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play timeWatching the neighbors dog”Nicole!” My mom hollered up the stairs”What””Jake called. He wants to know if you can watch Booth tonight.”Jake was our next door neighbor and booth was his Doberman.Pausing the movie I was watching. I run downstairs turning the corner to see mom holding the phone, her hand impatiently on her hip.”Well?” She asks rolling her eyes”What time?” I grumble trying to hide my excitement.When I was 14 Jake ,who was 18 at the time,moved into the empty house next door. Coming home from school. I had tripped on the uneven concrete, cursing under my breath. I start pushing my self up when a shirtless Jake comes around the corner.Grabbing me under my arms he hauls my embarrassed ass up, asking me if I’m hurt,if he needs to call an ambulance. Blushing like crazy I say I’m fine and practically ran in my front door. Running upstairs ignoring my mom asking how my day was. I stripped out of my school cloths noticing the wetness in my panties. To say I formed a crush was an a understatement. Three years later and nothing’s changed.”Hello earth to Nicole. Did you hear me?””W..what”I stamper embarrassed of where my thoughts were leadingHuffing she repeats that he wants me to come over around 8. I tell her ill be there and head back up stairs.What am I going to wear? Ok ok calm down Nicole first things first I need a shower.Heading to the bathroom attached to my room I turn the shower on. Stripping out of my clothes. My mind wonders to Jake.u*********sly my hands wonder to my D sized breasts.Pretending its Jake playing with my nipples, I moan softly pulling on the elongated nipples. I drop one hand to my bald pussy. Rubbing the swollen lips lightly . I bite my lip to keep from moaning loudly. Pushing my middle finger in I find my clit rubbing furiously.”Nicole! Hurry up its 7:40.”My mom yells threw the door”Ok” I yell my voice shaky.I quickly shave and wash my hair.Jumping out of the shower I grab a towel and half ass dry off .wrapping it around me I walk over to my dresser pulling out a black bra with a small red bow in the middle. Finding the matching boy short panties and pull them on. Opening another drawer I grab a black skirt that stops a little under mid thigh and a off the shoulder Metallica shirt.Deeming my self dressed I pull on some flip flops and run downstairs.”Jesus Nicole, run a brush threw that rats nest”Giving my mom the evil eye I grab the hair brush from the downstairs bathroom and yank it threw my mid back length black hair. I look in the mirror making eye contact with my blue eyed reflection. Leaving the bathroom I walk to the front door when my moms head comes around the corner.”Almost forgot Jake said you might want to pack some PJ’s he won’t be back till early tomorrow.Staring at my mom with my mouth open”You decide to inform me now?”She smiles and shrugs”Better late than never right?”I grumble and stomp up the stepsPulling a random top and bottom out of my drawer I shove them in a bag.Yelling by to my mom as I pull the front door shut.I run across the a joined lawns and knock on the door.After a beat the door opens and Jake grins down at me as I practically stop breathing.Running a hand threw his tousled brown hair.He opens the door wider indicating for me to enter.I brush past, blushing when my breast skim across his arm.Sneaking a glance at him I see his beautiful sky blue eyes looking anywhere but at me.I see booth standing in front of me with that look in his eyes. Ohh no I think right as he barks and lunges at me.knocking me down before licking my face repeatedly.I giggle and try shoving him off me. After struggling a bit I get him to back up.Im sitting on the floor propped on my elbows.I look up at Jake and see his eyes trained down to where I’m sitting glancing down I see my legs slightly spread with my skirt hiked up all most to my private areaGasping I snap my legs shut as my cheeks heat up.I hear Jake clear his throat. I glance up about to say something. When my eyes stop below his waist where I see a very clear outline of his hard cock.I snap my eyes up to his face where he’s looking at me almost hungry like. If possible my face heated up more before I look at the floor. Deciding its time to get up.I keep from looking at Jake, after a minute or so of complete awkwardness he clears his throat and walks to Booth.”So…um I need to get going. Did your mom tell you what was going on” “N…not really” I stutter out”I’ll be back around 4 tomorrow morning so you can sleep in the guest room upstairs. Your welcome to anything in the fridge”I nod my head and walk towards Booth only to fall over a squeaker ball and slam in to Jake. Both of us falling to the floor. Jake is laying on his back me straddling his hips. His hands on my hips, our faces an inch apart. My face bright red I try getting up. Booth on the other hand has different ideas apparently he thinks its play time.Plopping down on my back he starts licking my exposed shoulder. I try pushing him off not noticing how much I’m moving until Jake moans below. The blood drains from my face as I feel something hard twitching on my pantie clad private. I push up on Booth to get him off only for Jake to grab my hips harder effectively stopping my movement.Jake bucks his hips up, slamming his jean covered penis On my most sensitive place. I moan lowly which breaks Jake from his dream like state he staring up at me shell shocked.”I…I. I’m sorry ” I struggle to say”’s fine”He calls Booth and tells him to go lay down. Booth jumps off and trots over to his doggy bed. I didn’t think I could move so fast. When I shot up fixing my skirt and shirt. Jake lays there a beat longer looking confused before he also gets up and practically runs out the front door saying he will see me later.As the front door slams shut. Every thing that happened hits me like a slap to the as I stand there shocked. Fuck it. I’m getting drunk. I plop on the couch drinking what ever i could find in Jakes supply. Booth jumps on the couch next to me resting his head on my thigh. I pet his head and turn on the tv .After the movie I’m watching finishes I check the time 11:37. Stumbling up stairs I call Booth after me.Opening the first door I see I go in closing the door after Booth.Taking my shoes off I lay on the bed turning the tv on. Booth jumps on the bed next to me and falls asleep I follow shortly after.———————————————————–I wake up with a groan trying to figure out what woke me up. I gasp as a big hot tongue licks my panty covered mound. Shooting up I look down to see Booth in between my spread open legs face under my skirt.Again he licks I threw my head back with a moan.He licks the edge of my panties his tongue brushing lightly over my bald private.My arms collapse under me as I moan loudly.In a split second idea. I rip my panties off and throw them on the floor. I spread my legs wide panting in anticipation.Finally Booth does it again and I scream out. Closing my eyes tight I grab my breast threw my shirt needing them as Booth licks me harder and faster. I feel a building in the bottom of my stomach. Building higher and higher as Booth laps away. One final lick sends me over. I scream loudly and start thrashing uncontrollably as Booth continues.In my blissful state I don’t hear the sound of feet pounding up stairs. I’m laying there moaning and panting as the bedroom door bangs open reviling Jake holding a bat. The bat clatters to the floor making me jump and whip my head to look at the door. Jake is standing there mouth wide open staring at me. Booth licks me again and I gasp loudly. I jump back away from Booth slamming my thighs shut as i stare up at Jake like a dear caught in headlights.Minutes past as we just stare at each other.Booth walks over to the open door before stretching and running downstairs.”I….I I” I don’t know what to say.I look down at Jakes waist and see his boner threw his jeans. I bite lip and look back up to Jakes face. The look on his face makes me gasp. Before he pretty much lunges at me flattening me to the bed as he lays on top of me I gasp again. He takes that moment to shove his tongue in my mouth kissing me forcefully I lay there eyes open frozen.i snap out of it as his hand grabs the hem of my shirt and pulls it over my head. I moan as his hand grabs my breast. Kissing him back I tangle my fingers in his hair pulling him closer. He pulls me up slightly and unhooks my bra throwing it over his shoulder. He gets up and pulls his shirt over his head and lowers his pants kicking them off. Before climbing back on top of me he pecks me on the lips before he lowers down and grabs my breast.”Nicole god you are so beautiful, everything about you is perfection.” Jake moans out his voice showing his obvious lust. I just moan in reply as he puts my nipple in his mouth.Sucking and twirling his tongue around my hardened peak.Pushing him off me. He looks at me confused until I grab the waist band of his boxers. Pushing them down as his large hard cock springs up. Looking up at him threw my lashes I moan slightly. And lower my head and lick his engorged member. He gasps and shoves my shoulders back. Pushing me flat on the bed he rips my skirt down my legs leaving me naked and exposed. Pausing he takes in The sight of my fully naked body.He starts mumbling at how beautiful I am before he parts my thighs. He starts rubbing his cock head up and down my soaking wet lips. I moan loudly he pushes the head in my tight hole and I gasp painfully. He leans over me and kisses my lips.”Nicole are your virgin?”I nod my head not trusting my voice “Ok sweetheart it’s going to hurt at first but it’s ok it’ll fade and feel better after ok?”I nod my head again. Pulling his hips back so his cock head is barely touching me. He leans down and whispers in my ear” I love you Nicole. I always have”I gasp hearing this. He jerks his hips forward forcing half of his cock into my tight hole. Ripping threw my virginity I gasp as tears spring to my eyes.”Shhhhh angel it’s ok”Jake kisses me on my lips, my nose, my cheeks.”I…I’m ready Jake”Nodding he pushes the rest of his cock in.He starts pumping slowly but building to a rapid pace fucking me furiously. I moan loudly staring up at Jake.He leans down and kisses me, he bites my lip pulling softly. I moan as I feel that building sensation in my stomach. “Faster Jake Faster ohhhhh god I’m soo close”Jake pumps me faster, and faster until finally the damn can’t hold the canlı bahis flood back any more and I cum.Screaming and moan I continue to thrash under Jakes still pumping form. I barely even hear Jake say he’s cumming before I feel a flush Of hot liquid squirt deep into my throbbing core.Jake kisses me again and rolls off me pulling me onto his chest.He runs his hand up and down my spine causing me to shudder. Fighting to go to stay awake I yawn.Jake chuckles before telling me to go to sleep. Snuggling deeper into his hard muscled chest I close my eyes. I’m half a sleep when Jake kisses my for head”Goodnight my sweet Nicole”————————————————————Beep!Beep! Beep!”Stupid fucking alarm clock”Opening my eyes I freeze. Where am I? I bolt up hearing a grumble below me I gasp as the worst possible things come to mind.”Stop moving” a voice heavy with sleep saysI’m laying there shocked as an arm reaches out and wraps around my waist. Screaming loudly I start swinging”Oww what the fuck”Somebody grabs my wrist. I continue screaming “Get the fuck off me you k**napping r****t” “Nicole stop!” I peak my eyes open to see a very confused Jake staring at me. Everything from last night comes back to me.the blood drains from my face. Jumping off the bed I throw the bedroom door open and run down the stairs.”Nicole stop!”Slipping at the bottom of the stairs I land hard. I just lie there bringing my knees to my chest I cry. Jakes footsteps come bounding down the stairs stopping a step above me. He try’s wrapping his arms around me, but I push him off. Bringing my knees closer to my chest I try coving up my nudity. Jake puts his arm over my shoulder. Suddenly furious I shove him off. Standing up I use one arm slung across my chest the other covering my no longer virgin mound. “Don’t fucking touch me you.. You c***d m*****er.” The moment the words leave my mouth I knew I fucked up. The concerned look on his face vanishes replaced but complete fury.” what the fuck did you just call me” He grits threw his teeth. He looks up at me and I gulp before sprinting to the kitchen. For what? Really I have no clue.”What are you gonna do Nicole stab me” he sneers.I must admit the thought kinda of crossed my mind.He walks slowly and calmly into the kitchen. I back up until my bare ass touches the counter. “It appears you have no where else to go kitten” he says grinning. His eyes rake up my almost completely uncovered body. Only my arms protecting me. Striding towards me slowly. My heart hate quickens. Standing only an inch from me he leans forward hands on either side of me atop the counter. He leans down more his forehead touching mine. Staring into his eyes I don’t notice his hands reaching down until they grab my ass pulling me up onto the counter top. Leaning down he kisses up my jaw line down my neck stoping at the base to bite gently. A small moan slips past my lips. He grins before proceeding down to the swell of my breast. Looking up at me threw his thick lashes he grins wickedly. I barely have time to process the look before he’s already pulling my arms away pinning them behind my back with one hand. I struggle to pull my hands away whimpering slightly. With his other hand he wags his pointer in front of me.”Tsk tsk, you shouldn’t hide yourself from me” he says lustfully. With his free hand grabs my left breast, thumping the nipple. He leans forward sucking the other into his mouth. I groan my eyes fluttering closed.My eyes shoot open as I feel something hard rubbing against my exposed slit. Looking down I see the head of his hard cock pop between my lips before rubbing up and down the length. I moan as his cock rhythmically rubs my clit on the up strokes. He pulls away from my breast his lustful gaze finding my equally as lustful one. Jerking his hips forward slightly, his cock head pops inside my dripping hole. I moan throwing my head back against the cabinet. Jerking forward again he shoves half his length inside,grunt as he does so. Slowly pulling out I think he’s finished. I look up at him confused before I see the grin on his face as he shoves his hole 9in or so cock in me. I groan loudly before leaning forward resting my head on his shoulder. I shudder as he pulls back slowly before moaning loudly as he slams back in. Repeating the process, it’s not long before I’m moaning loudly thrusting my hips forward to me his. I scream out as my climax hits me leaning onto Jakes chest as I bite his shoulder. He groans loudly as he shoots his seed into my clenching hole. Panting I pull my hands from his loosened grasp. He looks up surprised as I pull his face to mine. Kissing his lips roughly my arms wrapping around his neck. Pulling back he smiles shyly at me.” I’m sorry I have no idea where that came from”” no need to apologize”There’s an awkward moment that paces between us.”Err and umh I’m sorry I called you a c***d m*****er. Obviously your not. And I was more than willing anyway.”Glancing over his shoulder I see the time on the stove.My eyes widen as I realize its past 3 in the afternoon.”Shit shit shit” I push Jake back and jump off the counter.”What? What’s wrong Nicky?””My mom is going to be pissed I’m not back yet.”Jake grins and sits in a chair. I huff and run up stairs finding my clothes and pulling them on quickly I run back downstairs into the kitchen. Jake digging threw his wallet before he pulls out two one hundred Dollar bills sitting them on the table. Seeing me standing at the entrance he smiles picks up the bills and walks up to me. I look from him to the bills confused. He grabs my chin pulling his lips to mine as he shoves the bills in pocket. I pull back from him upset.”Why are you paying me I’m not a fucking prostitute” I say angrily He smiles before shaking his head”Calm down babe I’m not paying because we had sex. I’m paying you because you watched Booth”” I think you over payed me by a lot”” Ok guilty, I want to take care of you. Why don’t you. Go by a phone so we can talk?.” he says with a shrug.” I already have a phone.””Yeah but this way your mom won’t see the messages”I gotta say the idea of texting with him is appealing.I smile and nod my head. Jake walks over to a drawer and grabs out a pen and notepad. Grabbing the cap of the pen with his mouth he pulls it off holding to lid between his teeth as he scribbles something on the pad. Recapping the pen and ripping the paper off he walks over to me handing the paper over. Glancing down I see its a number. I smile widely and look up at him. “Thank you.” I say smiling glancing to the stove I see the time again.”But I really have to go now” turning around I shove the number in my pocket. I open the front door stepping out when I hand grabs my wrist jerking me back I let out a yelp as fall into Jakes bare chest. Twisting me around he crashes his lips to mine bringing a moan from my chest. He pushes me up against the door closing it in the process.wrapping my arms around his neck I pull him closer. His hand trails down my side.over my hip stopping at my thigh grabbing the soft flesh he pulls it up hooking it over his naked hip. I groan when I feel his rising cock pressed against my panty covered kitten. Snaking his hand between my thighs he rubs gently up and down my slit. I moan into his mouth bucking my hips towards his hand. Unwrapping one hand from his neck I reach down grabbing his hard cock. He groans as I rub my thumb in his pre-cum before massaging the mushroom shaped head. Moving my panty seat to the side he rubs my bare pussy as I gasp and moan. Pulling him closer by his dick I line it up my with my soaked pussy. We both freeze as there’s a loud neck on the door my back is resting against.”Nicole open the door. Is Jake not home yet?. Nicole!”I gasp and my eyes widen realizing its my mother on the other side of the door. I grab Jakes shoulders and start pushing him back. His eyes flick to mine. There’s a sinister glint in them.Ohh no I know that lookJakes hand closes over my mouth before I can speak.I gasp and cry out as he slams half his cock into me. My eyes widen more as his plan forms before my eyes.This kinky bastard is going to fuck me with my mom on the other side of the door. I shake my head no but he just grins and pulls out some then shoves back in. My ass slams back against the door making it shake.”Booth?” My mom yells threw the door.It’s silent except for the sound of mine and Jakes grunts and moans. I guess my mom left? “IM SO ADDICTED TO, ALL THEM THINGS YOU DO. WHEN YOU GOING DOWN ON ME, IN-BETWEEN THE SHEETS”I still as my phone rings in my pocket. Knowing its my mom I have to answer. If I don’t she’ll take it. Giving Jake a pleading look I pull it out of my pocket answering.”H..hello” I stutter out of breath.”Honey, you ok? And where are you I’ve been knocking on Jakes door.” I stifle a groan as Jake plows into me harder grunting into my ear.”I’m fine m…mmom” I glare at Jake. as I squeal when he leans down and bites my nipple softly.”Nicole what the hell was that” my mom says irritated.” I gotta go mom Booth wants me to play with him call you in a bit bye.” I quickly hang up. Jakes grinning from ear to ear. ” that’s not funny what would you do if she said I had to leave now and never come back.” This causes Jake to still as he purses his lips.”Well obviously you’d have to sneak out.” He says with a smirk as he starts thrusting again faster than before.”Ohh Jake….uhh….f..ffaster baby I’m sooo close!” I scream out as the building inside becomes almost unbearable. Jake speeds up going so fast and hard I can feel his balls slapping between my holes. With one final grunt Jake empties himself in me. His seed squirting in me is my undoing as I cum screaming and thrashing. Jake pulls me to the floor him sitting with me straddling his hips. Still impaled on his softening cock. Our foreheads touching we stare into each others eyes. Panting loudly sharing the same air. Moments pass before I smile at Jake and stand up pulling him with me. I let out a giggle as I feel my over full womb leaking down my leg.”Now how am I going to get past my mother? Hmmm?”He grins before running up stairs motioning for me to stay there. I’m stand there confused when comes down stairs with a mischievous look and something behind his back. Walking up to me he opens his mouth and starts sucking on a pink tube about an inch thick. I cock my head to the side confused as he drops to his knees. Grabbing my knee he throws it over his shoulder. bahis siteleri Making me squeal as I grab his other shoulder quickly. Chuckling to himself. He rubs the tube up and down my slit making me groan, before he pushes it in. I moan, he laughs and stands up fixing my panty seat on the way. “Are you going to leave that in there” I say surprisedHe leans foreword and whispers in my ear ” yup” he says popping the P”B…but….”””When you get home pull it out and take a shower” he says obviously proud of his plan. I roll my eyes, peck him on the lips. And open the door running across the grass to our lawn gasping as i feel the tube moving inside me. Taking a deep steadying breath I open the door.”WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!”My mom screams making me jump.”Hey mom” I say causally “Don’t you give me that shit young lady. Where the fuck were you? I knocked on Jakes door and nobody fucking answered.”” I took Booth to Codorus State park” “And how the hell did you get there hmm?””Well Jake came back around 8 this morning. He was super tired so asked if I could take Booth for a bit so he could catch up on some sleep. So he drove us there.”Starting to panic as Ifeel Jakes cum leak from my soiled hole. Please let her believe me. Please let her believe me I repeat over and over. mom glares for a moment longer before nodding her head slightly. I let out a the breath I didn’t even realize I was holding.”Well I’m gonna go take a shower” I say running up the steps. Running in my room. I rip my clothes off as I jump in the shower. Adjusting the water I prop one leg on the edge of the tub. Reaching down I pull out the pick tube. My eyes widening in amazement as cum erupts from my hole. Running down my thighs in thick streams. I giggle before I start washing my hair. After rinsing I look down to see the stream has stopped. Washing it off then the rest of me I step out of the shower. Drying off with my fluffy teal towel. Throwing on some random Pjs I jump in bed.Letting my mind wonder until I fall asleep———————————————————–“Nicole wake up lazy girl, Amanda’s here.”Groaning I roll over and am almost asleep when someone plops down on the bed jolting me awake.” hey bitch, wake up.” I groan again and kick her off. She hits the ground with a thump and curses loudly. I grin to my self. Before the covers are ripped off me. I jolt up be for a freeze with a gasp as a spasm of pain shoots up my core.Forgetting she’s there I gingerly get up walking to my full length mirror dropping my shorts and panties. I see my slightly bruised red lips. ” NICOLE WHAT THE FUCK!!”I whip around wide eyes staring at my blonde haired green eyes best friend who’s equally as wide eyed. She opens her mouth to scream something as. But I run over to her covering her mouth.”Shhh Amanda please.”I remove my hand limping slightly over to my bed I sit. Amanda comes over demanding what the fuck happened.”I lost my virginity.” I mutter. She gasps”What. When?””Last night””With?” She demands “Jake” I say barely above a whisper”You meant nerdy Blake from science?””No I mean Jake as in err my umh neighbor”SilenceI glance up at her. Her mouth gaping open. Eyes wide. I nudge her shoulder snapping her out of it. She closes her mouth before turning to look at me a smile on her lips.”You hoe how did you get him to do that?”So I told her every thing and I mean everything.”Wow that is crazy”I nod my head in agreement.”Well let’s go obviously you need to get the cellphone”I grin and get dressed deciding on so short frayed acid wash shorts and a oversized t-shirt with my favorite black Chuck Taylor’s. picking up my skirt from yesterday I fish the number and money from the pocket putting it in my shorts pocket before going downstairs.When we step outside Amanda grabs my arm stopping me.”Why don’t you ask Jake to give us a ride?” She ask wiggling her eyebrows. Her tone is pretty much a dare so instead of backing down I do just that. Grinning I start walking to his front door. Leaving Amanda behind me gaping. As I knock on the door Amanda comes running over stopping at the bottom of the steps. I grin as the door opens to show a very sexy Jake. With His just fucked hair no shirt and a pair of loose black shorts. Smirking at me he raises an eyebrow daring me to say something. Feeling risky I arch an eyebrow.”Do you always open the door like that or were you expecting someone” He grins and shrugs before glancing back to Amanda. I expected his gaze to remain on her seeing how she’s perfect. With her full round 38 DD and her round hips she has an amazing hourglass figure.but instead he glances at her for less than a second before his eyes rake up my body meeting my eyes.”And what do I owe the honor of seeing you?”” well I was wondering if you could give us a ride to the mall. I need to buy a new phone after all.” I say shyly.He grins before nodding his head. He whistles calling Booth. Booth bounds out the front door stoping to lick me before he runs to Amanda who shrieks and run.”Don’t run Amanda just sit down he’s a good dog” I yell out” hey Amanda can you watch Booth for a minute I need to put some clothes on.” Jake yells before turning to me.”Could you get his leash?” Jake asks sweetly stepping out of the doorway signaling for me to come in. Rolling my eyes I walk in going to the kitchen where Booths leash hangs up. Reaching up for it I feel strong arms wrap around my waist pulling me backwards into an even harder chest. I sigh happily as Jake kisses up my collar bone. Tilting my head I give him better access. Before spinning around bring my lips to his. “Nicole I think he likes me.” Jake pulls back as Amanda enters the room staring wide eyed. Looking back and forth between us obviously she saw what happened.”You weren’t lying””Nope” I say grinning.She closes her mouth grins at me and turns around leaving the room saying”I’ll give you guys a minute.”Once her form is gone Jakes pressed against me grabbing my jaw he forces it up so my eyes meet his.”You told her” he says slightly hurt”No..well kind of but it wasn’t my fault she saw my …erm private.” He looks at me confused. I roll my eyes and push him back before dropping my shorts and panties to the floor. Jumping on the table I spread my legs so he can see my swollen and battered mound. Looking up at him he looks horrified.”I…. I did that to you.” I nod slightly before reaching foreword grabbing his hand pulling him to me. He still looks mortified. I kiss him gently on the lips before smiling and whispering sexy things in his ear. I smile when I feel something poking my core. Stealthily i reach down pushing his shorts down until gravity takes over and they hit the floor. Seeing he’s not wearing any underwear. Bringing his cock head up to my lower lips I moan in pain when it parts them. Jake notices and pulls back instantly. I pout and try pulling him close again. He just gives me a little smile shaking his head no.I full on frown as he pulls his shorts back up, throwing me mine. He walks up stairs coming back a moment later pulling a shirt over his head. Seeing me still sitting on the table my legs spread and nothing on my lower half. He frowns and walks up to me grabbing my clothes from my hands. Kissing my head gently.”I’m sorry kitten” he whispers before he bends down putting my panties then shorts around my ankles. He grabs my hands pulling me off the table then pulls them up gently. “What’s wrong with you Jake you won’t even look at me?” Tears come to my eyes.”No baby please don’t cry. I..I just don’t want to hurt you.””Yesterday you didn’t give a shit as you just fucked me when ever you felt like it.” I snapHe looks up at me sheepishly.” I’m sorry I got a little carried away yesterday. I didn’t even think about how your….. Kitty would feel.””Yeah I know you didn’t think as you pounded away like a jackhammer. But that doesn’t make it your fault it’s not like a told you no. Trust me I was more than willing.” I step foreword and wrap my arms around his neck tiptoeing to reach his lips. He kisses back barely touching me. I growl and step back stomp my foot like a four year old having a tantrum. I turn in my heel storming out of the kitchen. Jake sighs behind me before following out the front door. Amanda’s laying on the grass with Booths head on her stomach rubbing a hand down his back.”Come on Amanda it’s time to go.”She glances up at me about to reply before she sees my obvious pissed off expression. Walking to Jakes Ford F250 I pull the handle and settle in the passenger seat. Jake says something to Amanda she nods and walks over to my House taking Booth with her. Jake opens the door and climbs in glancing warily at me.”Where are Amanda and Booth going?””To your house to tell your mom then there staying at my place till we get back.””And where the fuck are we going” I snap not wanting to be alone with him.”Nicole stop your being unfair” he states starting the car and driving off. I stare out the window ignoring Jakes attempts to start a conversation. It’s silent for a steady 45 minutes before Jake try’s talking to me again.”Nicole.”Ignore”Nicole.” He says more agitatedIgnore.”Nicole.” He says warningly Ha ignore.Suddenly he jerks the wheel to the left cutting off a huge 18 wheeler before pulling over to the shoulder.”What the fu..” The sentence dies down in my throat when I see his face.He is PISSED.Good.So am I.I look up at him glaring. His hands are gripping the wheel knuckles turning white.”Nicole.” He says threw gritted teeth.Ignore.He moves suddenly pulling up the arm wrest between us as he moves to the middle seat. Grabbing me and pulling me on his lap my legs straddling his . I yelp when his hands grab around my shoulders pulling my face to his. I struggle to lean back but his grip only tightens. He’s breathing hard threw flared nostrils. “Nicole.” He says barely above a whisper as he fights not to yell at me. I snap my eyes up to his seeing them blazing as he stares into mine. Suddenly scared I push on his chest trying to get off of him. His hand snakes up the back of my neck pulling my face to his. Smashing his lips to mine he kisses me roughly. Not sweet and tenderly like earlier but rough and forcefully . I smack my hands on his chest. He growls and bites my lower lip I gasp in pain. Not missing out on the opportunity he shoves his tongue down my throat. I whimper as his hand goes up under my shirt pulling down the cup so my breast is free. Roughly he grabs my nipple rolling canlı bahis it between his thumb and forefinger. I groan in pain and pleasure. I push at his chest again but he just wraps his arms around me as he moves us to the back seat. I groan and push at his arms as he rips my shirt over my head. He smashes his lips back to mine. Reaching under me he snaps my bra off. I start bucking my hips trying to get him off. “Stop struggling Nicole.”Tears spring to my eyes as I choke back a sob.He leans back staring into my eyes. He looks so unhappy.Leaning down he puts his head on my shoulder”I’m sorry Nicole, I’m trying to give you what you want. I don’t want you to be mad at me.”My lip quivers as I wrap my hands around his neck.I’ve done this to him. I’ve took this strong confident man and practically forced him to hate himself. Leaning off my shoulder he looks determined as he leans back on his knees. I go to sit up only for him to push me back down as he pulls my shorts off.”Jake what are you doing.” I ask my voice shaky.His eyes flick up to mine before he hooks his thumbs in my panties pulling them down my thighs. I stare at him wide eyed slamming my thighs closed as my hands cover my breast. I am practically naked in the back seat of his truck. On the side of the highway.I glance out the window before looking back at him. He’s staring down at my naked body.”Don’t hide from me Nicole.” He says as he reaches down and grabs my arms pulling them over my head. Moving his leg between my knees he pries them open. I gasp his jean covered thigh brushes my exposed center. Suddenly his head snaps to the right looking out the window before muttering shit. I go to look out the window but he pushes me back down telling me to stay low. It’s then I hear a car door shut. He pulls a jacket from under his seat tossing it over me before climbing to the front and getting out of the car. I sit there in silence the only sound is my Heart hammering in my chest. Who’s out there? Is it the police? Did somebody see us. I hear feet crunching on the gravel walking to the truck. I pull my feet under me grabbing the jacket pulling it higher up on me desperately trying to vanish under it. I hear Jake talking to someone. A man he’s talking to a man. I hear Jake laugh before one pair a feet walk to the drivers side. I suck in a startled breath as someone’s sits in the drivers seat. I don’t even dare to move to scared to do anything.”Haha thanks man. See you around.” I sigh in relief hearing its just Jake. The truck rumbles to life and we pull off. Suddenly the jackets ripped off me. A started shriek rips up my throat as my naked body is exposed. My nipples growing hard as the cold AC touches them.”Sorry kitten I’m cold.” Jake says chuckling.I snatch the jacket back from him shoving my arms in it.”Asshole..” I mutter under my breath. Looking around the back seat I find my panties and shorts, pulling them on before grabbing my bra and snapping it in place. I take Jakes jacket off so I can pull my shirt on.I climb back into the front passenger seat.”So who was that?””Some guy was offering to help me. He thought there was something wrong with my truck”” ohh ok”Jake glances over at me before grabbing my arm tugging me next to him. Which I happily comply with. I snuggle into Jakes side as we drive back towards the direction of home. ———————————————————– We get to his house around 10:00 pm.I had already called my mother to tell her I was watching Booth again tonight. Pulling into the drive he shuts his truck off before looking around to make sure No ones watching before telling me its safe to go.Jumping out of the truck I run around to the back door of the house Jake behind me as we quietly walk in the back. The TVs on in the living room and I hear gentle snoring. Glancing around the corner I see Amanda sleeping on the couch with Booth next to her. I grin and grab jakes hand pulling him upstairs. He grins back and pats me on the ass.Tiptoeing up the stairs I go in Jakes room as he goes to the bathroom. Walking I leave the door open invitingly, before stripping pulling my shirt over my head. I grin as I walk over to jakes closet opening the slatted door before stepping inside closing it behind me. I moment latter I hear the toilet flush, then Jake walks in the room he stops suddenly when he sees I’m not there. I giggle before slapping a hand over my mouth. Oops His head snaps up as he looks at the door grinning I back into the corner. Threw the slats I see him approach the door pulling it open. Closing it behind him. I can’t see him anymore. I jump when a hand reaches out circling my waist.”Shhh angel it’s only me” Jake whispers into the crook of my neck. Jake freezes for a moment before whispering in my ear.”Did you hear that””No.” I say confused”Hear what?””Someone’s coming up stairs”Sure enough a second later Amanda enters the room switching the light on in the process. I go to walk out of the closet when jake grabs my arm telling me to look.Looking threw the slats I see Amanda taking her clothes off. I stand there shocked and confused I mean seriously what the fuck is she doing?”Booth!” She yells I moment later Booth walks in the door his tongue sticking out as he barks. My eyes widen as Amanda lays on Jakes bed naked as the day she was born. She’s spreads her legs wide unknowingly showing us her hairless vagina. She pats the bed for Booth to jump up he does and almost instantly smells her sex. I watch shocked as he sticks his long tongue out swiping it over her exposed opening. She moans loudly bucking her hips whispering something about being a good boy. I nearly scream out loud when I feel something hard press into my lower back. Before remembering Jake standing behind me. Circling his arms around me he jerks his hips forward bumping his hard shaft into me again.”This is making me soo hard” he whispers in my ear. He snakes a hand down to my shorts pushing them down and off. Amanda moans loudly as Booth shoves his tongue into her hole.”Ohh god that feels so good” she moans out.Jakes thumbs hook into the waistband of my panties showing them down to follow my shorts. Leaving me in nothing but my bra. I moan quietly as his hand finds my soaked center.”Apparently I’m not the only one turned on hmm?” He whispers in my ear. I look back threw the slats to see Amanda getting up. I still thinking she knows we’re there. But instead of coming to the door she gets on her knees beside the bed before leaning over it exposing her backside.”Come her Booth” she says breathlessly.Booth jumps down and goes over to her licking her twice. Before to my amazement he jumps up onto her back. It’s then I notice his cock sticking out from its sheath. I gasp softly realizing what’s about to happen. Amanda’s going to get fucked by Booth. Jake pulls away for a moment. I hear his pants drop to the floor before I feel his hard cock pressed against my entrance. Pausing he waits till Booth finds Amanda’s hole as he bucks his hips widely. Amanda screams out as Booth finds his mark shoving into her forcefully. It’s then Jake also slams his cock home so my shout joins Amanda’s . Jake slams his cock into me harder and faster trying to match the rhythm of Booths thrust. Amanda is screaming out in complete ecstasy as Booths a****listic thrust ravish her sopping hole. The sound of wet slapping filling the room. I bite my lip to keep from screaming out as Jake pounds harder and harder into me. Jake pulls out for a minute before shoving me against the wall and entering me again. I can no longer see Amanda and Booth but I can still hear them. As. Booth pants loudly Amanda screams out again obviously having a powerful orgasm. I moan loudly as jake pulls my bra down then bites my harden nipple gently. “Shhh kitten” jake whispers in my earI scream out as I cum hard clenching around jakes cock.Suddenly the door is ripped open letting the light illuminate our fucking forms.My head whips up as I see Amanda standing there naked with cum running down her thighs and her mouth hanging open wide.Either jake doesn’t notice or he simply doesn’t give a shit as he keeps up his steady rhythm. He slams into me one last time,and stills as hot spurts of cum shoot deeply into me. I close my eyes tight and moan again feeling like a stuffed turkey on thanksgiving. Jake clears his throat.”So… Umh how’s it going” Jake says awkwardly.I suppress a giggle. Leaning foreword I grab the door from Amanda’s shocked grasp and pull it closed.”Now what” I whisper in Jake ear. He chuckles “Clearly somebody didn’t think this plan threw very well.””Well Jake this was your idea so it’s you job to come up with something.””Well currently every ones naked so that doesn’t help.”Jake pulls his semi soft cock from my core. Making me giggle as it slides out followed by a trail of cum. He grabs a shirt from a hanger and hands it to me. Grabbing a pair of shorts for himself he waits for me to pull the shirt over my head before opening the door. Amanda’s sitting on the bed petting Booths head staring off into the distance. I clear my throat making her head snap up staring out me. A million things run over her expression. The most obvious one is panic.”So do we talk about this or just pretend nothing happened.” Amanda lets out a struggled breath them grins up at me and Jake. “So how was your guys trip.” She asks. Obviously she chose to forget it happened. “This asshole left me naked in his backseat on the side of the road.” She bust out laughing asking me to explain.So I tell her the story.”Wow Jake really?””Hey it wast my fault the dude decided to pull over.” He saysI giggle at his expense looking lovingly up at him. It’s then that it hits me how much I truly love this man in front of me.He catches me staring and I blush he just smiles and pulls me into his side.”Awwwwwwwwwww that is soo cute.” Amanda gushes. My cheeks heat up more before I glare at her. She just laughs and and decide to put her clothes on. I pull Jake downstairs telling her we will give her some privacy.Jake plops down on the couch pulling me on his lap. His shirt rides up my bare legs almost exposing my sex. Chuckling softly he reaches under his shirt s his fingers lightly brush my sex. I groan and smack his hand away.”You insatiable b**st.” I giggle out”Only with you angel.” He says nuzzling into my neck.Hearing Amanda coming downstairs I move out of Jakes lap and fix the shirt I’m wearing. Amanda’s blonde head comes around the corner and sits on the chair next to us.I glance at Jake and just turn the tv on.————————————————————Well what do you think? I’m thinking of continuing?Give me some opinions hmm?