed. Shirley and I had worked side by side for over a year. We had travelled together but until the hotel had screwed up our reservations we had always had separate rooms.

“I am so sorry Ms. Gentry we seemed to have no record of your reservation and we are fully booked for tonight,” said the desk clerk.

He then offered, “I can try to find you accommodations at one of our other properties.”

I had already gotten my room keycard and had been waiting for Shirley to register.

When I overheard the clerk’s comment I jumped in, “Oh, what the hell, I have a king room. If you don’t have a problem with it; just bunk with me.”

So she agreed to my solution and as was usual we had dinner with some clients. I don’t even remember who they were anymore. When we returned to our room I checked in with my husband, Brad. He was at home and was upset. After some rambling he got to the point and told me that he was tired of my being gone all the time and if I was going to be out screwing around then he was going out to a club with some of the guys. In fact he was about to leave for Diamonds Gentleman’s club.

He added, “I might even find some strange pussy. You probably are getting some dick out there in business land

He hollered, “Have a great time tonight. I sure as hell am!” and hung up on me.

When Shirley came out of the bathroom she had changed into her nightie. Actually she was wearing a cute baby-blue teddy. I rushed past her and gathered my night gown, beige mid-calf length nylon gown with spaghetti straps. I closed the door of the bathroom and sat down on the stool and began to sob. Brad was being so unfair. Damn it, I had this great paying job that made our lifestyle possible. He sure couldn’t have the Corvette that he relished so much if he had to pay the freight with his construction pay check. I made three times his income.

I cursed and removed my clothes. I slipped out of my bra and panties and changed into my gown. I was so upset that I had not bothered to do much about my hair. I was doing good to just remove my makeup. I’m usually really fussy about my hair. I consider that to be my most appealing feature. Sure the guys seem to appreciate my 38-D’s. My tits do stand out on their own. Brad tells me that the guys he hangs with tell him how lucky he is to have such a hot chick in his bed. He claims that they envy his getting to fuck a gal with great tits and such a fine ass. He tells me my hot bod makes them get hard when I walk away. Obviously he exaggerates. If I was as hot as all that you would think Brad would want to make love to me. All he did anymore was bitch at me and go out with his man friends. He claims, that is until tonight, that all they do is drink beer and watch sports.

When I left the bathroom Shirley was doing some sort of yoga thing. I pulled back the bedcovers and slid under the sheet. I went from watching the TV to admiring Shirley’s body as she moved through her routine. I thought back to my fuss with Brad and it upset me again. I started to sob.

Shirley noticed and came to the bed. I turned away and moved to the center of the bed. She slipped in beside me and asked what was wrong. I guess I needed to talk to someone. This had been going on for a while and it was eating me up. I rolled over and we were face to face. I sobbed so hard that I wasn’t able to make myself understood.

When she touched me I fell apart and cried like a baby. She pulled me to her and hugged me close. I hugged her back and slowly the sobs quieted. She was telling me that everything would be okay. Little by little I told her about Brad being unreasonable about my job. I told her that Brad hadn’t touched me in weeks. I told her how I felt that he was no longer attracted to me and that I had considered letting some strange guy pick me up. Mostly to assure me that I was attractive enough that someone would want me.

Shirley is a slender gal and has the kind of looks that every woman wishes they had been given. Shirley works at keeping her body in shape and it shows. She has smallish breasts, rock hard abs and the damndest ass you ever laid eyes on. Her legs…Well you get the idea.

At first I hadn’t realized how close our contact was. Unconsciously poker oyna I had been moving my crotch against her. I don’t think I even realized what I was doing until she placed her hand on my ass and pulled me firmly against her. She kissed me on the mouth and it wasn’t a sisterly kiss. It was a passionate and urgent kiss. I responded by opening my mouth and letting her tongue play with mine.

I suddenly realized that my body had started responding. I pulled back and gasped, “What are we doing?”

Shirley responded, “Well, we have always been kind of close and right now touching and especially considering our current discussion about your sex life or lack of it. You rubbing against me has really turned me on.”

Shirley again moved to my lips. I too was turned on and returned her advances with a passion that I had not experienced for a very long time. For weeks my only sexual release had come from my own hands and my trusty vibrator. Our lips met and our hands began to explore each other. Nothing was off limits. I had always thought that I would never find lesbian sex desirable. But when she pulled my gown over my head and lowered her lips to my mound and began to lick my slit…Well I discovered that right then I was all for it. Her mouth encircled my clitoris. She nibbled and licked that wonderful little button.

I responded by pulling her against me and whispering, “Oh yes, that’s so good. I…”

I stopped mid-sentence and simply enjoyed the sensations she was providing me, so forbidden, so amazing.

She responded by moving her lips and tongue with a fervor that took me to new and unexplored heights. I bucked and twisted so much she had a hard time staying in contact. After a few minutes she pulled away and asked me to kiss her. She moved up and we kissed. The tastes and sensations of knowing that my fluid was on her tongue made me shiver with excitement.

Our tongues embraced and her hand went to my slit. She put a finger in and rubbed my clit with her thumb.

I began to push her top up to expose her cute tits. I licked and sucked the hard pointy nipples. She quivered and pushed her chest against my open mouth; urging me to keep it up. I wanted see if mouthing her vagina would be as hot for me as it seemed it was for her when she was licking on my pussy. It was.

I pulled the leg of her panties aside and began to use my tongue in earnest. I worked on her like she had on me. I had never done anything like this before. Sure I had sucked Brad’s cock but this was so very different. Her flavor was sweet and her aroma was erotic. The thrill of it shattered all my inhibitions.

My tongue and lips worked feverously on her velvet nether lips and luscious pussy. I could tell from her moans and thrashing that I was giving her all she needed for a wonderful climax. When she came she grabbed me by the back of my head and pulled me hard against her mound. I continued to work on her clit with all the enthusiasm of an experienced pro.

When her climax waned I moved to kiss her on the mouth. I let her taste her juices that remained on my lips and tongue.

After a few minutes Shirley whispered, “You need an orgasm too. Let’s work on that now.”

So we began to caress and I put two fingers into her and she put two into me. We kissed and hugged as we fingered each other and thrilled our clits. We both reached an orgasm in just minutes.

We made out for another hour or so and finally dropped off to sleep. I had used my hands, lips and tongue on her as she had done for me. As I said, I still rerun that first time experience when I masturbate.

That was the first time but not the last. I’m not a lesbian but getting off with Shirley took me to another level of sexuality. Shirley says that she is bisexual and from the way I have made it with her she thinks that I am bisexual as well.

Chapter 2

When I returned home I found that Brad had been true to his word. He bragged to me that he had indeed found some “strange”. That was the last straw. I moved out and for the time being moved in with Shirley. I guess the activity with Shirley in my mind didn’t count as being unfaithful. She being a warm pussy was somehow different than being with a man. The reality though was probably the same. Unfaithful is unfaithful.

Shirley and I began a frantic lesbian relationship. We managed canlı poker oyna to keep it from our co-workers and simply enjoyed our sexuality on our own time. As satisfying as our sex was I still needed to confirm that I was attractive to men as well as my lovely “girl” friend and lover.

We picked up a couple of guys on the next trip out of town. She was right. I get off making it with her but the guys made some real nice stuff happen.

We didn’t have much trouble finding some action. We simply sat at the hotel bar and waited. Within a few minutes two guys came up and offered to buy us drinks. They looked clean and horny. That’s all we were looking for. We accepted and I suggested that we move to a table. I don’t know if we ever asked their names. If we did I sure don’t remember them now. The affair wasn’t intended to be a relationship; just an experiment. We didn’t need them for sex. Shirley and I do quite well with just the two of us.

Shirley and I sat next to each other. We let the guys figure out who would pair up with whom. Guy number one sat next to Shirley. Guy number two sat next to me. Like I said I don’t remember their names.

After a couple of rounds it became obvious that neither of them had the balls to ask for a piece of ass. Shirley on the other hand is not at all bashful.

She turned to Guy 1 and put her hand on his leg and said softly, “Why don’t we go to my room and fuck?”

She continued to rub his leg and turned to Guy 2 and me and offered, “As a matter of fact why don’t the four of us go upstairs and fuck till your balls fall off.”

The look of shock on their faces was priceless. They looked at each other with their mouths open. Neither of them made a move or made a sound. I pushed back my chair, stood up and brushed my tit against Guy 2’s shoulder and breathed in his ear.

I said, “Come upstairs and let’s see what you’ve got.”

Shirley laughed and stood up. She took Guy 1 by the hand and pushed it under her skirt. She rubbed herself and moaned with her eyes closed.

She whispered, “Oh yes let’s see what you’ve got big guy.”

He jumped out of his chair and the tent in his trousers indicated that he just might have something to look forward to.

We took them to our room and as soon as we closed the door they suddenly found their nerve. They had their hands all over us. Shirley pushed Guy 1 away and told him to sit on the bed and start taking off his clothes. She turned to Guy 2 and instructed him to do the same. They obeyed like well trained puppies.

We stood together and watched as they struggled out of their shoes and socks. The shirts came off pretty easily. The slacks were another matter. They seemed to be embarrassed. They kept looking from Shirley and me to each other. I offered assistance by telling them what to do and when.

“Unbuckle your belts.”

“Unfasten the button or snap or whatever at the top of your trousers.”

“Unzip your fly”

“Now pull your trousers off and lay them on the floor.”

“Stand up and remove your under pants. We want to see your cocks.”

“Very good you both qualify for a piece of ass.”

“Now sit down and watch while we show you our stuff.”

Again they obeyed like two well trained, and from the erections they were sporting, horny puppies.

Shirley started the show. She pressed against me and kissed me hard. I got into it and began to unzip her dress. She had her hands on my butt and was rubbing it feverously. I couldn’t help but wiggle my hips. Off came her dress and then her bra. I dropped to my knees and pulled down her panties. She stepped out of them and I tossed them aside. I put a finger in her opening and bent forward to replace my finger with my tongue. Shirley was watching them watching me doing her. She pulled me against her mound. I could hear her whimpering as I sucked on her hot little button.

I guess she didn’t want to climax because she pushed me away and said, “Now you do your erotic strip show for these lovely gentlemen. Make it good.”

I stood up and began to do slow bumps and grinds, I had taken some belly dancing lessons a few years back so I threw some of the more sensuous moves into my routine. I reached back and ran down the zipper of my dress; all the while moving to an unheard rhythm. I pulled the dress slowly off my shoulders and down internet casino my front. I bent forward to display my ample cleavage to the guys. I dropped the dress in front of them and kicked off my shoes.

I continued to undulate and began to make bumps in their faces. I backed up and unclasped my bra. Like with the dress I slowly brought the straps off my shoulders and held the cups in my hands. Slowly I lowered the cups exposing my tits little by little. Both guys were staring and stroking the cocks. Suddenly I winked and threw the bra across the room. I put my exposed 38-D’s in their face. Their eyes got big and they stroked their cocks with more enthusiasm.

I turned my back to them. I hooked my thumbs in the elastic top of my panties and began to lower them. I bent forward as they cleared my butt. I continued to expose my backside. When I stepped out of them I turned to them and spread my legs. I pushed my middle finger into my, by now, very wet slit. I licked my lips as I stimulated my pussy.

Both of them lost it and began to shoot their cum. They looked from me to Shirley and then to each other. Shirley went to the bathroom and retrieved a towel. She dropped to her knees in front of them and wiped their softening cocks.

She turned back to me and stated, “Well sweetheart you did too good of a job. It looks like we have our work cut out for us if we want to get laid tonight.”

I took the hint and went to Guy 2 and took him in my mouth. I had gotten so aroused during my routine that I was hell bent for election. I worked him over with urgency like I had never before with anyone. He was holding my tits and squeezing them hard. I knew he was getting all he wanted and more. It took a lot of mouth work but he got hard and when I pulled off he begged me to finish.

“Not until I get your cock in my pussy and you get me off.”

I stood up and crawled onto the bed, lay on my back, spread my legs and said, “Okay big guy let’s make use of that hard dick.”

Shirley was already on the other side of the bed and her Guy 1 was humping her hard and fast. She was making all the right sounds for a gal that was getting it put to her good.

Guy 2 was in me before I finished my demand. I was getting all I needed and was fast approaching my orgasm. Shirley was at her peak and you could have heard her scream from the hotel lobby. When mine arrived I think I may have matched her volume.

Both guys seemed to be satisfied as evidenced by their groans and grunts. Afterward we relaxed and rewarded the guys with a lot of caressing. We finally got around to kissing. We fooled around for ten minutes or so and decided to order room service.

Chapter 3

We switched partners and tried to see if we could go another round before room service arrived with the booze. We didn’t get them up so we had to wait until later. Shirley as I mentioned is not bashful. She answered the knock on the door with only her smile and a twenty dollar bill. She tipped the waiter with the twenty but I think that he appreciated her displaying her gorgeous body more that the money.

We relaxed and had a couple of drinks; then Shirley and I fucked them both on the same bed at the same time again. We made a competition of it. Shirley won. She had two orgasms. I just made it over the top once. Well, I got another after the guys left and Shirley said she wanted to even the score.

Well that was what amounted to our evil experiment. It determined that we are both Bi and I am sexy enough to attract a man. (Or a woman it appears.) Seems like we are going to have an abundance of sensual experiences as we travel this wonderful country.

Damn but I miss Brad. When he wasn’t being a prick he was good in bed. While I think that having sex with a guy is a tiny bit better than sex with a gal Shirley can really get me off. So for now at least I am getting all I can handle with Shirley. Business trips have never been more fun.

Our desire for adventure has few bounds. We continue to be on the lookout for new encounters and situations for further sexual adventures. We have been discussing the idea of talking the boss into letting us take the new intern with us on the next trip. She’s cute and I’ve got a feeling she’s not as innocent as she puts on. Shirley says she wets herself when the cute little thing wiggles her ass when she walks past her cubicle. It might be amusing trying to get her involved in our shenanigans.

That might make for an interesting story. It does make for a hot fantasy during my alone times. Like right now.

OH DAMN! I’m coming NOW!!!!!